Summary : Set after " The Gift" .Tom and B'Elanna finally admit their feelings for each other .The events  from "Day of Honor" didn't happen.
  Tom was walking around his quarters,not being able to sit still. He couldn't believe that Kes was gone. She was a wonderful friend. Tom walked by his monitor and noticed a message for him. He sat down in front of it and brought it up.
   It was a visual of Kes. 'She must have recorded it before she left the ship' Tom thought then playing the message. "Hello Tom by the time you get I'll be gone already. I just wanted to say that you have been a great friend and I won't forget you. Well... maybe I'll forget that fight you and Neelix had in the Mess Hall a long time ago." She smiled and then looked at the floor."Tom,there has been something I've been wanting to tell you to do for a while now" She looked back up and gave Tom that serious look of hers.
   '' I want you to find B'Elanna and tell her you love her .She obviously feels the same way Tom.Tell her.You two have waited long enough. Bye Tom. Maybe we'll see each other again."  Then the message ended.He sunk back and thought about what Kes wanted him to do.If he told B'Elanna and she didn't feel the same....he would be completley embarrassed.But if she did .... then all would be great. "Computer , Locate Lieutenant Torres " .
             "Lieutenant Torres is on Deck 10 , Section 31".

 B'Elanna was walking down the corridor to Tom's quarters.'It's simple just let it out. Just tell him you love him' she thought. " Easier said then done" she whispered.
   She was in front of Tom's quarters and pressed the call button.The doors opened and she walked inside , nervous as hell.
 Tom was sitting near his monitor when B'Elanna came in. "Hey B'Elanna" he mumbled. " Hi" B'Elanna didn't think he even heard her.She was whispering.' No don't whisper Torres.Talk normally.Normal!' her mind screamed. " So do you want some coffee?" Tom asked.B'Elanna just nodded and sat down on the couch,playing with the pillow next to her. " Something bothering you Torres?" Tom said calmly.'How the hell did you pull that off' he thought. He walked over to the couch and handed B'Elanna her drink.
     " Umm. .... I got a message from Kes before she left the ship."  " Ahh .... so did I ". B'Elanna turned her head to the floor and took a deep breath." Ok here goes ..... I've been holding this inside for a long time Tom and I just have to let it out.I have to stop running." B'Elanna looked up at Tom and noticed she had his complete attention." I .... I um...I love". 'Yeah that only took you 30 years Torres'.She looked him straight in the eye and saw him smiling.
 " What?" she asked. " I love you too" He whispered. He leaned in and met her lips.His hand automatically went to her face , slowly carressing it.Letting out the desire they held inside for so long. They could both say that right now they were in eternal bliss.
 They made love that night.Though Tom's quarters were trashed he didn't care.He was the happiest he has ever been. They both stayed up,enjoying this moment. "Hmm......I love these fingers." Tom whispered , kissing her hand. B'Elanna laughed and closed her eyes. Tom looked at the chronometer. It was 0400 and decided  to get some rest. " I love you B'Elanna " Tom said.
  " I love you, too". she smiled. Tom chuckled " I love you three." . " Well I love you four " B'Elanna said kissing Tom 's cheek. They sat there for a few seconds before Tom lowered his head to her ear and said in the softest voice.
    " I love you more "
   Then they fell asleep in each others arm.Not really wanting this night to ever end but looking forward to the nights ahead.
" I locked away my heart but  you set it free I pushed you far away but you stayed with me I guess that means that you and me are meant to be" -Author Unknown
 " Where are they?" Harry said aloud. Tom and B'Elanna were supposed to meet in his quarters for breakfast at 0600.It was now 0625 " Kim to Paris". Nothing. "Kim to Torres" Nothing again."Computer , Locate Lieutenants Paris  and Torres ".
  " Lieutenant Paris is in his quarters. Lieutenant Torres is in Lieutenant Paris's quarters".
  Harry just stood there thinking about what the computer just said.He could feel a smile forming on his face." It's about time" Harry laughed.
4 Hours Later :
 B'Elanna moaned and opened her eyes to see the handsome blue eyed pilot still asleep.She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.Of course,feeling her lips woke him up. " Sorry I didn't mean to wake you" Tom met her chocolate eyes and gave her the smile that made her heart skip a beat.
 " I'm glad you did" He said enveloping her in his arms and kissing her passionatley. " Janeway to Paris" 'thank you Captain' he thought.Tom rolled his eyes and pulled away from B'Elanna. He found his unifrom top on his couch and picked up his comm badge."Yes, Captain?"
      "Report to the Bridge" . " Aye sir ". Tom turned around to see B'Elanna getting out  of bed.
 " Janeway to Torres" Tom saw B'Elanna's uniform top on  his monitor and tossed it to her.She caught it and pressed the comm badge."Go ahead "
 " Report to the Bridge"
   " Aye Captain.Torres out".  " We'll go together as soon as we take a shower"
 " Together?Are we ready?" B'Elanna teased. Tom walked over to her and pulled her close.Both realizing they were still naked. " We'll have to find out" he smircked then kissed her lips.
 " Come on  come on." B'Elanna mumbled.They went to her quarters so she could at least have a clean uniform. " Relax. The Captain didn't say 'immediatley' she can wait a few minutes. "
  " And when we explain why we both arrived at the same time?"
  " Good point". B'Elanna gave Tom that something-bad-is-gonna-happen- look just as the turbolift doors opened. " Bridge". B'Elanna was walking around the turbolift ,
wishing it would hurry up."At least we saved some time with that shower" Tom smiled.
  B'Elanna couldn't help but laugh. " I knew that would get you" Tom stepped closer to her and planted a quick kiss on her soft lips.The doors opened and they stepped onto the Bridge.
  Tuvok turned his head and nodded. " Lieutenants". Captain Janeway stood up and pointed to her Ready Room." My Ready Room".
   All three of them walked inside."There are two things I need to discuss with you,but the reason I called you here is that there is an L-class planet in the Tanaras system with dilithum ore that could keep us in stock for a few years.It's a full week out of out way and I want you to take the Cochrane to the planet and collect as much dilithum as you can.
  We'll meet you on an M-class planet on the edge of the system. Understood?"
  "Yes, ma'am" They both said." You leave at 1500 hourse" The Captain walked over to the replicator and turned around." Would you like anything?" she asked. " No thanks". " I'm fine".
"Coffee , black" the Captain couldn't help but smile. ' B'Elanna's going to kill me for what happened' she thought. She grabbed the cup and walked back towards her desk. " Now the other thing I need to discuss with you might be a little embarrassing."
  She paused and looked at her senior officers. They've changed a lot since they came aboard. Tom was known as a traitor to the Maquis and a prisonor to the rest of the crew. B'Elanna was just known as the Klingon Maquis engineer that broke Carey's nose
 . But when Janeway looked at them now .....she saw two members of a great crew.Though these two have been flirting back and forth over these four years , they still take their work seriously.
  " I called you both on the comm about ..2 hours  earlier and you both didn't answer. The thought that you might be still be asleep crossed my mind but I asked the computer to locate you.
  Naturally,Tom was in his quarters but when I asked the computer to find you B'Elanna ... it said you were in Tom's quarters also." Janeway said trying not to smile.'Finally'she thought.
   Both Tom and B'Elanna were starring at the Captain,avoiding making eye contact with each other. " I know it's none of my buisness about your personal life but the entire Bridge heard everything" The Captain finished. " Oh my god " B'Elanna mumbled ,sinking back in her seat. " I recomend you two get something to eat and use the turbolift." Tom and B'Elanna nodded and did what they were told.
  " Deck 2  " Tom said. B'Elanna had her head against the wall with her eyes closed. " It's not that bad Lanna " . The doors opened on Deck 2 and they headed for the turbolift.
 " Two of my Engineering staff were on the Bridge. It'll be around the ship before we even go to the Shuttle Bay." She crossed her arms " Hey" Tom grabbed B'Elanna's shoulders and slowly massaging them. " Who cares what they say?" Tom planted a feather light kiss on her forehead. " You're right " B'Elanna took a deep breathe and relaxed. " Engineering to Lieutenant Torres "
  B'Elanna growled and answered ." Go ahead"  " We're having some problems with the EPS Manifolds. We need your help" " I'll be right there Torres out." She faced Tom and gave him a light smile."I'll see you later" he whispered. " Bye , Tom" She turned around and headed back to the turbolift.