Life With a Paris: Puppy Love

As the weeks passed, and B'Elanna's due date grew closer, she found herself unable to sleep well most nights. She'd stopped working in engineering for the time being, on somewhat of a maternity leave. It was probably boredom that was causing her insomnia, but now, late at night, she sat up in bed and watched Tom sleep, Delta curled up against his chest.

A soft smile crossed her lips as the puppy shuddered and whimpered softly, one of his legs jerking out, the paw quivering. Every so often he'd twitch like this, leaving B'Elanna to assume that he was dreaming of things only puppies could dream. What was it that old Earth book used to say: dogs only have two dreams, the good one and the bad one. So far, Delta seemed to only know the good one.

Her eyes flicked now to Tom, who's body shuddered quietly, and he mumbled in his sleep. His fingers stretched out tensely, before he muttered again and shifted. Amusement flickered in B'Elanna's eyes as Tom's leg jerked softly before he slipped back into a deeper rest.

B'Elanna grinned as she realized how much Tom and Delta resembled each other at that moment. Blonde hair matted, snuffling and shifting, they both hogged the bed as their dreams took a hold of them, and they, at the moment, were both drooling on her clean sheets. With a last fond glance at the two, B'Elanna tried to quietly edge her thick body out of the bed without disturbing her sleeping boys. Try as she might, however, Tom stirred seconds after her feet met the ground.


B'Elanna leaned down and brushed a hand over Tom's forehead, comforting his barely conscious mind.

"I'm here, Tom. Go back to sleep."


Tom, already mostly back to sleep, reached out and wrapped his arm around the first warm body he came in contact with, molding rogue curls to his chest as he buried his face into the back of the pro offered neck. Tom sighed with contentment as he snuggled in closer to the warmth and heartbeat that comforted him.

"Love ya."

B'Elanna raised a hand to cover her eyes as she tried to smother the wave of laughter threatening to overwhelm her. Unable to resist, B'Elanna turned on her heel and walked towards the kitchen. 

"I'm sure Delta loves you back, Tom. You know, it's a good thing I'm not the jealous type." she called back over her shoulder as she moved to the replicator and ordered a mug of hot chocolate.


Tom's sleep-filled voice began to grow clearer, and B'Elanna knew he was only moments away from waking up. She made her way back to the foot of the bed, resting her weight lightly against the beautiful wooden cradle that now decorated their room. She was just in time to see Tom nuzzle the back of Delta's head with his nose, and couldn't suppress the laugh that she desperately turned into a cough. Tom finally opened his eyes. Delta turned his head sleepily and licked Tom's nose, his happy little pants leaving no doubt about with whom Tom happened to be sharing his bed.


"Yes, Tom?"

"Is there any way that this could stay between you and me?"

"I don't know, Paris, what have you got to offer me?"

With a groan Tom turned, sitting up in the bed and pulling her onto his lap. He nuzzled her neck softly, his lips trailing over her sweet *furless* flesh as he forced his sleep-addled brain to think clearly for just one moment.

"You'll have my lifelong silence."

Her eyebrows raised. "What do you mean?"

"You know, I'm sure that Seven of Nine would be interested in assimilating part of Earth's culture, especially something as popular as a soap opera."

B'Elanna blinked. "What dog in the bed?"

Tom laughed and kissed his wife soundly upon the lips. He pulled away and grinned at her mischievously. "You know, that hot chocolate tastes really good."

B'Elanna got to her feet and made her way over to her own side of the bed. "Don't even think about it, Paris. I'm going to sleep."

"Hey, you woke me up. What am I supposed to do now?"

B'Elanna turned onto her side, facing away from her husband, hiding the grin that crossed her own face. "I don't know, Tom. Why don't you take the dog to the hydroponics bay? I've heard that late at night the gardens can be really romantic."

His indignant snort was lost on her, however, as she finally slipped off to sleep.