Title:  Ride Them Hard
Author:  Christine
Contact:  QsMistress23@hotmail.com
Fandom:  Voyager
Series:  Fun With Bondage
Rating:  [NC17]
Codes:  C/P
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would have been a hell of a lot different.

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Author's Note:  1.  This is a sequel to Just a Pinch of Spice and You'll Get
2.  Since the C/Per's out there wanted me to continue with actual sex, I
thought I'd finally oblige them. :-)

Acknowledgements:  I wish to dedicate this to Hergerbabe, who is a great
person and a very dear friend of mine.  Thanks for everything, girl!

Summary:  Tom thought he was smart, alas, Chakotay shows him the error of
his ways.

God, he was sore.  He didn't know how it had happened, but at some point
while he was lavishing kisses onto his husband, Chakotay had found a way to
pick the locks to the handcuffs around his wrists.

Caught unaware, Tom had found himself on his back, chained to the bed with
his legs bent at the knee against his chest.

He laid there and watched helplessly as Chakotay coated his cock with lube,
stroked himself a few times and positioned himself on top of his prone body.

Tom had cried out in surprise and pleasure as Chakotay thrust himself
quickly into Tom's still slick passage.

Chakotay had taken him hard.  Thrusting in and out with passion. When he had
sensed that Tom was getting close to coming, he stopped all movement and
pulled out; much to Tom's moan of disappointment.

Chakotay got up from the bed and walked over to the chair that was
positioned next to the nightstand.  Opening the drawers one at a time, he
rifled around in them until he found what he was looking for.

With items in hand, Chakotay went back to the bed and sat down.  Not saying
a word, Chakotay proceeded to place one of the items around Tom's cock and
balls.  At the questioning look from Tom, Chakotay explained what he was
doing. "These are cock rings, Tom. Do you know what they're used for?"


"Well, they're used to keep the wearer from coming."

When all Tom did was whimper, Chakotay grinned down at him. "Don't worry too
much, I'm going to be wearing one too.  I plan on fucking you all night long
until one of us passes out."

Tom shuddered with lust at that statement.

Chakotay smirked at Tom's reaction to his words.  Taking the other cock
ring, he lifted up his own balls in one hand and snapped it on.  Making sure
it was firmly in place, Chakotay shifted himself forward a bit and unlocked
the handcuffs around his husband's wrists.

"Turn over and get up onto your knees."

Chakotay waited patiently as Tom complied to his request.  Once Tom was
finally in position, Chakotay relocked Tom into the handcuffs.  He then
reached over towards the nightstand near the side of the bed and grabbed the
tube of lube.  Squirting some into his hand, he began to relube his cock.

Placing his cock at the entrance to Tom's body, Chakotay paused for a
moment. "Before I begin, I want to lay down a few rules to this game.  If I
hear anything come out of your mouth except moans and groans of pleasure, I
*will* gag you. Is that understood?"

Not knowing what Chakotay would do if he actually answered yes, Tom merely
nodded his head.


Chakotay slowly thrust his entire length into Tom's body; eliciting a gasp
of pleasure. Pausing for only a moment to let Tom get used to being so
thoroughly filled, Chakotay began to slowly move in and out of the tight

Tom matched each and every one of Chakotay's slow thrusts, gasping with
extreme pleasure everytime Chakotay hit his prostate.

After a few minutes of his slow thrusting, Chakotay began to pick up speed.
He would pull almost all the way out before quickly shoving back in; making
sure to hit that tiny little nub with each pass.

Tom thought he would go completely out of his mind if he didn't come soon.

Chakotay felt himself beginning to slow down a bit. file://Damn. I think I'm
getting too old for this type of thing.//

Without pausing on his assult of Tom's sweet ass, Chakotay reached down
towards his own cock and released the cock ring from around it.  He then
continued to thrust hard and fast into his husband's willing body before
moving his hand down to Tom's cock, freeing his erection from the
agonizingly restrictive device.

Placing his hand around his husband's cock, he began stroking it in time
with his frantic thrusting.

Finally free of the damned device, Tom let loose a cry of completion as he
spilled his seed onto the bed and Chakotay's hand.

As Tom came, Chakotay yelled out his own release as he felt the tight inner
muscles of Tom's ass milk his cock dry.  Finished, Chakotay fell heavily
onto Tom's slick and sweaty back, panting harshly.

After a few moments, Tom began to wiggle underneath his burden.  He let out
a gasp as Chakotay's spent cock slipped out from within him.

Feeling as though he ran a marathon, Chakotay slid lazily to the side.
Catching his breath, Chakotay groaned as he reached over to unlock his
husband from the handcuffs.

Stiff and very sore, Tom slowly turned onto his back.  Turning his head, he
gazed lovingly at his exhausted husband. "We definitely should do this more

A loud snort of laughter was his answer.

Crinkling his eyebrows, Tom sniffed. "Well, excuse me. I thought you enjoyed

"I did, but I think I'll let you do *me* next time. I think I may have
pulled something besides almost giving myself a heart attack."

"Well, you know what they say, 'age before beauty'," Tom said, giggling
lighty at the look Chakotay threw him.

"You remember that the next time you want to get into my pants," Chakotay
replied with a frown snaking across his lips.

Tom just chuckled and called for the lights to go off.

The End