A (very short) lil something I wrote up last Monday.  Borrowed a tape
containing the episode "Dreadnought" from a friend's bro.  It was way
cool, but this scene *could* have been squeezed in.  But since they
didn't write it, I did!

"Dreadnought" epilogue
by Cheile

Summary:  The P/T scene they forgot to add...

Author's note:  This won't make much sense unless you've seen the
episode "Dreadnought".  I wouldn't recommend reading this before you've
seen it.

  Tom Paris hurried from the shuttlebay to sickbay the second he heard
that B'Elanna had been hurt.  He had to see her.
  The sight in sickbay shocked him.  B'Elanna was lying unconscious on
the biobed.  She had serious burns on her face and hands.  She barely
looked alive.
  "Yes, Lieutenant Paris?" the Doctor asked, noticing he was there.
  "I--just came to see how B'Elanna was."
  "She will make a complete recovery."
  Slowly, he approached her bedside, reaching out to gently caress her
burned face.  His heart pounded, a strange, uncertain fear washing over
him.  *Don't let her die*, he prayed.
  As if in answer to his prayer, B'Elanna's eyes slowly opened.  "Tom?"
she whispered, her voice barely audible.
  "I'm here," he said.
  "Did it work?  Is Dreadnought gone?"
  "You did it," he told her.  "Ricosa is safe and the Captain didn't
have to let the ship self-destruct.  We're back on course for home."
  "Lieutenant Paris, it's best you go now and let Lieutenant Torres
rest," said the Doctor.
  "Okay," he reluctantly agreed.  He gently squeezed B'Elanna's hand.
"I'll come by later."
  She nodded and watched him go, before closing her eyes again.

Legal B.S.  Paramount's characters, my little scenario, based on the
episode "Dreadnought".  Copyright June 16, 1997, by Cheile.  Comments go
to cheile@hotmail.com