You, Only you

Summary: Set after 'Threshold .' Tom slowly realizes he's falling in love.

Author 's Note: StarTrek : Voyager belongs to Paramount . End of story 
It's too late now I don't think it can fade It's too real now Fulfillment just adds fuel to the flame And in time it will end And there really isn't hope for the two of us But right now I give in ... 
It was happening again. All of the off-duty crew was there in the Mess Hall. Megan and Jenny Delaney were in the corner of the room, crying. Including the Captain and Kes. That's when he noticed her standing with Harry. Suddenly she looked at him. " don't look so shocked, Tom.
This is how you wanted it right? " She said walking towards him. But when she talked again it wasn't her voice. It was his. " Big funeral. Lots of pretty girls all crying. Except Torres, Torres doesn't cry." Then he was on the Bridge. He looked around and saw his father in the Captain's chair. " Crying is a sign of weakness, Thomas. Why can't you act like her !" Admiral Paris shouted then pointing behind Tom.
He turned around and saw B'Elanna in her Maquis uniform sitting at his station. " I don't think he'd want to act like me. Then his friends wouldn't trust him. Like when he came aboard this ship."
Tom wasn't sure what to do. He tried to talk but nothing came out. Someone grabbed his shoulder and threw him to the floor. It was Chakotay. " Now Paris how can you talk...if you're dead." While on the floor he then was in the Mess Hall again. He saw B'Elanna and Neelix hanging over him.
Just staring at him. " Sorry Tom. You 're already dead. No bother in calling for help." Neelix said. Then he was gone. "We finally found a way home, Tom. It's just too bad we had to loose you in the process ." She got up and turned to walk away. But Tom could talk now. " B'Elanna ..." But she kept walking. Leaving him alone. All alone.
Tom jolted up, gasping. Three days. It's been three days since the Warp 10 Barrier and he couldn't get that stupid dream out of his head. " Computer what time is it?"
He asked crawling out of bed. " The time is 0800 hours " He was supposed to meet Harry and B'Elanna for breakfast in 38 minutes. Something about those dreams was trying to tell him something. He just didn't know what. ' Just figure it out later, Paris' he thought.
30 minutes later :
" Hey , Maquis " 
B'Elanna turned to see Harry walking towards with his ' breakfast ,' " Hey, Starfleet "
Harry looked around near the entrance and saw no sign of Tom. " He better hurry up. Breakfast is almost gone. "
I think that's why he's late, " B'Elanna smirked. Just then the Mess Hall doors opened and showed Tom walking towards them. " Here he is now " Harry whispered.
" Morning, Harry. Hey B'Elanna "Tom said totally skipping breakfast, " Not hungry ? " B'Elanna asked, " Not really. I see I'm not the only one. " Tom said pointing and B'Elanna's full plate, " Yeah I'm not hungry either. " That's when it happened.
B'Elanna flashed him that beautiful smile that he never realized until now. " Hey, Tom you want to come to Holodeck 2 tonight? B'Elanna and I were going to play some pool at Sandriens . " Harry asked. 
" Yeah, Tom please come. " B'Elanna whined. Right now Tom couldn't say 'no' to her. She looked so beautiful . " I'd love to " Tom smiled. 
' Somehow I don't think I'll be paying attention to the game ' Tom thought. 

The End