At Last
Copyright © 2001 
By : Andrea Castro 
Summary : The emotions take over. P/T .A spoiler to the sequel to ' You , only you .'
Author's Note : Star Trek : Voyager and all its characters belong to Paramount Pictures. This song isn't mine ( of course ) but I love the lyrics . Thank you , Etta James.

At last 
My love has come along
My lonely days are over 
And life is like a song 
Oh yeah , yeah at last 

- - Tom was sitting on the Helm listening to the Captain say something to Chakotay. 
' God when will those two admit their feelings? ' Tom thought . He automatically thought of B'Elanna. That smile she gave him last night . He still couldn't think of anything else . " Lieutenant " 
Tom turned around and faced the Captain . " Ma'am ? " The Captain smiled." I said why don't you take your lunch break. You've been working since 0600 " Tom cleared his throat and got up from his station . " Thank you , Captain " 

Baytart took the Helm and Tom headed for the turbo lift . As the door closed behind him , he leaned against the wall and sighed. " What is wrong with me? " he whispered.
" Please state designation " Tom snapped back to reality . " Umm ... Deck 2 " 
After a few minutes , the turbo lift doors opened to reveal Deck 2. Tom got out and headed for the Mess Hall. Ensign Bristow was turning the corner and bumped into Tom. " I'm sorry , Lieutenant . I wasn't watching where I was going , sir. " Freddie mumbled. " It's okay , Freddie . Relax . "

Tom continued walking and made his way to the Mess Hall . He walked inside and saw Harry and B'Elanna at the corner table . Harry looked up and saw him . " Tom , over here " 
he yelled. B'Elanna turned around and smiled. Tom grabbed his lunch and sat down next to B'Elanna . ' This is way too familiar ' he thought. 

" So what brings you two here at this time ? " Tom asked. " Lunch Break " they both replied. 
" Hey , I'm sorry I couldn't join you guys in the Holodeck last night but I had to an extra shift and I couldn't make it " Tom explained. " It's all right . We had fun . Aside from the fact that Bristow wouldn't stop bothering us " B'Elanna mumbled. " Actually , he was bothering you , B'Elanna " Harry corrected her. 
Tom raised an eyebrow . " Freddie Bristow? He was bothering you , B'Elanna ? " Tom asked. B'Elanna nodded and mumbled some Klingon curses that Tom didn't understand. " He has a crush on her " Harry smiled. " I told you stop saying that p'tak " B'Elanna warned. " Really ? That is interesting . But of course I can see why " Tom smirked. " What ? So he can say he slept with a Klingon ? Typical. " B'Elanna spat . ` Oh god. She's spitting poison already ` Harry thought.
::::: Ensign Kim , please report to the Bridge , your break's over ::::: 
" Aye , Commander . See you guys later " Harry got up and set his tray in the recycler and left . 

B'Elanna took a sip of her coffee and noticed that Tom was starring at her . " What ? " she asked . " You think that's the only reason Freddie has a crush on you ? Just so he can brag about sleeping with a Klingon ? " Tom asked , not believing she doesn't know how beautiful she is . 
" Why wouldn't he ? Every other guy I dated did that . They got what they wanted and left " B’Elanna scoffed. " There all pigs . No offense . " she sighed. " None taken , Lanna " Tom’s eyes widened as B’Elanna turned her head when he said that . " What did you call me ? " she asked. 
" L.. Lanna " Tom mumbled.
B’Elanna just starred at him and he actually saw a smile form on her face . " My parents used to call me that . It started with my mother saying it then my father called me by it . The last time I heard him call me that was the day before he left ." Tom saw her trying not to take all that anger out on him and he could tell it was a hard time for her . 
:::: Engineering to Lieutenant Torres . We need you down here right now :::::::
" I’ll be right there , Joe . Torres out ." B’Elanna got up and nodded at Tom . " See you later " then she was gone. 
Tom sat there and thought about what happened . She actually admitted some thing else to him since the Vidiian prison. ‘ She is driving me crazy ‘ he thought . He had to get to know her better . Somehow . Tom finished off his lunch and headed for the Bridge . 

The skies above are blue 
My heart was wrapped in clover
The night I looked at you 
The next day : 1049 Hours : 

B’Elanna was so glad today was her day off. The Captain ordered her to take time off . So if there was a problem in Engineering , it was all up to Carey . Normally , she’d hate to be away from Engineering but everything had pissed her off over the past week . She was resting in Neelix’s Resort program in her bathing suit in a corner where no one would know she was there. 

" From way back here , you won’t get much of a tan " a voice said. B’Elanna opened her eyes to see Tom Paris standing in front of her . " Paris , what are you doing here ? " she asked then sitting up . " For your information , I have the day off " Tom smiled . He sat down in the chair next to her and she just eyed him . " Me too " she sighed. 

" I figured . You don’t usually hang out in the Holodeck at this time . " Tom joked . B’Elanna sighed and closed her eyes again. Tom , on the other hand , didn’t want to close his eyes. ‘ God she’s beautiful . And that bathing suit ‘ he thought . 

He was snapped back into reality again when he heard this high voice call his name . " Tommy . Tommy , where are you ? " Megan Delaney squealed. " Oh man " Tom said . B’Elanna opened her eyes and looked at him . " What’s wrong ? " Tom got up and hid behind a bush of plants . " It’s Megan . I don’t want her to see me " B’Elanna turned around and laughed. " Ensign Delaney is looking for you and your hiding behind plants . " " Please tell her I wasn’t here . Here she comes . " 

B’Elanna turned back around quickly and watched Megan come over . " Lieutenant , have you seen Tom ? I’ve been looking for him every where . " B’Elanna held back a laugh . " Sorry Ensign , I haven’t seen him today . Why don’t you ask Harry , I’m sure he’ll know " Megan twisted her hair and smiled , showing off her dimple . " Of course. Thank you , Lieutenant . " " Now go on . " Megan walked away and B'Elanna sunk back in her chair . " Before you make me puke " she added quietly . 

" Can I come out now? " Tom asked. B'Elanna smiled. " Yes , you can come out Tom " Tom crawled out from behind the plants , smiling. " What are you so happy about ? " " Oh nothing. It's just that that's the third time since we were thrown in this quadrant that you actually called me Tom "