Gods And Goddesses

By Deborah Cook

See the prologue for this crap. I'm DONE!

"Gods and Goddesses"Epilogue


Chakotay slept, and dreamed... Little feet pattering around him, hugs and kisses and childlike laughter surrounded him, and the vague thought that he needed to have a talk with Harry surfaced, and was swept away by the wind.

Sulu watched his daughter and her son together. He had never been that good a parent. She'd deserved better than him. But then, she'd had Pavel to adore her, and his lover was so much better at it than he was. Maybe Aphrael would let him visit her for awhile. He smiled as he watched them play together.

Chekov looked up from answering prayers, and noted the rapt attention that Sulu gave his daughter. He wondered if he could get away long enough for a brief visit.

Aphrael's world was a bit crowded tonight. She'd brough all of her newest worshippers here to bid them farewell.

Chakotay was here, as well, although he insisted that he did NOT worship Aphrael, as much as he admitted liking her.

Tom was here. Harry wasn't sure why, because Tom, while he admitted liking Aphrael, was not one of her devoted followers. He would be, Harry was sure of that. Aphrael was very good at winning people over, and she liked to be close to her followers.

Harry knelt before his Goddess, bowing his head in respect. Twenty-six people watched as Chekov chanted by her side. Aphrael touched her hand to Harry's head, and there was a blinding flash of light/heat/pain... and then it was gone. He looked up into her eyes and she smiled at him, And he cried, he was so happy.

Harry and Tom woke together, and just lay there for a few moments, enjoying each other.

"What happened?" Tom asked finally.

"She made me one of her priests," Harry replied softly.

"How does that change anything?"

"It means she'll come and visit more often," Harry said, laughing. "And it means that i'm.... closer to her than i was before. It also means i have a duty to her other worshippers, which means i'll have to start holding history classes. Hmm...



"You don't have to be celibate, do you?"

"Well, now, i don't know, Tom. That might be a good idea. As a gesture of respect, you know, i should prob--"

"Shut up, Harry."


The End