Life With a Paris: Friendship vs Dog - Dog 1

Two days, and Delta was beginning to worry. Daddy had been to see him once, but Mommy hadn't been at all. As for the new little creature, his sister, he hadn't seen her since that one moment in his own quarters. For the moment he lay in the friend's living room, sucking softly on the blanket Daddy had sent with him, but he was beginning to lose patience. He was bored. He was edgy. He was hurt. And now he was worried. 

Delta had to find a way home, and fast.

So he remain on that blanket, the corner suckled into his mouth, its edges bunched up beneath his claws as he watched. He saw the friend play those painfully high notes on that wooden thing Delta was beginning to hate. He saw the friend spend hours at that table with those little poles, making it change shapes to this and that. He saw him read pages with little black designs on them. He watched the friend endlessly, until one moment the friend turned his back. 

The first thing to meet the jaws of the worried pup were the pages of music Harry had painstakenly replicated during a phase when he was shooting for realism. Paper flew across the room, but Delta was already on the move before Harry had managed to turn around. Quick paws up, wood between jaws, and RUN!

"Delta, no!"

The sounds of paws scrambling across tile.


A choking musical note.

"Oh, please, not THAT!"

A snap.

"All right. That's it! I'm calling your father!"

Harry took a deep breath before hitting his comm badge.

"Kim to Paris."

"What's wrong, Harry, is Delta, okay?"

In the background Harry could hear B'Elanna's voice. "What's wrong with Delta?"

"Nothing's wrong with Delta except that he's a monster. Now I appreciate that you need your bonding time with your baby, but, if either of you care about me in any way, you'll come take this dog home!"

Tom's laughter filled the comm. "Aw, come on, Harry. Just give him time. He grows on you."

"Well right now he's gnawing on my clarinet, and by the way, you owe me a new one."

"He ate your clarinet?"

"Snapped it in two and is currently chewing it to hell would be the more
appropriate term."

"Well, why did you leave it out where he could find it?"


"Come on, Harry, it's just one more night. How much more could he do?"

A sharp cracking sound came from the living room.

"Oh, no, not that! DELTA!"

"What did he do?"

"I was finally going to beat it. I was finally going to show Tuvok that I can do it.. and now..." His voice disintegrated into a half growl, half cry.

"Uh, Harry... we'll pick Delta up in the morning." Pause. "Thanks a lot,
buddy, we really appreciate you helping us out." Pause. "Harry?" Pause. "Harry?" A slight shuffling sound. "Harry, come on, he's just a puppy, you wouldn't hurt him... would you?" A whine. "Harry!" Silence. "I'll pick him up in five minutes. Paris out."