Title:      As Stars Fly By
Author:     Blaze
Contact:    okblaze@us.inter.net
Series      Voyager
Part        2/2
Rating      G
Codes       P/7, D/7
Archive     Yes
Feedback    Please

Summary     Paris faces a classic dilemma.

Kim is turning over chairs and setting them on the tables.
Paris doesn't get up.

"Hey partner, save some of that for the customers."

"How about a song, Harry."

"We're closed."

"You played it for her, you can play it for me."

             And when you rendezvous,
             Search out a heart that's true.
             With this you must comply.
             No matter where the future lies,
             As Stars Fly By.

Harry packs up the clarinet.  On his way out, he passes Seven coming in.
She gives Paris the eyebrow treatment.

"Is this an efficient use of your time."

"It could be worse.  How long did we last?"

"I didn't count the days."

"I did, every one.  Mostly the last one."

"You know why I had to leave."

"And now you're back.  What can I do for you?"

Seven reaches behind her back and pulls out a phaser.

"You can hand over the transport controller."

Paris isn't impressed.

"Go ahead.  You'll be doing me a favor."

After giving her a moment to think about it, Paris gets up,
walks across the room, and takes the phaser out of Seven's hand.

"Come back tomorrow night, and be ready to travel."

Paris is behind the bar, counting the evening's receipts. 
Seven walks in, followed by the doctor with an emergency medical kit
slung over his shoulder.

"What's in the bag, Doc?"

"My latest concoction, and a regeneration unit.  That's all we're taking."

"Don't forget this."

Paris places the controller on the bar.  Tuvok strides into the club,
picks up the cylinder and turns it over in his hands.
"Doctor, you are under arrest for the theft of Federation property."

"This can't be happening.  I have rights!"

"You should always be prepared for treachery."

Paris has the phaser leveled at Tuvok.

"So should you, Vulcan.  Let's go!"

They travel down the corridor without speaking.  
At the transporter room, Tuvok addresses the guard at the door.

"We will be inspecting the transporter systems.
See that we are not disturbed."

The Doctor steps onto the transporter pad.  Seven installs the controller, and tests the transporter console.  She looks at Paris. 

"Is this what you want?"

"What I want doesn't matter.  The Doctor has a job to do, 
and he can't do it without you.  If you don't get on that pad,
we'll both regret it.  Not now, but soon, and for a long time."

"What about...us?"

"We'll always have the holodeck."

As Paris sets the transport co-ordinates, 
Captain Janeway bursts through the door.

"Mr. Paris!  What's going on here?"

"It's a Bon Voyage party, sorry you weren't invited."

The captain takes a step toward the transporter pad.

"Doctor, I'm under orders to deliver the Mobile Emmiter to Star Fleet."

"I'm sure you are, but protecting its secrets is my responsibility."

Janeway pulls a phaser from her hip, and turns to fire at Paris.
Paris raises his weapon from behind the console and fires first.
The captain is slammed against the bulkhead, and collapses on the floor.

"Ready Doctor?"

"My destiny awaits."


"Of course.  What are you waiting for?"

"Just looking at you kid."

Paris activates the transporter.  A shimmering, and they are gone.

Paris flips the phaser to Tuvok, who slips it under his uniform.
Chakotay tries to reach the captain on her combadge.

"The Allisian ambassador is on screen.  He insists on speaking to you."

Tuvok responds.

"The captain has been detained.  Make up the usual excuses."

Paris considers his new life on Voyager.

"It's going to be hell when she wakes up."

"The captain will realize that events have merely proceded
to their logical conclusion."

"You know, Tuvok, this could be the beginning of a beautiful starship."

The End