Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, but I tell them what to do.
Rated: PG-13, J/P
Written: Sept. 23 1999

by Claudia

 Kathryn slipped under the covers and molded her body to
the muscular form that was warming the bed, her life and her heart.
Although in a state between waking and dreaming, his arms came
around her quickly. Tom pulled her closer still. They didn't say a
word until Kathryn's heartbeat had calmed down.
 Why had it taken them so long to find to one another? The
day in Auckland had sent the sparks flying, and they had been lost
ever since.
 "I love you," she thanked him.
 "I love you, too, *bluetiful* Kay," Tom whispered, and
kissed her brow.

The End