Title:  Past Resurfacing (4/?)
Author:  CatHeights
Pairing: VOY (P/T)
Rating:  R, some angst
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Spoiler Warning: Thirty Days
Disclaimer: Paramount owns all rights to Star Trek Voyager, its characters, and the Voyager episodes referred to in this story.  The story idea is mine, but I am doing this just for fun, no money to be made.

      What was that sound?   Singing?  No, it was humming.  Someone was humming lightly.   He thought about opening his eyes to see who it was, but it seemed like too much effort.  At first he couldnít figure out why he felt that way, but then it all came back to him.  Cali, his mind screamed, as his breathing started to quicken.  The humming stopped as he started to gasp for breath.  He opened his eyes hoping to banish his last image of Cali from his mind.  He felt a hypospray pressed to his neck and his breathing eased.

      "Itís all right Tom," the Doctor said soothingly.  This must be the man whom I heard humming, Tom thought.  Do I know him?   He said my name as if I should know him.  Vaguely he remembered a Vulcan Commander who seemed to act as if Tom knew him also.  His head started to ache as his confusion grew.

"Where am I," he asked his voice sounding raw. "Youíre in sickbay," the Doctor responded. He saw a look of frustration cross Tomís eyes but it was quickly replaced by weariness. Geez, he had figured out that part.  Was the Doctor on this ship dense?  Wearily, he asked, "No, what ship?"       "Pardon me?" the Doctor asked confused.  What was Tom talking about?  Had he missed something in his diagnostics? "What ship am I on?" Tom asked again briefly, closing his eyes.

"Youíre on Voyager," the Doctor replied reaching for his tricorder.  Obviously he had missed something.

      "Voyager.  Is she a newly commissioned ship?"  Tom asked reopening his eyes and trying to figure out why his ship hadnít come for him.

      "No," the Doctor said looking at his tricorder.  All the readings indicated Tom was fine, no fever, no brain damage, nothing.  Still there had to be something physically wrong.

      Funny, Tom thought, I thought I knew all the ships.  Maybe he was just too tired to recall this ship right now.  "When will I be returned to the Exeter?" he asked not really caring, but wanting to think about something besides what had happened on the station.  His eyes started to close again.   He was so tired.

"Soon," the Doctor said.  "First, you need to get some more rest."       That sounded good to Tom.  He felt like he hadnít slept in weeks.  Sleep would be good.    A question haunted his mind, however, and he knew he wouldnít be able to sleep until he asked it.  Even if he knew the answer.  He forced his eyes open again.  "Is there anyone?   Did anyone else," he stopped.  This was hard.  He took a deep breath and said, "Am I the only person your ship transferred to sickbay?"  It wasnít the most direct way to ask if she had somehow survived, but it would do. Not sure how to answer his question, the Doctor said, "Youíre the only person currently in our sickbay."       Tom felt his throat close up.   He had known, but still he had hoped.  Despair rose again, but his exhaustion was stronger.  His eyes drifted close, and he let the oblivion of sleep come for him.

      The Doctor scanned Tom one more time.  Once again, the reading came back that there was nothing biologically wrong with Tom.    "Well Captain," the Doctor muttered quietly as he walked toward his office, "now I have evidence that the time in the brig would be damaging to Mr. Parisí mental health."  He sighed as he sat in his chair.   He started to contact the Captain, but then changed his mind.   "Doctor to Commander Chakotay," he said.

"Chakotay, here," the Commander said.       "Commander, I would appreciate your coming to sickbay as soon as possible.  I would like to discuss Mr. Parisí condition with you," the Doctor said. "His condition?" Chakotay said surprised.  "I thought he just needed sleep and food."       "That was my initial diagnosis, but he woke a few moments ago, and Iíve had to reassess my original diagnosis," the Doctor said.  "I would appreciate being able to discuss the situation with you as soon as possible."

"Iím on my way," Chakotay said.  "Have you informed the Captain?"

"No," the Doctor said.  "I thought it best to discuss the situation with you first."

A moment of silence followed before Chakotay said, "Understood, Iíll be there shortly."