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knowledge--thanks to Niamh for helping partially translate the latter.

Timeline note:  This story assumes that it took Voyager 3 1/2 days to
reach Noss' homeworld.

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Thanks:  Bri--as always you never fail to inspire and encourage me.

Dedication:  To Narina--your turn!  ;)

Seo SÌoraÌocht (This Eternity)
by Cheile

        To Tom, it seemed that the briefing with the Captain and the Doctor's
final check up dragged on and on.  He wanted to see B'Elanna.  Even
though it had only been technically two days by ship's time, to him it
had been two months.  Two long, lonely months with only Tuvok, the
Doctor and Noss for company--two months without getting to see her, hold
        Finally, the Doctor told him he could go.  He nearly ran out of
sickbay, his mind on one thing.  *B'Elanna.*
        Upon reaching the lift, he stopped short.  *Better check and see where
she is first.*  "Computer, locate B'Elanna."
        "Lieutenant Torres is in Ensign Paris' quarters."
        "Well what do you know--she's waiting for me," he said to himself,
unable to stop a grin from forming.
        He stepped into the lift, which, luckily, was empty.  "Deck four."
        The lift obliged, carrying him up the short distance.  A minute later,
the doors opened on his deck.  He hurried out, again thankful that the
corridor was empty.  Trying not to rush, in case he ran into someone, he
headed for his quarters.  Two minutes--he was there.  His fingers
flashed over the keys, punching in his code.  The doors flew open--he
dashed inside.  The door closed behind him.
        B'Elanna, who had been sitting by the viewport looking out, glanced up.
"Oh, hi.  You're here already--?"
        She didn't get the chance to say another word before he had crossed the
distance between them and engulfed her in a strong hug.  She was
momentarily startled, but then hugged him back.  He tightened his
embrace, burying his face in her hair so he could breathe in the scent
of her--the heavenly mix of orchids tinged with plasma coolant.  He
inhaled deeply, then sighed.
        "I missed you so much."
        "It's only been two days," she said, trying to keep her tone light.
        "Not for me."
        "I know," she said soberly.  "The Captain told us about the passage of
time down there."
        "Two months away from you--I thought I'd never see you again."
        She rubbed his back gently.  "It's all right, Tom.  I'm here."
        He sighed again, pulled her closer, and then nuzzled her neck, reveling
in the silken feel of her skin.  A quiver shot through her at the touch.
        "I love you," he whispered softly.  He pulled back to look into her
eyes.  "I know I haven't told you enough, but I do."
        She reached up a hand to caress his cheek.  He turned his head to kiss
her palm lightly.  "I don't know if I want to eat first or have you
first," he murmured against her skin.
        She laughed softly.  "I can wait, Tom.  Get something to eat first."
        He nodded, letting out a quiet laugh of his own.  "Now there's the
other big dilemma.  So many choices.  After eating spiders for the past
two months, everything looks good."
        "Even pleeka rind casserole?" she teased.
        He laughed.  "No, I'll leave that to Harry."
        "How about something light--like those peanut sandwiches of yours--for
now?  Then later you can have pizza or something."
        "You mean peanut butter, B'Elanna."
        "Whatever.  Is strawberry jam okay?"
        She gave her order to the replicator and a minute later, brought the
plates over.  He devoured both of his sandwiches before she had even
finished hers.  He smiled apologetically and shrugged.  She smiled back
in understanding, offering him the last bite of hers.  He leaned
forward, letting her feed it to him.  As she did, he kissed her
fingertips before swallowing.  Her gaze rose to his and she saw the look
in his eyes.  Before she could do anything, he rose, rounded the table
and pulled her up, kissing her fervently.  She returned it, allowing him
to vent his passion.  Together, they stumbled toward his bedroom, until
he, finally tired of the delay, picked her up bodily and carried her
toward his bed.  Setting her upon it, he made quick work on of their
shoes and shed his jacket and turtleneck.  The kiss deepened as Tom
began to unbutton her blouse.  Once it landed on the floor, he paused,
breaking the kiss to gaze into her eyes.  Carefully, he ran his thumbs
up the straps slowly before caressing her shoulders.
        Five seconds later, he found himself lying flat on his back with her on
top of him.  She pushed his shirt up and began kissing his chest all
over.  He sighed, revelling in the sensation, but stopped her when she
playfully nipped him.
        "Play nice," he scolded teasingly, then his face grew serious again.
He discarded her bra and his shirt, rolling her beneath him again.
Bending his head, he suckled each breast briefly, drawing a moan from
her.  He paused long enough to discard the rest of their clothes, then
dropped descending kisses moving down her stomach and even lower.  She
cried out at that touch, clutching his hair.  After a minute or so, he
moved back up, then slowly slid inside her.
        "Tom," she gasped.
        "I missed you so much," he murmured to her, willing himself to hold
still, to savor the feel of her for just a second or two.  When his
willpower gave out, he began to move.  She moaned and writhed beneath
him, hardly able to believe that, to her, they had been together like
this only four days ago.  It felt like it had been much longer.  And
minutes later, she reached the edge.  She cried out and clung to him.
His cry echoed hers a second later, and he collapsed atop her.  They
clung together, breathing heavily.  A few minutes later, not wanting to
crush her with his weight, he rolled them over so that she lay on top.
They lay silently; he caressed her skin, she lightly stroked his chest.
After a few minutes, he realized that her hand had ceased.  He looked
down and saw that she was asleep.  A smile formed on his face.  He
kissed the top of her head then let sleep overtake him.


        Noss was sitting by the viewport in the guest quarters that the Captain
had assigned her for the short journey to her home world.  She was
enjoying gazing at the stars as they streaked past.  The odd
high-pitched door chime broke Noss out of her reverie.  She rose to her
feet.  "Come in."
        When the opened door revealed Tom Paris, she smiled.  "Hello, Tom."
        As the tall pilot stepped through the doors, she realized that he had
not come alone.  He was hand-in-hand with a dark, exotic-looking woman.
Noss knew that this had to be his love--the one he had spoken of day
after day.
        "I brought someone I want you to meet."
        Noss smiled at the other woman.  "You must be Lan-nah."  She stumbled
over the unfamiliar name.  "Is that the correct saying of your name?"
        A half-smile formed on B'Elanna's face.  "Close enough."
        Noss' smile returned.  "When we were down on the planet, Tom spoke of
you many, many times.  Almost every day."
        "Oh, did he?"  B'Elanna looked at him, noticing that he was beginning
to blush slightly.
        "He did.  He always has you on his mind, I think."  Noss threw Tom a
teasing look.  "Maybe this is why he was not good at catching spiders."
        Tom's blush deepened as the two laughed together.
        "He speaks of you many, many times how much he loves you.  You
are--lucky, Lan-nah, to have one like Tom."
        The couple exchanged a look of deep feeling for several seconds, then
B'Elanna spoke.  "You're right, Noss.  I am."
        The chirp of the comm system interrupted them.  "Senior staff meeting
in 15 minutes.  We need to go over some things before reaching Noss'
        "Well Noss, I hate to cut this visit short, but we need to get to that
meeting.  I'll come by and visit again for a couple minutes before you
leave, okay?"
        Noss nodded.  "Will you come too, Lan-nah?"
        "I might--if I have time."
        Noss nodded again and bid them good-bye.

        As Tom and B'Elanna headed down the corridor, she eyed him.  "She never
tried to flirt with you, did she?  I mean, before you started talking
about me."
        He laughed.  "Oh no.  She was much too interested in Tuvok."
        "Tuvok?!  You've got to be kidding."
        "I'm serious.  Let me tell you about the day she followed nearly his
every move--"
        His voice trailed behind him as they continued down to the lift.

        Back in her quarters, Noss resumed her stargazing.  She was glad that
Voyager had come along.  If they hadn't, she wouldn't be able to last
see her family again.  Also, she would never have met Tom and Tuvok.
Had she not fallen for Tuvok first, she might have fleetingly considered
flirting with Tom.  But even if that had been the case, Noss knew that
Tom would have stayed true to Lan-nah.  From the very first, she had
seen the intense love in his eyes whenever he spoke of her.  She
remembered the extreme sadness in his bright eyes when the first month
had passed and he thought he'd never see her again.  And now she had
seen his happiness at being reunited with her.
        The term Noss' people used for love was "*melran*".  But what Tom had
with Lan-nah was the "*melranin*"--the bond of deep true love.  Those
who had the fortune to share it usually were together until death.  In
essence, it was the bond of soulmates.
        Noss knew instinctively that Tom and Lan-nah shared the *melranin*.
The look in his eyes when he gazed upon her said it all.  Noss looked
out at the stars and silently wished them a long happy
togetherness--that the *melranin* would grow stronger by the day.
        For now, tomorrow--and all of this eternity.

Legal B.S.  Story is mine.  Copyright February 1999 by Cheile.  I would
much appreciate feedback.