Title:  Absolution
Author: Danae Bowen
Series: Voyager
Part: 1/1
Rating: NC17
Archive: Please do
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount, et al., and the creators of the star trek universe.  As is obvious by my utter lack of talent, no money will be made by this story, and no copyright infringement was intended.  Oh, and I rarely read fan fiction, so if this bridges on anyone elses story, my apologies.  It was not my intention.
Summary:  Basically a follow up to Memoriam..  B'Elanna decides to aid Tom in getting over everything that happened in his mind. (honestly, there's no story to this.. just.. sex)

************* I started this a while ago almost directly after the ep aired.. only my muse deserted me.. unfortunately for you people, she's back and out in force. :P  Enjoy.


Who was to say where this was supposed to be going, but B'Elanna Torres decided that it was time to make Tom Paris feel better, whether he liked it or not.

Having spent the better part of three years studying Tom's likes and dislikes, wants and desires, B'Elanna knew the one thing that Tom would never turn down, no matter how tired, upset, or traumatized he may be.

She groaned slightly as she looked at the major depletion in her replicator ration account, but shrugged it off.  While Tom had been away those two weeks, she'd hardly used any of her rations, and they had accumulated nicely.  Of course, dinner would be on him tonight, if her plan worked. Between the television, the popcorn, the beer, and breakfast that he had missed the other morning, this outfit was just about to break her.

Slipping on the early 1900's clothing, pulling the rim of her hat down low over her eyes, B'Elanna slung the replicated toy 1930's machine gun over her shoulder.  She gave herself a glance in the mirror and grinned.  "Al Capone you aren't, Torres, but dangerous, definately."

Pulling her hat down lower, she exited her quarters, and slid around the corner from Tom's, waiting.  Sure enough, within moments, he arrived off shift, hardly paying attention to anything as his mind traveled to the comforts that his bed would bestow upon him.  Hiking up the machine gun to arm level, B'Elanna made her way quietly up behind him as he removed the lock from his door.  She lowered her voice, and spoke very slowly:

"Mr. Paris, I suggest you walk forward slowly and naturally,"  She pressed the butt of the gun purposefully into Tom's back, "Or you will not like the consequences."

Tom's eyebrows went up, and a slow grin crossed his face.  He and B'Elanna often played roles for each other, generally in tease or to make the other smile, so he knew this game was merely B'Elanna's way of making up their earlier fight.

He began to move forward, "B'Elanna..  this isn't necessary."

She pressed the butt of the gun deeper into his back, prodding him further forward.  "Listen, buddy, I have the gun, so that means I get to decide what's necessary and what's not."

Tom rolled his eyes, "Do I at least get to turn around."

"Perhaps later, for now, move!"

Tom tried not to laugh as he raised his arms above his head and moved deeply into his quarters, he listened with a raised eyebrow as B'Elanna let the door close behind her, and ordered the computer to set the privacy lock, allowing no one to disturb them.

"So, Mr. Paris, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Tom turned around, slowly, his hands still raised, and his jaw dropped as he finally caught sight of B'Elanna.  "I.. uh... I aa... whoa."

B'Elanna smiled softly, "Really, Tom, I was hoping for something a little more coherent."

Tom burbled something even less coherent, and tried to swallow as his mind assimilated the sight of B'Elanna before him.  She had dropped the trench coat she had worn over her clothing to the floor, allowing him a full view of her well thought over attire.

It was a timeless piece of sheer lace, complete with a chiffon skirt.  She wore with it a sage and green satin attached sash across her middle, hidden slightly by the chiffon folds, longer in front then in back.  A delicate netting clung to her skin beneath the lace, the black of the dress highlighting every nuance of her figure.

Raising an eyebrow with a tease, she turned on her heel, showing Tom the deep V of the dress, dropping down low to her waist.  Turning back, she smiled, and cocked the gun towards him.

"So, if you have nothing to say, Mr. Paris, what is it you're going to do. It appears you have yourself trapped in a rather sticky situation."

Tom's jaw snapped shut, and the old twinkle hit his eyes.  "Not yet, my beautiful B'Ela.. but very soon if you're going to insist on wearing that dress."

B'Elanna looked down innocently.  "What, this old thing?"

"Oh yeah."

She grinned.  "I see you recovered your vocabulary."

Tom moved forward, a predatory glint radiating off him.  "Who needs words?"

B'Elanna faked a small pout.  "Hey, I think I deserve a few of those not needed words here."

He frowned, "Ah, baby, I'm sorry I yelled at you."  He moved in closer, "Really, really sorry."

B'Elanna slowly fingered the barrel of the gun as she watched him in consideration.  "No, Tom, you don't know what sorry is... yet."

Tom did his best to put on a concerned expression, but the truth was, he loved it when B'Elanna played... rough.

"Don't be too hard on me, baby, I said I was sorry."

B'Elanna's arm slid around Tom's neck, her free hand dragging the butt of the gun up the side of his uniformed leg.  Her lips moved slowly, tracing his hard jawline, her teeth nipping his flesh slightly as he broke into a grin.  The gun trailed further up his leg, putting gentle pressure on his thigh, causing his breath to hitch dramatically.  Pulling her mouth away from his skin, she ran her tongue over her lips, drinking in the blue of his eyes as she considered her next words.

"Punishment isn't what I'm after tonight, Tom.  Right now, I want what that bloody television interupted the other night."

"Which is?"

"For you to shut up and kiss me."

His eyes twinkled as he lowered his lips to claim hers, not even hesitating as her teeth bit into his lower lip, dragging it outwards before thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth.  Less than gently, Tom nibbled at her tongue, pressing it up against his teeth with his own tongue, giving a satisfied sound as the taste of her blood filled his senses.

He pulled away from the kiss, running his hands down her arm, pulling the makeshift gun away from her, and dropping it to the floor.

"I love you, B'Elanna.  You're probably the best thing that has ever happened to me."

B'Elanna rolled her eyes, but Tom could see the pleasure spreading within their depths.

"I thought I told you to shut up, Flyboy."

"You have before and you will again, but I still love you."

"Bedroom.  Now."

"Your wish is my.."

"Muzzle it, Flyboy, and move!"

Laughing, Tom pulled B'Elanna up into his arms, and gathered her lips in a smothering kiss.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he carried her small frame easily as they moved slowly across his quarters.  Tom paused at the door frame, pressing B'Elanna back against it, dragging her dress skirt up to her waist and her body flush against his own.

He rocked his hips into her body, letting her feel how hard he had become for her, but it was no surprise to either of them.  The one thing they had never lacked was the willingness to make love, and the need to make love to each other.

He moved his lips from her mouth, tracing over her cheek with small bites, and gentle kisses, raising her higher to move to her neck, his tongue delving into the tiny hollow of her throat.  As he tenderly pulled her skin between his teeth, nibbling at her most vulnerable flesh, a low growl reached his ears and made his heart quicken.  B'Elanna's growl to him was like the purr of a kitten, signalling her pleasure and excitement, and urging him onwards.

The arch of her back pressed her shoulders into the wall, pressing her breasts out and upwards, tempting him beyond his capabilities to resist. Bending lower yet, his mouth moved over her left breast, drawing her lace covered nipple deeply into his mouth, sucking gently, as he moved a hand behind her, sliding into the elastic waist of her panties, and cupping her bare behind.

His free hand braced her back as he turned swiftly, raising his mouth back to her own and moving quickly now towards the bed.  He twisted around, and dropped backwards onto the bed, laying back so that she was stradding his waist, and grinning back down at him.

"Don't feel like piloting tonight, Flyboy?"  B'Elanna arched her body into his hardened planes, sighing at the feel of him against her most tender crevaces.

"I thought I'd give your hidden warrior a chance to be free," he quipped back, closing his eyes, and rocking his hips against her pressure.

"But could you handle her, Tom.. all of her?"

"I can handle anything from you."

Sliding her hands into the V of his uniform shirt, B'Elanna slowly unzipped him, exposing the grey/blue shirt he wore beneath.  With his help, she slid his arms out of the constrictive uniform, and dragged the star fleet issue shirt over his head.  She growled with pleasure as she returned her hands to his chest, dragging her fingers through the coarse hair she found there, bringing up tiny lines of blood with her sharpened nails.

He hissed audiably as her nails dug into his flesh, opening his skin at her whim and for her pleasure.  His hiss slid into a groan, however, once she lowered her lips to one of those ten thin red lines, working her tongue into the tang of his blood, sucking on his open flesh, searching for more.  His entire body tensed and bucked when her teeth closed around his right nipple, working it in her warm mouth until she could feel his pleasure pulsing into her very veins.

She sat back, her grin turning lopsided as she looked down upon him through eyes filled with love.  His face was flushed as his breathing became harsher, and even through half shut lids she could still see the warp core blue sparkle of his eyes.  His chest raised rapidly, and his heart beat a new rythmn as her hands moved down his torso, a finger dipping into his navel, and following the traces of hair down to the pants of his uniform. Easing back onto her heels, she ever so slowly began drawing his pants away from his body, urging him with gentle tugs to raise his hips.

She afforded Tom a growl of satisfaction as his errection sprang free of it's confines, twitching as her gaze burned into it.  She grinned like the chesire cat, her tongue darting out to moisten her lips as she moved back up his body, and encircling him with her hand.

B'Elanna's eyes flickered up to meet his own unsteady gaze, and his mouth pleaded with her silently.  She gave him almost an imperceptable nod, before gently beginning to move her hand down his hard length.  Her fingers scratched across his ball sac lightly, causing him to draw a ragged breath before her mouth decended, engulfing the head of his penis within her warm, moist confines.  Her tongue dragged out, lapping at the underside of his penis with lavish strokes as her teeth gently scrapped at the sensitive skin between them.  Tom's groaning grew to a fevered pitch as she lowered her mouth down further, feeling the head touching at the back of her throat before pulling up ever so slowly and allowing him to fall free of her grasp.

She rose up his body with slow grace, her mouth tracing a warm wet trail across his flesh before she finally reached his lips and sealed them with a loving caress.

Tom moaned with the loss of her mouth upon his burning errection, but wasted no time in rising up, flipping B'Elanna soundly to her back.  His fingers played for a moment with the material of her dress before a brief moment of lucidity intervened.

"Baby, I don't want to tear this dress."  His lust befuddled mind slurred his words together, but he at least got his message across with some comprehension.  "Sit up for me, B'Ela."

Bracing her legs against him, B'Elanna pulled herself up, raising her arms above her head, as Tom fit his fingers under her skirt and raised her entire ensemble over her head.  Taking in the sight of her beautiful body, Tom's fingers suddenly turned nerveless and the dress was dropped ungraciously to the floor.

Her breasts danced free of their confinement, small, but perfectly rounded and slightly upturned.  Tom sighed with deep satisfaction as he bent his head to her chest, and claimed her left nipple with his mouth, sucking her in deeply, feeling it stiffen within his warm depths.  His teeth closed around it, pulling, tugging ever so gently and her nipple stiffened further, bringing a gentle groan to B'Elanna's swollen lips.  His hand raised to her right breast, tweaking that nipple between his thumb and index finger, smiling evilly as he twisted it ever so gently, and being rewarded with her growl of pleasure.

His mouth switched breasts, his tongue dragging down her left breast, teeth nipping at the hollow between, before dragging up her right breast and encircling her hard nipple between his teeth.  While his mouth worked on her breasts, his hand trailed downwards, slipping under the elastic to her panties, and into the sprinkling of curls beneath.

She felt him smile with satisfaction against her breast as she parted her legs more than willingly for his fingers.  She couldn't keep the groan off her lips as first one finger, then a second worked their way into her most private of places, parting and then slipping between her labia, stroking her with gentle caresses.

Her teeth bit into her lower lip, drawing blood as her she arched her hips up towards him.  Her nails bit into his shoulders harshly, as a string of words Tom recognized only through previous love making sessions escaped her.

Pulling his fingers out of her panties, Tom took a hold of the elastic band, and began to work them down her legs.  Much as she had done to him previously, his mouth followed downwards, laving her navel with gentle bites and kisses.  He worked his way down her stomach to her thigh, bypassing the one spot she wanted him the most to travel down her long smooth leg. Stopping at her knee, Tom worked his tongue in behind her knee cap, tasting the salty tang of her aroused flesh as his hands finally suceeded in freeing her of her panties.  Satisfaction gleamed on both their faces as B'Elanna's knees fell to part, inviting him home.

Tom kissed his way up the inside of her thigh, his teeth leaving pink marks where they bit her flesh lovingly, before finally succumbing to what she silently pleaded.

First one finger worked it's way through her now damp curls, sliding deeply inside her waiting channel, then his mouth lowered, taking her engorged clit between his teeth, sucking gently.  Her knees captured his body as he worked yet another finger into her, thrusting both deep into her in a steady rythmn, matching the pressure his mouth was drawing on her overly sensitive nerve center.

As her cries became more frequent, Tom closed his eyes, working his tongue around her bud, flicking it, pulling back for just a moment and blowing cool air upon her overheated flesh.  She whimpered.. he groaned.. this was almost more than either of them could take.. they were both so near the edge.. he had to have her.. then.. he just couldn't wait any longer.

He rose above her quickly, sealing her lips to his in a burning kiss as he settled himself between her legs, and waited just a moment for her approval. Her knees locked onto his hips, and began to drag him down towards her, B'Elanna's eyes and cries pleading with him to do it NOW!

Not able to resist, Tom reached down and guided himself into her center, finding her instantly, and sliding himself all the way home.  Pausing once he was completely engulfed within her body, he opened his eyes, his breathing harsh, as he looked down into the gorgeously tortured face of his lover.  Her eyes met his, and her hips thrust up against him powerfully. Play time was over.

He pulled out of her slowly until just the head of his penis was clutched within her vaginal walls, but slow was not to be the routine of the evening. He thrust himself home harshly, knowing she wouldn't complain, drawing out, and thrusting in again.

Her cries were fevered, echoing his own as his tempo increased, driving himself into her soft flesh as hard and as fast as he could manage.  Her body convulsed once... twice.. clutching him tighter and tighter until he could no longer take the pressure, calling out her name on the tail of a gutteral growl as he exploded deep within her hot channel.  B'Elanna's climax hit just as hard and as fast as Tom's, her scream of completion surely heard by at least three decks, as she shuddered and began to slowly come down from the heights of fevered desire.

Tom collapsed on top of her, burrying his face into the pillow, breathing in the scent of her exhillerated body as her hair brushed his cheek.  Still burried inside her, Tom had enough sense left to turn them onto their sides, lifting her leg over his own so that she was turned, and spooned into his own body.

He had no words to say to the one that brought him such pleasure, no words that would form in his brain as he clutched at her hand and held her as close as two beings could possibly be.  He knew why she had come that night, come to make sure he knew that he was alive, come to make sure that he knew who he was and what was important in their lives.  She'd come to reaffirm her love for him, and his for her in return.  And she'd come to forgive him.

He kissed the back of her neck with a gentleness that six years before he would have never known himself capable.  And finally words came to his lips. He knew they weren't enough to convey everything he felt for her, and he knew they weren't enough to express everything he needed to say, but they were all he had.

"Thank you," he whispered, barely loud enough for himself to hear, but he felt her smile.  With that smile he knew that somehow she understood it all.