No More Drama
Summary : Set during “ The Killing Game , Part 2
Author : Andrea C . 
Star Trek : Voyager and all its characters belong to Paramount Pictures . 
Written : November 2001 - January 2002
Rated : PG - 13 

No More Drama 

The sirens wailed informing everyone in St. Clare that the Americans had arrived . Brigitte went behind the bar and grabbed the rifle that was hidden there. She knew she should have destroyed the papers but there wasn’t much she could do about it now. She heard voices talking outside Le Coeur De Lion and the stomping of boots. She hid behind the entrance wall and clutched the rifle tightly . The doors were kicked open and the men made their way inside. The leader didn’t even bother to hide himself . Brigitte lifted the gun and waited at the edge of the stairs with her finger ready to pull the trigger . The soldier turned and pointed his gun at her as she pointed hers at him . She gasped softly and lowered her gun. “ Bobby … “ She whispered. He starred at her with his mouth open while he lowered his weapon . ‘ She’s pregnant ‘ He thought then tried to lighten the mood. 
“ Ha … you owe me a postcard. “ 


“ We think it’s a secret compound the Nazis built after they took over the city , “ Miller said . “ What I don’t understand is how they managed to camouflage it so well . “ 

Pierre raised an eyebrow and sighed . “ Indeed. “ he agreed. “ We’ve been scrutinizing German troop movements since the Occupation. We knew nothing of this installation . “ Bobby saw the frustration they were going through and jumped in . “ Don’t sweat it . Our recon planes missed it too . “ He said to Pierre . He looked back to his Captain. “ Any idea what they’re hiding in there , sir ? “ 

“ We saw all sorts of scientific equipment. Strange metals and instruments we haven’t been able to identify, “ He cataloged. Miller starred at his Lieutenant’s former lover and sighed . ‘ This is not going to be easy ‘ He thought. 
“ I’ve relayed our findings to Military Intelligence. They believe this could be an advanced munitions laboratory , designed to build some kind of super weapon . “ He concluded . 

Bobby sighed . “ Then we’ve got to put it out of business . Let me go in , Captain and I’ll …” Bobby tried to say but was interrupted .
“ Lieutenant , I already have three squads in , but the Nazis are putting up one hell of a fight. I’ve requested additional troops . I need you here. “ Miller said . 

“ This restaurant will serve as our command post. Set up the transmitter , and post guards around the perimeter,” He ordered Bobby . “ Aye, sir “ He replied and headed for the equipment . 

“ You’ve done a bang up job, “ Miller was saying addressing Pierre and Brigitte . “ We’ll take it from here. Tell your people to lie low … and that the American say thanks . “ Miller turned and tried to walk away when he heard a complaint from Brigitte. 

“ This is our city . We have no intention of ‘ lying low ‘ “ She spat . Miller turned back around and noticed Brigitte’s face was flushed with anger. “ Listen Honey, the time for sneaking messages back and forth is over. “ He glanced at Pierre then back at Brigitte. “ This is war, and you’re not soldiers. “ 

“ He’s right. “ Pierre said standing behind Brigitte. “ We do have weapons hidden throughout the city. Brigitte will tell you where they are. “ Pierre offered. “ Alright . Davis , take care of it . “ Miller said then turning away . 
Bobby walked towards Brigitte . She could hear his boots against the floor and a memory overtook her. 

She was lying on a bed , her body screaming in pain. Her hands were crossed over her chest . She saw Bobby running some device over her abdomen to her chest. He placed his hand over hers and starred at her. “ I’ve stopped the eternal bleeding . You’re going to be ok “ He reassured her. “ Is that your expert opinion ? “ She heard herself gasp . He laughed then whispered. “ That’s a promise . “ 

Bobby had been at her side and had said something but she didn’t hear him . She pushed it out of her mind and asked him to bring her a street map . Whatever the comment was , it would have been that she chose to ignore it. Along with that memory. If that’s what it was in the first place. 

She pulled out the chair and sat down . “ Most of the guns we stole from the German army, and the explosives we bought from the Black Market. “ She said grabbing the pencil he brought her. 

He spread out the map on the table and Brigitte starting marking the areas. “ We could use both. “ 
She circled a building on the map. “ Our biggest stockpile is buried here. Two meters below the last row of seats at the Cinema Mystere . “ Brigitte paused. She looked at Bobby and smiled. “ You remember , don’t you ? “ She asked. 

Bobby looked up at her and gave her that seductive grin . “ I’m No Angel with Mae West. “ Brigitte looked back at the map . “ There’ s heavy fighting in that area. What’s the best way in ? “ 

“ We dug a tunnel which leads directly to the stockpile. I’ll show you . “ Brigitte offered . She made notes on showing the entrance to the tunnel. “ Incidentally, we saw Death Takes A Holiday . “ She corrected him . 

“ Uh… It was the Mae West movie. I’m sure of it. “ Bobby replied. He couldn’t and wouldn’t forget those memories. He closed his eyes and pictured every detail . “ She was singing Sister Honky Tonk and I put my arm around you, “ He said to her and inhaled her beauty . 

“ And during the courtroom scene, I kissed you . “ She starred at him then looked to the floor. “ You know I think you’re right. “ She said . “ I guess it wasn’t exactly burned into your memory. “ Bobby sighed. “ Well not the movie … but I do remember the kiss . “ Brigitte whispered . 

Bobby looked in her eyes and saw that she was telling the truth . He turned around and grabbed a chair and pulled it up to the table. “ So…. Did you get my last letter ? “ He asked then sat down . “ You mean the one asking me to leave France ? “ She asked then raising an eyebrow. 

“ Germany was about to invade . I thought you’d be safer in the states . With me “ He said . Brigitte placed a hand on her swollen stomach and sighed. “ But I guess you found someone else to take care of you. “ He finished. 

“ There’s never been anyone else . “ She said suddenly. “ Uh… then who? “ Bobby asked. “ He’s second in command of the St. Clare Occupation. When he first saw me he said I was pretty . I took advantage of his interest. He doesn’t know I’m in the Resistance . The child is his . “ Brigitte whispered. Suddenly, the floor pattern became very interesting to both of them . 

The sounds outside were more vivid now. The machine guns and sirens chorused together as they both realized what they got themselves into . “ I’m sorry. “ Bobby finally got out . “ So am I “ Brigitte replied. 

End Part One 


Brigitte covered her hands over her face and sighed. ‘ This can’t be good for you or the baby ‘ She thought . She was tired. Even when the pregnancy started she hadn’t been this tired before . She crossed her arms on the table and rested her head . 

She heard footsteps come over and she knew exactly who it was. “ Brigitte …” Pierre had been watching over ever since Bobby left. “ What ? “ She asked. “ You should get some sleep “ Pierre assured her. 

“ jlQonglaHbe! “ She snapped . Pierre raised an eyebrow. “ What did you say ? “ He asked. Brigitte looked up. “ I said I can’t sleep “ He nodded and walked away . “ I could have sworn that was what I said . “ She whispered. 
She rested her head back down on her arms and groaned. Suddenly , the baby started kicking . She placed a hand on her stomach and massaged it . ‘ How did I get you into this ? ‘ she asked in her head. 
Suddenly another memory enveloped her . 

It was dark and she could feel the heat rising off her skin . Bobby was right in front of her completely pinned against the wall. Her hands were right above his shoulders and she was breathing heavily. He was turning his head away from her but she followed . Finally he leaned in a kissed her back . He put his arms around her waist and moved her to another wall . He kissed down her neck and her shoulder. She made contact will the wall and he captured her lips . 

It seemed like a fantasy but it was too real . She remembered everything . They way he tasted and the way he held her. It was far too real to be a fantasy. “ Lieutenant…” . Brigitte turned around and saw Bobby walking over to Captain Miller . They started talking softer and Brigitte couldn't make out what they were saying . But Bobby kept starring at her . 

" Some of our people saw two women dressed in black running around in there . We couldn't make them out and we ended up loosing them when a few Nazis came . " Bobby said to Miller ." Hitler has it coming to him . " Miller muttered. 

Bobby listened to his Captain but he couldn’t stop the words from going right out the other ear . Looking at Brigitte now , he couldn’t stop the memory of fighting the Nazis in the sky . A few months before they sent a team to St. Clare he and about 10 other Americans were sent to help the British. While there , he brought all the letters he got from Brigitte those three years so he would have a part of her. The next day when he was fighting , the pilot next to him was hit and fell to the open hands of the ocean . As the Germans began to retreat, Bobby watched in horror as his partner fell to his death and he knew it could have easily been him . Right as the plane hit the water Bobby saw Brigitte’s face appear vividly . He knew it wasn’t real but when he looked away he saw her again . She was everywhere . Her beauty enhancing the sky and flooding the ocean .

When he got back to base , he received a letter from Captain Miller. The Captain assigned him to help raid France to fight the Germans and Bobby accepted. “ Lieutenant ? “ Miller said . Bobby snapped back into reality and cleared his throat . “ Sorry , Captain . My mind started to wonder . It won’t happen again . “ Miller turned around and glanced at Brigitte who was patting her abdomen . 

“ Your mind wandering wouldn’t have to do with Brigitte now would it , Davis ? “ Miller asked . “ No , sir . “ Bobby said . “ Stay with the radio . Alpha team hasn’t reported in yet. If they haven’t in 20 minutes , send another group looking for them , Understood ? “ 
" Yes , sir . " 

Check back for the next conclusion .... To Be Continued .