by Andrea Castro

Chapter 2 

I never thought B’Elanna could ever really love me . Hell , I never thought anyone could love me . After what I went through in my life . But B’Elanna has been through some tough spots also.
When I first saw B’Elanna , I knew she was beautiful and I felt something . We were actually getting along during the Maquis , especially after I saved her life when she almost drowned on that planet in the Terrikof Belt . Then I had to get captured and lead the Federation to them . And then getting thrown half - way across the galaxy with that specific Maquis ship … it had to be something more than destiny. 

I know I wouldn’t survived in that Vidiian prison if it wasn’t for Tom . He looked out for me and I really needed his help. When I was finally better , he spent some time with me to make sure I was absolutely okay . He would always look out for me after that . When the Captain and Chakotay caught that virus and Harry said to contact the Vidiians and use my Klingon DNA as a bribe , Tom told me to think this through . He said I didn’t know what was really going to happen . If they attacked us , they would kill everyone else but torture me. I could start to hear hurt in his voice . He said that he just wanted to protect me . That’s when I started falling for him. Because I knew how much he cared about me. 

I knew I was really in love with B’Elanna in the Vidiian prison. I just had to admit it to myself. And to Megan Delaney . Lord , I must have spent about 2 hours listening to her yell at me that day . Also when Harry and I were in that prison and he woke me up I almost said I was dreaming of B’Elanna but stopped myself and said Megan . Sure I was . B’Elanna actually had dinner with us when we got back to Voyager . I think Harry and I still owe her rations from that night . That night I walked her back to her quarters and she gave me that beautiful smile . She said it was good to have you back . Not you and Harry. You . Ok I know I was being paranoid but still . Still , she ended up hugging me good night . 

Before Tom and I were attacked in the Cochrane by those two aliens , I almost jumped at the offer to go out with him on the Holodeck . But I thought maybe it would have seemed that I was too eager . He was also pissing me off at the time so … yeah . Still he does that sometimes but I can’t help but fight with him . It’s what we do . And he will still be the man I fell in love with .