The First Kiss

     Summary:  A short story  set before   " Blood Fever " .  Tom and BíElanna have an argument and make up but then one thing leads to another.
    Authorís Note: Star Trek : Voyager and all its characters belong to Paramount Pictures 

          " Tom Paris Iím going to kill you for that "  BíElanna yelled.   " Oh come on. You had fun you just wonít admit it "  Tom smiled. " It was embarrassing " BíElanna mumbled.  "  Come on the  whole   Mess Hall didnít hear you  " 

          BíElanna growled and punched in her access code and  went inside her  quarters. " Iím going  to kill you for it " 

Tom  followed her inside and grabbed her arm. " Look Iím sorry . I didnít mean for you to get embarrassed. I just thought it was funny. "  Tom smirked. " See that Ďs the thing. Everything  to you is funny " BíElanna walked over and sat on her couch , crossed he r arms and  looked him straight in the eye.      

        " Look next time I do a stupid thing you can break my  nose if you want "  Tom said seriously. BíElanna laughed and got off the couch and was about to tell him to leave but Tom spoke before her. " What? You donít believe me? Go ahead punch me in the nose "   .   "  Oh my god if you donít shut up Iíll kiss you just to have something to cover your mouth !" BíElanna yelled.    That got Tomís attention. " You want to kiss me? " 

          BíElanna opened her mouth but didnít know what to say.  
"WellÖ um Öit might have crossed my  mind since you never shut up " BíElanna crossed her arms again and stood still.  Tom had this seductive grin on his face. " Well then make me shut up " Tom  said moving closer to her. " What? " she started moving back. " You said the only way to make me shut up was to kiss me soÖ. "  He had her completely  pinned against the wall . 

          " I didnít say it was the only  way " She  mumbled.  He was so close she could feel his breath on her lips. 

   " But I know it íll make me shut up " Tom grinned.  He leaned in and his lips collided with hers in the most passionate kiss he ever had in his life. His arm went around her waist and pulled her closer. Surprisingly , BíElanna didnít object.
Tom pulled away from her lips and gently  kissed her forehead ridges .  It sent a shiver down her spine and she gasped.

Tom met her lips again and brought his hand to her face , caressing it. 
        He pulled away and looked in her chocolate eyes.  " Are you sure about this? " he asked. BíElanna  smiled and whispered in his ear. " What do you think ?  "  then nibbled on the lobe .  Tom smiled then picked her  up into his arms and carried her to her bed.  He lowered himself  on top of her and said 

    " Itís not going to be a quiet night " 

The end