Into the Night
by Cheile

        B'Elanna entered her quarters, wearily rubbing her temples.
        *Sleep.  A lot of it.  That's what I need.*
        The door chime sounded.  She knew who it was.  "Come in."
        Even before the door closed behind him, Tom had her wrapped in
his arms.
        "You're all right," he whispered.  "Thank God."
        "I never thought I would see you again."  She raised her head to
meet his eyes.
        "Neither did I."  His embrace tightened and she felt him
        "It's over," she said softly.  "I'm all right now."  Then she
spotted a medium-sized box on her bed.  "Where did that come from?" she
wondered aloud.
        Tom's face turned pink.  "It was something I picked up for you
down on Mari.  But I'll understand if you don't want it.  I wouldn't
want it reminding you of what they did to you."
        "Let me see what it is first."
        "You don't have to---"
        "I want to."
        Seeing no point in arguing with her, he allowed her to open the
box.  A soft gasp came from her as she lifted out a long white
satin-like gown.  "Tom, it's beautiful.  I want to keep it."
        "I just don't want it reminding you---"
        "It's all right."  She kissed him lightly.  "Should I try it
        "If you'd like."  His eyes twinkled.
        "I'll be right back."
        As she ran for the bathroom to change, a grin crossed his face.
She obviously hadn't taken a close look at it.  She would be in for a

        Unsure at first of how the top was fastened, it took B'Elanna a
good five minutes to get the gown on.  Finally, she figured out that the
top parts crossed over each other, covering her chest and were fastened
at the back of her neck, leaving her back exposed to her waist.  Having
noted that fact, she clasped the small hooks together and turned to look
in the mirror.
        And immediately began to blush furiously.  The fabric was
practically sheer!  She couldn't believe it.  Then her blush deepened as
she realized that that had been Tom's intent---and where the night would
        After regaining her composure, she turned out the lights and
returned to her bedroom.
        Tom looked up when she came in, and his eyes lit up.  For some
reason, B'Elanna began to feel shy, and she blushed again, crossing her
arms over her chest.
        His grin widened as he approached her.  "Are you getting shy on
me, Torres?" he teased gently.
        Her deepening blush only seemed to confirm his suspicion.  "Well
then, we'll have to do something about that."  Drawing her into his
arms, he kissed her tenderly.  She wrapped her arms around his neck.  He
reached up a hand to the back of her neck and released the hooks.  The
top fell down, leaving her bared to the waist.  Lifting her, he carried
her to her bed.
        As he lay her down, she realized that the top of the gown had
fallen and moved to cover her chest.  But he caught her wrists and held
them over her head, his gaze drifting over her breasts, then back up to
her face.
        "Why are you ashamed, B'Elanna?" he asked softly.  "You're
beautiful."  Bending his head, he began to suckle.  A chill went down
her back and she gasped.  For several minutes, he moved his head back
and forth, teasing first one, then the other.  Then he rose up to look
into her eyes, now filled with passion.
        Still holding her wrists captive with one hand, he pushed the
gown up to her waist with the other.  Slowly his hand drifted across her
thighs, then through the tangle of soft raven curls between them.  He
parted her thighs, then slid his hand between them.  Finding her ready
to the touch, he slipped two fingers inside her.
        "Tom---ohh," she gasped.  He kissed her deeply and she managed
to break her hands free of his grip, tearing at his uniform.  "Let me
touch you---feel you---"
        Breaking away, he stripped in a matter of seconds.  Her hands
drifted over his broad shoulders, down his back, along his hips.  She
looked up at him, her eyes full of wanting.  That one look undid him
completely.  He entered her slowly, and she cried out, tensing around
him.  Moving his hips in a slow, deliberate thrust, he pressed her
closer.  As the sensation began to build, his thrusts became quicker.
"God, ëLanna, you feel so good," he groaned.
        "Tom," she moaned.  "Oh, Tom!"
        As he felt her reach her peak, he leaned down and bit her
shoulder, ripping a scream from her throat.  In return, she turned his
face to the side and bit his cheek.  The sensation drove him over the
edge and with a cry of  "'Lanna---ëLanna!", he exploded inside her.

        Some time later, B'Elanna slowly awoke.  It was dark and she
knew that it was night, according to ship's time.  She went to move, but
then realized that she was trapped beneath Tom.  He lay atop her, sound
asleep, his head on her shoulder, one hand on her breast.  Smiling
softly, she traced a fingertip over his lips.
        He stirred, his eyelids fluttering open.  "Well, aren't you a
beautiful sight to wake up to," he murmured.
        "It's still the middle of the night, Tom."
        He nodded, then his eyes drifted from her face to the
reddish-purple bruise on her shoulder.  He frowned.  "I didn't realize
you could bruise so easily."  Gently, he touched his lips to the spot.
"I'll be more careful next time."
        "Don't worry about it."  Then she saw the bite she'd left on his
cheek.  Though there was no bruise, the mark of her teeth was quite
evident on his fair skin.  Worriedly, she touched it.  She hadn't meant
to bite him that hard.
        He caught her hand in his.  "You told me not to worry about
yours, so don't worry about mine."  He pulled her close to him for a
kiss.  "You don't have to hide from me, ëLanna.  I love you, both sides
of you."
        She kissed him fervently, then nipped gently at his cheek.  He
laughed softly as he scattered love bites along her neck.
        And they made love again and again, long into the night.

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