Title:  New Year Chances 1/1
Author: CatHeights
Pairing:  C/P
Rating: NC-17, PWP.  This is a slash story. If reading about a relationship between two men disturbs you, read no further.

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Disclaimer: Paramount owns all rights to Star Trek Voyager, and its characters. Iím simply taking Tom and Chakotay out for an intense sexual romp.  Trust me, theyíre thoroughly enjoying themselves.

This is dedicated to all the wonderful writers and readers on VSPS, ATPS, and Protective!Chakotay.Thank you all for your encouragement, great stories, and loads of laughs.


Tom handed Chakotay a glass of champagne amazed to see that his hand wasnít trembling in the least.Now that it was time to put his plan into action and test his conclusions, he was nervous.Small doubts had begun to worry his mind.  Maybe he had misread things. Relax, he told himself, there is no way you are wrong.

Digging through the computerís database, Neelix had discovered the old earth tradition of ringing in the New Year.Checking the date, Neelix realized the New Year was only two weeks away. Never one to miss an opportunity to boost morale, Neelix had quickly organized a New Yearís Eve gala. He told the Captain it would provide the crew with some much needed relaxation. Tom thought it had just provided him with the perfect opportunity to seduce Chakotay. Why not ask Chakotay back to his quarters after the celebration for a little toast? He could tell Chakotay that it was a tradition of his, to make a toast privately with a friend. It might sound a bit corny, but he figured Chakotay would agree.

Tom knew that if there was any hope for the two of them to start a relationship, it was up to him to make the first move. Months ago, Chakotay had helped Tom come to terms with some old nightmares that had found him again, and ever since, he had treated Tom as if he was fragile. Tom swore he could see desire burning in Chakotayís eyes when he caught the man staring at him. Chakotay would quickly look away, but those dark eyes were burned into Tomís mind. Chakotay wanted him. Possibly was in love with him. Tom knew it. He also knew that Chakotay would never make a move. Tom was sure Chakotay felt he needed to take things slowly. Well, if they took things any slower theyíd both be dead. Tom knew he had to make the first move. Still, now that the moment was here, he was nervous, what if he was wrong about Chakotayís feelings.

"Tom," Chakotayís voice broke him out of his reverie. He realized the man had been talking and he hadnít heard a word.

Blushing he answered, "Iím sorry Chakotay what did you say? I missed that."

"I asked if you wanted to make the first toast? Are you all right?" Concern filled Chakotayís face.

"Iím fine. I just got a bit distracted." Tom smiled apologetically.

"Do you want to talk about what distracted you?" Chakotay was worried. The whole idea of a toast between friends had seemed a bit farfetched to him. Now, he wondered if Tom had really invited him back because he needed to talk, but had been unwilling to admit it. Maybe the nightmares were back. Oh, he hoped not. He placed his glass back on the table. Maybe a toast wasnít such a good idea. If the dreams were back, the last thing Tom needed to indulge in was alcohol. He moved closer to Tom putting a hand lightly on his shoulder.

Tom allowed himself a small smile. Chakotay was at it again. It really was time to show the man that he was shatterproof. He placed his own glass on the table before turning to answer Chakotay. "Actually, Chakotay I would like to tell you whatís distracting me." Chakotay nodded encouraging Tom to continue. Tom smirked, though, and corrected himself, "No, Iím sorry I think Iíd prefer to show you."

Before Chakotay could say a word, Tom leaned in and captured his lips. He slid one hand up Chakotayís neck and wrapped it in his hair pulling him closer. For a brief moment Chakotay was still, but then he responded wrapping his arms around Tomís waist and pulling him close. Tom could feel the exhilaration move through him. He was right, thank God, and kissing Chakotay was as good as he imagined.

He slipped his tongue into Chakotayís mouth and it was eagerly met. He let his tongue explore that strong mouth as Chakotay pressed in even closer. Tom could feel that the manís arousal matched his own. The lube that he left in the bedroom would definitely be used tonight.

He slowly pulled his tongue out of Chakotayís mouth. He pressed his teeth lightly against Chakotayís lips, smiling as the man moaned. He ended the kiss with one last gentle touch to Chakotayís lips and then pulled back to gaze into his eyes.

Chakotay was dazed. In so many dreams, both day and night, he had imagined kissing Tom. Was this real? It just seemed so unreal. He looked at Tom who looked stunning in a dark blue shirt.  The shirt made Tomís blue eyes appear even bluer. He felt himself falling into those eyes and pulled himself back with an effort. "Tom," he started to say, but the words eluded him and he just shook his head. It all was so unexpected. Maybe Tom was looking for some sort of comfort. He wouldnít take advantage of Tom.  He felt his breathing return to a more normal level and some of the fog dissipated from his mind.

As clarity returned to Chakotay, Tom saw doubt and guilt start to make their appearance on Chakotayís face. He almost sighed out loud.  He loved Chakotayís concern, but sometimes it could be extremely frustrating, like now. He could just imagine where Chakotayís line of thinking was going.

"Whatís wrong?" Tom asked even though he knew the answer.

"You donít need to do this," Chakotay said.

"Oh," Tom said smiling, "I donít? Come on Chakotay, you canít tell me you didnít enjoy it. I know youíve wanted to do that for a while." He had been right all along. He wasnít going to give up now.

Chakotay gulped. Tom knew. How could he have been so obvious? He had to stop this before it went too far. Tom couldnít be ready for this, could he?  No. He needed to talk some sense into Tom.

"Tom this isnít about me. Itís about you, and this isnít really what you want right now.  Why donít we sit down and talk."  There, Chakotay thought pleased, that sounded very calm and rational.

Tomís smile faded as he heard Chakotay take on his Commander tone. Why did the man have to be so difficult?The last thing he wanted to do was to have a discussion with Chakotay. However, he realized he was going to have to talk before Chakotay would let go of his guilt complex.

"Youíre wrong, Chakotay. This is exactly what I need and want," Tom said softly but intensely. Chakotay started to speak, but Tom held up his hand halting him. "Let me finish. I know you feel the same way I do. Iíve seen it in your eyes. You canít deny the attraction thatís there. You want me as much as I want you. Chakotay, I donít need you to protect me. I know I went through a rough spell a few months ago. You could say the past came back unexpectedly and harshly, but nonetheless it is the past.  I canít say it wonít ever bother me again, but Iím not going to live my life reliving my past and neither should you. Iím not fragile, and the last thing I want right now is for you to treat me as if I am. Come on Chakotay take a chance with me. Lifeís too short not to take chances."

Tom ran his hand softly along the side of Chakotayís face. His fingers lingered on the tattoo and then slowly edged their way down the cheekbone and the chin. Chakotay closed his eyes briefly, sighing. When he opened them his eyes locked on determined blue eyes that burned with desire. His breath caught. Tom did want him, but still a small doubt remained.

"Tom, are you sure? Thereís no rush."

"Iím sure. I want you." Tom let his fingers trail lightly across Chakotayís chest. "When I was young, my mother always said that the best way to ensure that something would continue into the New Year was to do it on New Yearís Eve. She used to make sure that our house was spotless, believing that it would mean she would keep it clean all year." He took his hands off Chakotayís chest as the feel of it was distracting him.

"When I told you I had a tradition of making a toast with a friend on New Yearís eve, I wasnít being completely honest. I am following a tradition, my motherís. I want to make sure that in the coming year, Iím in your arms, feeling your lips on me, and having you inside me. Can you think of a better way to ring in the New Year?" Tom held his breath. He had played his last card. He wanted Chakotay so bad he thought he would burst. He could feel his erection straining against his pants. He couldnít keep his eyes off Chakotayís mouth. He wanted to taste it again. He wanted to press himself against Chakotayís body feeling the strength of it. He said a silent prayer.

Chakotayís mouth was dry. He had wanted Tom for so long, and now finally Tom was telling him he felt the same way.  The thought of being inside Tom almost sent him over the edge. He felt his control slipping, but he had to be absolutely sure this was what Tom wanted. He put his hand under Tomís chin as he gazed into those fascinating eyes. They met his stare unwaveringly and his doubts vanished. Desire, love, it was all there in Tomís eyes. "No, I canít think of a better way to ring in the New Year," Chakotay said and gently kissed Tom.

Relief flooded through Tom. Long ago he had hoped that one day Chakotay might fall for him, but it had seemed like such an impossible dream. Just goes to show, he thought, you can never second guess the future. The smile that spread across his face was electric.

Chakotay smiled back loving the gleam in Tomís eyes. He had his hands on Tomís arms as he said, "You canít imagine how long Iíve wanted to kiss you?"

Grinning, Tom replied, "Oh yes, I can, too long. What were you waiting for?"

Humor warred with desire in Chakotayís brown eyes. "A personal invitation." The words were said softly as he pulled Tom to him and kissed the side of his neck.

Tom moaned and said, "Consider yourself invited." He ran his hands through Chakotayís hair loving the silken feel of it.

Chakotay chuckled. "I do, believe me, I do." He found Tomís mouth again and let go of the last bit of his control.  As his tongue tantalized Tomís, his hands roamed the pilotís body. Tomís shirt was of an extremely soft fabric, but Chakotay bet Tomís skin would feel even better. He let himself feel the shoulders he had stared at so often on the bridge. Then his hands moved down Tomís back, finally resting on Tomís butt as he pulled him closer. He could feel Tomís erection pressed against his own, which was aching to be released from the confines of his pants.

Tom slid his hand down and started to rub Chakotayís crotch. Chakotay inhaled and pressed into Tomís hand. Tom deepened their kiss as he continued to rub Chakotay. His own breathing was ragged now and he pulled back from the kiss. "I think thereís too much clothing in the way."

"Agreed," Chakotay said as he started to unbutton Tomís shirt.  When the last button was opened, Tom shrugged the shirt off and it softly tumbled to the floor. Chakotay kissed Tomís chest reveling in the feel of that velvety skin. He wanted more. He reached down to unzip Tomís pants, but Tomís hand halted him.

"No fair. Your shirt is still in the way." Chakotay grinned as Tom made quick work of the buttons on Chakotayís shirt. While Chakotay slid his arms out of the shirt, Tom pulled down the zipper of the manís pants and slipped his hand inside. Finding the opening in Chakotayís boxers, he slid his hand inside wrapping it around Chakotayís penis. Chakotay moved, his hips slightly thrusting into Tomís hand.

"That feels good," he moaned. Tom let Chakotay thrust a few more times before he let go of Chakotayís penis. He slid his hands to Chakotayís backside and slipped them inside his boxers. He squeezed Chakotayís butt loving the firm feel of it. Being careful not to get the boxers caught on Chakotayís erect penis, in one smooth movement, he pulled down Chakotayís pants and boxers so that they dangled at the manís ankles.

Chakotay kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. Tom, who was now kneeling in front of him, gently grabbed his penis and let his tongue tease the tip. Finally, he took just the head into his mouth, sucking it lightly. He smiled at the small moan Chakotay released. He licked a drop of precum off the tip of the penis and then he took as much of Chakotayís penis into his mouth as he could and began to suck harder. Chakotay was now breathing in short gasps.

Slowly, Tom eased his mouth off of Chakotayís penis. He gave one more teasing lick at the head before standing up. Chakotay put his hands in Tomís hair and kissed him hard. Chakotayís hands moved down to caress Tomís back, and Tom relished the feel of those hands on his skin. Chakotay broke off the kiss, and said, "Now itís you who has too much clothing. I want to feel your body pressed against me, not your clothes."

Tom chuckled and took a small step back. He kicked off his shoes, undid his pants and slid them off. He tossed them onto the couch and turned to smile at Chakotay, "Better."

Chakotay eagerly took in the sight of Tom naked. He thought he had never seen a more beautiful man. "Perfect," Chakotay said as he again took Tom into his arms. Tomís skin felt magnificent. He wanted this man so badly.

"Chakotay, why donít we move into the bedroom?"

Tom laid out on a bed sounded like a wonderful idea to Chakotay. "Good idea." He followed Tom into his sleeping quarters. His eyes caught sight of the lube and towels placed on the nightstand by the bed.   He also noticed that the comforter and sheets on the bed had already been pulled down.

He turned to Tom laughing, "I see you really had this all planned out."

"Of course. I was pretty sure you felt the same way I did."

"So you set out to seduce me," Chakotay shook his head still smiling.

"Someone had to do the seducing," Tom said as he pulled Chakotay onto the bed. He kissed Chakotay cutting off the conversation. Tom thought he could never get enough of Chakotayís lips.

Chakotay pushed Tom onto his back. Then he kissed and sucked each of Tomís nipples. When he sucked on the right nipple, Tom arched up and bit back a moan. His right nipple was more sensitive. Chakotay filed that bit of information away. He placed a few small kisses on Tomís stomach before licking Tomís penis. Tom did moan then. He put Tomís penis in his mouth and started sucking, softly at first and then increasing the pressure. Tom moaned louder. It felt so good, too good.

"Chakotay," Tom gasped. "Stop, please, I want you inside me."

"Okay," Chakotay said and reached around for the lube. Tom was still lying on his back trying to calm himself down. Holding the lube Chakotay looked at Tom and smirked, "You okay?"

"You really donít want me to talk to you, do you," Tom replied as he sat up.

"No," Chakotay chuckled, "moaning is just fine. Let me try something." He placed some lube on his finger. "Iím going to stay laying down. I want you to get on your hand and knees and kiss me. Keep your knees open, so that I can reach in between them."

"Okay," Tom said looking slightly confused but he was too aroused to question. On his hands and knees he kissed Chakotay. Chakotay slid his hand between Tomís legs and positioned the lubed finger on the opening to Tomís anus. He moved his finger around the opening, spreading the lube and then pushed in just the tip of his finger.

Tomís kiss deepened and he arched slightly back seeking more.Chakotay moved just the tip of his finger in and out.  Slowly he eased in more and more of his finger, until the whole finger slid in easily.When his entire finger was inside, Tom broke off the kiss gasping.  As Chakotay moved his finger in out, Tom moved with him.

Tomís eyes were closed and his fists clenched. It was time. Chakotay slid his finger slowly out of Tomís anus. Tom opened eyes that were glazed with desire.  "Let me get behind you," Chakotay said as he sat up.

Tom nodded and when Chakotay had gotten behind him, he moved more toward the center of the bed. Chakotay put a small amount of lube on a second finger. He gently slid both fingers into Tom who moaned pressing backward.

Chakotay continued to gently massage Tom. "Chakotay, Iím ready.  I need you inside me," he gasped pressing his head against the pillows. Chakotay needed no further encouragement.

The sight of Tomís butt pressing towards his hand had almost sent him over the edge. He put a small amount of lube on his penis, pushed Tomís legs a little further apart, and then pressed the tip of his penis against the opening.

A slight push and the tip was in with no problem. He pushed in slowly until his penis was buried in Tomís ass. Tom let out a "yes," with a slight hiss.

Pressing his hands against Tomís buttocks, he began to push in and out.  He tried to keep it slow not wanting to cum before Tom, but it was getting harder particularly as the little moans Tom kept releasing aroused him even more.  He reached around and grabbed Tomís penis, stroking it with every thrust.

"Harder, Chakotay," Tom said increasing the pace. He had never felt this way before. It felt so good, so intense. Chakotayís thrusts became shorter and harder.  He wasnít sure how much longer he could last.  He heard a moan and realized that this time it was he.  He was so close.

He felt Tomís anus tighten spasmodically and then Tomís penis throbbed in his hand as the man came.  Chakotay let go of his control, and after thrusting twice more, he exploded.  When he was able to breathe somewhat, he pulled out of Tom who immediately collapsed onto the bed.  After a moment Tom curled onto his side.Chakotay lay down next to Tom.

He kissed him lightly on the back and pulled Tom into his arms, so that the manís head rested on his chest. Tom sighed softly. For a while neither man said a word as their breathing slowly became less labored.

It was Tom who spoke first looking up at Chakotay and saying softly, "Happy New Year."

Chakotay smiled, kissed Tom and said, "Yes, it is."