Time and Again
by  Andrea Castrp

Summary: Missing scenes from the episode SHATTERED. What happened when Tom and B’Elanna tried to get back to their own timelines? PG

Star Trek: Voyager belongs to Paramount Pictures. 

© Andrea Castro 2002 

Time and Again 

He didn’t know what had happened to her. He thought she was probably dying with the same thing as Tuvok , and he wasn’t there to help. He found a warm relief over himself when he saw her alive but it was the B’Elanna from almost seven years ago when they first got stuck in the Delta Quadrant. When the Captain started giving them instructions , he subconsciously moved near her , his body aching to touch her. But he knew the consequences of what might happen if he did that. Back then B’Elanna hated his guts and if he even touched her shoulder she’d most likely brake his arm. The Captain told them it might be best to return to their timelines , not wanting to alter anything further. It was killing him , seeing B’Elanna in her old Maquis uniform. He always loved that outfit. 

They all left Engineering and Tom followed B’Elanna. “ B’Elanna …” Tom said. “ What do you want , Paris?” She spat and continued making her way to the Transporter room. “B’Elanna.” He said again then grabbed her shoulder but she pushed it away. “ I just want to see if you’re alright.” Tom assured her. B’Elanna paused then turned around. “ Why would you care?” She asked angrily. Tom sighed. “ Let’s just say a lot is going to happen in seven years.” He smiled. “ Like what?” She asked raising an eyebrow. “ I can’t say anything.” He mumbled. “ Afraid you’re going to ruin the timeline? Like if you told me some things it might lead to me falling in love with or that has already happened and then I might end up hating your guts like I do now.” She scoffed. “ Exactly.” Tom concluded. 

B’Elanna continued on her way but Tom still followed her. “ You know we only have a few minutes to get to the places we’re supposed to be at, right?” B’Elanna asked. “ I know a few shortcuts around this ship but are you sure you’re alright?” Tom questioned. “ Yet again , why do you care?” B’Elanna sighed. 
“ Because I love you.” Tom yelled. That got B’Elanna to stop. Tom starred at the floor, embarrassed now for some reason. “ What?” B’Elanna demanded. “ That’s the thing that changed over the last seven years. I fell in love with you. And you did the same thing with me.” Tom said then showing her the wedding ring on his left hand. “ How… can you love me?” She asked shocked. “ Because it’s you . You’re beautiful , smart , sexy , passionate, strong, brave, driven , need I go on?” Tom smiled. 

“ I think you’re crazy. Any girl on this ship would jump at the chance to be with you.” She argued back. Tom walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulder. “ I didn’t want ‘ any girl’ , I wanted you.” He said then kissed her passionately on the lips. It seemed like an eternity before they broke apart and remembered they had to get back to their timelines. He gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. “ I’ll see you later.” He grinned then headed back they way they came. 

“ I could get used to doing that.” She said then headed for the Transporter room. 

Chakotay wouldn’t tell her the reason they burned out the deflector because of the Temporal Prime Directive. Damn it. She really wanted to know what happened but gave it a rest. It was late and she headed for her quarters. She didn’t expect Tom to be up this late but when she walked into their quarters , he was watching television . “ You do know what time it is , right?” She asked. Tom nodded. “ I was waiting for you.” He said. “ Why?” She questioned then sat down next to him on the couch. “ Since when is it a crime for a man to wait for the woman he loves to come home?” Tom grinned. B’Elanna shook her head then rested it on his shoulder. “ Okay. You have seen this cartoon a dozen times , don’t you get tired of it?” She complained. “ Oh, now we’re staring to sound like a real married couple.” He said . “ That’s scary.” She smiled and laughed as she saw Tom’s face. 

“ You can stay up and watch cartoons but I am going to sleep.” B’Elanna yawned. “ Wait up.” He said then turned off the television. Tom was already dressed for bed but B’Elanna grabbed her nightgown out of the dresser and went into the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later and Tom pulled the covers down. They both laid on the bed and sighed. “Kahless , I’m so tired.” B’Elanna said then moved closer to Tom. “ Good-night , Lanna.” He whispered. “ Night.” She whispered back . 

Tom and B’Elanna left their quarters that morning and they were going to part at the turbolift. They saw Crewman Forrest repairing a conduit and B’Elanna greeted her. “ Good morning.” She smiled. Tom grinned at her. “ You’re in a good mood.” He said. “ It’s another beautiful day in the Delta Quadrant .” She pointed out. “ What did you have for breakfast?” Tom asked. B’Elanna smiled then gave him a quick kiss . “ I’ll see you later.” She said then headed for Engineering , leaving Tom speechless by the turbolift. ‘ God , she’s amazing ‘ He thought . 

The End