Series: From A - Z
Part: 23
Title: Warning
Author: Chuckles
Pairing: C/P
Series Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Paramount's, not mine.
Summary: After Chakotay, Tom and Harry return to Voyager, a few changes take

"Nearly home," Tom commented as Voyager came into view and he adjusted the
shuttle's heading to take them on a direct route towards the ship. Having
once again navigated the glowing cloud safely, encountering no problems on
the same still-clear path that they'd used on the outward journey, the
nebula was now almost two hours flight time behind them.

After several hours spent sheltering inside the rock, when the storm that
had threatened finally became a reality just as they'd decided to leave, it
had then taken them a little more than a day to return to the shuttle and
begin the journey back to Voyager.

Now, as they approached the Starfleet vessel that had waited patiently for
them to return, Tom smiled as he thought of what lay ahead for him and

file://You look happy,// Chakotay remarked as he caught sight of the pilot's
face. file://Looking forward to something?//

/Nothing that I can think of,/ Tom replied, turning his attention to the
controls in front of him, and trying his best to keep his smile from

Chakotay moved behind him and placed his hands on Tom's shoulders, rubbing
them gently. "Glad to be back home, Lieutenant?" he asked, leaning forward
to lightly kiss his lover's neck. "Eager to go see the Captain?"

"Yeah," Tom said, grinning and looking up. " I am. I'm sure she'll be really
interested in reading my mission report," he teased.

"Oh?" Chakotay questioned, looking back over his shoulder to make sure Harry
hadn't returned yet. The Ensign had gone to the rear of the shuttle a few
moments before, to repair a fault he'd noticed in the comm unit. "And just
what will be in your mission report that the Captain will enjoy reading?"
Chakotay continued, turning back to Tom and running his fingers through the
younger man's hair.

"Well, actually, the report might be of interest to the Doctor as well," Tom
said, moving his head to one side as Chakotay kissed his neck again. "I
thought I'd tell them all about your unique cure for the insomnia I had the
first night we were on the planet."

"Oh, you did, did you?" Chakotay remarked, nipping the skin just below Tom's
right ear, then kissing it when the pilot winced slightly. "And why do you
want to do that, Tom?" he asked, turning Tom's seat around until his lover
was facing him. "Trying to make them jealous?"

"Well, actually, I wanted to embarrass you," Tom confessed with another
grin. "I thought it was about time I got my own back for that stunt you
pulled when we first found out about our link. You know, when you sent me
those erotic images, and I nearly came in front of the Captain."

Chakotay laughed and shook his head. "I'd forgotten about that," he said,
standing up, his hands once again on Tom's shoulders. "But you're right, I
do deserve some sort of punishment for it."

"Yes, you do," Tom agreed. "I'll have to think of something suitable."

Their conversation was interrupted as Harry returned and sat down. "The comm
unit's repaired, Commander," he reported as Chakotay moved away from Tom and
retook his seat. "But I'll mention it to B'Elanna as soon as we get back,
and ask her to check out the other systems in that section too."

"Good idea, Ensign," Chakotay said, studying the readouts in front of him.
He looked up then as they were hailed by Voyager, and Captain Janeway
appeared on the small screen in front of him.

"Good to have you back, Commander," she said, smiling. "You too, Mr. Paris,
Ensign Kim. I shall look forward to reading your reports." She frowned
slightly as a muffled snigger came from Tom. "Everything okay, Lieutenant?"
she asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Yes, Captain. Everything's fine," Tom responded, his composure regained. "I
was just trying to clear a tickle in my throat."

"I see. Perhaps you ought to report to Sickbay after you've given me your
report. I'll ask the Doctor to give you a check up. Can't have you coming
down with anything, can we?"

"I'm fine, Captain," Tom insisted. "It was nothing, honestly."

"Well, we'll let the Doctor be the judge of that," Janeway replied, ignoring
Tom's slightly pained expression. "He can give you a thorough examination."

"Yes, Captain," Tom answered sullenly.


"So, Tom. What did the Doctor have to say?" Chakotay asked with a grin. "Any
diseases I should know about?"

"Yeah, Chakotay," Tom answered, staring at his lover in the corridor outside
sickbay. "I have a disease. It's called 'never knowing when to keep my mouth

Chakotay laughed and put his arm around Tom's shoulders. "I don't think
there's much the Doctor can do about that. I believe that disease is

"Thanks," Tom said with a snort. He turned around to face Chakotay. "But
there is some good news," he continued. "You were right about our advanced
mental capabilities. The Doc decided to scan my brain again while he had me
captive, and I found it really easy to influence the readings. The only
problem was, the Doc got so flustered when they came out as normal, he
insisted on testing me again."

"I suppose he'll be scanning me as well, then," Chakotay muttered, staring
at the sickbay doors.

"Yeah, he did mention something about comparing our results," Tom confirmed.
"If you hadn't had to stay behind after the senior staff meeting, he
would've probably seen us at the same time."

"Probably," Chakotay agreed. "But my medical examination was less important
than what the Captain and I had to discuss. The results of the analysis that
Seven ran on the star chart needed further consideration. Especially as she
confirmed what you and I already knew; that the dark spots marked on it are
wormholes. I believe, as you do, that the chart was provided by Azai, and
because of that I'm certain that one of the wormholes leads to the Alpha
Quadrant. If that's the case, we need to make sure the crew is adequately
prepared for the return home."

"Yeah, you're right, your discussion with the Captain *was* important, but
I'm glad she insisted you see the Doc afterwards. I certainly don't agree
with her other decisions today, especially the one regarding our deviation
from the marked flight path, but she was right about sending you to sickbay.
The fall you took from that ledge was a bad one, and I'll be happier once
I'm sure I didn't miss any injuries."

"You looked after me very well, Tom, I know you never missed anything. You
were pretty thorough," Chakotay assured him as he leaned in and kissed his
cheek. "I'm sure the Doctor will agree."

"I hope so," Tom answered. He put his arms around Chakotay's waist and
pulled him close. "You'd better go for your appointment now, Cha. But come
to my quarters later," he said as he returned the kiss. "As soon as you've
finished here."

"Okay. I'll see you later, Tom," Chakotay replied. He gave Tom another soft
kiss, then disappeared through the sickbay doors, leaving Tom to return to
his cabin.


"Are you sure you want to go to Sandrine's?" Chakotay asked, buttoning up
the black shirt that Tom had chosen for him. After the Doctor had performed
several repeat scans, he'd given the Commander a clean bill of health, and
Chakotay had made his way to Tom's quarters. As Tom had already changed into
off-duty clothes, they'd left shortly afterwards, and were now in Chakotay's

Moving in front of the older man, Tom slowly inspected him from head to toe.
"Yeah, Cha," he replied. " I want everyone to know how lucky I am. I want to
show you off."

"Really?" Chakotay asked with a pleased smile. "You want to give up one of
our secrets, and let everyone know we're together?"

"Yeah," Tom answered, nodding. "We've kept it to ourselves long enough. And
besides," he added, moving into Chakotay's arms. "It's not as though it's
that much of a secret any more. I mean, the Captain knows, so does B'Elanna
and Harry, the Doc and Seven, and Tuvok probably knows as well. Why not let
everyone else know? It'd come as a bit of a shock to them if they only found
out after we're married."

"Yes, it would," Chakotay agreed, hugging Tom tightly and kissing his neck.
"Especially as we plan on marrying as soon as possible."

"Exactly," Tom said, pulling away from Chakotay's embrace. "So let's go," he
added decisively.

"One moment, Tom," Chakotay said, halting Tom's path towards the door. He
stepped in front of the younger man and placed his hands on Tom's arms.
"There's something else that needs to be addressed."

"There is? What?" Tom asked, frowning.

"Our living arrangements," Chakotay stated. "I want you to move in with me

"You do?" Tom questioned with a smile.

"Yes, Tom," Chakotay confirmed. "And then, as we're agreed it should be as
soon as possible, I think, tomorrow, we should ask the Captain to marry us."

Tom's smile widened. "I like your way of thinking, Cha," he said, leaning in
for a kiss. "Let's go to Sandrine's and celebrate. And although it's
probably a foregone conclusion, on the way there we can discuss who we want
our witnesses to be."

"Good idea," Chakotay remarked, and they left for the holodeck, walking
slowly, and arriving there ten minutes later.

It was busier than normal, as word of the wormholes' existence had quickly
spread throughout the ship. Almost all the off-duty crew members had been
drawn to the bar, and were talking excitedly with each other about the
discovery, and the possibility of going home.

As they looked around, Tom spotted B'Elanna. She was sitting on her own at a
table near the back of the bar, and waving at him and Chakotay to join her.
Tom tapped Chakotay on the arm to get his attention, then led the way across
the crowded room to where B'Elanna sat waiting for them. Grabbing a spare
chair from beside the next table, Chakotay placed it close to the empty one
that B'Elanna had already secured, and he and Tom sat down.

"You two look happy," B'Elanna remarked, looking from one man to the other.
"What's put the smiles on *your* faces?" she asked. "D'you think this could
be it? Our way home?"

"Perhaps," Chakotay answered noncommittally. "But there's no point getting
excited unless we know for sure. We've been disappointed too many times in
the past."

"I agree," B'Elanna said, nodding. "So," she continued. "If *that's* not the
reason you commed me a few moments ago and asked me to meet you here, what
is? Something happen on the away mission that never went in your reports?"
she probed, turning her attention to Tom. "After all, Harry was being quite
professional towards you both during the staff meeting. Hardly obnoxious at
all. What's the reason for that?"

"I'm not really sure," Tom said, frowning. "He seemed to change his mind
about us after Chakotay got caught in the rock fall. Harry helped me rescue
Cha, then his attitude towards us just sort of improved. It made life a lot
more bearable, so we never really questioned it."

"Oh," B'Elanna commented, taking a sip of the drink she'd ordered on her
arrival. "So, did anything else happen while you were away?" she persisted.

"Not really," Tom replied with a shrug. He looked across at Chakotay. "Can
you think of anything, Cha?"

"Well," Chakotay began, looking thoughtful. "We *did* have quite an
interesting discussion at one point, Tom. You know, when you asked me to
marry you, but apart from that...."

"What?" B'Elanna asked loudly. "Tom asked you to *marry* him? And *you* said
nothing else happened," she continued, pointing her finger at Tom. "I'd call
*that* a definite something. And judging by your faces, I'd say the answer
was 'yes'," she added with a smile. "Congratulations."

"Thanks, B'Elanna," Tom said as she placed her glass back on the table, then
reached over to hug them both. "But there's one more thing,"

"And that is?" she asked as Chakotay thanked her with a kiss on her cheek.

"The reason we dragged you away from your engines," Chakotay stated as he
took Tom's hand in his. "We'd like you to be one of the witnesses, B'Elanna,
and we'd be honoured if you would agree."

"Of course I agree," B'Elanna replied with another smile. "And it's *me*
who's honoured. But who's gonna be your other witness?" she asked.

"Well, I commed Harry on the way here as well, and asked him to meet us; I'm
going to ask *him*," Tom replied, glancing at Chakotay, then back to
B'Elanna. "I know he treated us badly to begin with, but he and I were
friends for a long time before that. I'd like him to be there when Cha and I
get married."

"Mm," B'Elanna mumbled. She fell silent a moment, then took a deep breath
and smiled brightly at Chakotay. "Well, Chakotay, I think you should let me
know all the juicy details in private. Come and dance with me, and you can
tell me everything," she said standing and holding her hand out to Chakotay,
then pulling him to his feet. "I'm sure Tom can survive on his own for five
minutes," she added, noting the Commander's reluctance to leave.

"I'll be fine, Cha," Tom confirmed. "And I won't be on my own, actually.
Harry's just come in."

"Oh. Well, maybe I should stay then, so we can speak to him together,"
Chakotay offered, moving to sit down again.

Tom stopped him. "Nah, you go and dance. I'll ask him myself. I don't mind,"
he insisted.

Chakotay nodded, then bent down to place a tender kiss on Tom's lips. "Okay,
Tom. I won't be long. Have fun with Harry until I get back."

"I will, Cha," Tom answered with a smile. He watched B'Elanna lead Chakotay
away, then looked over to where he'd seen Harry. He frowned as he noticed
that the Ensign had turned back towards the door and appeared as though he
was about to leave. "Harry!" he called, making himself heard over the soft
music that was playing. "Over here."

Harry turned around and gave Tom a small wave before making his way over to
him. "Hi, Tom. I didn't see you there," he said quietly as he sat down.
"It's a bit crowded in here tonight."

"Yeah, it is," Tom agreed, although he was almost certain that Harry *had*
noticed him, despite the crowd. He'd caught a glimpse of the Ensign out the
corner of his eye, and was fairly sure he'd seen Harry looking directly at
him just before Chakotay's kiss.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" Harry asked, glancing around.
"You were pretty insistent that I came here, so it must be important. Is it
anything to do with the wormholes?"

"No, Harry, it isn't. It's something much more important than that," Tom
said seriously. "I want to ask you something. Chakotay's already made the
same request of B'Elanna, and she's agreed. I hope you will, too."

"What do you want me to agree to, Tom?" Harry questioned.

"Chakotay and I would like you to be a witness when we get married," Tom
stated. "Would you, Harry? Please?"

Harry looked completely stunned. "*What*?" he asked incredulously. "I don't
understand, Tom," he continued, shaking his head. "You and Chakotay want to
get married? Why? I mean, what's the point?"

"What d'you mean, 'what's the point'? We love each other, Harry. *That's*
the point. We're gonna spend the rest of our lives together, and we want our
commitment to each other officially recorded. Can't you understand that?"

"No, Tom, I can't," Harry replied with a condescending snort. "After all,
you're both men."

Tom shook his head in disbelief at Harry's words. "Fucking hell!" he
exclaimed loudly, agitatedly running his hands through his hair. "I thought
we'd got past all this! What's got into you this time?" he demanded. "What's
changed?" Sudden realisation hit Tom as the words left his mouth, and he
nodded in understanding as he looked at Harry. "It's because we're back on
Voyager, isn't it?" he stated more than asked. "You were all right with
Chakotay and me while we were on the mission, because there were no
witnesses. No-one to cast aspersions on *you* for being friendly towards us.
But now we're back, and off duty, we embarrass you, don't we Harry? That's
why you were gonna leave just after you got here. You saw Chakotay kiss me,
and you couldn't handle it!"

Chakotay and B'Elanna had heard some of Tom's outburst from across the room,
and quickly made their way back to him. "Are you okay, Tom?" Chakotay asked,
placing his hands on Tom's shoulders as he looked with concern at the
younger man's pale face. At Tom's nod, he then turned his attention to
Harry, his anger apparent. "Just what the hell have you been saying *this*
time?" he demanded.

Harry shook his head, and stood up. "I'm sorry, Commander, but I have to
go," he said, moving away from the table.

Chakotay caught hold of his arm and stopped him in his tracks. "You're not
going anywhere until I say so," he growled. "Now explain to me what's been
going on here."

"It was just a difference of opinion," Harry muttered. "It's not my fault if
Tom can't accept that we disagree on some things."

"He's right, Chakotay," Tom said, trying to stay calm now and head off
further trouble. "I just want to forget it and go home. Okay?"

Chakotay glared at Harry for a few moments more. "Okay, Tom," he eventually
agreed. He released Harry's arm then, and pushed the Ensign in the direction
of the door. "I strongly suggest that *you* go home, too," he said in a
soft, controlled voice. "Get out of here, Ensign Kim."

Harry stumbled forward, then pushed his way through the crowd of silent and
amazed spectators, their interest in the wormholes forgotten as they
witnessed the unexpected drama between senior members of the crew.

"I told you while we were dancing that I was sceptical about his so-called
change of heart," B'Elanna commented to Chakotay as she watched Harry's
exit. "Once an asshole, always an asshole," she asserted.

Chakotay nodded in agreement.


"I know you keep insisting you're okay, Tom, but you don't look it,"
Chakotay remarked as he and Tom sat together on the couch in their quarters.
"Do you want to share your thoughts with me again?" he asked.

"That's all I've been doing for the last hour, Cha. Ever since we got back
from Sandrine's," Tom said with a smile. "Although I must admit, I haven't
let *all* my worries pass along our link. But I assure you, what's on my
mind now has nothing to do with Harry. I'm not gonna waste any more time
worrying about *him*."

"So, what *is* bothering you?" Chakotay asked, gently stroking Tom's cheek.
"Is it anything I can help you with?"

"No, Cha," Tom sighed. "It's just something that's been bugging me since the
staff meeting. It's the Captain's decision to alter our flight path, I think
she's wrong. I don't think we should be following a different course,
because I'm sure Azai had that route mapped out for a good reason."

"I agree, Tom, but what can we do? If we tell the Captain we believe the
star chart was provided by Azai, she'll want to know why we think that way.
It could lead to her finding out about our link and the full extent of the
Derzai's gift. We can't allow that. We just have to accept the Captain's
decision. It *is* an understandable one. She wants us to reach the wormholes
as quickly as possible, and the new route will cut over two weeks off our
travelling time. We'll be there in a matter of days this way. And if our
long range scans had been able to penetrate the nebula's interference, and
we'd found the wormholes without the aid of the star chart, she'd have
reached the same decision. We'd *still* be on this flight path."

"I know, but I don't like it," Tom remarked, edging closer to the older man.
"I know this probably won't make any sense, Cha, but all I can think about
is the warning Azai gave us, that nothing ever comes without a price. Those
words just keep rolling around inside my head, and the more I think about
them the more worried I get."

"Well, don't think about them, then," Chakotay advised, gently kissing Tom's
cheek and reaching up to stroke his lover's hair. "Think of other things;
more pleasant things."

"Like what?" Tom asked, smiling and leaning into Chakotay's hand as it moved
to caress his face.

"Like, how about we pay the Captain a visit and ask her to marry us?"
Chakotay suggested, kissing Tom's cheek.

"You mean right now?" Tom asked, a bright smile lighting up his face. "I
thought we were gonna go see her tomorrow?"

"Well, I've changed my mind," Chakotay stated. "Come on, let's go." He
grabbed Tom's hand and pulled him upright, then led him towards the door. "I
know she has nothing planned for tonight, so I'm sure she won't object to us
calling on her," he said as they stepped out into the corridor.

Tom laughed, then shook his head at Chakotay's impulsiveness, and together
they quickly walked the short distance to the Captain's cabin.