Life With a Paris: Sailing the Clear Black Skies

The weeks passed and Delta became more and more relaxed in his home, loving his baby and his parents with all his soul. He watched as Mommy or Daddy came and went, he watched as they took the baby here and there, and he watched as they turned the lights down low and slipped off into sleep filled with "the good dream". 

Even as relaxed as he was, Delta became restless. He had no want to wander Voyager's corridors without his mommy or daddy present, however, as Mommy left with his baby, and Daddy left for the day, he grew bored with isolation. 

Delta realized that Mommy would be doing something important, everything to do with his baby was important, but where did Daddy always have to go for so long? He wondered this every day as his daddy kissed Mommy and the baby goodbye and disappeared for what seemed like forever.

Today, Delta decided that he was going to find out exactly where his daddy was going and why, so, sliding up beside the door, he waited until his daddy had exited, and the doors were nearly closed before leaping through silently. Delta remained completely still in case Daddy should turn around and see him, but Tom continued walking on, not noticing the puppy following several feet behind. 

When his daddy entered the turbolift (since his last journey, he had heard the proper word for the moving box), and Delta sat down against the wall, staying out of Daddy's sight. With any luck, the next person to get on the 'lift would be going the same place as Daddy, so Delta wouldn't get lost again. He made a promise to his puppy mind that if he didn't smell daddy where the 'lift stopped, he wasn't getting off.

So he waited. 

Within minutes the lift doors opened again, and a stranger stepped off. Delta smiled his doggy grin and stepped between the doors, sitting in the center of the 'lift waiting for it to move. Soon enough it did, and Delta found himself being raised through the ship, past floors he had never explored before. 

He remained true to his promise, not getting off until he smelled a floor where his daddy had walked recently. The person that had called the lift jumped back in surprise as Delta slipped back through the doors and sat down against the wall staring at the room surrounding him.

He blinked rapidly as the strange pole man came into view on the other side of the room, and Delta dove behind a console to hide. His belly gave that strange tickle once more, but Delta decided that it would be bad form to try and relieve himself on the pole-man once again. He wasn't too excited about reliving the fury that burned behind those seemingly dead eyes.

Delta turned his head, his tail wagging slightly as he caught sight of the friend behind yet another console, very close to where Delta now hid. Still, long memory that he had, Delta knew that the friend wasn't as fond of him as Delta may have liked. He decided to continue looking for Daddy would be his best option. He didn't want to be sent back to his quarters before figuring out where Daddy had gone.

His body tensed visibly as he caught sight of the Captain. A low growl built in the back of his throat, but he silenced it with a marked effort. How dare she presume to try and touch his baby when his mommy wasn't anywhere nearby, but the past was the past, and Delta had a mission.

Finally, as he turned his head one more time, he caught sight of his Daddy, sitting down behind a table, tapping quickly at bright lights. Delta's tail began to wag furiously as he began to make his way towards Tom, glancing this way and that, making sure that no one would try and stop him.

When no one said anything, Delta moved more quickly, coming to a full sit beside his Daddy, and raised his eyes to the window in front of him. Bright lights passed them by at speeds Delta could only imagine and as he stared, his tongue slowly worked its way out of his mouth, and his tail wagged just that much faster.

He heard a throat clear, but never changed his position, sitting proudly beside his daddy at the front of the ship.

"Lieutenant Paris."

Tom bowed his head, realizing that the next conversation would likely not be one he'd wish to repeat. "Yes, ma'am?"

"Is there something you need to take care of?"

"Yes, Captain. I'm sorry, I don't know how he got up here." Tom sighed deeply. "I'll take him back to my quarters immediately."

Ever the dog lover, even Janeway couldn't deny the beauty in the sight of the proud golden retriever puppy sitting so tall beside his owner. There was just a feeling of majesty about the entire scene.

"As long as he stays out of trouble, Lieutenant, he can remain until your break. Just don't let him make a habit of this."

"He already has." Chakotay's grumble was heard clear across the bridge.

"Commander? Do you have an objection?" Janeway lifted her eyebrow, sitting back, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Not at all, Captain. I just suggest that everyone mind that he doesn't
mistake them for trees."

Janeway smothered her amusement, and merely lifted her eyebrow higher, attempting to emulate Tuvok's look of calm. "Why, Chakotay, are you telling me that he mistook you for an inanimate object?" Chakotay smouldered. "Well, don't take it to heart, he is, after all, just a puppy."

Janeway turned away, sharing a look of understanding with Tom, before returning to her data PADD. She barely managed to suppress her laughter as Chakotay snorted indelicately.

"Puppy my ass. *That* is a Paris."