Title:  Past Resurfacing (7/?)
Author:  CatHeights
Pairing: VOY (P/T)
Rating:  R, some angst, sex
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Spoiler Warning: Thirty Days
Disclaimer: Paramount owns all rights to Star Trek Voyager, its characters, and the Voyager episodes referred to in this story.  The story idea is mine, but I am doing this just for fun, no money to be made.
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      It was quiet in Sickbay as BíElanna sat by Tomís side.  She was becoming worried.  Since he had fallen asleep after talking to her yesterday, he had not woken once.  The Doctor said it was nothing to worry about.  It was just the exhaustion and the realization of his memory loss catching up with him.   The Doctorís explanation made sense, but still the longer Tom slept the more anxious she became.  As it stood now, it seemed like he would sleep straight through the day.  She stared at her loverís lips, silent for so long.  She couldnít resist and so she leaned forward and placed a light kiss on those familiar lips.

      Tom felt like a fog had descended on his brain.  Why was it so hard to open his eyes?  Geez, what had he been drinking?   Then he felt a soft touch on his lips and smelled a scent that was achingly familiar. BíElanna, he thought, and a small smile touched his lips.

      Seeing that smile, BíElanna softly called his name, "Tom."

      Hearing her voice, he realized with a jolt that she was right here with him.  His eyes opened and that smile widened.  "BíElanna," he said, and before she could say anything, he sat up and reached for her.  He pulled her close, and stopped any words she might have said by kissing her deeply and thoroughly.

      At first BíElanna didnít respond as she was so shocked, but then her instincts kicked in and her hands twined themselves in his hair. Her mind stopped thinking as she finally had what she had wanted for weeks, Tom in her arms.  His hands slid down her back and then into her hair.   Finally he halted the kiss, tilting his nose against hers.

      "Tom," BíElanna said amazed, "you remember me."

      Tom smiled questioningly at her while tracing a finger down the ridges on her forehead to the tip of her nose, "I remember every inch of you.  How could I forget?" he said in the soft serious tone that made her pulse race.  He leaned in and kissed her lightly.  Still holding her hand, he moved back slightly from her and took in his surroundings.   Frowning he asked, "BíElanna why am I in Sickbay?"

      BíElanna still in a daze had no idea where to begin.  Luckily the Doctor came out of his office.  "Tom, how do you feel?" the Doctor asked quietly.

      Confused, Tom said, "Fine."  Why was the Doc acting so concerned?   "Doc you want to tell me how I ended up here?"

      Surprised, the Doctor said, "Tom, you know who I am?"

      "Of course," Tom said.  Remembering BíElannaís earlier statement that he remembered her, he began to grow uneasy.  "Any reason why I shouldnít remember you?"

      BíElanna looked to the Doctor to explain.  The Doctor said, "Well where should I begin?"

      "How about telling me how I ended up in Sickbay.  Probably a good place to start," Tom said sarcastically.  There was nothing he hated more than being kept in the dark.  Well, maybe a few things. 

      It was BíElanna who answered, "When Tuvok released you from the brig, you passed out.  He had you beamed to Sickbay."

      The Doctor continued, "My initial diagnosis was sleep deprivation and malnutrition."

      "Makes sense," Tom said.  "Particularly with all that leola root.  I swear that stuff has no dietary value.  I donít care what Neelix says.  So those conditions were easy enough to fix, I assume.  I feel fine, so whatís the problem?  Why am I still sitting on this biobed, instead of you saying Iím discharged," he continued.

      "After making my initial diagnosis, I gave you a sedative so that you could get the rest you needed.  When you awoke, you didnít know who I was or that you were serving on Voyager."  Tomís eyes widened as the Doctor continued. "You were in Sickbay all of yesterday, and during the time you were awake, you believed you were still serving on the Exeter."

      BíElanna saw a brief look of anguish cross Tomís face, but it was gone in a moment.   He donned his mask of indifference and said offhandedly, "I tell you it was all the leola root.  I bet in large amounts it serves as a hallucinogen or something."  He grinned but the smile didnít meet his eyes.

      "You do remember having served on the Exeter, donít you?" the Doctor asked.

      "Of course," Tom said.  "But it was years ago.  I donít understand what the big deal is. So I was disoriented.  You just said I was suffering from sleep deprivation.  Why is my being confused that surprising? Now no offense Doc, but Iíd really like to get out of here.  For some reason, Iíd like to be able to walk freely about the ship," Tom said while sitting up.

      "Just a minute Ensign," the Doctor said in his normal sarcastic tone.  Tom winced at his rank.  Well Tommy boy, get used to it, because Iím sure Tuvok is going to be saying Ensign Paris a lot.   "Iíd like to run a complete medical scan.  Iím sorry.  I am not going to release you from Sickbay the moment you wake up when the last few times I spoke with you, you had no idea who I was. Now lie down while I complete the scan."

      Tom gritted his teeth.  He was about to let the Doctor have it, when he felt BíElannaís touch on his arm urging him to lie down.  He turned to her and saw the concern in her eyes. The past few weeks couldnít have been easy for her either.  He realized arguing with the Doctor would just prolong his time in sickbay.  If he felt fine, than another scan wouldnít make any difference. He smiled apologetically and lay down. She grinned back and ruffled his hair.   His smile widened.  He couldnít wait to be alone with her.  The Doctor finished scanning him with the tricorder, and Tom said, "Well?"

      "According to the scans there is nothing wrong with you Mr. Paris.  Youíre in perfect health," the Doctor said.

      "See, told you," Tom said as he sat up and swung his legs over the bed.  "Now why donít I get changed and get out of your way."

      "Tom.   When you lost your memory, you seemed to return to a point in your life that greatly disturbed you.  Not to mention, I understand you suffered from frequent nightmares over the past 30 days.  While you are in perfect health, I am concerned about your mental well being."

      Tomís face was a blank as he looked at the Doctor.  "We all have moments in our lives that bother us.  I wonít deny that the past few weeks were rough.  Too much time to think is not always a good thing.  But itís over.  Iíve been released.  Except for being annoyed that Iím still in Sickbay, Iím fine.  There is nothing to be concerned about.  Now may I go change and get out of here?" Tom said trying to keep control of his temper. After 30 days in the brig the last thing he needed was to be confined to Sickbay.  Heíd really lose it if that
happened.  He felt BíElanna watching him, but resisted meeting her eyes.

      The Doctor sighed.  He would have preferred to monitor Tom for a few more hours in Sickbay, but that would just annoy Tom.  Besides BíElanna would probably have better luck in getting Tom to talk.  "Fine, as I know how little tolerance you have for Sickbay, youíre released.  But I want you to take it easy for the next two days.  Iím not clearing you for duty until after youíve come in here for a check-up tomorrow.  Iím sure the Captain will want to see you once youíre cleared for duty."

      Tom was about to argue that he was fine to return to duty, but decided he shouldnít push his luck, he jumped off the bed, said, "Great," and went to change.  He returned in his uniform, grabbed BíElannaís hand and said, "Thanks Doc, see ya tomorrow," and with BíElanna in tow quickly left Sickbay before the Doctor could change his mind.

      To Tomís pleasant surprise, the few people they met in the corridors greeted him enthusiastically.  A small part of him had been worried that he might have lost the respect of the crew, but so far that didnít seem to be the case.   Even though he was happy people had missed him, at the moment he really didnít want to be making small talk.  All he wanted was to be alone in his quarters with BíElanna in his arms.  After what seemed like an eternity to him, BíElanna and he finally stood outside of his quarters.  He keyed in his code and the doors slid open.  BíElanna only had time to step inside before she was in Tomís arms and he was kissing her.  By the time
the doors slide close, they were both breathing hard.

      "I want to feel every part of you," Tom said in between his efforts to ravish her mouth.  His hands slowly roamed her body until the desire to tear off his clothes made her growl.  Tom smiled at the sound and pulled her tight to him.  He started to remove her uniform jacket when to his surprise BíElanna pushed away from him.  She was breathing heavily, as she said, "Tom, wait."

      "Are you all right?" he asked concerned.

      "Iím fine," she gasped trying to force her mind to ignore her desire to throw herself back at him.  "But you just got of Sickbay, you really should rest."

      "Is that what this is about," Tom said closing in on her.  He stood so close she could feel the heat coming off of him, but he didnít touch her.  "Iím sure Iíll rest much better after Iíve made love to you, wildly, passionately, and loudly," he added smiling at her.

      This is pure torture, BíElanna thought as he continued to stand right in front of her without touching her. Pulling on the last bit of her restraint, she said,  "Tom, I donít think this is what the Doctor meant when he said you should take it easy."

      "BíElanna," Tom said drawing out her name. "The Doctor said I was in perfect health."  He leaned in closer with each word.  "Perfect," he repeated and then brought his lips to hers.  She moaned at his touch and reason left her mind.  Tom smiled victoriously and she growled at him.  He quickly stripped her of her uniform. As she felt him, still clothed, press against her now naked body, she was tempted to rip his clothes off and throw him onto the bed.  Tom must have had a similar thought as she found herself being picked up and carried into the next room.  He leaned down and kissed her deeply and then tossed her onto the bed.  She sprang up and reached
out to him.  He had been removing his uniform, but she made quicker work of it.  When he was naked, she pulled him on top of her.  Perfect health, huh, she smiled to herself.  She could fix that.  In a second she had toppled him and was now sitting astride of him.   She worked her way down his body, kissing, licking and occasionally leaving a small bite mark behind.   He moaned her name, and then reached down strongly to pull her up toward him.  She kissed him then, lost in the sensation.  As the kiss intensified, they rolled off the bed.  Sheets tumbled with them caught between their legs.  They didnít pause in their exploration of each other even once they hit the
floor.  A few bruises never got in the way of passion.

      Finally just when she felt like she would explode if she did not feel him, he entered her.  She felt the familiar rhythm take her.   Time, as did her pleasure, seemed endless.  She growled his name as she came, barely hearing him calling hers.  Her muscles went limp as the world around her exploded.

      She felt herself drifting toward sleep. Tom was beside her now, one arm across her chest.  His breathing was deep and relaxed.  She moved closer to him and winced as she realized they were still on the floor.  She forced herself to break out of her lethargy and sit up.  Tom groaned slightly in complaint as she moved out from under his arm.  She shook him lightly, "Come on Tom.  Letís get in the bed.  Youíll be sore if you sleep on the floor."

      "Iíll be sore anyway," he mumbled resisting her.  "Doesnít matter."

      "You know youíll regret sleeping on the floor later. You always do," she said.  "Get up.  The bed is right above you."

      "Slave driver," Tom said as he forced himself to get up and lay down on the bed.  BíElanna climbed in next to him.  She placed her head on his chest.  "I really missed you, BíElanna," he said sleepily.  He leaned down and placed a light kiss on the top of her head and then let sleep take him.  "I missed you too," BíElanna said contentedly as she closed her eyes and fell asleep to the sound of Tomís even breathing.

      She woke hours later when something sharp jabbed into her ribs.  It took her a moment to realize that it was Tomís elbow.  Not happy about having been woken, she opened her eyes and sat up intending to push Tom firmly onto his side of the bed.   One look at Tom and she found herself wide awake. He was tossing back and forth, the sheet clenched in his hand.  "No, no.  Damn it, donít do this to me.  Donít leave me," he yelled. Concerned, BíElanna reached out to lightly shake him.  "Tom," she said once loudly.  It didnít wake him, instead he start sobbing, "Oh god, Iím so sorry.  I should have been faster.  Please, please, no, no."    She shook Tom harder starting to panic as he just kept repeating the word "No," louder and louder.  Just as she decided she might need to call the Doctor, Tom bolted upright, screamed "Nooooo," and opened his eyes.

      BíElanna kneeled beside him, putting her hand on his shoulder, "Tom, itís all right. You were just having a dream."

      "BíElanna," Tom said and let his breath out with a shudder.  He squeezed his eyes closed as his body shook.  BíElanna didnít realize she had been holding her own breath until she felt her lungs relax as she exhaled in relief.  She had been afraid that Tom wouldnít remember her again.  Relieved, she started to pull Tom into her arms and was surprised when he pushed away from her and quickly got out of the bed.  "Tom," she called after him, but he didnít respond.  As she sat on the edge of the bed and put her feet on the floor, she heard the door to the bathroom slide open and then the sound of retching.
      Oh, I knew he should have stayed in Sickbay longer, was her first thought.  Then she changed her mind. No, itís better heís here with me.  She realized he wasnít physically ill, but was reacting to whatever he had dreamed about.  She shivered as she heard him retch and decided to put back on her gray shirt and underpants. Slightly warmer, but still unsettled, she paced outside of the bathroom, debating on whether or not to go in? Knowing Tom, he wouldnít want her in there while he was being sick, however, she wanted to make sure he was all right.  Finally the retching stopped, and she heard the sound of running water.  "Tom, are you okay?" she asked. 

      "Yeah," he said his voice hoarse.  "Just give me a minute."  Five minutes passed and he still hadnít come out.  "Tom," she called.

      "Uh-huh," he said his voice weary.

      "Iím coming in," BíElanna said tired of not knowing what was going on inside.  She didnít get a response so she entered the bathroom.  Tom was sitting against the bathroom wall, still naked.  His head was on his knees and his whole body was shaking.  She sat down next to him, and pulled him into her arms.  He didnít resist.  He wrapped his arms around her and leaned his head on her chest.  She could hear the raggedness of his breathing, but she noticed he wasnít crying.  She reached up with one hand to caress his hair.  "Everything will be fine," she said.  "It was just a dream.  Itís over now."  He didnít say anything.  He just sat there in her arms.  For awhile they were both silent.  She continued to run her hands through his hair.  Slowly she felt his breathing return to normal, and the shaking of his body reduced to light tremors.

      "Come on Tom," she said softly.  "Letís get you back to bed."

      He removed himself from her embrace and shakily stood up.  He didnít look at her, but said weakly, "Whatís with you and the bed? Youíre always trying to get me into it."

      BíElanna laughed lightly at the joke relieved that he was able to make one.  "Come on hotshot.   Before you fall asleep here," she said.

      They walked back over to the bed.  BíElanna rearranged the sheets so that they were once again properly situated on the bed and Tom climbed into them.  He looked up at BíElanna and said with a voice still raw, "Hey, no fair youíve got more clothes than I do."

      She just smiled and shook her head at him. However, she did remove her shirt and underpants before climbing back into bed.  She pulled Tom into her arms and they both lay that way silently for a moment.  When she was sure Tom was much calmer, she said, "Do you feel ill, or did you get sick from something you dreamed?"

      Tom took a moment to answer.  "Iím fine.  It was just a very vivid dream."

      "Do you want to talk about it?" BíElanna asked hoping he would open up to her.

      "Thereís nothing really to talk about," Tom said uneasily.  "Itís actually not that clear anymore.  You know how dreams are after a few minutes you forget exactly what it was you were dreaming about."
      BíElanna wasnít convinced.  She was about to push him to tell her more, when she noticed how tense he was in her arms.  She could hear his breathing quickening again.  Maybe now wasnít the best time to talk about this. It could wait until the morning, when the dream wasnít still fresh in his mind, and he had gotten some more sleep.

      "Okay," she said placing a kiss on his head.  "Why donít you try to get some rest."   She felt him relax in her arms as he realized she wasnít going to press the issue.  He pulled up from her embrace and kissed her gently, "Thanks," he said.  The he curled up beside her, one arm around her waist.  She turned to face him, putting an arm around him, "Sleep, now," she said.  "Okay," he said his voice drifting.  The comforting presence of BíElanna soothed him, and for the first time after having that dream he was able to fall back to sleep.  BíElanna watched him sleep, worried.  Tomorrow she would get him to talk to her, she swore.  Tonight, he needed sleep.
Later she would get him to talk about these nightmares and maybe she could help him chase them away.  With that thought she closed her eyes, but it took a long time for her mind to wind down enough to fall asleep.