Title:  Too Much to Take (19/20)
Author:  CatHeights
Pairing:  C/P
Rating:   NC-17, sex --This is a slash story.  If reading about a
relationship between two men disturbs you, read no further.
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Spoiler Warning: Barge of the Dead; Extreme Risk; Nothing Human;
One Small Step
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End of Part 18:

Tom withdrew his hand and said, "Sleep well.  I'll see you

"Bye Tom, and thank you," Chakotay mumbled, as he yawned one more
time, his eyes closing.

"You're welcome," Tom said.  He waited until Chakotay's breathing
was deep and even. Then with one last smile, he walked out of

And now...

Part 19

Finally off duty, Tom hurried down the corridor to Chakotay's
quarters.  The Commander had been released from sickbay that
morning.  Tom wondered if Chakotay was still mad at him for not
only siding with the Doctor that he should return to sickbay
after the service two days ago, but also agreeing that he should
be off duty for a full three days following his release.  With
both Tom and the Doctor recommending more rest, the Captain had
ordered Chakotay to follow their recommendations. The Doctor had
kept him in sickbay all yesterday, and when Tom had stopped by to
see Chakotay, he had been very curt.

Tom wasn't worried though.  He was confident that he could
improve Chakotay's mood.  Besides, he had all of the data John
Kelly had recorded on the ellipse transferred to the Commander's
quarters, as a peace offering.  He knew that would keep Chakotay
from being bored and fuming about not being back on duty.  Tom
was sure that by now Chakotay was probably only mildly annoyed.

He knew that the Doctor had recommended more rest for Chakotay
not because physical exertion would cause him more harm, but
because his body would require a considerable amount of sleep
over the next few days to fully recover.  He realized, as well as
the rest of the crew, that the Doctor always overestimated the
length of recovery time, figuring the crew wouldn't listen to him
anyway.  However, Tom figured Chakotay should be given plenty of
extra time to rest, particularly after he was through with him.
Tom had promised they would celebrate upon their return, and that
celebration was long overdue.

Whistling as he took the last few steps to Chakotay's door, Tom
leaned over and pressed the chime.  "Enter," he heard Chakotay
call.   As he stepped inside, he smiled to see that the older man
was lying on the couch engrossed in the pad he was reading.  It
had worked of course.

Chakotay looked up to see Tom leaning against the wall by the
door, a grin on his face.  He frowned, trying to hold onto his
annoyance, but it was hard.  His eyes immediately locked with
sparkling blue ones, and his body jolted with arousal.  Damn Tom
looked good, and he wanted him, now.  Of course Tom wouldn't make
a move.  No, no he needed his rest.  He sat up with a sigh of
frustration, and tossed the pad aside.

"Have you come to make sure I'm following the Doctor's orders?"
Chakotay asked.

Tom laughed, came over to the couch and sat down next to him.
"No. I came to see you.  Come on.  You can't tell me you didn't
enjoy spending the day reading through all that data.  It's
exactly what you would have wanted to be doing if you were on

"Might be true," Chakotay admitted grudgingly, a partial smile
peaking through.   "Tom, the stuff that was in that anomaly was
just amazing. Unbelievable."

"About as unbelievable as Seven getting emotional at Kelly's
service.  I can't believe she looked up the baseball game to find
out who had won."  Any annoyance Tom had felt toward Seven for
trying to hold the service before Chakotay could attend had
disappeared when she had shakily said, "The Yankees in six
games."   Kelly had said his only regret was that he didn't know
who had won the World Series.  With those whispered words, Tom
knew that like he and Chakotay, Seven would never forget those
final logs of John Kelly.

"That was amazing," Chakotay said.  He was still a bit awed that
Seven had been touched enough by the experience to be able to see
how her own future had been shaped by history and to realize that
she had something in common with John Kelly.  He had to agree
with the statement she had made at the service that her quest for
perfection was very similar to the desire to explore.

He looked over at Tom, who was grinning as if he was keeping a
secret.  "What are you smiling about?  I surely hope you're not
gloating over having the Captain order me to follow the Doctor's

"Me, gloat.  Of course not.  That wasn't on my mind at all," Tom
said, that same wide smile gracing his face.

"So are you going to make a habit of getting my time in sickbay

"Are you going to make a habit of getting injured?"


"Well then this isn't worth discussing, is it?"

Chakotay laughed, his dimples showing as he broke into a wide
smile.  "I give up.  I'll stop arguing with you."  He rubbed his
eyes; he had been reading without a break for too long.  Leaning
his head back onto the couch, he rested his eyes for a minute.

Tom moved in a bit closer, his gaze never leaving Chakotay's
face.  He wanted this man, more than he could remember wanting
anyone in his life.  The smile left his face, as his fingers
yearned to reach out and trace a path down from Chakotay's tattoo
to his chin.  Well, there was no reason to resist that desire any
longer, and every reason to give in to it.

Tom leaned in and his grin returned, as he realized that Chakotay
was in the same position he had been the first time they had
kissed.  With his head tilted back, Chakotay's lips just seemed
to invite Tom to kiss them.  Tom thought if his own lips had
looked as inviting, no wonder Chakotay hadn't been able to
resist--he couldn't.  Placing one hand on Chakotay's shoulder and
the other gently on the side of his face, Tom lowered his lips to
touch the other man's, softly but insistently.

Chakotay's eyes flew open the instant he felt the touch on his
lips.  He could feel his heart pounding as he realized that Tom
was not going to make him wait any longer.  He slowly lifted his
head and the movement broke the kiss, but as soon as he was
sitting up, Tom recaptured his lips again, his kiss more
demanding this time.  As he felt Tom's hands on his back urging
him to move closer, he heard a noise that sounded a bit like a
moan.  Tom moved his lips down along Chakotay's neck, making
small circles with his tongue as he went.  Chakotay made a small
gasp and realized belatedly that he had made the previous noise.

Tom undid the top three buttons of the black shirt Chakotay was
wearing.  He pushed aside the soft cotton fabric so that he could
kiss the small indentation between Chakotay's neck and shoulder.
He sucked gently and then blew lightly on the spot, smiling as he
felt Chakotay shiver.  He trailed his fingers across Chakotay's
chest and then raised his head.

Feeling a bit like he was dreaming, Chakotay's gaze locked with
blue eyes. Tom's lips parted, and Chakotay waited for him to say
something, but instead the younger man leaned in and kissed him
again--softly, just as he had in the beginning.  When the kiss
ended, Chakotay swallowed and asked, "Tom, are you sure?"

Tom's eyes widened in astonishment, but he grinned as he
answered, "You really don't need me to answer that, do you?   I
told you.  You mean a lot to me.  There's nowhere else I want to
be, and no one else I'd rather be with.  I want to be here with
you.  I want you."

Chakotay smiled widely.  "I guess I just needed to hear it."

Tom chuckled.  "Ah and here I was thinking I was doing a
wonderful job of seducing you, and I seem to have left you with
some doubts as to my intentions."  He gave Chakotay a light kiss,
and then started unbuttoning the rest of Chakotay's shirt. "Let
me reassure you."

Chakotay felt the fabric slide down his back, followed by the
smooth touch of Tom's hands.  He slid each arm out of the
sleeves, and let the shirt fall to the couch.  Tom stood and
extended his hand; Chakotay took it and stood up into Tom's

"I want you," Tom said again, as he pressed himself against

Feeling the strength of the younger man's arousal banished any
doubts Chakotay had.   He laced his hands through Tom's hair, and
kissed him hard, sucking on his lower lip as he ended the kiss.
"I'm not objecting," he said moving one hand to the side of Tom's
face.  "Not in the least."

Tom had no doubt that he had reassured Chakotay, as in between
kisses, the other man removed first Tom's uniform jacket, and
then quickly afterward the gray shirt underneath.  While he stood
there, feeling the warmth spread through him as Chakotay's hands
caressed his body, he felt a twinge of nervousness.  It had been
a long time since he had been with a man, and his previous
experiences had been far from great.   Bad memories tried to
parade themselves before Tom's eyes, but he slammed the door shut
on them.  He wasn't going to let anything ruin tonight.  He
wanted this.

"Let's go into the bedroom," Chakotay said, taking Tom's hand.

Tom smiled, realizing that Chakotay had quickly managed to take
control.  That was fine with him--for tonight.  A bit of anxiety
still remained, and he was happy right now to let Chakotay
control the direction of their lovemaking.

Both men removed the rest of their clothing, and thoughts of
control and nervousness disappeared from Tom's mind as he saw
Chakotay standing before him completely nude.  He couldn't
remember the last time he had been this aroused just by gazing at
someone who was naked.  He watched as Chakotay pulled back the
sheets from the bed.  His eyes traveled down that smooth, strong
back and lingered on the firm butt bending over before him.

Tom walked to the bed and when Chakotay straightened, he found
himself being pulled back against Tom's chest.  Tom breathed
deeply as he felt Chakotay's skin against his own.  It felt so
good to actually be able to touch him and not just imagine.  He
leaned down and planted a kiss on Chakotay's shoulder.

Chakotay turned in Tom's arms, kissed him, and then said, "Come
on," as he moved onto the bed, pulling Tom with him.  He pressed
Tom down onto the pillows and then began to explore every inch of

The sheets felt cool against Tom's skin, as Chakotay's tongue and
fingers tested for reactions, pausing to focus on those areas
that elicited a moan.  Tom wrapped his hand into the pillow
underneath his head, gripping it as he felt the sensations
traveling through his body.  His grip tightened and his body
arched as Chakotay's tongue ran along his erection, sucking
lightly on the tip.  Before he could plead for those lips to
continue, he found his mouth captured in a kiss that seemed to
demand that he hand over all of himself.  He willingly complied,
his hands wrapping around Chakotay, eagerly touching skin.

Chakotay broke the kiss, pushing himself up on his elbow so that
he could look down at Tom.  He was so beautiful laying there, his
lips still parted from their last kiss.   Those brilliant blue
eyes were gazing up at him, and he was pleased by the intensity
of the arousal he saw in them.  Tom was his, no question about

"Will you let me take you?" Chakotay asked, his gaze never
leaving Tom's.

"Yes," Tom answered instantly, breathing somewhat heavily. "Now."

Chakotay chuckled, kissed Tom's cheek and said,   "Impatient are

"You're the one who considers patience a virtue, not I," Tom said
with a small grin.

"Not always," Chakotay replied, and then gave him a long,
lingering kiss.  "I'll be right back."

Tom gave a theatrical groan and Chakotay laughed.  He walked over
to the replicator, ordered some lubricant and quickly returned to
the bed.

"If you're trying to teach me patience, I don't want to learn,"
Tom said.

"I was only gone a few seconds," Chakotay said, gently nudging
Tom to turn over.

When Tom had settled himself, Chakotay ran a finger along the
cleft of Tom's buttocks.  Tom arched at the touch, his hips
rising off the bed.  Chakotay put some lube on the opening before
him, and on his finger.  He gently pushed the tip against the
opening.  Tom tensed at first, but then relaxed as Chakotay
slowly pushed his finger inside the tight hole.

As Chakotay continued to stretch him, Tom positioned himself on
his knees.  He rocked back onto Chakotay's fingers, needing the
sensation.   He groaned when Chakotay moved his hand away, but he
instantly felt the tip of Chakotay's erection pressing against
him.  He moved his legs a bit farther apart to accommodate the
other man. His breath came out in a hiss as Chakotay slowly
entered him.  Tom resisted the urge to push back hard, and
instead followed Chakotay's slow rhythm.  He felt Chakotay's
erection slide in easier and easier with every motion.  Just at
the point when Tom thought he could take no more, Chakotay picked
up the pace.  Chakotay's hand wrapping around his penis almost
sent him over the edge.

Chakotay slid his hand back and forth over Tom's erection in time
with his thrusts, and that did send Tom over.  He felt Chakotay
release inside him, and his muscle clenched in response causing
Chakotay to moan.  Eventually, the waves of pleasure receded, and
Tom's knees wobbled, the muscles in his legs feeling like jelly.
He collapsed on the bed, sideways.   He sighed as he felt
Chakotay move to lie beside him, wrapping one arm around his
waist.  It was wonderful just to lie here.   Tom felt incredibly
relaxed as his eyes closed, and he allowed himself to enjoy the
comforting warmth of being curled up next to Chakotay.

The warmth at his back disappeared, and Tom mumbled, "Where are
you going?"  He turned and opened his eyes to see Chakotay
sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Just to get some towels to clean us up," Chakotay said, heading
to the bathroom.

Tom yawned and lay on his back.  He grinned, thinking it was a
waste of time to get cleaned up because if he had his way, they
would just be getting messy again very soon.

Chakotay returned and handed Tom a towel. Both men cleaned
themselves off, and then Chakotay took the towels away.  He
crawled back into bed to find Tom smirking at him.


Tom just smiled and then shivered.  He realized he was chilly
now.  Either Chakotay was cold himself or he had seen Tom's
reaction, because he pulled the sheet over them.  Tom turned to
face Chakotay, propping himself up with one arm, while the other
draped over the sheet.

Looking at those curved lips, Chakotay felt incredibly lucky and
aroused.  He traced his finger along those lips, before
repeating, "What?"

 "I was just thinking that this was much better than in my
dreams." Tom laughed at the stunned expression on Chakotay's

"Your dreams?"

"Yep, the ones that started right after you kissed me, and made
it hard as hell to sit through a single briefing with you," Tom
said still smiling.

"You were dreaming of me," Chakotay said in wonder.

"Uh-huh, constantly," Tom said leaning in for a kiss.  He moved
back.  "Told you I wanted you."

Chakotay didn't know quite what to say, so he pulled Tom into his
arms.  Tom placed his head on Chakotay's chest and said, "So
that's why we should take a few minutes to rest."

Chakotay frowned.  He had missed something here.  "Why should we

"Because it's still early, and I haven't had my fill of you yet.
It's almost time for round two."

Chakotay chuckled.  "Well I don't know about you, but I don't
need time to rest for round two, but if you need some rest, don't
worry, I'll be here when you're ready," he teased.

Tom was silent for a moment, and when he spoke the humor was gone
from his voice.  "I believe that--that you'll be here," he
whispered softly, his head still on Chakotay's chest.   "In which
case, I guess I can look forward to many more rounds," he
continued, his tone turning light again, but Chakotay could still
hear the emotion behind those words.

While running his hand through Tom's hair, Chakotay said, "You
definitely can.  I'll be here--for everything."  He hoped Tom
truly believed him.  Now that he had Tom, he had no intention of
ever letting him go.  He planned on being there through it all,
the good and the bad.

After some time spent lying quietly in Chakotay's arms, Tom
gently moved out of his embrace and sat up.  A smile quirking the
corner of his lips, he looked Chakotay over appraisingly. "So are
you rested enough?  Are you ready for round two?"

"I don't know why you are so concerned over my getting enough
rest.  You're the one on duty tomorrow.  I've got the next two
days free."  The last word trailed off, as Chakotay's eyes
widened.  Seeing that Chakotay had made the connection, Tom

"This is why you agreed so adamantly with the Doctor that I
couldn't go back on duty," Chakotay sputtered, sitting up also.

Still laughing, Tom said, "I think you're imaging things."

"I doubt it," Chakotay growled, but then he smiled widely, both
dimples showing through.

That sight cut through Tom's laughter.  He definitely wanted
round 2.  He kissed Chakotay deeply, his tongue slipping between
those lips.  He broke the kiss, but kept his hands on Chakotay's
shoulders.  "Can you honestly say that you mind? I don't think
so.  Round 2?"

"Round 2," Chakotay agreed, pressing Tom back down onto the
sheets.  He looked down into Tom's mischievous eyes, smiled, and
then pressed his lips against his lover's.  Mind?  No, not in the