This is the wedding story. As you can no doubt guess (based on the previous stories in the series) things may not go smoothly. But don‘t expect any angst.

A Wedding To Remember
by Lianne Burwell

April 1998

Tom looked at the outfit that was hanging on his closet door and sighed. He loved Chakotay dearly, and he couldn‘t wait to marry the man, but why, why did he agree to let his beloved choose the outfit? He was beginning to think that a Betazoid ceremony would be preferable.

At least he had talked the man out of the pink tux. He was sure that had been a joke. At least he thought it had been a joke... But, instead Chakotay had decided to pick up on the Scottish part of Tom‘s heritage and would not settle for anything less than a full kilt, worn the traditional way. Tom had his suspicions about the choice, since "traditional" implied no underwear.

Still, if this was what Chakotay wanted, then this is what Chakotay would get.

* * * * *

Chakotay was on the main holodeck, putting the final touches on the program he had designed for the wedding. Tom was, by far, the better holo-programmer of the two of them, but since it was his proposal, even if he was drugged at the time, he wanted to be the one to arrange everything. He wanted everything to be perfect.

He took one final look around, then nodded with satisfaction.

"Computer, save program Chakotay-Wedding-1, then end program."

The computer acknowledged the command, and the standard grid replaced the landscape. Chakotay left the deck whistling.

This was going to be the perfect wedding.

* * * * *

On the momentous day, when Voyager‘s first officer would wed its chief pilot, a small crowd had formed outside the holodeck, waiting for the groom and... groom. The two intended had spent the night in separate quarters, as was the tradition, and had not yet seen each other that day. As Tom‘s witness, Harry was responsible for seeing that Tom made it to the wedding on time. B‘Elanna performed the same office for Chakotay.

Chakotay was the first to arrive. He was dressed in loose fitting trousers, made of a dark brown fabric that was soft and clinging. Over it he wore a tunic-top made of cream-colored silk, covered in embroidery of earth-tones colors, in the style of his planet‘s culture. To finish out the effect, he was barefoot. B‘Elanna was dressed in as similar outfit, and the color complimented both their colorings perfectly.

The Captain was waiting for them at the entrance to the holodeck, wearing the dress uniform that she had not had the occasion to wear very often since they had been thrown into the Delta Quadrant. She smiled broadly at him, still rehearsing the ceremony in her mind. Starfleet weddings were not very formal, but she wanted this to be perfect for the two men.

A murmur further down the corridor announced the arrival of Tom and Harry. As he had promised, Tom was wearing the outfit chosen by his lover. The plaid was a somber one, and one which he had the right to wear, through line of descent. The traditional kilt went to below his knees, and a sash of the same material went diagonally across his chest. His shirt was white linen, full and ruffled. A brooch, bought by Chakotay on a planet they had stopped at briefly, adorned the ruffle at his throat. Not being Scottish, Harry was not wearing a kilt. Instead, he was wearing a traditional style kimono in colors to match Tom‘s plaid. The effect of the wedding party was timeless and romantic.

The Captain turned to lead them onto the holodeck, and the doors opened for the first time.

Tom almost stopped in his tracks in awe. Before them was a replica of the standing stones of Stonehenge, perfect in every detail. But instead of the English countryside, they stood in the desert of the American midwest, simultaneously combining two heritages, the same as their outfits did. Tearing up slightly, he turned to Chakotay and smiled. The other man returned the smile, and they followed the Captain out to the center of the stone circle.

"Since the days of long ago, it has always been the duty - and joy - of captains to perform wedding ceremonies on board their ships. Today we are here to witness the joining of these two men, whose relationship we have been privileged to watch grow."

The Captain was just getting warmed up when the landscape flickered for a moment, then steadied. There were frowns and mutters, then the ceremony went on.

"We have all watched Tom and Chakotay as they found, first friendship, then love, and none can deny the depth of their commitment to each other..."

This time the landscape flickered, and then disappeared completely. Chakotay frowned, while B‘Elanna headed for an access port to find the cause of the problem. Tom leaned over. "Think she... arranged this?" he said in a low whisper, but with a grin to show he wasn‘t serious. Chakotay‘s expression lightened up.

"Maybe," he whispered back. "She did say, last night, that she was still disappointed that she didn‘t get to see me take you in the turbolift." Tom sputtered and laughed. That whole incident had been embarrassing enough. He didn‘t want to even think what the crew‘s reaction would have been if Chakotay had gone that far. Especially since he probably wouldn‘t have fought too hard. He had been pretty out-of-control himself, by that point.

Suddenly the landscape flickered back into view, as B‘Elanna announced "There, that should do it. I‘ve rerouted the power, but the holodeck systems are going to need an overhaul. They‘ve seen a lot more use, without proper maintenance, than the designers intended." She moved back into position.

The Captain nodded, with a smile, before continuing the ceremony. "As we continue to travel towards home, the crew of this ship has slowly become a family, and it is as a family that we are here to celebrate this joining."

As she opened her mouth to speak the next line she had so carefully written for the occasion, the red alert sounded.

"Captain to the bridge! We are under attack." As Lieutenant Carey‘s voice came over the com, the ship was jolted by a blast from outside. All of the wedding guests were already heading for the door, moving for their duty stations. Beta shift was on duty, but the instinct was there. Tom and Chakotay stared at each other in dismay, then headed for the Bridge as well. This was not what they had intended for this day.

* * * * *

"Report, Mr. Carey," barked the Captain as the turbolift doors opened on the bridge.

"One ship attacking, sir. The computer doesn‘t recognize the type. Their shields are primitive, but their weapons pack a wallop." As Carey - who was in command of the beta shift this rotation - spoke, the ship was rocked by another blast. Tuvok, dressed in his formal blue tunic, went for the fire controls, while Tom and Harry also slipped into their regular duty stations.

Tom immediately threw the ship into evasive maneuvers. He found it a little strange to be piloting the ship while wearing what was basically a skirt, but he refused to let it distract him. He just prayed that a blast wouldn‘t knock from his seat. It had happened before, but not when he was risking showing off a very bare ass.

"I‘m trying to hail them, Captain," said Harry from the Ops station, "but they aren‘t responding. All I‘m getting is a recorded message on continuous loop."

"On audio."

There was a crackle of static, then a voice came clear, translated by the universal translator. "You have willfully entered Orxak space. Invaders will be destroyed. You have willfully entered Orxak space. Invaders will be destroyed. You have..." The Captain waved for Harry to turn off the audio.

"No response yet?"

"No, ma‘am. They are receiving, but they aren‘t interested in talking.

Also, I‘m picking up two more ships on an intercept course."

As the other ship opened fire again, using torpedoes, Tom threw the ship into evasive maneuvers that had everyone barely keeping their feet, as the inertial dampers tried to keep up with the ship‘s sudden changes in direction.

"Oh no you don‘t," he snarled at the view screen. "Mess up my wedding?

You‘re not getting away with that!"

The Captain glanced at Chakotay, briefly, and saw the same indignation there. She sighed.

"Tuvok, fire at will, but try not to cause too much damage. It would be nice if we could keep from hurting anyone, if we are trespassing. Tom, keep us heading in our original direction, as quickly as possible, but avoid the incoming ships. Harry, keep trying to hail them. And see if you can‘t figure out if there were any markers of their territory. B‘Elanna, how are the shields holding up?"

"Down to seventy-eight percent, Captain. I‘m transferring power from non-essential systems to back them up."

"Good." The ship rocked again.

"Captain," Tom called out. "We‘ve got a slight edge in speed on them, but we can‘t keep running at this speed forever, and it looks like the other two ships are adjusting to intercept us."


At that moment, Tuvok fired from two phaser banks, striking the attacking ship and the base of what looked to be a nacelle. It separated from the rest of the ship, which seemed to lose directional control. It lost speed, then came to a stop. Tuvok checked his sensors.

"No life lost, Captain. One of the incoming vessels has diverted towards the damaged ship."

"But I‘ve picked up three more on long-range sensors. The damaged ship is sending out a signal, but I can‘t decode this one."

"Any luck in finding some way to recognize the edge of their territory?"

"Not yet, Captain. Wait... Comparing their current communications to the logs, we passed a signal source about an hour ago. Scanning for similar sources... They seem to be spaced about every light day in a line. We are twenty minutes from the nearest source at maximum warp."

"Mr, Paris, set a course for those markers. I want to be on the other side as quickly as possible. Hopefully we won‘t be as interesting to them after we cross that line."

"Course laid in, Warp seven."

"Good. And somebody find out how those markers were missed!"

* * * * *

By the time they reached the nearest marker, two more Orxak ships were on an intercept course. They crossed the line and kept going, almost holding their collective breath while waiting to see what their pursuers would do. They breathed a sigh of relief as the ships turned back at the apparent border, even though the Orxak ships laid in a parallel course, right along the border.

"Tom, set a course away from the border, at least three light years. Then plot a course in original direction. One that will avoid Orxak space."

"Yes, Ma‘am." He tapped at the controls, programming in the course with sensors set to detect the Orxak markers to keep them well outside their space. "Done." He looked up, expectantly.

Janeway smiled. "Mr. Carey, you have the bridge. Well, people. I think we have a wedding to finish, before something else happens."

There was a mad rush for the ‚lift, while the Captain followed at a more sedate pace.

* * * * *

"Now, if anyone can come up with a good reason why these two shouldn‘t be married..."

There was a sound of several people drawing breath. Tom and Chakotay turned to glare at a large group of female crew members that were clustered over to the side. The Captain frowned.

"Don‘t even think about it ladies." She looked around the holodeck, then continued. "Then, by my authority as Captain of this vessel, I now pronounce you married."

Tom and Chakotay stared into each other‘s eyes, goofy grins plastered across their faces. Suddenly, Chakotay lurched forward against Tom, aided by a shove from B‘Elanna.

"This is the part where you kiss him," she said in a stage whisper.

To an accompaniment of laughter, Tom pulled Chakotay in tight, tilted his head down and claimed his husband‘s lips. The response was instant, and suddenly they were panting and hard. The cheers were barely noticed as they kissed again and again. Finally hands grabbed both of them, pulling them apart.

"C‘mon, the party can‘t start without you," Harry said, as he dragged Tom towards the arch.

"Don‘t worry, I made sure that Neelix didn‘t use any leola root in the wedding cake," B‘Elanna added.

Tom and Chakotay winced at the thought, then let themselves be pulled to the messhall where the reception was ready to start.

* * * * *

"Thank the Spirits. I thought they‘d never let us get away."

Tom didn‘t respond. He had his new husband plastered up against the wall next to the door to their quarters. The moment the door had wooshed shut behind them and they had put the privacy lock on, he‘d dived in for an in-depth oral exploration of his "Cuddles". He was starting with the neck and could only manage a grunted affirmative. The last twenty-four hours had been hell without his lover‘s touch, and he was determined to make up for it.

"Tom," Chakotay gasped as teeth fastened on his earlobe. "Bed?"

"Bed," Tom agreed. He pulled Chakotay towards the indicated piece of furniture, while simultaneously hunting for the fasteners on his tunic. Chakotay‘s hands were dodged when they moved to undo Tom‘s clothing.

Finally, Chakotay was perfectly positioned, and Tom gave him one small push to land him on the bed.

"What the HELL?" Tom yelled, as Chakotay jumped off the bed like he‘d been burned. Tom reached down and prodded the bed.

Chakotay frowned. "Someone turned our bed into a giant whoopie cushion?"

They glared at each other for a moment. "B‘Elanna?" "B‘Elanna."

They continued to glare at each other for a while. Chakotay was the first to break. A quirk of the corner of the mouth, a slight snicker from Tom. Finally they could hold back anymore and they were laughing hard enough to bring tears to their eyes.

Finally the laughter started to fade, and they were wiping their eyes. Tom winced. "I don‘t know about you, love, but I‘m not getting into that bed."

"That‘s all right," Chakotay said soothingly as he advanced. "Beds aren‘t necessary, anyway."

"Oh, really? And just what did you have in mind?"

"I‘m sure you‘ll figure it out. Now why don‘t you turn around and face the wall, and we‘ll see if you are dressed properly."

Tom grinned then did as he was told. He braced himself, feet wide apart, and bent at the waist until he was leaning against the wall. He grinned as his kilt was lifted up over his hips. Then he moaned. Chakotay had gone to his knees, behind Tom, and a warm tongue was moving across his anus.

"Oh, Chakotay. Mmmmm. Don‘t stop. Please don‘t stop." He wriggled his hips encouragingly. Chakotay pulled away for a moment.

"I‘d almost think you were enjoying that."

"Damnit, Kotay! Stop teasing!"

Chakotay stood up, grinning widely at the tinge of desperation in Tom‘s voice. There was nothing he liked better than driving his lover to this point of madness. Unless, of course it was driving him past it. His tunic hanging open, he turned to the bed to grab the lubricant from the side table. He turned back to the delicious sight of Tom with his shirt hanging open and his kilt bunched up over his hip. Tom was using one hand to stroke his cock, while the other was braced against the wall.

Chakotay thought about it for a moment, then dropped the lube and went for his camera. Tom finally noticed after Chakotay had snapped several still images of his pose.

"Kotay, if you don‘t drop that camera and get over here to fuck me now, I‘m going to finish myself off."

"Just need a few more pictures for out wedding album."

Tom snorted. "You can take all the pictures you want. Later. After you take me."

Chakotay grinned, then retrieved the lube. Moving back to behind his lover, he poured some of the lube into his hand. It only took a few strokes with his fingers to get Tom open and ready. After the months together, their bodies both knew exactly what to expect and were eager.

He dropped the container and opened his pants. The rest of the lube was used to coat his cock, then he started to press his way home.

When Tom pushed back, hard, he gasped. "Tom, I want to take it slow."

"Fuck slow! If I don‘t have you now, I‘m going to go out of my mind.

Now shut up and fuck me."

"Your wish is my command, husband." With that, Chakotay started a pounding rhythm. When Tom‘s hand went back to his cock, Chakotay knocked it away. "Oh no you don‘t. That‘s mine."

He‘d been just as frustrated as Tom, spending a night apart, then being unable to get away from the party fast enough, and he could feel his orgasm starting already. His toes were curling with the feeling. Finally he pushed himself into Tom, as far as he could go, and exploded.

As the sparkles swam before his eyes, he sank to his knees, pulling Tom around. Opening his mouth, he took Tom‘s cock in, all the way to the root. Tom was just as close as he had been, and it only took a couple of seconds before Tom was filling his mouth.

Shaking, Tom sank to his knees. They clung together, waiting for the trembling to stop.

* * * * *

A minute - or maybe it was an hour - later, they managed to drag themselves back to their feet. Their clothing was disposed of, sleepily, then they tumbled into bed together.


THE END (for now)

Hmmm. Pictures. Just imagine what might happen if they fell into the wrong hands...