Anniversary (sequel to Harem Boy)
by Lianne Burwell

January 1998

Tom was doing something rather unusual for him. He was cleaning his quarters.

Actually, they weren‘t "his" quarters. They were "their" quarters. His and Chakotay‘s. He liked the sound of that. Almost six months ago they had become lovers during a mission on the planet Keerath. Afterwards they had decided to continue the relationship. The crew had been surprised, especially at how long they had lasted. It wasn‘t so much that they had become lovers - after all they were both healthy and attractive men with the usual needs. However most people seemed to think that Tom was chronically allergic to commitment.

And then there had been the seduction attempts. Several people - of both genders - had tried to seduce Tom over the first few months. Whether it was to prove he was as fickle as they all seemed to think he was, or maybe the lure of the unavailable, Tom wasn‘t sure. He and Chakotay had simply ignored them. Some of the more blatant attempts had resulted in snicker-fests in the privacy of whichever quarters they happened to be in, but never in public. Eventually the attempts had stopped as people realized that both the lovers were quite serious about making the relationship work.

Finally, just a few weeks ago, Tom had suggested moving in together. At first the blank look of amazement on Chakotay‘s face had worried him. Then the grin had appeared. That lovely, little-boy grin. The one that brought out the commander‘s dimples and made his eyes glow. The one that made Tom‘s knees go weak. That had certainly been a wild night. The next day they had approached the Captain, who had been only too happy to go along with their request. They decided that rather than Tom moving in with Chakotay, they would both move into a new set of quarters on the level that had been gradually modified for larger quarters to accommodate the growing number of relationships, marriages and - most recently - families.

Unfortunately, since then things had been very busy. Several attacks, as well as an away-mission to harvest minerals and food-stuffs from an uninhabited planet, had meant that they were still living out of boxes. But now Tom had a day off and he was unpacking and organizing things.

‚How domestic,‘ he grinned to himself.

Currently he was unpacking a box of Chakotay‘s things. Some of the items he had pulled out of boxes had made him laugh. Chakotay hadn‘t saved much from the Crazy Horse, but some of the things he had... There was the picture of a very young Chakotay with his family, a battered antique bomber‘s jacket (Tom couldn‘t wait to see his lover wearing the jacket, preferably with nothing else!), and - most amusing of all - a very battered teddy bear. He had obviously seen a lot of loving over his lifetime. Tom looked over to where he had placed the teddy on the dresser with a happy smile on his face.

‚Tom, my boy. You‘ve got it bad. Wonderful, isn‘t it.‘

Reaching into the box again he felt metal down near the bottom. Pulling whatever it was out, he found himself holding two sets of gold-colored metal restraints. For a moment he was completely blank.

Then he remembered. Keerath. The kidnapping. Being dressed in the Harem outfit and chained to a bed to wait for the bastard who had arranged the kidnapping.

Chakotay coming to his rescue. Tom‘s face developed a dreamy look as he remembered how Chakotay had looked, dressed all in black. And the feel of the commander carrying him, still bound, through the hallways. And then what had happened in the commander‘s quarters afterwards.

He had never wondered what had happened to the restraints after B‘Elanna had managed to unlock them in the transporter room. He had just left them on the floor and had assumed that they would be destroyed, most likely. But here they were. Chakotay must have picked them up. Tom wondered why, and why had he never mentioned keeping them.

And what had he planned to do with them.

Tom looked at them for a moment more, then the idea came. Next week was the six-month anniversary of their becoming lovers and he had planned a romantic dinner in their new quarters. But now he had a better idea. It was time to start planning.

* * * * *

Chakotay entered the dark quarters with a sigh. He sometimes got testy when he realized that living with Tom the last few weeks he saw less of the man than when they had separate quarters. For a couple of weeks they had had to work different duty shifts and it always seemed that whenever one was coming on or off duty, the other was asleep exhausted. The best they had been able to do was cuddle in their dreams.

But things had gone back to normal several days ago and he still wasn‘t seeing much of Tom. The only thing he had been able to get out of Tom was a mysterious smile and a comment about a special project. No comment, though, on what the project was.

Chakotay was disappointed to not find Tom waiting for him. He knew his lover was off-duty - since he was the one who prepared the duty roster - but there was no sign of him. Tonight was the six-month anniversary of their becoming lovers, and while he wasn‘t sure if Tom would remember that, he had hoped to celebrate. A nice replicated dinner by starlight and candlelight, maybe, followed by a night of loving. Sometimes it still surprised him at what a playful lover his Tom had turned out to be.

Chakotay could feel the fond smile plastered across his face as he wandered into the bedroom. "Face it, Chakotay. You‘ve got it bad. And you love it, don‘t you?‘

Then he stopped, looking at the bed. A small light was focused on the pillows, and sitting there was his teddy bear. A set of colorful balloons rose above the battered little toy, and it was holding an envelope decorated with mushy little hearts. He picked it up and opened it to read the note inside.

"Happy anniversary lover. Come to holodeck 3 to collect your pressie."

He grinned at the smiley faces and "x"s and "o"s that decorated the paper. He wondered what his lover was up to, but knew he was going to enjoy it.

* * * * *

Tom took one final look around the room. Everything matched his memories of that night. All he needed to do was attach the restraints and wait for his knight in shining armor.

He grinned to himself. This was going to be fun.

* * * * *

Chakotay stopped outside of Holodeck 3 for a moment, still wondering what he was going to find inside. Then he entered to find Tom‘s program already running.

He stopped dead in his tracks, not noticing the privacy lock engaging behind him.

He was standing in a bed-chamber, completely decorated in white. A very familiar bed-chamber. One that he had been in very briefly on Keerath, when he had led the away-mission to rescue Tom Paris from slavers. A rescue that had led to the start of their relationship.

And laying on top of the white brocade covers of the white draped bed, leaning against mounds of white pillows was his lover. He was wearing the same outfit he had been wearing that night. The blue silk strips masquerading as pantaloons, the gold loincloth, the gold paint and the navel gem. He was also wearing the gold manacles that were attached to chains going to the bedpost. His blue eyes were large and shining.

"Commander, am I ever glad to see you!" Tom said, echoing the sentiments of that night. The only difference being the definite swelling beneath the loincloth, barely contained by the skimpy fabric. Chakotay‘s heart felt like it was swelling with emotion, realizing that this scenario was his lover‘s anniversary present for him. Parts south of his heart also began to swell and he smiled at the blond.

"Got yourself into trouble again, I see, hmmm Paris?" Chakotay smirked a little, deciding that he was going to enjoy this little game.

"It‘s not my fault, Commander. Could we please get out of here before anyone else shows up?"

Tom held his bound hands towards Chakotay, reaching out as far as the chain would let him, but Chakotay could see that being released was the last thing that his lover wanted to happen in this little script. He drifted over to the bed, his eyes roving over the treat laid out before him. He sat down next to Tom.

"I don‘t know, Paris. It‘s a rather good look for you." Tom turned a little pink at that, and his eyes darkened. Already his breath was coming a little faster. "In fact, I quite like it." Chakotay reached over and ran the tip of his finger down the side of the pilot‘s throat and further down to one of his nipples, enjoying the way the flush spread along the path, and the way that the nipple tightened and swelled.

"Commander?" Paris‘ voice was becoming a little breathy.

"Hmm? So tell me, Lieutenant... What do I get for coming to your rescue, yet again?" Chakotay grinned and hooked a finger into the top of Tom‘s belt, tugging at it gently. Tom‘s breath caught, ever so slightly.

"Anything! Just don‘t leave me here for him."

"Anything, hmmm?" Chakotay decided that he couldn‘t drag the teasing out any longer. If he tried he was going to end up exploding in his uniform. He pushed on the blond-furred chest until Tom was lying prone on the bed, and then pulled at the slender hips until Tom‘s arms were stretched out above him. Then he started dragging an index finger across the stretched stomach skin in a random pattern.

* * * * *

Tom gasped, and arched upwards as far as he could. Chakotay was obviously determined to drive him nuts. Stretched out the way he was it seemed like every inch of his skin was sensitized. His cock was so hard he was sure that a single touch was all that it would take, but he wasn‘t being given that touch. Instead Chakotay was carefully removing his costume, making sure that no part of it rubbed against him enough to set him off. Tom started to twist side-to-side, but was frustrated as Chakotay sat down on his legs, preventing him from moving. He started to beg and plead for Chakotay to do something, anything.

"Ah, ah, ah! This is my show tonight." Chakotay grinned down at him and reached for the discarded cloth. Tom watched as one of the strips from the pantaloons as rolled up, and jerked in surprise as it was pushed past his lips. Before he could spit it out to protest, a second strip was wrapped around his head, over his mouth, effectively gagging him. Chakotay looked at him for a moment, obviously gauging whether or not he was going to far. Tom closed his eyes and threw his head back, arching his back so that his throat was fully bared. He moaned as lips fastened over his pulse point.

Finally a hand moved to his erection, and he exploded into it.

* * * * *

Chakotay grinned down at the limp man beneath him. He kept stroking the limp cock, noting happily the twitches that indicated there was still life left there. He stood and quickly stripped off his clothing before returning to the bed. He slip down Tom‘s body and took the slowly recovering cock into his mouth. One slick finger slipped between the long legs to probe at the entrance there. He slid the finger in and out, gently searching. A jerk from the body told him when he found the spot he was looking for. The erection he was bobbing up and down on grew harder in his mouth.

Finally judging the result to be to his liking, he rubbed his way back up his lover‘s body and reached under the pillows for the tube he knew he would find there. He opened it and squeezed some onto his hand.

"I bet you think you know what‘s going to happen next, don‘t you," he whispered into an ear, following the words with a slow lick along the entire curve of the ear. Tom nodded, almost frantically, his eyes pleading for more. "Well you‘re wrong. I‘m not going to fuck you."

Ignoring the look of disappointment in the blue eyes he reached down and started coating the other man‘s erection with the lubricant. Then, reaching behind him, he sat down hard on the erection, impaling himself in one stroke. Tom screamed from behind his gag. Chakotay gasped and held still for a moment, watching the shocked expression on his lover‘s face as he waited for the pain to fade as he adjusted. One hand reached to knead at the breast of the other man, while his other hand moved to stroke his own erection. Finally Chakotay reached to release the other man‘s gag. Tom spat out the wadded-up cloth and started babbling "oh god, oh god," under his breath as his hips jerked upwards, out of control.

Chakotay started moving then, sliding up and down on the other man‘s cock. Gradually he sped up, matching it with his fist pumping his own cock. "Is this what you want, Tom? Is this what you need? Because it‘s what I need. Too long without this. Too long without you. Won‘t let that happen again." He clenched his ass around the invader, smiling at the noise it provoked.

He could feel his balls drawing up in preparation for orgasm and started moving faster on Tom‘s cock. Blue eyes rolled back and Tom surged upwards as far as he could and screamed. Feeling the pumping inside of him, Chakotay froze and then splattered his own release all over the chest heaving beneath him. Then they sank back to the mattress and gradually pulled apart.

* * * * *

The two men lay panting on the bed, half-asleep and completely satiated. Tom rolled over and cuddled up to Chakotay‘s side, arms still pulled above his head.

"Happy anniversary, love. That was... incredible"

"Hmmm... It was, wasn‘t it?"

"Definitely. We‘ll have to try that again sometime. Now... how ‚bout letting me loose?"

Chakotay chuckled, released the chains and mopped both of them up with the rest of Tom‘s costume. Then he dragged both of them to their feet. "Computer, end program."

The whites of Yoran‘s bed-chamber vanished, replaced with the holodeck‘s grid pattern. Two piles of clothing were left on the floor. Chakotay‘s were in a mound next to them, while Tom‘s were neatly folded where they had been hidden by the bed. Tom stood there, still wearing only the manacles. ‚Uh oh,‘ Chakotay thought, having expected them to disappear with everything else.

"Tom... where did you find those?" Chakotay nodded towards Tom‘s bound wrists.

"In one of your boxes last week. Why?"

"Ummm... I don‘t quite know how to say this..."

"Spit it out Cuddles." Tom was starting to look worried.

"I never did figure out how those worked... I‘m going to have to call B‘Elanna to find out."

"WHAT?" Tom practically shrieked. He turned red knowing that Torres was going to be able to figure out exactly why Chakotay would need that information from her. Chakotay was looking a little pink himself.

"Dammit, Chakotay, Next time you are wearing the restraints!"