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Chapter 4

Chakotay’s thoughts returned to Sandrine’s. ‘Tom was as good as we had heard. He was an exceptional pilot, very innovative and we could certainly use him. Then, on his first away mission for the Maquis, he was captured.’ 

At the time, the crew on the Liberty thought that Tom had deliberately turned in the shuttle to Starfleet. Only after talking with him, during the first few months on Voyager, did Chakotay learn the truth. Tom had intentionally led the Starfleet ship away from the badlands to keep them from capturing all of the Maquis on their hidden base. He could have easily avoided them with his piloting skills but sacrificed himself and the four other crewmembers to save over 60 Maquis fighters. He also convinced the authorities that he was on a far different course, further delaying the discovery of the base. This gave them the extra time needed to evacuate the base. All Starfleet personnel found were some damaged shuttles and a few field tents.

‘So why is Paris acting so strangely now? Could it really be tied to his demotion and time in the brig?’ Chakotay wondered as he left the Holodeck and went to his quarters. ‘Alpha shift will be starting all too soon. I’d better get some rest. It looks like it will be a busy day tomorrow.’



After Captain Janeway left Astrometrics, Harry and Seven worked for several hours boosting the sensor array.

"Seven, I’m still reading gravimetric distortions in the logs from 24 hours ago." Harry’s quiet voice interrupted the silence of Astrometrics. They were well into the Gamma shift and were the only two crewmembers in the area. 

"If we try remodulating the long range sensor array again, to incorporate the ion trail that you found in the logs, we should be able to ascertain which race the ship belongs to." Seven answered in her usual calm voice. 

"Look, we’ve been at this for more than two hours. We’re both tired. I say let’s call it a night and resume searching the logs at 0800." Harry could barely keep his eyes open after staring at the screens and trying to make sense of the readings.

"I do not require rest at this moment, Ensign. If you wish to retire to your quarters, I will remain and review our findings. The Captain wishes to have this report by the morning briefing."

"OK, Seven. One more review." Harry ran the scanner program again and he suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline as he looked at the latest reading. "Seven, what do you make of these readings? Do you have any knowledge of this type of ship in the Delta Quadrant?"

"I believe that the Captain will find these results quite interesting, Ensign Kim."


Chakotay entered the briefing room to find the rest of the senior staff in their usual seats around the table. He nodded to the Captain as he took his seat.

"Seven and Ensign Kim made some interesting discoveries in Astrometrics last night. Would you care to fill in the rest of us, please?"

"Certainly, Captain." Seven’s calm voice answered Captain Janeway. "We were able to boost the scanner arrays as well as the sensor logs for the past 36 hours. There were definite signs of Kazon activity, in the coordinates that Voyager passed through, as well as another ship with a strange ion trail."

"The ion trail is very similar to that of an old Romulan Bird of Prey ." Harry added. 

"Romulan’s! What are they doing in the Delta Quadrant?" Tom asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"That’s exactly what I intend to find out, Mr. Paris. I want you to enter the exact coordinates into the helm controls and return to that sector." Janeway nodded to Tom as he stood up to go to his post. "Please take your duty stations. B’Elanna, I want you at the engineering station on the bridge. We may need some extra boost to the engines if we encounter any Kazon activity."

"Yes, Captain." B’Elanna stood and entered the bridge along with Harry and Chakotay.

"Seven, I need you down in Astrometrics to work the enhanced scanners."

"That is the most logical location, Captain." Seven turned and headed for the turbolift.




"How much longer until we reach those coordinates, Mr. Paris?" 

Tom smiled slightly as he realized that the Captain rarely used Ensign when addressing him. ‘Maybe she’s as uncomfortable with the rank as I am.’ We are within one light year, Captain." 

"Drop out of warp and go to impulse. I want to approach this area cautiously."

"Yes, Captain." Tom’s hands moved over the controls and slowed the ship down.

"Captain to Astrometrics." 

"Seven here, Captain."

"Do the sensors show any similar readings from our last encounter in this sector?"

"No, Captain. Sensors are not picking up any activity."

Without warning a large Kazon ship suddenly appeared on the view screen.

"Red Alert! Mr. Paris, evasive maneuvers." Captain Janeway turned to Tuvok. "Target their weapons array and stand by to fire photon torpedoes, Mr. Tuvok."

"Torpedoes armed and ready to fire at your command." the Vulcan answered in his usual composed manner.

"Captain, we are being hailed." Harry announced.

"Put it on the screen, Ensign." The Captain turned to the forward screen as the face of a Kazon-Ogla come into view. "This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation......" Before she could finish she was cut off by the voice from the other ship.

"I know who you are Captain. Your name is known in this quadrant. I bring you a message from an old friend." he jeered at her.

"An old friend, here?" the Captain motioned to Harry to keep scanning for any other ships.

"Yes, Captain, our Maj, Jaben sends his regards and wishes to let you know that he expects payment for destroying the array and closing the conduits on Ocampa. Our people no longer had any source of water on the planet and many of them died. Jaben does not forget easily."

"How did they find us here, we’re at least 30,000 light years from the Ocampan home world?" Tom muttered under his breath.

Before, the Captain could respond to Tom, the ship was rocked as the Kazon ship fired phaser blasts at Voyager.


"Captain, I’m losing helm control." Tom fought with the controls as he tried to maintain an even heading and keep the ship away from the Kazon weapons. The bridge crew were thrown from their stations as the inertial dampers came off-line momentarily.

"Fire, Mr. Tuvok." Janeway instructed her tactical officer as she regained her seat. Tuvok had been able to remain at his station by grasping the side of his console.

"Torpedoes fired, Captain. They have sustained damage. Their weapon system is off-line."

The Kazon ship suddenly went to warp and disappeared from view.

"Stand down red alert." The Captain turned to Harry. "Damage reports, Mr. Kim."


"Damage to weapons systems and our navigational array. Minor injuries reported due to the temporary loss of the inertial dampers.

"B’Elanna, get on the navigational repairs. Mr. Paris, Ensign Kim, you’re to assist Lt. Torres."

"Yes, Captain." the two answered simultaneously as they went to join B’Elanna in the turbolift.

"I want weapons back online in one hour."


The ship resumed it’s heading for the Alpha Quadrant after the repairs were completed. Tom finished up his shift at the helm and headed for his quarters. Just as he neared his cabin, Harry’s voice came over his com badge. "Tom, I just finished my shift in Astrometrics. Want to get to that game of pool we didn’t play the other day?"

"Sure, Harry. Let me change out of my uniform and meet you in the mess hall."

"OK, Tom. See you in about 15 minutes."

Tom keyed in his entry code and as the doors slid open, he saw that his quarters had been trashed again. His face paled as he realized that someone had gotten past another new lock out code. Furniture was thrown across the room. Broken glass lay on the carpet where a mirror had hung on the wall. His clothes were strewn around the sleeping area and PADDS and papers were scattered on the floor next to his desk. 

He walked over to his monitor and noted the familiar, single word, message on the screen - TRAITOR. Bending down, he began to pick up the broken glass and place it in the recycler. Putting the furniture back where it belonged and picking up his clothes, Tom didn’t notice the time. 

The sudden chime at his door surprised him. "Who is it?"

"It’s me, Harry. You were supposed to meet me at the mess hall half an hour ago."

"Oh.......Sorry, Harry. I ........uh... kind of got caught up with some paper work. I’ll just meet you at Sandrine’s....... OK?"

"No, Tom. You’ve been hiding away too much lately. Let me in."

"Harry, please just leave. I’ll catch up with you later." Tom’s voice sounded a little despondent. 

‘I’ve got to get through to Tom. Something’s bothering him.’ "Tom, I’m not leaving until you let me in." Harry stood with his arms folded across his chest and leaned against the wall.

Tom opened the door to his quarters and backed away so Harry could enter.

"Tom, what the hell happened in here?" Harry’s eyes widened as he took in the papers and PADDS scattered around the room. "Where’s the mirror that was on that wall?"

"I.....I just tend to get a little sloppy when we’re busy, Harry. The mirror kind of knocked off the wall." Tom avoided Harry’s eyes as he continued to pick up the papers and place them on his desk.

Harry walked over to help Tom pick up his possessions. Tom suddenly stiffened as he picked up a book that had been torn in half with several pages ripped out. He sat back on his heels and cradled the book in his hands. Harry read the title, as he stooped down next to Tom, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It was the book that Captain Janeway had given Tom before the incident with the Moneans. It was one of the Captain’s original books. Tom and the Captain both tended to enjoy reading novels in the printed form and the Captain had given Tom the book after they first spotted the ocean planet.

"Tom, who did this? Have you reported it to the Captain."

"Harry, it’s nothing. It’s not like this is the first time this has happened." Tom answered regretfully as he place the ruined book on his desk. "Come on, let’s get some dinner and play that pool game." Tom stood and put his arm around Harry’s shoulder and headed for the door, his face became a studied mask of indifference.

"Tom! This has happened before? You have to report this!" Harry pulled away from Tom.

"Harry, what good would it do reporting it. I have no idea who did it. Besides it doesn’t matter. I’ll just clean it up later. I’m hungry so let’s get dinner." Tom signaled the door to open, glanced back at the book on his desk and walked out into the corridor.


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