More Challenges, Part 3
By Bridget Cochran

VOY--J/P, C PG-13 for swear words.)

Chakotay needs Kate to do a job for him.  A job that risks any chance 
she might have of ever getting back together with her Star Scout.


Kate lay in her bed staring at the ceiling again.  She wouldn't sleep 
tonight, she might never sleep again.  Christ, life could go from bad 
to hell to below hell in such a short time.  

Beside her lay the only person who ever meant anything to her.  Well, 
meant anything in the last 15 years, and she was screwing him over.

Seven short days ago she agreed to the plan that Chakotay and Ayala had for her.  The plan to ferret out the spy or spies Seska still had 
planted on Voyager.  That night Chakotay walked her home from the 
holodeck, he outlined a plan that involved her to further her 
animosity with the first officer.  Not too difficult a stretch of anyone's imagination.


The third morning she was late for the Astrometrics Lab, Tom was 
there, arms crossed, eyes narrowed, jaw tense enough to splinter.  
Harry hovered nervously behind the angry man.

"What brings you to the bowels of the ship, Mr. Paris?"  she said as 
she keyed her console to prepare the day's work.

"I understand you haven't been putting in too many hours on the 
project," he drawled. 

Uh-oh, he's pissed, she'd recognize that tone of voice anywhere.  She 
looked at Harry, anger real at his betrayal.

"He didn't tell me, Kate, the computer did."

Her chin shot up, color suffusing her face, but not the scar on her 
cheek.  "Are you watching me?"

"No," Tom said, "Ayala is."

Kate wasn't mollified.  "By who's authorization?"  The arrogant tilt 
of his head gave her the answer.  "Son-of-a-bitch."

She turned on her heel and started to walk to the door.  

"Where do you think you're going?"

The look on her face would have melted titanium, but Tom's back just 
got stiffer.  "As far away from you as I can on this tub."

"I haven't dismissed you."

Her chin was up again.  "And this isn't Starfleet."

Harry was much too frightened to say a word until Tom left him alone 
in the Lab.  "Kim to Torres."


It was true, there was no where to hide on this little ship.  She 
tried the hydroponics bay, but Kes was so sweet and understanding 
that Kate could only last there for an hour.  Those long, soulful 
looks the young woman gave her drove her from the converted cargo bay and into the Mess Hall.  She was relieved that Tom didn't come for her, but Neelix put a goofy apron on her and gave her a knife.  Maybe it was good that Tom didn't come after her, she thought as she hacked at an unnamed vegetable.


The next morning she showed up at Astrometrics.  Late.  Again.  To 
find one of those bland little 'Fleet girls at her console.  Megan 
something.  Or the sister, Jenny.   All those bland girls looked 

Kate stood rolling her jaw, hands on her hips, trying to keep from 
hitting the roof.  "We have a helper, Harry?"  she asked when she 
could finally control herself.  

Harry looked at his helper and said, "Um, you've been taken off the 

"I have?"  Of course, she had, he eyes narrowed on him, then on the 
hapless girl.  "We'll just see about that."

Kate stormed the bridge.  "I have a bone to pick with you, Mister," 
she growled before the lift door had  shut.  Tom and Chakotay 
swiveled to look up at her.  

"Are you speaking to me?"  he asked in the blandest possible voice, 
but she could see the color rise on his face.

"You bet I am," she said through tight lips.  "Why the hell did you 
replace me in Stellar Cartography?"  She rounded the bridge rail and 
headed for the command level to stand toe-to-toe with Paris.  

Tom rose slowly, smirk emerging on his face.  "I required someone who would show up for work on a regular basis.  That just doesn't seem to be you."

"Son-of-a-bitch," she said as she looked up into a face made ugly by 
smugness.  And she hit him.  Right in the gut.  The look of stunned 
surprise was quite satisfying.  When Tom clutched his gut in pain, 
Kate took the opportunity to send her right fist crashing into his 
jaw.  The uppercut would have been far more satisfying if her 
knuckles hadn't broken when she made contact with the hard 
bone.  "Fucker," she hissed as she held her broken hand in the palm 
of her other hand.  

She tried to throw off the arm that held her in a strong grip, but it 
only made her hand hurt more.  Christ, she was getting soft.  She 
looked up into the angry eyes of Chakotay.  "Let go of me, Captain." 

Chakotay made no immediate answer, just stared at her in 
silence.  "Are you alright, Tom?"

Tom sat on the floor, wiping the blood from a split lip with the back 
of his hand.  "Just fine, Captain."  His eyes shot lasers at Kate, 
but her chin was up.

Chakotay continued to stare at Kate.  Her chin raised a notch.  "Your 
personal problems have leeched into the smooth running of this ship, 
Kate.  I asked Tom to remove you from your post.  You're confined to 
quarters without replicator privileges until further notice."

She was silent, but her look said 'you'll have to do better than 

"Ayala, take her to Sick Bay, then escort her to her quarters."

She flicked her glance to Tom as he rose to his feet holding his 
jaw.  Their contempt was mutual.


Screw it, Kate thought as she returned his kiss, her mouth opening to 
seal with his.  This was it.  The last time they would be together.  
This spy mission she had hatched with Chakotay was suicide; plain, 
simple suicide.  She pulled Tom's shirt out of the back of his pants 
and slid her hands into the waist band of his pants.

The feel of her rough hands roaming the admittedly tender flesh of 
his backside was all the invitation Tom needed.  Tomorrow she was 
shipping out on a Talaxian freighter, to where or what he didn't know.

If he could take the last week back, he would.  He came to say good-
bye; he couldn't let her go without it.  He could say good-bye with 
actions as eloquently as with words.  He helped Kate pull his shirt 
up and off.

The feel of his skin was priceless--her rough palms slid under his 
shirt, wrenching the tail up and over his head, pulling it free and 
into her arms.  It hit the floor instantly.  Her hands covered every 
inch of his exposed body.  The heat of her hands met and ignited on 
the lightly furred skin of his back.

It felt wonderful and hot, and hers.  If only for these last few 
hours, she would hold him and love him like he **was** hers, and hers alone.  Her lips grazed his chest, his arms and shoulders while her hands opened his trousers.

Tom didn't know what hit him, she was so quick. He pulled her close, 
his hands spanning her back, molding her ribs.  God, this was wrong.

They hadn't spoken, except for shouting matches, in a week.  She'd 
asked to be put off Voyager.   He couldn't do it.  He had Neelix find 
her a posting on the freighter.  He couldn't leave her alone on the 
next planet they stumbled across.  Someone had to look after her.  
Talaxians would do that.

Shit, she'd eased his trousers open and over his ass.  Her nails, 
were buried in his butt, through the fabric of his briefs.  Tom was 
losing sanity as rapidly as he was getting hard.  

And, man, he was hard.  With a groan that sounded like a yell, he 
lifted her like a sack of potatoes and threw her onto her bed.  She 
bounced and growled, rising onto her elbows to watch Tom kick off his 
shoes and dispense with his pants and underpants.

He crawled onto her bed, slowly, on all fours.  It wasn't difficult for Kate to see his dick bobbing from this angle.  It was hard and purple, wickedly bouncing as he crawled closer.  His eyes were dark, only a rim of light blue shown between the white and black.  His eyes never broke contact with hers as he moved his fingers up her hips to slowly remove her trousers.  The baggy camo slid easily over her hips, taking the underwear, too.  Kate dispensed of her shirt herself.  She wasn't standing on ceremony, erotic or not.

Tom's groan gratified her.  She felt warm where his eyes touched and 
lingered.  When they stopped moving, lingering on her breasts, she 
knew that was where he would kiss first.  Warm breath hovered above 
one nipple, teasing, tormenting it to a peak without so much as a 
touch.  Kate's sigh was one of frustration when his kiss found her rib cage instead.   Then the tongue tipped her flesh.  

He was kissing a scar.  Now he moved to another, alternating lips, 
teeth and tongue.  Bastard.  He moved slowly, surely, no hurry, 
driving her to the edge of frustration.  Frustration to hold deep 
within her the erection that teased her thigh.  To have him satisfy 
the need that came from his touch, with his touch. 

Nuzzling her pubic bone with his nose, she understood and adjusted 
herself, knees up, legs spread a little further, back in the 
beginnings of an arch, unfolding for him.  The nose nuzzled further, 
lower, until his tongue touched the sentinel with its tip.

"Ahhh," she sighed, arching into his face.  He obliged her advance, 
curling his tongue around the most sensitive coil of flesh and 
flicking upwards, over and over again.  "Christ, just suck it," 
Janeway couldn't stop moving her legs back and forth, bouncing off of 
Paris's ears.

He complied, moving her hips off the bed and towards him into closer 
contact with his suctioning lips.  Gentle hands slid under the round, 
smooth cheeks to hold her close, yet prevent suffocation.  She arched 
against him, her hands sliding into his hair, trying to control his 
movement.  But he was still stronger and then some.

He was also relentless, moving his tongue in and out of the sweet 
folds, then back to her most sensitive flesh.   And back again, until 
he felt the pressure building within her.  The muscles of her bottom 
clenched, he slipped his fingers between her cheeks, letting a finger 
caress the bud of her anus.  She lurched at the grazing pressure on 
the sensitive nether rim as he pulled her swollen clitoris between 
firm, tugging lips.

And she came.  The white hot sparks had been tended by the skilled 
mouth of her lover, building slowly, luring her to the pinnacle, 
pulling her up and up until there was no help; and she was pushed 
over the peak into a free fall of blinding sensation.

Rising above her, he wiped his mouth on his arm with a look in his 
eyes, so warm, so sensuous, so aroused, it made her groan, once again feeling the tingle in her stomach.  You couldn't get off just looking at somebody.  Could you?

He moved back to all fours, climbing with maddening slowness up 
Kate's body, rubbing himself maddeningly along her leg and hip bone.  God, he was hot.  His heat trailed behind the slickness his penis left on her leg.  A wetness that didn't last long, burning itself dry on the heat of her skin.

"Is this what you want?" His murmur made her shiver, and she could 
only moan in response.  It was Tom's turn to shiver.  She opened her 
arms to accept his weight onto her body.

Of all the positions in all of the times she and Tom had made love in 
their short time together, she liked him on top best.

It wasn't that she was conventional.  Hell, she was anything, but 
conventional.  It was that she felt surrounded when she lay beneath 
him.  She felt safe.  For the few white hot moments of their 
coupling, and the quiet warm moments right after, she could pretend 
that he loved her and would love her always.

His strong, beautiful hands gripped her head, holding it still so he 
could taste her face, move his lips over every inch of her jagged 
scar, jaw, the vulnerable flesh under her chin.

Their bodies moved together, as if they hadn't been separated at 
all.  Like they had been together always.  She slid her legs apart 
under his body, letting his strong hips and erection settle between 
her open thighs.

The penis rubbed against the soft fur of her pubic bone, and she took 
the invitation to wrap her legs around him.  Now the erection was 
where it was supposed to be, but it still hovered outside the portal.

A smile crept to her lips, as she rested her hand on the bristly hair 
at the back of his neck.  The other hand moved from his back to 
squeeze between their bodies, by-passing his penis to cradle the soft 
sacs of his scrotum.  The sound he made was delicious in Kate's ear.  
The scent of herself wafted from the area of her ear, propelled by 
the deep, heaving breaths of her lover.  

She tilted her hips, moving herself toward the hot erection that 
seemed content to lay against her thigh.  Tom obliged her only in 
directing himself toward her swollen clitoris.  The slow rub was 
excruciating, as she arched and moved against the hardness held stiff 
and unyielding against the jangled nerve endings encased in her own 
throbbing flesh.  "What do you want?  An invitation?"  She growled, 
as her movements became more strident.  


Tom Paris never ceased surprising her.  She wished she could see his 
face.  Judge with her eyes what she thought she heard with her ears.  
She'd already asked for it.  He was here, in her quarters, in her 
bed.  Christ, he'd already brought her off pretty damn well.  Now he 
wanted her to ask him for it.

"Please," she said.

In one smooth, swift stroke, Tom entered her.  Hands gripped her 
ribcage, thumbs nestled between them and the underside of each 
breast.  "Yes."  They said it together as they began to move 
together.  He filled her.   She moved upon him, and he let her set 
the pace.  

She set it fast, moving under him.  She brought her legs up, to move 
her feet flat on his buttocks.  Kate practically gurgled at the 
sensation that filled her, the position seating Tom deeply within 
her.  He arched forward at the pressure and began to move with the 
quick, deep strokes that urged him forward into the raging heat that 
drew him inward, onward. 

"God, god, god," he groaned.  Kate made no words, just the breathy 
groans that pulled Tom to the sharp edge, abraded him deep inside, 
until he arched back, bucking her legs off as he rose, pulling her 
body with his into the dazed oblivion of his orgasm.  

She was vaguely aware that he still lay atop her.  Her breathing 
slowed, but couldn't return to normal as long as he lay upon her.  
And he didn't seem to want to go anywhere.

Tom waited for Kate to move.  She always tossed him off after a 
certain point.  But she wasn't going anywhere.  Not tonight.  That's 
because she was going tomorrow.

The thought was devastating to him.  He had done it.  He had driven 
her away. He sagged under the weight of the depression that began to settle over him, only to be raised by the small fist beating against 
his kidney.

"Oof," she said, as the air rushed back into her lungs.  

He rolled off of her, but took her with him.  She went willingly, 
letting her head fall onto his chest, the wiry hair she found there 
another memory to imbed in her psyche.


Paris broke into a trot when he left the turbolift on his way to the 
transporter room.  How the hell had Kate left their bed and removed 
her gear without him waking?

He broke into a full out run when he saw Kes, Neelix and Harry coming 
out of the transporter room.  Their eyes were suspiciously red.  
Neelix and Harry all but curled lips at him.  Kes though, gave him a 
curious, sympathetic look.

With no time for analysis, he pushed passed in an effort to get to 
Kate.  To do what?  He didn't have a clue.  

The door hissed open finding her still on the transporter pad, in the 
clothes he had taken off her only last night.  Tom felt his heart 
stop, his resolve crumbling.

He looked up at Ayala, ready to belay the order for transport.  He 
looked back at Kate.  That was a signal that passed between them.  
But of what?  In a slow dazed motion, Tom looked at Kate, who gave a small, inperceptable nod as she looked at a spot high above the 
security chief's head.  Her color was high, her scar white in relief.   Her chin was dipped and eyes hard.  Her whole demeanor screamed in determination.  "Energize," she commanded.

Like lightening on a lightening rod, Tom figured it out.  Even 
faster, Janeway knew, too.

"Energizing."  Ayala wasn't stupid, either.

Heavy moments of silence followed the diminishing whine of transport.

"No," Tom said to no one.  "Paris to Chakotay."

"Chakotay, here."

"My office.  Now."

There was silence.



End Part 3.  On to Part 4.