When Her Walls Have Fallen III
~ Things to Come

B'Elanna stretched slowly, groaning in pleasure as she slipped the satin robe over her freshly scrubbed body. A sonic shower was nothing if not effective, but she was looking forward to the bath Tom had promised her for later. Right now, however, it was time for dessert.

Tom had left a few minutes earlier to prepare the living area of his quarters for their addition to Neelix's wonderfully prepared meal. The memory of the grilled fish made B'Elanna's mouth water once more. She grinned. Sometimes having Neelix around wasn't all that bad.

Pulling at the hem of the too short robe Tom had given her for her last birthday, B'Elanna shook out her lengthening hair and slipped quietly into the other room. The living area lights had been dimmed to nearly nonexistent, and shadows danced on the walls. She raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Tom? Candles?"

Tom smiled as he emerged from the shadows. His black satin robe glinted in the flickering light, and took her breath away. His hair was still damp and tousled, a single droplet of water trickling down over his temple that just begged to be licked off his flesh. B'Elanna trembled, the familiar fire building deep within her body. A soft growl formed in the back of her throat.

"I figured with most of the crew off the ship, we could indulge ourselves a little. Just don't let Tuvok know I disabled the safeties or he'll have a fit."

B'Elanna leaned against the doorway as she watched Tom move around his quarters. She loved watching him at home. The stress of days gone by had started to etch its path into his beautiful flesh, but he was still unmarred in her eyes. No matter how tired, no matter how stressed or upset he was, Tom was always beautiful to her. Even in that stupid Captain Proton outfit he had been so proud of. Even when he was at his most annoying. Even when she was pissed off at him. He was always beautiful to her. 

"B'Elanna?" He looked at her curiously, but she just smiled.

Age was starting to show on him a little more these days too. His flesh was beginning to fill out, his hair receding just that much further, but she liked it. No, she loved it. She loved him, but then he knew that, most of the time. Sometimes she wondered about his feelings towards her; he'd never actually said the words that would set her heart at ease, but then, did she really need to hear them? She already knew that she meant more to him than anything else. At least, mostly everything else. She knew that it wasn't just sex that kept him hanging around. The look in his eyes whenever she was in danger, the beat of his heart when ever she approached, the scent of his passion whenever he climaxed, that all said something to her. It screamed love to her, but sometimes, that little niggling doubt had to sneak in and ruin her night. 

Not tonight, however. Tonight that doubt was banished by her own determination. There was too much about the way Tom treated her to let that doubt take seed. She knew very little about his parents, he hardly ever talked about them, except to berate his father, and even that had rarely come up recently. Still, something must have been right in his upbringing. He treated her like a goddess most days; somehow, in amongst all his other concerns, he managed to always make sure she had everything she wanted or needed. Sometimes she thought herself selfish for taking it all and still asking more. Sometimes she considered herself a vampire, leeching all the emotion he could give out of his willing flesh. Sometimes she considered herself unworthy of his devotion. Then he would smile at her the way he was right now, his blue eyes catching the light and sparkling like nothing else she'd ever seen, his heart beating so loudly she could almost hear it from across the room, his scent filling her senses and making her take a step forward, and she knew it didn't matter. Even if she doubted herself, Tom didn't. He knew the woman she was inside, and even if he didn't speak the words, he loved her.

She moved towards him now, stopping when only the sofa separated them. She inhaled deeply, catching the sweet scent of his recently cleaned, and even more recently aroused, flesh intermingled with the smell of sex that permeated the room, and something else. Her tongue dipped out to wet her lips and her eyes darkened.

"Chocolate," she half growled, her eyes scanning the room.

He laughed lowly, "And strawberries, as m'lady demanded."

She grinned, settling-cross legged into the corner of the sofa. "Bring it on, flyboy."

Tom appeared moments later in front of her, a platter of strawberries and fudge sauce in one hand. He sat on the sofa near to her, letting the platter rest on the coffee table he had brought close to their perch. He took a single strawberry, sans fudge, and lowered it to her lips. 

With carefully slow movements he drew the moist berry across her lips, leaving flavor in its wake. He dipped the end into her mouth letting her bite off a tiny piece, watching as her strong teeth devoured the little piece of fruity flesh. Her tongue darted out to ease away the trace of strawberry juice on her lips and he bent his head forward. Tom sucked her warm tongue into his own mouth, tasting her treat as he kissed her deeply. Pulling away reluctantly, he returned the strawberry to her bereaved mouth, watching with tortured eyes as she drew the berry in between her lips, sucking it gently. With every movement of her jaw, Tom bit back a groan. His fingers pressed the berry in and out of her mouth gently until every last morsel had been consumed. 

B'Elanna settled back leisurely, and sighed. "Where did you find such ripe fruit?"

Tom blinked. She couldn't possibly have missed the connotations... could she? "Uh, Harry and I messed around with the replicator a while back. It only took a bit of tweaking."

She drew her lip in between her teeth and looked up at him. "Whatever you did, don't change a thing."

Tom smiled, "Yes, ma'am."

He reached over to the table to pick up another berry, this time dipping it into the warm fudge sauce. Before B'Elanna knew what was happening, her mouth had been thoroughly lathered in chocolate, and Tom's tongue was darting across and between her lips. Her groan was long and loud as her own tongue did battle with his, searching for the sweet taste of sugar to mingle with the salty taste of Tom. She pulled her head back, exposing her neck to him. He wasted no time, lowering his head to the hollow in her throat, thrusting his tongue out against her flesh, before sucking the sweet skin of his beloved in between his teeth. 

B'Elanna whimpered softly as he nibbled against her flesh, his teeth cutting into her sensitive skin as she dragged her fingers up his back. She lost herself in the feel of the silky satin protecting his body from her nails. "Is this what you had in mind for our dessert?"

"Mmm, my dessert at least." His fingers pulled at her belt, sliding the sides of her robe open, before slipping up her body to cup her breasts. Her head dropped back against the arm of the sofa as his hands kneaded her flesh into a state of arousal beyond her control. Before she even knew what was happening, warm chocolate flowed down her chest, making her nipple harden and pucker against the sudden temperature change. She gasped with pleasure as Tom's mouth came down just as quickly, sucking her nipple between his teeth as his tongue flicked at it. Her hips jerked against him with an uninhibited manner she exposed only to Tom. She could barely contain a scream of passion as his teeth worked against her nipple harder before he sucked most of her breast into his hot mouth. His tongue lapped up what was left of the chocolate. He raised his face to her, grinning from ear to ear as he licked chocolate from the corners of his mouth.

"Good chocolate, too," he murmured before dousing her other breast with chocolate and diving down to suckle her clean. 

Not to be out done, B'Elanna's fingers quickly worked Tom's gorgeous body from his robe, tossing the piece of cloth to the side as her nails dug into his back. Not able to reach his body with her mouth, she let her fingers bite into him for her, cutting then massaging away the wounds. The tips of her fingers delved into his cuts, making him groan with the slight pain of her penetration. She bucked her hips up against his erection once again, moving so that he was trapped between her legs, then sliding up and down, making him groan as his length slid between her strong thighs.

"B'Elanna!" he groaned desperately, easing away from her breast.

"You didn't really think I'd let you play all by yourself did you?" She grinned wickedly as she paused to catch her breath.

He half whimpered, half groaned, but would never deny her. He leaned back, letting her reach for the chocolate sauce. 

"Lay back, and let me do the piloting for once."

Tom's eyes opened widely. "Every time I let you pilot, Chief, you crash the shuttle."

Her hand gripped his throbbing organ tightly, sliding up and down his length, her index nail dragging up his sensitized flesh. "Don't worry, baby, this is one stick shift I know how to work."

Tom closed his eyes as he felt the uncooled sauce drip from the very tip of his penis, sliding down his entire length, pooling around his balls before beginning to slowly drip off his flesh. Before the first drop hit the sofa, B'Elanna's mouth captured and then began its slow trip down his long shaft. The heat and pressure of her lips and tongue made Tom buck beneath her, but her hands on his hips held him steady. More and more of his penis slid into her mouth and he felt himself slowly beginning to slip into her throat. He groaned loudly, his hands tangling into her hair as she at last managed to swallow his entire length. Tom felt every motion of her throat against his organ, every breath she tried to draw, every sound she vocalized, and his eyes rolled back into his head. He'd never realized the skill she possessed, no matter how many times she'd gone down on him, she'd never done this. His mouth worked soundlessly as she allowed him to slide free from her hot, tight throat. Moving one hand up she held his erection steady as he escaped her lips. Her tongue darted out to lick off the last trace of chocolate, spread out by the trace of pre come from the very tip of his organ. He collapsed bonelessly underneath her and ground his teeth together.

"God.. God.. God!" he muttered, words not coming to his rapidly churning mind. His only response was an evil grin that only served to highlight the smoky passion burning in her eyes. He took in a deep breath. "My turn, lady."

With a gentle hand he eased her legs off the sofa, turning her so that her chest and head were rested comfortably against the cushions. His hand slowly massaged the globes of her ass as he reached for the remainder of the chocolate sauce. Spreading her cheeks with a firm hand, Tom allowed the chocolate to drip into the dividing lines of her ass, and watched as it trailed downwards into her wet vagina. He licked his lips in anticipation before lowering his head. 

His tongue worked its way between her lips to start, lapping up the chocolate dripping downwards, teasing the hard bud of her clitoris as he feasted. He teased her chocolate covered clit mercilessly with his talented tongue before slipping upwards and into her body with gentle persistent thrusts. His hands on either side of her body held her still as she tried to thrust out against his face, and she felt his cocky smile against her nether regions as he continued to drive her mad.

She thrust her knuckles into her mouth, biting deeply into her own flesh, hating being out of control. In this position she couldn't touch Tom anywhere, she was at his complete mercy. Still, when his tongue dragged upwards from her aching channel, slipping into the crevice between her ass cheeks, she groaned aloud. Her body arched beneath him as his tongue removed every trace of the chocolate from her, and then returned to her little puckered hole to tease her some more. Her eyes rolled in her head, her body arching and cried out when his hand returned to her clitoris, pinching and pulling at the little nub while his tongue drove her body insane. His thumb pressed into her convulsing channel just in time to send her over the edge, ripping a scream from her oxygen deprived lungs. She howled with satisfaction as her orgasm finally began to ease, just in time to realize that Tom's hands were no longer making her insane. She came to her senses a moment too late, however, just as his penis began pressing in between her labia and driving open her still spasming vagina.

Her howl cut off into a groan as he entered her fully and completely in one stroke, his body pressed up firmly against hers. He leaned down to nibble on her shoulders and neck as he relaxed for a moment, his penis twitching inside her clutching channel. 

"Ready?" he whispered softly to her as her body finally began to relax and she groaned into the pillow.

"Yes!" she hissed, clenching her internal muscles to squeeze him tightly.

His breath caught as she gripped him with nearly impossible strength, testing his resilience to its maximum. He groaned, pulling nearly out of her before sliding back in. He held his breath unconsciously as he moved his hips, sliding deep within her body in slow strokes before picking up his pace. Within moments he could hear the sound of his flesh slapping against her buttocks. His body built up to the over powering need to explode, but he bit it back, needing to hold on for just a few moments longer. He thrust into her rapidly, his groans almost drowning out her gasps of pleasure as he reached under her and found her clitoris. Putting a not so gentle pressure against the sensitized bud, he thrust into her one last time, melding his body into hers as he exploded. His fingers didn't relax as his body stiffened, but rather clutched her little nub harder, rubbing it as fast as his body had been driving into hers, and within moments of his own orgasm she was screaming underneath him once more.

As her body melted under his own, he leaned against her, pressing her into the soft sofa. He rested there for a few minutes, nibbling on the flesh of her shoulder before finally slipping out of her warm tunnel and collapsing next to her. B'Elanna dragged her body up off the floor and fully onto the sofa, resting her head against his chest, pulling her robe over her shoulders as her sweat slickened body began to cool.

She raised her eyes to peer into his loving gaze. "That was... some dessert."

His lips nibbled very gently at her cheek as his hand stroked her hair. "The best."

She groaned and shifted. "Now I really need that bath."

Tom grinned widely, his body slowly beginning to return to attention as images of bathing with his Klingon beauty came to mind. "Allow me, m'lady," he spoke softly, heading to the bathroom to poor the hot water for the rest of their games.

She laughed as she watched him leave the room, calling after him. "What's gotten into you today?"

Tom's head peeked out from around the corner. "I don't know. Maybe it's love." He winked at her and disappeared once again.

B'Elanna sighed and inched down into the sofa, a satisfied glow in her eyes. So he hadn't said he loved her, it was pretty damn close, wasn't it? Yea, it was pretty damned close.