Arms Reach
by Andrea Castro

Chapter 6 -Prison 

Tom typed in B'Elanna's access code and the doors opened . " Ok , you do know someday you're going to have to tell me my access code . " B'Elanna demanded . They walked inside and B'Elanna sat down on the couch .
Tom started pacing around the room like he did when he told her about her father . " This can't be any good either or it wouldn't be so hard to say . " B'Elanna said . Tom finally sat down and sighed ." Thanks for ruining my carpet by the way . " B'Elanna smiled. 

Just then Tom remembered something . " You know... I never found out what happened to you in that prison . " Tom said . B'Elanna looked down at the floor . " Do we really have to talk about it ? " She asked . Tom moved closer to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. " B'Elanna , I know this is hard for you but if you tell me maybe I can help you . " Tom reassured her. " I doubt it . " She whispered without looking into his eyes . 

Tom tilted B'Elanna's head so he could she her but she pulled away . " B'Elanna... let me see your beautiful eyes. Please . " He begged . She gave in and looked him in the eye. Tom saw tears in her eyes and two tears slid down her cheek . B'Elanna started sobbing and Tom took her in his arms . While in his arms , B'Elanna remembered something . 
Nothing vivid just emotions . She felt weak and afraid, and sick to her stomach . She began to cry more now for some reason but she felt safe . 

" Shh... " Tom whispered to her . He held her like that until she pulled back . She fought back the rest of the tears and laughed . " This is so stupid . " She choked . " No it's not . Please tell me ." Tom implored . " Well it was pretty much a normal prison. Not that you'd know about that . " She sniffled . ' Wouldn't she be surprised ' he thought . 

" I don't remember how I got there but my guess is that I was at the wrong place at the wrong time . I woke up on the ground with some of the cell mates watching me . I probably would have survived there . " She said . " Probably ? " Tom asked. B'Elanna nodded. " Except ... there were these two guys . They wouldn't stop bothering me and I got uncomfortable . Like when we went to Sandrine's . " B'Elanna noticed that she had Tom's complete attention . " At first they wanted the food I had but they had way more than me. I was the only female in that prison. So ... I think you can figure out the rest. All I remember is trying to fight them off but then everything was hazy and I don't remember anything after that . " She sighed . 

" I can put the rest together . " Tom muttered . " Yeah . " She said . They both sat there , unsure of what to say next. " Umm... maybe we should finish this up tomorrow . I have to be on duty in a few minutes and you can get some rest. " Tom said then getting up . " Oh! Your access code is XY562Z. Remember that . " He said then leaving . 

" Right . " She whispered .