By: Amy Michelle Bitter ©1997 (borgqueena@yahoo.com)

Special Thanks: A very big thank you to Lauren, my favorite cousin, for all of
your great ideas! You are the best, cuz! Also, thank you to my big brother,
Robert, for playing Marilyn Manson’s remake of the song ‘Sweet Dreams’ over
and over and over and.... you get the point. Wow! Who would have ever
thought I’d be inspired by Marilyn Manson? Not me! A million thank you’s to
both of you, this story is for you!
Love, ~Amy~

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know, yellow and blue make green? How does this have anything to do with
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attention to me, I’ve been drinking kool-aid again!

Tom Paris’ shaking hand reached for the ivory sheet….
“No!” Tom screamed as he shot straight up in his bed. He looked around
dazed as if he didn’t recognize his own quarters. The cold sweat dripping from
his forehead as he eased back down into the covers. *It was only a dream,* He
told himself. That dream. The same dream he’s been having for the past three

Sweet dreams
Are made of these
Who am I
To disagree?

-Marilyn Manson
‘Sweet Dreams’

Tom Paris sat down next to Harry in the Mess Hall.
“Good morning, Harry.” Tom yawned.
“Tom, you look horrible.” Harry commented.
“Thanks, Har.” Tom smiled.
“You know what I mean.” Harry said.
“I didn’t get much sleep last night.”
“The dream?” Harry asked.
“Yep, same one.”
“Good morning.” B’Elanna interrupted the conversation. She sat down at
the table with them.
“Tom , you look like hell.” B’Elanna said without thinking. Realizing what
she had said, she started to blush.
“I didn’t get much sleep last night.” Tom said rubbing his tired eyes.
“He’s been having this dream.” Harry told her. “Tell her about it, Tom.”
“Voyager is surrounded by a nebula, the next thing I know, I’m in Sickbay.
I notice a body on the biobed, covered by a sheet. I reach to pull back the
sheet and...”
“And what?” B’Elanna asked.
“And then I wake up.” Tom said.
“What do you think it means?” Harry asked.
“I think it means you over analyze your dreams.” B’Elanna smiled at Tom.
“Yeah, your right.” Tom said. “It’s probably nothing. I have to go, or I’ll
be late for my shift.” He stood and left the room.
Harry smiled at B’Elanna as she watched Tom leave the Mess Hall, and then
started laughing.
“What?” She asked. “What’s so funny?”
“Nothing.” Harry said still laughing.
“Tell me!” B’Elanna demanded.
“You,” Harry laughed.
“Excuse me?” B’Elanna said her expression dead serious.
“No, that’s not what I meant.” Harry suddenly stopped laughing. “It’s just
“That what?”
“That it’s so obvious.” Harry said.
“What is?”
“That you are in love with him.”
“What?!” B’Elanna shirked. “Who?”
“Tom.” Harry said. “You don’t have to deny it, B’Elanna.”
“No, I’m not.” B’Elanna lied. * How does Harry know this? * She wondered.
“The hell you aren’t Maquis.” Harry joked. “I think you two would make a
cute couple.”
“Really?” B’Elanna asked suddenly seeming interested in the conversation.
“Yeah,” Harry said. “So, why don’t you just tell him already.”
“Because.” B’Elanna said.
“Because why?”
“Because I am not in love with him,” B’Elanna lied again, “and because I
don’t know how he feels about me.”
“Are you kidding, B’Elanna? Tom is crazy about you.”
“Really?” B’Elanna asked once more.
Harry nodded. “Yes, really.”


B’Elanna was supposed to be on her way to the holodeck after her shift, but
for some reason, she found herself standing in front of Tom’s quarters. *Why
is this so hard?* She asked herself. She finally gave in and pressed the door bell.
“Come in.” She heard Tom’s tired voice say.
She entered the room and found him lying on the couch.
“Did I come at a bad time?” She asked.
“Uh, B’Elanna.” He sat up. “No, it’s not a bad time.”
“I was just on my way to the holodeck,” B’Elanna said as she sat on the
couch next to him, “and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me?”
“I’d love too.” Tom yawned. “But..”
“But....” B’Elanna said.
“But, I’m so tired.” Tom said. “I was just about to call it a night.
Another time, OK?”
“Yeah, sure.” B’Elanna said as she stood and walked to the door. *Tell him*
a voice in her head told her.
“Tom,” She turned back around. “I...”
“Good night.” She said and walked out of the room, the doors closing
behind her.
It wasn’t even five minutes since B’Elanna had left and already Tom was
lying in bed. Maybe tonight he would get a decent night’s sleep without that dream.
Slowly his eyes closed as sleep overtook him.

The colors faded into darkness
I was left alone
May I return to the beginning
The light is dimming
And the dream is, too
The world and I
We are still waiting
Still hesitating
Any dream will do
-Andrew Lloyd Webber,
‘Any Dream Will Do’

Tom’s unsteady hand reached out to grab the sheet......
Tom opened his blue blood shot eyes. “This damn dream!” He shouted as he
sat up in his bed. He had never had dreams like this before. It was so real. It
was almost like he wasn’t himself in the dream. “Computer, what time is it?”
He asked.
“The time is 0713.” The computer replied.
Tom tiredly got out of bed. He had less than an hour until his shift started.
* How is this possible?* He wondered. *It feels like I just went to bed.*


A sleepy Tom Paris entered his quarters and plopped down on the couch. It
had been a long day. Right now, all he wanted was to catch up on his sleep. *If
it weren’t for that damn dream...* He thought. His thought were interrupted by
the door chime.
“Come in.” He said, and B’Elanna entered the room.
“Hi,” She smiled, “Are you OK?”
“I’m fine, why?” Tom asked.
B’Elanna sat down on the couch next to him “Tom, this dream is tearing you
“I know,” Tom said, “It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve
never had a recurring dream like this before.”
B’Elanna watched Tom intently as he stared out the window at the nebula
Voyager was passing through. “This is just like my dream...” He said softly.
“In my dream, we’re passing through a nebula.” Tom explained.
“Tom, it’s just a coincidence.”
“No,” Tom said, “Something’s going to happen, someone’s going to die.”
Tom stared out the window at the nebula surrounding the ship. Red lights
chased each other around, almost as if they were alive. One of the small red
entities rushed towards the window and somehow penetrated Voyager’s hull. It
entered B’Elanna’s body and knocked her to the floor.
“B’Elanna!” Tom shouted and moved to the floor where she was lying.
“B’Elanna, can you hear me?”
B’Elanna opened her eyes. They had changed. Her normally deep brown eyes
were now bright glowing red. Tom jumped in surprise when he saw this and
pressed his commbadge, “Paris to security. Intruder alert in my quarters.”
She reached up and wrapped her hands around Tom’s neck and began to
strangle him. She used the full force of her body to flip herself on top of him
and pin him down. Tom’s hands grabbed at B’Elanna’s and tore them away
from his throat. He gasped for air as he pushed her off of him and stood up.
B’Elanna jumped to her feet and pushed Tom against the wall.
“No!” She screamed. She collapsed to the floor and Tom timidly walked over to
her. She looked up at him and he saw her eyes were brown again.
“Tom,” She whispered, “it wants me to hurt you, get away before it comes back.”
Tom began to walk away. B’Elanna’s eyes turned back to bright red again and she
got to her feet and grabbed Tom’s throat once more. This time he couldn’t fight
her, she was too strong. He went unconscious and fell to the floor. B’Elanna
grabbed a vase on a nearby table and broke it over his head.
Tom’s doors opened to reveal Tuvok. B’Elanna lunged at him, but he drew his
phaser and fired it. She fell to the floor, stunned.


B’Elanna woke in Sickbay with Kes standing next to her scanning her with a
medical tricorder.
“B’Elanna, how do you feel?” Kes asked.
“Tom.” B’Elanna whispered. “Where is Tom?”
Kes gave B’Elanna a sad look and walked away.
“Kes?” B’Elanna asked. Then she saw it, a body on the boibed, covered by a
B’Elanna slowly stood up and walked over to the body on the biobed. She reached
for the sheet with a shaking hand.
“B’Elanna, no!” Harry shouted as he entered Sickbay.
B’Elanna didn’t listen and pulled back the sheet.
“No. Oh, god, no!” She screamed when she saw Tom’s lifeless body under the sheet.
B’Elanna fell into Harry’s arms crying uncontrollably.
“I did this.” She sobbed. “I killed him.”
“No, B’Elanna.” Harry tried to comfort her. “It wasn’t you, you were possessed
by an alien. You had no control over it.”
“Harry, it came true.” B’Elanna said.
“What did?”
“Tom’s dream. The nebula, the body, it all came true. Why? Why didn’t I listen
to him?” B’Elanna asked.
“B’Elanna, this isn’t your fault.” Harry said.
“I never even told him how much I loved him.” B’Elanna said.
She slowly walked over to Tom’s pale body on the biobed. B’Elanna wiped the tears
from her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Tom.” She whispered. “I love you.”

You don’t know
What you’ve got
Until it’s gone
And I found out
A little to late
‘Hard Habit to Break’

=/\= The End =/\=