Then and Now

Author's Note : Star Trek : Voyager and all its characters belong to Paramount Pictures. 


" I could stay awake just to hear you breathing 
Watch you smile while you are sleeping 
While you' re far away and dreaming 
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender 
Every moment spent will you is a moment I treasure "
Tom and B'Elanna were sitting in the Mess Hall watching the stars. B'Elanna had one hand on her stomach , feeling her daughter move around . Tom was holding her closely ,never wanting to let her go . Neelix left about 6 minutes ago and left them alone . Tom laughed and B'Elanna starred at him. " What's so funny ? " She asked. 
" It's nothing. I just remembered when Tuvok caught us on that Engineering console. " Tom smiled. " Oh…god that was embarrassing " B'Elanna sighed then gently stroking her stomach. 
" Who would have thought 7 years ago that we would have gotten married and have a baby? " Tom asked. " Who would have thought WE ,of all people, would even start dating ? " B'Elanna joked. 
" Hey things happen for a reason " Tom said kissing her . " Remember when the Nyrians traded places with the crew and we got stuck in that Argala Habitat ? " B'Elanna asked. Tom laughed. " How could I forget. We kept on fighting that day and then you got cold " Tom sighed. 
" Some weird life we had " B'Elanna mumbled. " Some weird life we have " Tom corrected her.
" And look at us now.... still in the Delta Quadrant , we're married, going to have a baby girl, and we couldn't be any happier. " B'Elanna smiled. " Before we got lost in this quadrant , I never would have thought I would get married and have a family " Tom kissed B'Elanna again . He loved her so much . " Same here . " 
" We should get going " Tom said. They got up and headed back to their quarters.
" I don't want to close my eyes
Don't want to fall asleep
' Cause I'd miss you baby 
And I don't want to miss a thing 
' Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do 
I'd still miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing "
" Lieutenant Paris' Personal Log Supplemental : 
Neelix is gone. I never thought that would happen. But what do you expect .... 
we found Talaxians and it was his choice to stay with them . On the lighter side, B'Elanna had false labor last night. Right after we got to our quarters. She yelled at the Doctor when he said it was false . She's getting sick of carrying our daughter but she's happy being a mother. Ever since she got pregnant , her mood shifts every hour . The Doctor says that happens when it's almost time for the baby. So we're waiting. End Log " 

Tom got up from his monitor and got dinner ready . " Computer , locate Lieutenant Torres " 

" Lieutenant Torres is in Main Engineering , Level 2 " 

" Paris to Torres " " Go ahead , Tom " " When are you coming home? " " I'll be there in a minute " " You said that 15 minutes ago " " I'm leaving right now ,Tom . I'm out the door " " See you in a few . Paris out " 
Tom had the table all ready when B'Elanna walked in the door . " Looks nice " she said then gasped. " What's wrong? " Tom asked walking over to her. " I think it's time " She mumbled.
" Are you sure? It might be false labor " Tom said. " I don't really give a damn if it's false or not lets just get to Sick Bay ! " B'Elanna yelled. She stormed out of there and headed for the turbo lift with Tom running behind her. 
" Laying close to you
Feeling your heart beating
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming 
Wonder if it's me you're seeing
Then I kiss your eyes 
And thank God we're together 
I just want to stay lost in this moment forever
Forever and forever " 
" Hmm ..... " 
The Doctor had B'Elanna lay down on a bio bed and was scanning her swollen stomach . 
" What do you mean by ' Hmm ' " Tom asked. " You two are going to have a beautiful little girl..... but not tonight " The Doctor said. " What? " B'Elanna screamed. " It's false labor , Lieutenant . Get ready to expect it some more soon . " 
" I can't take having this thing in me any more. I want it out NOW!!!! " B'Elanna screamed
" You, Mr. Paris, should expect her temper to increase. Most Klingon women hate being pregnant because it makes them feel vulnerable . " Doc said. " You got that right " B'Elanna scoffed. " B'Elanna... " Tom said raising his voice . He heard her curse in both Spanish and Klingon and that can't be good. " Call me if anything happens " The Doctor smiled. 
' Believe me I will ' Tom thought . 
5 Hours Later :

" Ahhhhhh....." B'Elanna cried. " Calm down , Lieutenant " Doc said. " You just shut the hell up . You're a hologram, you don't now what the fuck I'm going through! " She yelled. Just then Tom walked into Sick Bay. " Oh you of all people better just turn right around because if you come near me you will regret it , Paris" B'Elanna mumbled.
" It's time to push , B'Elanna " Tom ran over to the bio bed and comforted his wife . " Come on, honey push " Tom said then kissing her . B'Elanna tried to hold back the pain but she couldn't . She was positive that the whole ship heard her. " One more push , Lieutenant " 
This was it. The final push and she pushed all right. Then the pain stopped and B'Elanna fell back against the bio bed. " Oh she's beautiful " Tom smiled. B'Elanna heard a soft cooing and she sat up. She was here. Her own daughter. B'Elanna gasped as the Doctor placed her into her arms. " Miral .... " B'Elanna smiled. She tried not to cry but she couldn't stop the tears of joy . 
Tom came behind her and starred adoringly at his daughter. ' That's my daughter. And my beautiful wife ' He thought. B'Elanna looked up at him and laughed. He leaned in to kiss her and the baby cooed. Her blue eyes starring up at these two people. The two people she would grow up with . Who would love her and protect her. 

The end