Title:  When Her Walls Have Fallen II
Sub-Title: Epilogue to An Introspective Interlude
Author: Danae Bowen
Series: Voyager
Part: 1/1
Rating: NC17
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Summary:  The crew is on shoreleave, and now that B'Elanna's time for thought is over, time for action has begun.
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When Her Walls Have Fallen II

Epilogue to An Introspective Interlude

Neelix's meal had been creative, but not all together unpleasant.  It had been a fine feast made of grilled fish they had discovered in the subsurface scans of the planet, set over the leaves of some edible plant Neelix had been thrilled to uncover.  For the non carnivorous members of the crew, Neelix prepared an ensemble of steamed vegetables.  To his credit the crew groaned with delight as the tender fish melted upon their lips.  To them all it had seemed years since last tasting such a delicacy, and to many it was.

Neelix's eyes glowed with pleasure as he watched his friends for once thoroughly enjoy his efforts.  To top off the evening he had taken fruits up to Voyager and prepared many pies for dessert.  The crew lined up, all pleasantly chatting as they waited for their slices; no need to hurry, Neelix had made plenty for everyone.  Still, even through the lines of people complimenting today's meal, Neelix couldn't keep his eyes from trailing over to Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres and Ensign Tom Paris.  The Talaxian watched in quiet thought as the two began to ease their way apart from the group.

Neelix smiled.  It was rare that those two had any real quality time together and he enjoyed seeing them so at ease.  He had been witness earlier as B'Elanna chastised Tom for broadcasting their private activities among the command crew and others.  Still, their bickering had been good natured, not always the case.

Not being command crew, Neelix had had more time with Kes during their short years aboard Voyager than Tom and B'Elanna have had in six.  He had once thought that he and Kes had had the type of love that would last forever, but he'd been mistaken.  Kes had been young and innocent; she'd held a childish love for the one she'd seen as her savior.  Neelix realized now, looking back, that they'd never been destined to be more than best friends. Tom and B'Elanna were different, he could see that even from a distance while he gazed at them as they gathered their few belongings and prepared to return to Voyager.  The had everything he and Kes had not; passion for both love and fight, desire for both body and mind, and trust in and of each other.  Tom would never have to worry that B'Elanna would betray him much as Neelix had with Kes because of that trust.  Still, Neelix had learned the hard way not to make assumptions on this voyage.  Tom and B'Elanna may not be guaranteed forever, but in Neelix's opinion they had one hell of a chance to make it so.

Returning his main attention to the rest of the crew, Neelix continued to watch Tom and B'Elanna out of the corner of his eye.  Soon they were ready to transport back to Voyager, and Neelix sighed, smiling softly.  As much as he once had despised Tom Paris for his interest in Kes, Neelix now wished the younger man the best of luck.  If Tom and B'Elanna could find forever upon a ship filled with uncertainties, perhaps the increasingly bleak looking future for the earth bound vessel had better things in store for the rest of her wards as well.

Neelix latched onto this thought as the final material particles of his friends had faded away, and he sighed once again.

"Have fun, you two," he muttered quietly, baring them no resentment for hurrying away while dinner was still in progress.

"What was that, Neelix?"

Neelix looked up to see Harry Kim looking at him curiously.  "Oh, nothing, Ensign Kim, nothing at all.  Now, what type of pie can I interest you in? Tanga root is much like terran rhubarb, or so I'm told.  Or I have berries picked fresh from the mountain bush tree..." Thoughts of Tom and B'Elanna faded with the mention of his latest culinary creations.  Even though Neelix cared for his comrades, he did love his food.


"Do you think anyone noticed us leave?"

"Nah.  Not like anyone would care anyway."

"Was it my imagination or was Neelix looking at us really oddly those last few minutes?"

Shrug.  "He was probably just wondering why we weren't lining up for dessert."

"I don't know..."

"Let it go, B'Elanna. It's not like we're a secret or anything.  Just because we beamed back a little early doesn't mean the entire crew will be discussing our private activities."

Soft smile.  "Private activities?"

Blue eyes darken.  "I believe I owe you dessert."

Tongue darting out to wet lips.  "And a shower."

Gentle growl.  "Oh, yeah."

"Stop that!"

"What, you don't like it?"

"Janeway would have us tortured if she saw!"

"Nah, she'd probably pay us to let her watch."



B'Elanna couldn't help laughing at the mask of complete innocence that came across Tom's face as he slid his hand out from where it had been traveling beneath her two piece swim suit. They had barely exited the transporter room and were standing quietly as they waited for the turbolift, their voices hushed.

Voyager seemed almost unnaturally quiet as she ran on a skeletal crew during this rare shore leave.  For the next week, while they orbited the peaceful planet, shifts were shortened and made bare bones so that many people could enjoy themselves at once.  They all worked incredibly hard with very little time for relaxation; this was a treat that no one on the crew would be allowed to miss.

"So which would you like first, dessert or shower?"

"How about shower, dessert, bubble bath?"  Her brown eyes twinkled.

Tom scrunched up his nose.  "The last time I took a bubble bath with you, Harry teased me for a week."

"Come on, Tom, it was just a little flower."

"It was a long stemmed red rose waiting for me on the helm controls!"

"Baby."  She rolled her eyes.  "I love the scent of roses."

"I love it, too, on you."

B'Elanna shrugged as they stepped into the turbolift.  "All right, if you don't want to take a warm" her fingers trailed to his cheek, "steamy" down to his throat, "wet" to his chest, "bath" she circled his nipple, already hardening beneath his T-shirt, "with me in my tiny tub," she tweaked his nipple gently, her trained ear catching his sharp intake of breath, "I understand."

His breath came out in a low growl as he grabbed her tightly and dragged her mouth up to meet his own, pressing her back harshly into the turbolift walls.  He bit down sharply into her lower lip, drawing blood as he backed away.  "You bitch."

She grinned, her tongue darting out to gently ease away her blood.  "Was that a yes?"

"Did I have a chance?"

"Not a hope in hell, lover."

"The bath water is on your rations."

"That's only fair."

He sighed, resigning himself to smelling like roses for the next while. Silently he wondered if he could reprogram the sonic shower in Harry's quarters to emit the same scent before his friend had the chance to tease him, but then he caught sight of B'Elanna's bikini clad bottom and all rational thought of revenge, at least, faded.

"Hey, B'Elanna?"  His voice was low and gravely.

"Hum?"  She half turned her head, pausing as the doors to his quarters slid open.

"Shower later."

He pushed her through the doors, picking her up easily at the waist, and turning to press her into the wall.  He slipped himself easily between her legs.

B'Elanna brought her hands up against his chest, pushing him back enough to gain some breathing space.  "Tom, what is it about you and walls?"

He shrugged, lowering his mouth to her throat, licking and nipping gently at the soft flesh he found there.

She bit back a soft groan as his teeth nipped at her, glorying at the feel of his bone upon her skin, but still she pushed back. "Tom! Seriously."

He made a frustrated grumbling sound as he tore his mouth away from her sweet, intoxicating taste, and forced his eyes up to meet hers.

"Do we have to examine my sexual quirks right this instant?"

Oh, Kahless, she loved to torture this man, so she nodded.  His jaw clenched in restraint as he allowed one finger to trace her collar bone thoughtfully.

"I don't know, it just seems so... primitive."

Her eyes sparkled, "Why?"

"B'Elanna!" His plea was more a groan now as he pressed his mind numbing erection hard against her.

She had to smother her near sadistic grin as she raised her eyebrow.  "Why?"

"'Cause I like pinning you down, damnit!"

"You like me to be at your mercy, Tom?"  Her heel hooked around his waist, her toe sneaking down his swim shorts, tracing the indent of his ass.

"Christ, yes!"  His eyes closed as he focused his concentration on the feelings her toes were evoking in his tortured body.

"Am I at your mercy now, Tom?"

Finally, he caught on.  "B'Elanna?"

"Yes, Tom?"

"Shut up and fuck me!"

She grinned, "I thought you'd never ask."

Pulling her foot free from his waistband, B'Elanna pushed hard against Tom's chest, sending him tumbling backwards.  She didn't let him recover from the fall, quickly diving down, straddling his waist and claiming his lips in the burning kiss for which he had been longing.

Her teeth grazed over his lips as she moved against him, her own still slightly seeping blood moistening them as she prodded open his mouth and thrust her tongue deep within.  He groaned deeply; he loved the feel of her invading his body, and he closed his lips, trapping her inside, sucking on her tongue softly.  Too often, recently, he'd been in control of their love making sessions, now he had no complaints as she took over.

Tom saw the glimmer of Klingon pride in B'Elanna's eyes, and braced himself as her hands went to the neck of his shirt.  A sharp tearing noise indicated the loss of the tee, but he barely noticed the cloth falling away as she pulled free of his mouth and began slow, biting kisses downward.  Soon her mouth found his still hardened nipple.  His breath leaked out in an almost verbal exhale as she closed her mouth around him, her teeth prodding, nibbling, sucking with ever increasing pressure until he cried out and reached for her head.  She ducked quickly, trailing her kisses downward further.  Another quick rip and his swim shorts were sent flying across the living room.

She smiled down at him, her had dragging across his stomach down to his leg, then up the inside of his thigh.  She paused, her fingertip trailing patterns on the soft flesh of his leg until she managed to coax yet another agonized moan from between his lips.  Finally, she curled her warm fingers around his throbbing erection, her skin but a feather of a touch against his own.

They sighed deeply together as she ever so slowly began to slide her welcome fingers up the long shaft of his penis, feeling his heartbeat through the rush of blood in his veins.  Her fingers trailed downwards once more, her nails at first barely grazing the ever so sensitive flesh of his testicles. She worked her way under them, sliding her finger all the way back to the in dent in his ass before moving back to his testicles once again, her nails a gentle graze.  Her fingers grew more bold, her grip stronger as she steadied the base of his penis before lowering her lips to the head.  With a flick of her tongue she licked delicately at the dewy moisture forming before engulfing him deeply into her warm mouth.

The cry that escaped his lips then was one of half agony, half pleasure. She drew her mouth down, her teeth edging against his flesh with every inch she moved upon him.  Years of practice made this easy on her as she allowed him past the back of her mouth and he gained access to her throat.  She knew exactly he liked most, and paused when she swallowed as much of his length as she could.  Finally, with painstakingly slow movements, she drew upwards once more, exhaling gently through her nose until he was free.  Again she moved down, only taking him halfway before allowing his escape.  She repeated her actions several times, varying the strength of her lips, teeth and tongue, shortening the length of her movements before finally sliding up and allowing his complete escape.  Stroking his penis with a soft hand, she sat up and smiled down at him.

His eyes were glazed over, his teeth cutting a wound in his lips as he had tried desperately to keep from falling over the precipice while her mouth had been upon him.  Now he sighed in regret as the cool air chilled his moistened penis.

Finally, removing her hand from his body, B'Elanna eased her way off his legs, and untied her top.  She allowed it to drop lightly to the floor, but when Tom moved to sit up, she gently placed a foot on his chest to stop him. He stared up at her with an expression that was a hybrid cross between shock and awe, as she bent at the waist, slipping her fingers under her bikini bottoms.  His eyes never left her body as she slowly began to work the bottom to her suit down over her hips.  With a tiny smile, she rolled her hips in slow circles as the small scrap of material gradually began to reveal more and more of her soft body to his starving gaze.  She lifted her foot slightly off his chest, drawing the material off that leg, then pressed down on him harder, using his body to support her weight as she slid the bottoms off her body entirely.

She moved her foot to the other side of Tom's chest now, the inside of her calves gently massaging the outsides of his arms as she continued to roll her hips.  His eyes traced her every movement, his hands clasping her calves, fingers stroking her soft skin with slow gestures.  His hands traced higher up her legs as she bent her knees, and eased her path downwards.  He raised his knees behind her, allowing her to slide against his body until she was settled upon his waist, his still painfully erect penis gentled between her thighs.

She reached down between them, drawing his eyesight to their touching but not connected bodies. Her fingers trailed around the head of his penis, drawing a soft sigh from between his lips.  She slid her fingers down his base, before moving her touch from his body to her own.  Shifting her hips so that he could feel every movement she made, B'Elanna drew her finger up between her lower lips, letting her head roll back on her shoulders before dipping her digit inside her body.  Her free hand moved up to her breast, thumb and forefinger circling her nipple as the same fingers on her other hand circled her clit.  She groaned quietly, her hips moving against her fingers and his penis as she allowed her self to be lost in the sensations. His hands eased up her thighs, moving around his own most sensitive body part to join his fingers with her own.  She gasped aloud as he eased his index finger to join her own finger within her body.  He moved his finger deeply, his long, slow thrusts dragging her own finger in and out of her body until she was writhing with the feel of it.  A grin crossed Tom's face. He moved his other hand to her waist, lowering his knees so that she was eased away from his body very slowly.  Leaving her fingers still moving, now with a more jerking motion rather than the smooth thrusts of earlier, upon her body, Tom clasped his penis gently, and moved the head across her soft folds and her hands.


It wasn't so much a question of permission, but one rather of expectation. Her hand moved, and Tom's hand on her waist combined with the upraise in his knees slowly began to lower B'Elanna onto his throbbing member.  She felt every pulsing plane of him as he millimeter by millimeter and then inch by inch slid into her warm wet channel, making them both growl softly with pleasure.  Finally, Tom was sheathed entirely within B'Elanna's body, and he gazed up at her in worship.  If they lived forever he would never find a feeling that could match her tight channel gripping him with a strength he never thought possible, quivering as he held her in place, pulling him as he finally began to move in long, gentle strokes.  B'Elanna leaned forward, her hands on his chest as she raised her hips, matching Tom's slow thrusts, urging him to push faster.  One of Tom's hands reached up and grasped her breast, pulling the nipple stiff and erect as he continued his thrusts deep into her body.  B'Elanna leaned closer, capturing his lips as they moved, their soft cries caught within the caverns of the others mouth.  Their speed increased; B'Elanna drove herself down on Tom, meeting him thrust for thrust as his hand traveled from her breast down to where they were joined, finding her swollen clit easily.  She groaned loudly into his mouth, biting down upon his lip as his fingers and thrusts increased pressure on her over sensitized body.  Very quickly she began to come apart, recognizing the reaction as her inner walls began to clamp down tighter and tighter onto Tom's penis as he drove impossibly deep into her body.  Faster and faster they came together, her breathing hitching then stopping all together as she shut her eyes tightly, crying out, tumbling over the precipice of passion. It was only a moment later that she felt Tom tighten and explode inside her, his cry following her own as he tore away from her mouth, his body tense with release.

At long last, B'Elanna sat back, her body covered with a sheen of sweat, her breath coming in gasps matching Tom's own labored breathing as she gazed down upon him.

Finally, she found her voice.

"So, what was that about a shower and dessert?"