Author: Claire Wright (Brighteyes)
Rating: PG 
Title: Decent Proposal 
Started: 4/25/99 
Finished: can remember? 
Code: P/T and some slight J/C (note the word slight). 
Summary: The events leading up to and after Tom Paris proposing to B’Elanna. Set in season 5 a couple of months after the 
events of Thirty Days. 

Disclaimer: Tom, B’Elanna and the rest of the 100 and something people on Voyager all belong to Paramount! And I’m only borrowing them and promise to give them back in one piece (well relatively.) 

Authors rambles: This is my first ever fan fic and I would really appreciate any feed back which you can send to please be nice. I apolagize in advance for the quality of spelling and I‘d like to say thanks to a friend of mine, Sue Kitchen, who cheacked this for me ? Thanks! 

Ensign Tom Paris was sitting in the mess hall staring out to space after just finishing a particularly boring shift at the helm. Every since he had been in the brig he thought his life just couldn’t get any duller. His life had become the same old routine, get up, get dressed, have breakfast, go to the bridge. 

If he was lucky Voyager may come across a bunch of hostile aliens who wanted to blow them out of the sky, finish his shift, spend some time with B’Elanna and then start again. The highlight of his days was seeing B’Elanna, ever since his stint in the bridge he tried to spend as much time with her as possible. 

Tonight it was Neelix’s monthly moral boosting party. Neelix had approached Tom a couple of days after he had come from his shift on the bridge and asked him to help create a new holodeck venue for the party, at first Tom had said no but Neelix and B’Elanna gradually talked him into agreeing to help. Between them they had created a program resembling a great stateroom like many of the ones Tom was dragged around as a child where his father would show him off to his friends. The floor of the stateroom was made of marble and there were different shaped and sized banners and emblems on the wall. There was a crystal chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling and several candles around the room and there was a large flight of stairs leading up to a second floor. There was a set of double doors at the back of the room, which lead out to a grand garden with a swimming pool that had little candles surrounding it so they reflected off the water. 

Even thought Tom had helped create the stateroom he still didn’t feel like attending the party. In truth he hadn’t felt like socializing with many people since the brig incident let alone the captain. Tom still couldn’t understand why she acted like that. Granted he had broken Starfleet protocol and the Prime Directive but wasn’t she the one who always acted if she believed in a cause, she was the first person to break the Prime Directive it stood in the way of something she believed. Anyway he hadn’t said anything about he had just got on with his life. 

B’Elanna had been in Engineering since 0700 that morning, she had spent the night with Tom just like she had spent every night with him since he’d got out of the brig and she wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly before she went to the part that evening. That was after she had convinced Tom to go with her. 

B’Elanna walked in to the mess hall and immediately saw Tom sitting in what had been designated ‘their corner’. She grabbed a coffee from the counter and exchanged a smile with Neelix before walking over to sit with Tom. ‘Hi stranger,’ B’Elanna sat down opposite Tom and smiled. ‘All ready for the party tonight?’ 

‘I’ve already told you B’Elanna, that I’m not going to the party tonight,’ Tom frowned at B’Elanna and prepared himself for the oncoming debate. 

‘Why Tom? After all that time you and Neelix spent designing the holodeck program for it.’ 
‘I’ve told you why before B’Elanna,’ Tom stared into her chocolate brown eyes and silently begged for understanding. 

B’Elanna looked into Tom’s eyes and saw the pleading in their blue depths, she set down her coffee and took his hands in hers ‘Listen to me Tom, you can’t hide away from people, trust me I should know. Anyway I don’t know what your hiding from, a hell of a lot of people on this ship admire you for what you did. Hardly anyone thought as you as the ‚believe in a cause kinda guy‘. They respected you before and most of them respect you even more now even if they won’t admit it especially the former Maquis, a lot of them disagreed with the Captain‘s punishment and though she was way out of line. They don’t respect you any less just because you lost your rank, haven’t you noticed hardly anyone will call you ‘Ensign’ unless the Captains around? You can’t hide away forever and believe me people have noticed the change in you and I know as well as anyone on this ship that we want the old Tom Paris back.’ 

Tom looked deep into B’Elanna’s eyes and saw that she was telling the truth. He squeezed her hand and looked around the mess hall. He laid eyes on Neelix and thought about how much the Talaxian had begged him to attend the party and how disappointed he had seemed when Tom he had said he couldn‘t make it. ‘Alright then Torres I’ll come to this party but what’s in it for me?’ 

Tom asked as he stared back into her eyes with a mischievous glint in his eyes. 

‘Well I don’t know,’ drawled B’Elanna ‘but I do know that I get to walk around with the sexiest man on Voyager attached to my arm and make all the other ladies just the brightest bit green,’ 

B’Elanna smiled at him and then finished her coffee. ‘It’s informal dress right?’ 

‘Yep,’ replied Tom. 

‘Great I can’t wait to show you what I’m going to wear,’ 

B’Elanna smiled mischievously and stood up pulling Tom with her and then kissing him squarely on the lips ‘You’ll never guess who Harry’s going with,’ she said as and Tom made there way to the exit. 


‘Jenny Delany.’ 

‘Jenny!? But Harry likes Megan.’ 

‘Yeah well apparently his attentions shifted,’ B’Elanna replied as the doors closed behind the couple. 

It was 1630 and the party didn’t start until 1800 and Tom walked down the corridor towards Sickbay. 

‘Doc? Hey Doc you in here? Computer, activate Emergency Medical Hologram. 

‘Please state…. Hello?’ 

‘Doc, over here.’ 

‘Ah, Mr. Paris, what are you doing here you next shift isn’t until tomorrow,’ the Doctor frowned as he stared at Tom. 

‘Yeah and its good to see you too Doc. Actually I came to ask for some advice.’ 

‘You came too ask me for advice? The doctor actually looked surprised. 

‘Well your opinion actually but some advice too,’ Tom stated as he walked past the Doctor and into the area where the medical supplies were stored. 

‘What actually do you want my opinion on Tom?’ 

‘Well you see, and if you breathe a word of this to anyone I swear I’ll dismantle your mobile emitter!’ Tom threatened as he began to pace. 

‘Well considering I don’t breath..’ 

‘You know what I mean Doc. Now do you want to know what I actually want you opinion on or not?’ Tom asked as he continued nervously pacing up and down the storage compartment. 

‘Yes of course I do, and will you please stop pacing its making me nervous.’ 

‘Yeah well, I agreed to go to this party that Neelix is throwing and I thought it would be the perfect place to do something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.’ 


‘I thought it would be the perfect place to propose to B’Elanna,’ Tom stopped pacing and stared expectedly at the 

Doctor. ‘Well say something.’ 

‘What can I say? Your not going to propose to her publicly are you?’ the Doctor asked. 

‘No of course I’m not, some where private away from everyone. Well any way that’s not the real reason I came here. I can’t decide what engagement ring to give her, I’ve got plenty of ideas I just can’t decide which one to give her.’ 

‘Well let me have a look and I’ll help you pick one out.’ 

In the end they had decided on a ring with gold and white gold bands interlaced with each other and small diamond and topaz crystals in each of the gaps between the bands. Tom stood in the turbolift on his way to deck four and took the ring out of his pocket. Nervously he turned it around in his fingers ‚I hope the gods are smiling on me tonight’ he thought as he stepped out of the turbolift and walked toward his/their quarters. Although they hadn’t officially filed a request for a room of their own B’Elanna had gradually moved out of her quarters and settled in to his, not that it bothered Tom in the slightest. 

When Tom walked in to their quarters he could hear the shower running and he walked into the bathroom. 


‘Huh?’ B’Elanna poked her head out the side of the shower. 

‘Do you want me to scrub your back?’ 

‘You’re a pig Paris.’ 

Tom ducked as a wet flannel went sailing over his head. 

As B’Elanna entered the sleeping area she saw Tom dressed in black trousers, white shirt and a black jacket. ‘Harry said he’d come by and collect us at 1750,’ B’Elanna said as she slipped her hands under his jacket and on to his chest. ‘You look gorgeous you know, and your mine Helmboy.’ 

‘Believe me I know and I would be anyone else’s,’ Tom turned around and met B’Elanna’s lips halfway ‘You look absolutely stunning,’ he mumbled as he kissed her ‘I’m the luckiest guy around.’ 

B’Elanna broke away and looked at his skeptically ‘Do I look okay?’ 

‘I’ve just told you, you look absolutely stunning and I think any man in the right frame of mind would agree with me. 

Just as B’Elanna was about to respond the door chime sounded ‘that will be Harry and Jenny, ready to go Tom?’ B’Elanna turned and answered the door. 

‘Hey Tom’ 

‘Hey Harry, Hi Jenny, how are you,’ Tom replied as the checked his trouser pocket to make sure he had the ring. 

‘Okay I’m ready let’s go.’ 

When the four of them got to the holodeck the were already a lot of people there. 

‘Oh my god it’s beautiful…’ 

‘Tom you and Neelix created this right?’ 

B’Elanna just squeezed Tom’s arm and smiled up at him. 

‘Ah, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the party,’ Neelix was quick to tell them were everything was. ‘You’ll find the food at various sides of the room and the dance floor in the center of the room, if there is anything else you need feel free to ask, apart from that enjoy the party,’ Neelix smiled and left them as he went to greet the other guests. 

B’Elanna looked all around the room, there were candles on the wall and tables and there was no other light except for the candles, there was also a orchestral in one corner of the room playing soft and slow music. As usually there were groups of people dotted all over the room and there were some couples on the dance floor. B’Elanna lead Tom over to a group of Engineers which consisted of Carey, Vorik, Nicoletti, Chafin and others. 

After a while as Tom had predicted B’Elanna and the group of engineers had got on the topic of work and Tom quietly excused himself from the discussion and went to join Neelix in greeting the guests to the party. 

B’Elanna had finished her conversation with her Engineers and set off to find Tom and drag him onto the dance floor. ‘Tom come and dance with me.’ 

‘Dance with you, Dance with you, hang on, no sorry that isn’t in my job description,’ Tom said sarcastically starring a B’Elanna with his arms folded across his chest. 

‘Dance with me Paris or I’ll rip out your heart and eat it raw,’ B’Elanna grabbed Tom by the arm and lead him to the dance floor. 

After dragging Tom to the dance floor and putting her arms around his waist her head on his shoulder she felt him begin to relax as his shoulders loosened and he put his hands on the small of her back. 

From the side of the room Captain Janeway watched B’Elanna drag Tom to the dance floor and make him dance. ‘I didn’t think he’d come, Chakotay.’ 

‘Who, Tom? Why?’ 

‘He’s been so distant since it all happened.’ Janeway watched as B’Elanna lifted her head from Tom shoulder and kissed him deeply. 

‘He’s a Paris, Kathryn. He’ll get through it.’ 

‘Paris’s are stubborn Chakotay, Tom and his father haven’t talked for the best part of seven years, they don’t forgive people who hurt them.’ 

‘What makes you think you hurt him?’ 

‘You didn’t see his eyes when I chasten and demoted him in my ready room.’ 

‘He worships you Kathryn, He’ll die for you without being asked.’ Chakotay wrapped his arms around his Captain. ‘Just give him sometime.’ 

Kathryn watched as Tom and B’Elanna went out into the garden. ‘I hope so Chakotay I hope so.’ 

Tom and B’Elanna sat on a bench in the garden watching the moon and the candles reflect off the water in the swimming pool. 

‘Are you glad you came to the party Tom?’ B’Elanna turned her attention to her lover as he took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders. 

‘I don’t know let me think about it and I’ll let you know later,’ Tom replied. 

‘How much later?’ B’Elanna watched as Tom eyes flickered over to the pool and back to settle on her eyes. ‘How much later Paris?’ 

Suddenly Tom lifted B’Elanna of the bench they were sitting on and walked over too the pool. 

‘Tom don’t you dare! Tom no! You dump me in that pool and your life won’t be worth living! I swear Paris! I’ll rip out you heart and eat it in front of you while your still alive to see it.’ B’Elanna screamed as Paris un-ceremonially tossed her into the pool. 

‘You die Paris! I swear to the gods you die!’ B’Elanna stared furiously at her lover as he tried to keep from laughing. ‘Don’t just stand there, help me out like the gentleman you’re supposed to be.’ 

Tom knelt down at the edge of the pool and gazed at B’Elanna 

‘Yeah but that’s the problem Torres, if I go to help you out of 

the pool you’ll pull me in and then we’d both be wet.’ 

‘Now why would I go and do a stupid thing like that, Paris? Then we’ll both be we. B’Elanna wadded over to the side of the pool and smiled innocently up at Tom as he stared down at her. Then she quickly grabbed Tom by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into the pool head first. 

Paris came up spluttering for air to see B’Elanna trying unsuccessfully to stifle back the laughter. ‘That makes us even, Helmboy.’ 

‘We’ll see about that.’ 

The lovers proceeded to have a wresting match in the water neither one of them successfully pinning each other down. It ended with them sharing a bone searing kiss and declaring the fight a draw. Tom broke from the kiss first and stared into B’Elanna’s eyes. ‘I love you, you know and I don’t tell you 
often enough.’ B’Elanna was about o reply when suddenly Tom went down on one knee and stared deep into her eyes. ‘B’Elanna, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’ve been looking for the right moment to ask you and now seems as good as any. B’Elanna Torres we you do me the honor of becoming my wife?’ 

B’Elanna didn’t know what to say here was the person whom she loved down on one knee proposing to her. So she didn’t say anything she just kissed him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, long and hard. 

As B’Elanna kissed him Tom slipped the ring, which himself and the doctor had finally chosen, on to B’Elanna’s finger and returned then concentrated on returning her kiss. 

The next morning the pair were asleep in Tom’s quarters when the sound of the doctor’s voice echoed through the sleeping area. 

‘Rise and shine Mr. Paris the patients are screaming out for our trainee medic, who’s still asleep.’ 

‘Urr, Doc leave me alone,’ Tom complained as he shifted in B’Elanna’s embrace. ‘I’ve only just gone to bed.’ 

‘It’s 0930 hours Mr. Paris and your shift started 15 minutes ago. If you off duty activities are going to make you late for your duty shift I might just have to write a report concerning you to the captain.’ 

‘Doctor, leave him alone and let him wake up in peace,’ B’Elanna rolled over and stared at the EMH on the console screen. 

‘Ah good morning Lieutenant. I had no idea Mr. Paris shared his quarters with anyone, it’s not in the computer files. 

‘All right! I’m up already! I’ll be there soon Doc, just go away,’ Tom kissed B’Elanna on her forehead and rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. 

‘I’ll see you in 5 minutes Mr. Paris,’ the EMH smiled smugly as he called after Tom. ‘And we’ll be sure to add on the missed time on to the end of your duty shift tonight Mr. Paris. 

‘Doctor,’ B’Elanna glared at the Doc. ‘It’s your monthly tune up today and if I find out you’ve been harassing Tom you should be very afraid. Do we understand each other?’ 

‘You wouldn’t dare,’ The doctor sounded shocked as he comprehended B’Elanna’s threat. 

‘And I won’t just dismantle you holo emitter,’ B’Elanna grabbed her robe from the side of the bed and walked into the bathroom just in time to see Tom coming out of the shower. ‘The Doctor shouldn’t give you such a hard time Tom. We’ve had a little chat,’ B’Elanna smiled and wrapped her arms around her lovers wet chest. ‘Meet you for dinner?’ 

‘Yep, that’s if the doctor doesn’t insist on keeping me back.’ 

‘He wouldn’t dare,’ B’Elanna murmured as she capture Tom’s lips with her own. 

The Doctor was sitting at his desk in his office going over his latest scans of his patients in sickbay when he heard the doors to sickbay open and looked up in time to see Tom Paris enter. 

‘The nurse is in.’ Tom looked around sickbay to see a couple of people laying in biobeds and the doctor in his office. 

‘It’s about time, what time do you call this?’ 

‘I’m sorry Doc,’ Tom entered the office and sat in the spare chair. ‘Let’s just say I had rather a late night last night and I, we slept through the wake up call.’ 


‘So, What?’ 

‘How did it go last night? Did you propose to B’Elanna or did you not bother?’ The Doctor stopped reading the scans and focused all his attention on the man sitting opposite him. 

‘Yes I did propose to her and lets just say so far she’s in a very good mood so don’t go and spoil it.’ Tom stared at the Doctor and grinned. ‘And if you want the truth that’s why I over slept.’ 

‘Your own personal celebration party.’ The Doctor smiled at Tom ‘It sounds to me that your days as a bachelor will soon be over Tom. May I be the first to offer my congratulations to you and your fiancée.’ 

‘Thanks Doc for your help and everything. And as for my days as a bachelor, I for one couldn’t be more happier that they will soon be at an end.’ To, grinned and then his expression turned serious. ‘So what’s wrong with our patients?’ 

‘We’ve got another case of the Bolian flu going around.’ 

‘Uh not another one.’ 

B’Elanna was sitting in the messhall waiting for Tom to show up for their prearranged dinner. When she had walked into engineering that morning the first person to notice she was wearing an engagement ring was Vorik of all people. Since then she had been ambushed by at least twelve dozen people offering their congratulations and best wishes. She had just wished she was some were less public like Tom. She also knew that the little fact of her engagement although only one night old would be spreading around the ship like wildfire and it wouldn’t be too long before the Captain and Chakotay found out. 

Captain Janeway was sitting in her ready room going over the latest engineering reports when she heard the chime to the ready room doors announce that someone was waiting to be allowed entrance. ‘Enter.’ 

The doors parted to revel her first officer ‘Evening Captain.’ 

‘Chakotay, coffee?’ 


Janeway stood up from behind her desk a moved towards the replicator. ‘Cream two sugars?’ 

‘Yep,’ Chakotay sat on the coach as Kathryn handed him his coffee. 

‘So what has been happening today while I’ve been up to my eyeballs in reports?’ 

‘Nothing much,’ Chakotay smiled ‘No spaceial anomalies or hostile aliens who want to blow us out of the sky. 

‘That’s a good sign.’ 

‘Engineering reports that the warp core is running at peak efficiency. Seven says the astrometric sensors have been successfully upgraded. Oh and there’s another case of the Bolian flu going around.’ 

‘Oh no, Again? I wonder if the Doctor will be able to come up with a vaccine against it.’ 

‘You never know it could be worth a try,’ Chakotay took a sip from his coffee and looked directly at the captain. ‘There is something else.’ 


‘There’s a rumor going around about Tom and B’Elanna. Well it’s not exactly a rumor. A lot of people are saying B’Elanna wearing an engagement ring.’ 

‘A rumor?’ Kathryn glanced at Chakotay. ‘I suppose we’ll just have to find out.’ 

Tom had just finished his shift with the doctor and was on his way to the mess hall to meet B’Elanna for dinner. 

‘Congratulations sir.’ A crewman in a blue uniform walked past on the way to the turbolift. 

Tom sat down next to B’Elanna in the mess hall. ‘Hey.’ 

‘Hello. How did your shift go?’ 

‘Fine, the doctor didn’t give me a hard time about sleeping in and that was about it. How about you? How did your shift go?’ 

‘Well I’d been in engineering for the best part of two minutes and Vorik noticed I was wearing an engagement ring. Then he questioned me on who I was getting married too and it took me the best part of fifteen minutes to explain it too him. So don’t be surprised if it’s all the way around the ship by now. You know how hard it is to keep a secret on this ship. 

Tom stared around the mess hall suddenly feeling very self conscious. ‘ It’s not a secret though. How long do you think it will take for the Captain to find out?’ 

‘She probably already knows,’ B’Elanna followed Tom’s gaze around the mess hall. ‘She’s probably waiting for us to tell her though.’ 

‘Yeah maybe. I tell you what why don’t we go to our quarters or the holodeck? I suddenly feel the need for a little privacy,’ Tom stood up and extended his hand to B’Elanna. 

‘What program do you suggest?’ B’Elanna slipped her hand through Tom’s arm. ‘Driving on Mars? Sailing on one of the Great Lakes? 

Captain Janeway was sitting in her chair starring out off the view screen wondering how to of the ships most volatile people had come together and would soon be married. She was also thinking if the blue eyed one of the two would ever learn to trust her again. Kathryn knew it had hurt him just as much as it had hurt her that day in her ready room. She had watched him grow so much in the past four years but none so much as when he and B’Elanna had found themselves in each other. Kathryn had got her wish and they had stopped sparing with each other and began to form a real relationship. Tom had helped B’Elanna live with both sides of her ancestry and B’Elanna had helped Tom gradually 
begin to take down those walls with which he hid himself from people. 

Kathryn’s thoughts were interrupted when she felt a hand cover hers. ‘A penny for your thoughts,’ Chakotay stared intently into his captain’s bluey gray eyes. 

‘I was just thinking about everyone’s favorite couple. Talking about Tom isn’t he supposed to be on duty?’ The captain stared at her Chakotay and then at the officer at the helm. ‘Ensign Brox where is Mr. Paris?’ 

‘He swapped shifts with Lieutenant Johnson Ma’am.’ 

‘What time does he come on duty?’ 

‘1500 hours ma’am.’ 

‘Thank you Ensign.’ 

‘Commander at 1530 hours I want to see both Lieutenant Torres and Mr. Paris in my ready room.’ 

‘Aye Captain.’ 

‘You have the bridge Commander,’ Janeway rose from her chair and made her way towards her ready room. 

Tom was lounging around in his quarters trying once again to read the stack full of reports he still had too do when the door chime rang. 

‘Tom answer the door,’ B’Elanna called from the sleeping area. ‘I’m sill getting dressed.’ 

‘I had every intention of getting the door Lanna, considering I’m nearly right next to it,’ Tom got up and walked over to the doors and then pressed the release button and they whooshed open. ‘Harry my friend, what can I do for you?’ 

‘I just heard the rumor going round and I came to see if its true,’ Harry entered the room and faced Tom. 

‘What rumor Harry?’ B’Elanna asked as she crossed into the living area. 

‘The rumor that you and Tom are engaged.’ 

B’Elanna walked over to Tom and pulled him in to an embrace. 

‘Well the last time I checked I was still wearing an engagement ring and still going out with Tom.’ 

‘Congratulations, both of you. When did this happen?’ 

‘Thanks Harry,’ Tom smiled and moved away from B’Elanna. ‘And if you take a seat I’ll reveal all.’ 

‘Well. Spill the beans Paris. I haven’t got all day’ 

‘Okay, Okay. I actually proposed to B’Elanna at the party the other night.’ 

‘Your kidding. And nobody found out?’ 

‘Well not until the next day anyway.’ 

‘Well I’ll give you 100 percent for style Tom. When’s the wedding?’ 

‘The wedding? I don’t know ask B’Elanna,’ Tom glanced at his partner ‘When’s the wedding B’Elanna?’ 

‘I don’t know. I’m still getting through the shock of you proposing to me. You decide.’ 

‘Why should I decide?’ Tom turned to face B’Elanna with a mock serious look on his face. 

‘Because you’re the one that proposed, that’s why.’ B’Elanna replied with the same mock serious look on her face. 

‘Of course I proposed, it’s a tradition.’ 

‘Oh really.’ 

‘Okay, I take it you haven’t decided when the wedding will be yet. It doesn’t matter.’ Harry interrupted their little squabble with a nervous look on his face. 

‘It’s okay Harry,’ B’Elanna reassured their friend. ‘We’re not going to have an argument, were just mucking around. Would you believe how stressful it is having everyone come up to you and offer their congratulations. Believe it enough you actually the first person we have actually told.’ 

‘I’m honored. What are you guys doing later?’ 

‘Nothing yet..’ 

Just then the desk console beeped. Tom jumped up from the couch and padded over to read the message. ‘Lanna the Captain want’s to see us at 1530 hours.’ 

‘What do you think she wants? B’Elanna stared at Tom as he sat down. 

‘I don’t know. I don’t really care either.’ 


‘What? I’m just saying I don’t think anything can spoil the mood I’m in at the moment. So Harry you were saying, about what we were doing later.’ 

‘Yeah I was wondering if you wanted to come to dinner with me and Jenny later.’ 

‘Lanna? Do you want to go?’ Tom looked at B’Elanna. 

‘Yes, if nothing comes up. I would love to come Harry.’ 

‘Great, If nothing comes up we’ll meet you in holodeck 2 at 2100 hours?’ 

‘Yeah sure Harry.’ 

‘Great, look I’ve got to go, congratulations on your engagement and I’ll see you later,’ Harry got up from his seat and moved towards the exit. 

‘Hey Harry,’ Tom called after his friend. ‘When we do finally decide on a day for the wedding, I’ll need a best man.’ 

Harry beamed ‘I would be honored Tom. Thanks.’ 

It was 1525 and the Captain was pacing in her ready room and drinking her fifth cup of coffee in the past half an hour. Tom and B’Elanna were due to come in five minutes and she still hadn’t decided what to say to them yet. Kathryn was secretly very happy about their rumored engagement, but as Captain of the ship it was one of her jobs to ensure the moral of the crew stayed happy. And with all the rumors going around about Tom and B’Elanna, Kathryn was sure that if the ships main sources of 
gossip, such as the Delany sisters, didn’t find out soon if it was true of not, that they might die from the suspense. 

The door chimes rang just as Kathryn had settled back down in her chair at her desk ‘Enter.’ 

The doors parted and Tom and B’Elanna walked in and came to rest at attention in front of her desk. 

‘At ease both of you.’ 

‘You wanted to see us Captain?’ Tom locked eyes with his Captain as she rose from her chair.’ 

‘Yes. I did, Have a seat both of you. I asked you to come here so that I could possibly sort out a problem that is affecting the ship.’ 

‘Captain.’ Both her officers replied in unison and both looked very confused. 

‘There is a very popular rumor going around the ship that is affecting a few of the crews performance and it concerns you two. Quite a few officers are literally bursting at the seams to find out if the rumor that the two of you are engaged is actually true or not.’ Kathryn watched as her two officers expressions when from confused to complete joy. ‘And considering the two of you have been keeping a rather low profile for the past two days I thought calling you hear would be the only way to find out whether its true or not.’ 

‘Yes it is true Captain,’ B’Elanna smiled as she looked at her Captain. ‘Tom proposed to me at Neelix’s party. No Tom threw me in the swimming pool then proposed to me at Neelix’s party.’ 

‘You threw B’Elanna in the swimming pool?’ Kathryn smiled at Tom. ‘You must have been feeling brave.’ 

‘I felt like being different Captain,’ Tom smiled at his Captain. ‘To clear up any confusion over our sudden engagement why don’t you announce it?’ 

‘That’s not a bad idea.’ Kathryn smiled wickedly and then addressed her crew. ‘Attention, his is the captain speaking. 

Over the past few days there has been a rumor going around concerning two of my senior officers, Lieutenant Torres and Ensign Paris. I would just like to say that the rumor going around is completely and utterly true. Lieutenant Torres and Ensign Paris became engaged two nights ago. In celebration of this event there will be a party on the holodeck tomorrow evening.’ 


(for now anyway. If I get some nice feedback I might write a sequal)