by Lianne Burwell

February 1998

Tom Paris was cursing all the gods that he could think of. Then he cursed the rest, just to make sure that no one felt left out.

First he had been woken from the most delicious of dreams (Don‘t think about it. Now is not the time) by a combination of the ship being rocked by explosions, a red alert blaring, and a voice calling for the command staff to report to the bridge.

Then, still fastening his uniform, he had ended up in the turbolift with the subject of his interrupted dreams (Oh, Gods! That tattoo). Chakotay looked delightfully rumpled, sleep muddled. He was also still doing up his own uniform (Don‘t think about it, Tom. You‘ll just be embarrassed).

Then, to top it all off, another blast had frozen the turbolift between decks. They were stuck. Stranded. A call to the bridge had got them a distracted promise to get to it as soon as the attackers were dealt with.

Oh, joy.

Then another blast rocked the ship, throwing them around the enclosed space, and the lights went out. At least this would cover up any embarrassing problems, Tom thought.


The next blast tossed them around again, and when things stopped moving, Tom found himself plastered against the wall. With Chakotay sandwiched in the middle.


"Yes, Commander?"

"Do you usually find alien attacks arousing?



"Then why are you hard?"

"You‘re a bright boy. You figure it out."

Chakotay shifted against him. Hellooo. Now that‘s interesting, Tommy-boy.



"What is digging into my stomach? Hmmm?"

"You‘re a bright boy. You figure it out."

Tom felt a smile spread across his face. A challenge. He just loved a challenge. He reached down to unfasten the Commander‘s pants.

"What are you doing, Paris?"

My my my. Did the commander‘s voice just go up an octave?

"You told me to figure it out, sir. Hmmm. Just as I thought. Commander, you have an erection!" And a very nice one, at that. Not too long, but rather thick. Nicely proportioned, just like its owner. He continued to measure it with his fingers, smirking at the groans coming out of the darkness.

Just then, a blast threw them around again. When the world stopped moving, Tom was sprawled on the floor of the turbolift, next to Chakotay. When he reached out to grab the other man, he found that the Commander‘s groin was conveniently located right in front of his face. Deciding to go for it, damn the consequences, Tom did his best to swallow the tantalizing piece of flesh that he couldn‘t see. He hummed as he worked, enjoying the resulting cries, and exercised his tongue with great vigor.

He was so engrossed in his task that the feel of a draft against his own erection came as a complete surprise. He didn‘t have a chance to protest the coldness of the air, though, before he found himself pulled into the Commander‘s mouth. He pulled away from Chakotay‘s groin with a scream. The other man just chuckled, doing delightful things to Tom‘s nerve endings.

So he wanted to make it a contest, did he? Tom returned to Chakotay‘s erection, determined to make the other man come first. Chakotay gasped, then worked to out-do him. Damn, the man was good.

Before long, both were writhing on the floor, both trying to hold back their own orgasm, while trying to forcing the other to climax first. With almost charming synchronicity, they both inserted fingers into the other‘s anus, searching for the nub of flesh that would drive the other over the edge.

It was a tie.

Tom was panting, trying to get his breath back and listening to Chakotay doing the same, when the lights came back on, and a voice promised to get them moving again in just a sec. Quickly, they pulled to their feet and straightened their uniforms, just in time.

When the doors opened on the bridge, they were rumpled and bruised, but that could be chalked up to the way they had been thrown around. The Captain turned towards them.

"Well, gentlemen, the fun looks to be over. You can go back to bed, if you like."

The doors closed on the bridge, again. Tom looked over at Chakotay.

Chakotay looked at him.

"Well, Commander. Your bed or mine?"