Author's note:  I know--call me slow--but I had to answer my own
challenge.  :-)  So I am!  :-)

(Dialogue challenge story)
by Cheile

        "It's all right, 'Lanna.  Stay calm and breathe."
        "I *am* breathing!"
        "No, you're hyperventilating.  You have to get in deep breaths, like
this--one, two...."
        "You--ow--you sit here and I'll tell you that.  You think this is so
        "I never said that."
        "This is all your fault!"
        "Oh really?  (laugh)  That's not what you said on our wedding night."
        "You are *never* touching me again!"
        "Now who was the one who dragged me out of Sandrine's and threw me onto
the bed?"
        "Oh shut up, you pig--oww!"
        "Okay, we'll argue later.  Right now, you have to breathe."
        "Why did this have to happen here?  I wanted to have the baby in
sickbay, not in this cave!"
        "And of course, the transporters would have to go down.  Go figure."
        "That's it, love, you're doing fine.  Now deep breath--and push."
        "Where are you going?"
        "To catch the baby when it comes out."
        "You're doing great, 'Lanna.  Push."
        "I am!"
        "Push again--oh my God, I can see the head."
        "I am pushing--oww!"
        "Pull your knees up some."
        "This is *so* undignified--oww!--not to mention humiliating...."
        "Push with the contractions, 'Lanna.  That's it--here she comes--one
more push--all right, I have her--stop pushing."
        "Oh God, she's beautiful."
        "Here, give her to me."
        "She's so beautiful--just like her mother."
        "Look, she has your eyes!"
        "And little brow ridges."
        "What should we name her?"
        "How about Rachel, after my mother?"
        "All right."
        "I love you, 'Lanna."
        "I love you, too."
        "Voyager to Tom Paris."
        "Paris here."
        "Transporters are back up.  Are you two all right?"
        "We're all fine, Captain."
        "You'll understand when we get back."
        "Very well.  Stand by to energize."
        "Aye, Captain.  Three to beam up."

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