Life With a Paris: Before Addiction Prevails

"Siegar, it's great you found spare parts for the Flyer, but did you have to drag me all the way down here just to tell me that?"

Tom walked around the cargo bay with the Ensign, dropping Delta's leash after the doors closed. Delta cocked his head to the side as his daddy walked away with the strange man, then slowly began to sniff the air.

He sniffed this way and that, walking slowly up and down the aisles, stopping now and then as a certain smell made his tail wiggle. Delta found some of the strangest and most wonderful things as he sniffed; blankets to cuddle around, mattresses to lay down upon, but... what was that scent he caught now?

His eyes brightened as he sniffed the air harder, his tail wagging, body
wiggling as he followed his nose towards the strange emanation.

When the scent became its strongest, Delta opened his eyes, and found himself nose to nose with a strange sort of sack. He sniffed harder, half nodding to himself as he confirmed that whatever smelled that good was inside that bag.

The puppy raised his head and looked around, seeing his daddy at the other end of the cargo bay, still talking to the stranger. He cocked his head and returned his gaze to the bag, bringing a paw up to test the material withholding that wonderful smell.

He backed up a moment, raising each paw one after the other as he considered his options. He really, really wanted what was in that bag, but should he try? Delta looked again at his daddy, and heaved a huge sigh before stepping forward. 

His teeth gripped the sack easily, and with two paws bracing the heavy bag, he pulled. Hard. A loud ripping sound caused Delta to scramble away with guilt, but yet another glance at his daddy revealed his criminal actions were, as yet, undiscovered.

The puppy moved forward again, gripping the torn edges of the bag once more and ripping with all his might. The bag fell open, spilling tiny brown forms onto the floor, and that wonderful smell became even stronger.

Delta picked up a single brown thing, and slowly began to chew, wincing at the extremely bitter taste, before swallowing. He licked his nose thoughtfully as he peered at the hundreds of other brown objects waiting to be swallowed.

His doggy grin grew wide, and he lunged forward.


"All right, just set everything for the Flyer in the corner, I'll deal with it
later." Tom nodded at the junior officer before turning and glancing around for Delta. "Delta! Come on, pup! Time to go!"

When the dog didn't arrive immediately, Tom frowned. He turned towards the last place he had seen the puppy, and began to walk quickly down the aisle.


A horrible feeling began to gnaw at Tom's stomach as crunching noises led him in the proper direction. His heart and stomach fell as he came upon Delta laying amidst at least five sacks, contentedly chewing upon Voyager's coffee bean supplements. 

Tom swallowed heavily as Siegar came around the corner. The ensign opened his mouth in shock, and then backed swiftly away.

Tom turned and looked at the junior officer, eyes filled with dismay. "Siegar, answer me a question."

The ensign swallowed. "If I can, sir."

Tom sighed and bent down to reclaim Delta's leash. "Do you think destroying the Captain's coffee supply would warrant brig time?"