This is my little ditty for the CPSG Anniversary challenge, combined with the one-hour challenge. Yes, this was written and edited in sixty minutes, so don‘t expect fine literature.

After the Party
by Lianne Burwell

July 1999

Tom flopped down on the sofa, while Chakotay put the gifts away. When his husband came over to join him, Tom smiled widely at him. "We have great friends, don‘t we?"

"Yep," Chakotay said, sliding under Tom‘s outstretched legs.

"I mean, that was a great anniversary party. I can‘t believe they threw us an anniversary party."

"I think it was Neelix‘s idea." Chakotay pulled Tom‘s shoes off and started a gentle massaging that soon had Tom purring in satisfaction.

"Figures. Neelix loves to throw a party."

"And he throws pretty good ones too."

"Yeah. But some of those gifts..." Tom glanced over at the table several of them still sat, waiting for someplace to be found. A couple of them made him wince.

"I don‘t know. Some looked interesting." Chakotay grinned down at him, but his expression looked more like a leer.

"Don‘t look at me like that," Tom warned. "You are not trying out B‘Elanna‘s present on me."

"Aw, c‘mon, Tom. Just imaging what it would be like..." Chakotay waggled his eyebrows in a way that was guaranteed to make Tom laugh. It worked.

"No way, sugar. If anyone‘s going to be on the receiving end, it‘s you.

Aha. Didn‘t think you‘d like that idea," Tom said when his husband winced.


"I mean, who in their right mind would make a dildo with five directions of motion?"

"Five? Um... vibrate, thrust, twist..."

"Flex and... I forget the other."

"I don‘t know. I‘m kind of curious about what you‘d look like when that cranks to full power."

Tom winced at the thought. "No. Way. Not even if you used Harry‘s gift."

Chakotay chuckled, glancing at another box. "Talk about still waters running deep. I mean, Harry? Giving us a full set of restraints?"

"Yeah, well you haven‘t seen him on the holodeck doing Buster Kincaid versus the Twin Mistresses of Evil."

"Oh?" Chakotay said, looking interested.

"They had him tied up, about to torture him, and he‘s telling me not to come rescue him," Tom said, snickering at the memory.

"You‘re joking."


"That‘s an image."

"And one you can forget," Tom warned. "I am not doing heavy bondage."

"Not even if I wear Seven‘s present?"

"Ohhh..." Tom said, picturing it. "Well, maybe I can be convinced. That was..."

"Not a lot of fabric to it."

"Nope. I like it."

"You would," Chakotay said with a grin. "I mean, who‘s been teaching her these things?"


That caught Chakotay‘s attention. "What? Give, Tom."

"Well, no one is supposed to know."

"Then how do you know?"

"I... um... caught them in a Jefferies tube."

"Who?!" Tom winced as the massaging fingers dug into his instep.


"I not no one, I‘m your husband!"

"Okay, okay," he said, carefully pulling his feet from Chakotay‘s grip.

"But you can‘t tell anyone else."

"Cross my heart." Tom sat up and leaned over to whisper in Chakotay‘s ear. "*CHELL*???"

"Shhh... Not so loud. The soundproofing on this ship isn‘t the greatest, you know," Tom pointed out, remembering some of the complaints they‘d had from the captain about their mattress thumping keeping her up at night, since her bedroom was separated from theirs by only one thin wall.

"Sorry," Chakotay said, looking appropriately contrite. "But Seven and Chell?"

"I know. It threw me for a loop too."


"What?" Tom said, curious about the expression on Chakotay‘s face. It looked like he‘d just sucked a lemon or something.

"I just had an image of Chell wearing that outfit."


"That‘s what I said."

They paused, and grinned at each other.

"Then we have the Captain‘s present," Tom continued. "Booties? You know something I don‘t?"

"Nope. I do know that she‘s taken up knitting though."

"Really?" Tom said. "Why?"

"Stress relief. I told her that my mother swore by it."

"Really? Maybe I should try it. After all, being married to you is pretty stressful. Ouch!" he said, pulling his feet up under him. His little toe throbbed where Chakotay had pinched it sharply.

"You deserved it," the man said, not looking at all sorry. "Then there was the Doctor suggesting techniques for filling those booties."

"Don‘t even think about it. I‘ve spent too much time trying to keep my weight down to be willing to put it on again, no matter how temporarily."

"Well, if you didn‘t insist on covering me with chocolate sauce and other high-calorie dressings..."

"You complaining?" Tom said, the images running through his mind. Suddenly, he was all for dropping the conversation and moving to bed to have a second helping of desert.

"Not on your life,"

"Good. Anyway, if anyone goes through a pregnancy, it‘ll be you. What?"

Tom said, noticing Chakotay‘s expression.


"I don‘t believe it! You look like you‘re seriously considering it!"



Chakotay looked a little sheepish. "I want to have kids one of these days."

"Badly enough to have them yourself?" Tom asked, honestly curious.



Now Chakotay looked concerned. "You don‘t sound too thrilled."

"I just never considered the possibility. I mean, I‘m not exactly great fatherhood material," Tom said quietly, looking down at his folded hands.

"You‘d be a wonderful father," Chakotay said, reaching over to lift his chin.

"Based on what? I mean, I didn‘t exactly have a good example from my own father."

"All the more reason for you to do better. Besides, you‘re great with Naomi," Chakotay pointed out.

"I dunno..."

"We don‘t have to decide right away," Chakotay said.

"You really want kids?"

"Yeah, but only if you don‘t mind."

"I‘ll have to think about it." He wasn‘t really sure about the idea, but Chakotay looked so hopeful. Maybe...

"Okay. Tom?"

"Yeah?" Tom said, still lost in his thoughts.

"Wanna practice?"

"Practice what?" Chakotay pulled Tom‘s foot back over and started kissing and nibbling at Tom‘s ankle. Immediately, his cock started to respond enthusiastically. "Oh... That kind of practice. I don‘t think it‘s involved in the Doctor‘s techniques."

"Hey, can‘t hurt." Chakotay waggled his eyebrows again.

"True. So true. C‘mere you."