Arms Reach
by Andrea Castro

Chapter 7 - Toby the Targ 
© 2002 

B’Elanna sat on her couch and sighed . Right now she was getting nervous . “ What if I don’t remember anything else ? “ She asked out loud . “ How can I remember my whole life ? “ She got up and noticed something on the corner of her bed . It was some kind of little stuffed toy . She walked towards it and picked it up . 

Another memory flashed through her . She was crying while holding the toy .She also could faintly hear two people yelling . Then she heard things breaking against the wall . “ Miral!” someone shouted . Then it was silent . B’Elanna dropped the toy. She felt tears sting her eyes as she tried to put the pieces together of that night . “ God … “ She choked . She crawled on her bed and began to cry. 

2 Hours Later : 

Tom just got off his shift and decided to quickly check on B’Elanna . He knew he said he was going to see her tomorrow but he just wanted to make sure she was alright . ‘ You’re being paranoid , Paris ‘ he thought to himself. ‘ She could have remembered something and might need to know what it was .’ He reassured himself of not being paranoid . Tom made it to the turbo lift just as Ensign Vorik was getting out. “ Lieutenant Paris . “ Vorik nodded. 
“ Hey Vorik. “ Tom muttered . He entered the turbo lift . “ Deck 9 . “ He sighed. He walked around the turbo lift , pacing actually . ‘ You’ve done that too many times ‘ He thought . 

The turbo lift stopped and the doors revealed Deck Nine . Tom headed for Section 12 and made it quickly to B’Elanna’s quarters . He pressed the call button but B’Elanna didn’t answer . He tried again but she still wouldn’t answer . “ Alright . It’s time for your access code . “ He said to the door then punched in the code . The doors opened and Tom stepped inside . He saw B’Elanna laying on her bed starring at him . “ Why didn’t you open the doors ? “ Tom asked. “ I don’t know how . “ She whimpered. ‘ Right . ‘ Tom thought . 

He walked over to her and sat on the side of the bed. “ How are you doing ? “ He asked . “ Not good . I haven’t moved since you left . “ She said . “ That was two hours ago . “ Tom said not hiding the surprised tone in his voice . “ Really ? I didn’t notice . “ She mumbled . “ Time flies when you’re having fun. “ He whispered . B’Elanna gave him a weird look and turned to face the other wall . 

They sat that way for a few minutes until B’Elanna spoke . “ Tom , can I ask you something ? “ She asked quietly . Tom looked at her as if she was kidding . “ Of course you can . “ He smiled though she didn’t she it . “ What happens if I don’t fully regain my memories ? “ 

Tom sighed. “ I don’t know . I guess you’ll have to start your life over. “ Tom said then laying down next to her . “ But I’m not going to let that happen , okay ? “ He said . She smiled then turned to face him. “ I appreciate you helping me . Before I was just confused because I didn’t really know any of you and I didn’t know for sure what happened in that prison.” She whispered . Tom starred at her the whole time , giving her his full attention . “ Now I have to remember a whole life . With all the bumps and bruises I got along the way . “ She concluded. Tom sighed. “ I know this is going to be very frustrating for you and for everyone else on this ship . We all want your old self back but we’re not going to pressure you . “ He said . B’Elanna smiled slightly . “ Thank you . “ She said . 

Tom just then thought of something that might cheer her up . “ Hey. Why don’t we visit Engineering tomorrow ? I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to see how you’re doing . “ B’Elanna looked a little unsure about the idea but nodded yes . B’Elanna’s eyes started to close . It’s been a rough day for her and decided to let her rest. He stayed with her and watched her rest peacefully.