Thy shall do no harm
by Andrea Castro

Summary : Tom has a talk with the Doctor. Set after “ Flesh and Blood.” 

Star Trek : Voyager belongs to Paramount. 

**** Thy shall not do harm 

The Doctor pressed the call button to Lieutenant Paris’ quarters and the doors opened. He stepped inside and saw Tom Paris sitting on his couch reading over some PADDS . “ You wanted to talk to me , Lieutenant ?” The Doctor asked. 

“ Yes.” Tom muttered. He put the PADDS down and looked the Doctor straight in the eye. “ I want to know what the hell you thought you were doing?” Tom said angrily. “ Lieutenant, I understand that you are upset..” The Doctor tried to explain but Tom cut him off. 

“ No. I am way past upset. Why is it that when something involves you B’Elanna ends up involved in it? “ Tom asked. The Doctor moved his head down to look at the floor. He had a point. " And almost every time , you end up risking B'Elanna's life." Tom pointed out. 

" I can't stand it when you go off somewhere because that means I'm in charge of Sick Bay." Tom sighed. " Lieutenant, you have the Expertise to run Sick Bay for a few days.” The Doctor tried to explain. 
“ For a few days , Doc. For all we know you could have run off with those psycho holograms and I would have been here in charge of Sick Bay.” Tom said . “ But what if there was a patient I couldn’t treat or a disease I couldn’t cure. Who would we lose? The Captain , Chakotay , Harry , or B’Elanna ?” 

The Doctor starred at him. “ That’s what you’re worried about? Losing your wife?” The Doctor asked. “ Don’t look so shocked.” Tom said. “ You know B’Elanna and I have been in Sick Bay a lot of times from accidents that happened in this damn quadrant. We still have a long journey ahead of us and there’s probably thousands of more aliens that will end up trying to kill us all,”
“ And every time we have an accident , most of the casualties come from Engineering. Even if it’s not B’Elanna , it could still be a friend of mine or a friend of hers that we’d end up losing.” Tom concluded. 

“ I’m sorry , Lieutenant.” The Doctor muttered. 

Tom glared at the Doctor and picked up the PADD he was reading. “ You can leave.” Tom whispered angrily. The Doctor turned around and left his quarters. 

The Doctor entered Sick Bay and removed his mobile emitter. “ Computer , activate EMH log supplemental. Begin recording.” The computer beeped. “I have had a talk with Lieutenant Paris about the way I acted when we met the holograms. He’s afraid that he’ll be in charge of Sick Bay and afraid of losing a patient. I shall make this note in the log that I have harmed one of my patients in a way I never thought was possible. From this moment ,I shall begin training Lieutenant Paris as a Doctor in case of any problems in the long journey we have ahead of us. End Log.”

The End