Life With a Paris - Blood and Water


"Come on, B'Elanna, everyone does it."


"You'll have to get used to it some time."

"But not with a dog."

"You love the dog." Tom's eyes twinkled.

"You have no proof of that. And the answer is still no."


"Listen, Tom, you have my answer, and it's no. If you want to do it, be my guest and act like an idiot, but count me out."

Tom got to his knees on the floor, holding his arms out to Delta. The puppy looked at him appraisingly, before looking back up at B'Elanna, whose feet he was currently warming.

"Come to Daddy, Delta."

B'Elanna rolled her eyes with disgust.

"Come on, Delta, come to Daddy like a good boy."

"He's not going to respond. He has taste."

"Then you tell him to come." Tom paused a moment before switching back to the dog, "Come see Daddy, Delta."

B'Elanna sighed as she glanced down at the dog. "Go see the idiot, Delta."

Glancing back and forth from one to the other for just a moment, Delta finally climbed to his feet and meandered over to see Tom.

"Good, boy, Delta, come to Daddy." Tom smiled evilly. "Good, boy, listen to Mommy."

B'Elanna's eyes narrowed. "Tom Paris! I am *not* the mother of a dog!"

Tom smiled. "Give it time."

Her groan of exasperation was heard clear across the room as she maneuvered her large form towards the bed. Delta wasted no time in following her, leaping up to join her on top of the comforters. 

Tom watched for a few minutes, then, tired of sitting alone upon the floor, he rose and headed towards the door.

"I'm going to see if I can catch Harry at Sandrine's. I'll be home in a few hours."

B'Elanna's reply was mumbled as Tom left their quarters. She forced herself to her side, and held out her arms for Delta to curl up against her.

"There's a good boy, come lay down with Mommy."

And she grinned into the darkness as she rested her head against the warm fur of his neck and drifted off to sleep.