Title:  Surprises
Author:  Christine
Contact:  QsMistress23@hotmail.com
Fandom:  Voyager
Rating:  NC17
Pairing:  P/K
Archive:  ASCEML, PKElite, ATPS, TPDorm and CKoS.  If I missed anyone, let
me know and I'm sure I'll give my permission.
Disclaimer:  Nope, don't own them.
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Author's Note:  1.  Seeing as how Tom and Harry have been neglected due to
my trek muse being a drunken bitch; I've decided to let them have some fun.
It's been awhile since I've written anything close to trek since discovering
the Xena universe.  Mmm, Ares... ::drools onto keyboard::
2.  There's no plot to this, so I wouldn't go looking for it.  If by some
chance you find a plot here, let me know and I'll get out the Raid.
Acknowledgements:  I'd like to thank my two superb betas, Hergerbabe and
Kris.  Without their help, this story would have sucked rocks and been just
as entertaining.

Summary:  Summary?  For this?  Sorry, but this is just smut; plain and
simple. :-)

Harry Kim stiffly made his way down the corridor towards his quarters.
After spending fourteen hours straight on the bridge, doing battle drills,
he was bone tired and couldn't wait to get into bed.

He was glad Captain Janeway only held them once a month, cause every time he
did them he wanted nothing more then to curl under his blanket for a decade
or two.

When he finally reached his destination, he stopped and began to tap in his
access code.  Once he was done, the door slid open and he walked through the
threshold and into his quarters.

He had barely set foot inside when he was tackled to the ground from behind.
  He threw out his hands to keep his face from hitting the deck.  Dazed, he
didn't put up much of a fight when a hand grabbed his shoulder and flipped
him onto his back.

When he finally caught sight of his attacker, he raised his knee and brought
it into contact with the other's stomach. "You, shit!"

The man fell off of Harry, holding his abused ribs.  "Damnit, Harry! That
hurt!"  The man gasped.

Harry, still on the floor, crawled over to the man. "Serves you right. Next
time you'll know not to sneak up on someone like that, Tom."

Tom glared at Harry as he slowly sat up. "I'll keep that in mind. Note to
self: never try to surprise Harry again," he muttered sarcastically.

"What are you doing here in my quarters anyway?  I thought you were still
working nights with the Doc."

"I finished everything he wanted me to do, so he let me off early," Tom

Harry moved himself so that he was sitting behind Tom.  He wrapped his arms
around Tom's chest and slowly worked his hands underneath the gaudy Hawaiian
shirt Tom insisted on wearing. "I see.  So, you just happened to be in the
neighborhood and decided to stop by for some fun, huh?"

Tom leaned back into Harry's chest as he ran his hands through the hair on
his chest. "Um?  You could say that," Tom replied, moaning at the sensual
feel of Harry's teasing hands.

Smirking, Harry pinched a nipple and stood up abruptly.  Tom looked up at
Harry through glazed over eyes and frowned. "Where are you going?"

"Into the bedroom. Care to follow?" Harry announced without turning around
to face Tom.

Tom huffed while getting to his feet.  As he followed Harry, he began to
take some of his clothes off, not caring where they fell.

When Tom finally walked into Harry's bedroom, he found him sitting at the
foot of the bed.  Harry was completely naked and he was already stroking his
erection.  Tom licked his lips at the display Harry was putting on. "Is that
for me?"

"Nope.  Seven's supposed to be by any minute now," Harry replied.

Tom stood in front of Harry, hands on hips, and glared at him. "Oh, ha ha.
That's just *so* damn funny, I forgot to laugh," Tom mimicked Harry's tone.

"Isn't it though?" Harry continued stroking his cock, steadily moving his
hand faster.  "You see, I have this problem. My cock seems to be growing
bigger and bigger by the minute..."

"That *is* a problem.  Have any ideas of how we should alleviate it?"

Harry stopped his stroking and leaned back onto his forearms. "I think I may
know a few."

"Exactly what I had in mind," Tom moaned as he moved closer to Harry,
dropping to his knees in front of him.

Tom leaned forward to get a full view of Harry's engorged cock.  The head
was purple and leaking precum profusely.  Tom looked up briefly and saw
Harry's head thrown back with his eyes closed.  Smiling, Tom stuck the tip
of his tongue out, just barely enough to catch a taste of Harry's

Harry growled low in his throat at the light touch.  He hated it when Tom
decided to start out slow.   Encouraged by Harry's growls and moans, Tom
scooted forward a bit closer until his entire vision was made up of Harry's

Tom brought his hands up and rested them on Harry's thighs.  Harry's
breathing began to quicken some as Tom leaned forward suddenly, taking
Harry's entire length down his throat.  Harry gasped at the feel of the
wonderful wet heat surrounding his cock.

Tom slowly bobbed his head up and down, alternating between sucking and
licking.  He sped up some when Harry moved his hand into Tom's hair, urging
him to move faster.  Tom took the hint and began to suck in earnest.  Harry
clenched his hand tightly into Tom's hair when Tom suddenly swallowed,
burying his nose in Harry's pubic hair.

Faster and faster he moved, enjoying the little moans and gasps he elicited
from Harry.  Grinning around a mouthful of cock, Tom moved his right hand
from Harry's thigh and stuck his index finger into his mouth.  Determining
his finger wet enough; Tom brought it to Harry's exposed opening and slid it

Harry bucked under Tom's administrations, but just barely held off his
orgasm.  Tom hummed happily at the reaction he got from Harry.  Tom let
Harry's cock go with a noisy slurp and removed his finger from Harry's
opening.  Harry moaned at the loss of both mouth and finger working their

"Aw, poor Harry.  You want me to continue?" Tom grinned at Harry's throat
deep growl of acknowledgement.  Smirking, Tom brought his fingers to his
mouth and laved them with more spittle.

Harry watched Tom with curious fascination.  He let out a squeal of surprise
when Tom took up from where he left off.  Tom placed Harry's cock back into
his mouth and renewed his previous enthusiastic sucking.

While he continued to suck and lick his way up and down Harry's engorged
cock, Tom replaced his index finger back into Harry.  Harry gasped and
humped himself on Tom's finger, groaning with desire.  As Tom flexed and
wiggled his finger along Harry's opening, he quickly inserted a second one,
much to Harry's delight.

Harry was panting hard as he felt Tom move his fingers in and out while
scissoring them.  Tom continued to wiggle his fingers until he found what he
was searching for.  Harry shouted out his completion when he felt Tom
rubbing his fingers against his prostate.  Tom continued to milk Harry's
cock dry while Harry fell back against the bed, quivering with his
afterglow.  Making sure not to swallow, Tom knelt up onto his knees and spat
Harry's seed into his hands.

Rubbing Harry's cum all over his straining cock, Tom stood up.  Looking down
at his lover, Tom grabbed Harry's legs and placed them over his shoulders.
Still coming down from his orgasm, Harry raised glazed over eyes towards
Tom.  He knew what Tom was getting ready to do, but was too tired to move.
Not that he objected or anything; he was just a bit worn out.

Leaning over Harry, Tom placed the head of his cock against Harry's opening.
  "You ready?"  At Harry's nod, Tom slowly pushed his way in.  Both men
gasped in ecstasy at the feeling of completion.  Catching his breath, Tom
slowly began thrusting in and out of Harry's quivering hole.  Harry brought
his hands up and placed them around Tom's neck, bringing his head down so he
could kiss him.

Feeling his head being pulled down, Tom obediently kissed his lover.  Harry
opened his mouth as Tom's questing tongue slid over his lips. Tom began to
pick up speed as he plundered Harry's mouth.  Harry threw back his head as
Tom changed his angle slightly, hitting his abused prostate with each
thrust.  Tom groaned low in his throat as he felt Harry tighten and loosen
himself with each thrust.

Harry cried out Tom's name as he came for the second time that night, Tom's
stimulating of his prostate having been too much for him.  Tom slammed into
Harry one last time before emptying himself inside of his lover, Harry's
muscles having milked his cock.  Tom fell heavily onto Harry once his orgasm
passed.  Reaching up, Harry smoothed away Tom's sweat slicked hair from off
of his forehead.

"That was great. Thank you," Harry sighed as Tom finally rolled off of him.

Feeling himself soften, Tom moved off of Harry.  "You're welcome," he
replied as he caught his breath.

Groaning, Harry sat up with a wince and scooted his way up the bed, so his
legs weren't dangling off the edge.  Tom followed his lead with a grunt.  As
the two of them laid there, Harry reached down for the sheet and covered the
both of them up with it.  Tom moved closer towards Harry and placed a light
kiss on his lips. "Good night, Harry."

"Good night, Tom."

The End