Here's a story! :) I actually wrote this stroy about 6 months ago, but my computer hid it from me for a while. (Remember this story, Lauren?) I haven't seen Voyager in soooo long, so please forgive me if there are any mistakes. I want feedback. It's kinda long, so I'm sorry if it takes a while to download.


The Other Side of the Mirror
By: Amy Michelle ©1998

Disclaimer: ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ and all its characters are
owned by Paramount Pictures. All lyrics are owned by the
individual who composed them. No infringements on any
copyrights is intended.

Dedication: To my favorite cousin, Lauren Taylor! You are
the best!

Notes: Hold on to your hats boys and girls, it’s an
alternate universe story! Yeah, it can be confusing at
times, but try to keep up. :-) This story is told from
Tom’s point-of-view. It takes place between seasons four
and five.

Rating: PG-13

“I know who I am, but who are you?
You’re not looking like you used to
You’re on the other side of the mirror
So nothing’s looking quiet as clear....”

-No Doubt, ‘Sunday Morning’

I let my eyes slowly wander over the bridge. Days like this
are a pilot’s worst nightmare. I’m not sure which is worse,
working in sickbay or being at a dead stop. At least in
sickbay I feel needed. Harry picked up some anomaly on long-
range sensors, and of course Captain Janeway wanted to

I’d rather be warping through space then at a dead stop.
Even Neelix’s cooking is better than just hanging in space.
My shift seemed to last forever. I found myself looking
forward to dinner with B’Elanna even more.

“Illogical,” I heard Tuvok’s ever-steady voice say. I
noted that was the seventh time he had said ‘illogical’
since my shift began. I never realized how much Vulcans
used that word.

“Captain,” Tuvok continued, “these sensor readings are
similar to that of a wormhole, however, it does not appear
to have an ending.”

“No ending?” Captain Janeway asked. “Every wormhole leads

“Apparently this one does not,” the Vulcan security chief

“Harry,” Janeway said, positioning herself in her chair to face his
station, “go down to astrometrics and see if you can find
out anything more about this wormhole. It has to end
somewhere and I want to know where.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Harry said and headed towards the turbolift.
I envied him. At least he had something to do. I, on the
other hand, had resorted to playing a mental game of connect
the dots with the stars scattered on the viewscreen. I
searched the mass of tiny white dots looking for pictures,
much like ancient sailors had did with the constellations.
Behind me, I could heard Captain Janeway and Chakotay
talking softly.

“This could be it, Chakotay,” I heard the captain say. “A
way home. Or at least a shortcut.”

“Don’t set yourself up for disappointment again, Kathryn,”
Chakotay warned. “You know how let down the crew was when
the relay station was destroyed by the Hirogen.”

“I know,” Janeway said. “But, now that Starfleet knows
we’re alive, it just makes me want to get home even more.”

Speak for yourself, Captain. Home is where the heart is,
the old saying goes. And, my heart is certainly on
Voyager...and with B’Elanna.


I sat at my usual table with Harry listening to him go on
about the wormhole and waiting for B’Elanna. She entered
the room and headed straight for Harry and me. I stood to
greet her. Wrapping my arms around her, I kissed her softly
on the lips.

“Ahem,” Harry nosily cleared his throat after a few moments
of our display of affection.

“Didn’t the captain warn you two about that?” Harry asked

I laughed, but I don’t think B’Elanna thought it was too
funny. She was still getting used to us being together in
public. I think the crew was still getting used to seeing
us together as well. I know that a lot of people always
speculated that B’Elanna and I were together, but no one
knew for sure.

“Well, my day was boring as hell,” I said trying to make

“Mine was quiet interesting,” Harry offered.

“Let me guess, the wormhole?” B’Elanna said.

Harry nodded.

“Don’t get your hopes up again, Harry,” I warned. I know
how much Harry misses Earth. The poor guy was so
disappointed when Starfleet’s message said they couldn’t get
us home just yet.

“What?” Harry asked defensively. “I...well, ever
since I got that letter from my parents, all I can think
about is home.”

I was almost jealous of Harry. He had a great life. If I
were as lucky as he were, I suppose I would want to go back,
too. But, I wasn’t that lucky and as far as I was
concerned, I could stay in the Delta Quadrant forever.

“Tom’s right,” B’Elanna chimed in “You shouldn’t set
yourself up for disappointment. From what I heard, the
don’t even know where this wormhole leads.”

“We don’t, yet,” Harry said, placing emphasis on the word
‘yet.’ “But, Seven and I are working on it. I have a good feeling
about this.”


B’Elanna and I walked down the corridor in the direction of
my quarters. B’Elanna made casual conversation on the way,
telling me about her day. We reached my door, and I pulled
B’Elanna close for a kiss.

“Come in?” I asked her.

“I can’t,” She insisted.

“Please?” I asked.

“Tom, I’m tired,” She said defiantly crossing her arms
across her chest.

“I don’t want to be alone tonight,” I said, surprising even
myself with the admission.

B’Elanna’s look softened and she followed me into my
quarters. We started out sitting on my couch, but after a
few moments we were lying there, holding each other. I
tired to make casual conversation, but failed. I hoped that
B’Elanna wouldn’t notice.

“Tom?” She asked. “What’s wrong?”

I tried to think of something to say, or to try to make a
joke, but it was no use. B’Elanna knew me too well.

“I don’t know,” I finally said. It was the truth, I really
didn’t know. “I just...” I trailed off.

“It’s okay,” B’Elanna whispered as she moved her hands to
cup my face. Her brown eyes meet mine. I shivered. It was
almost as if she could see right through me, to my soul.

“When everyone starts talking about home, it makes me
realize how lucky I am here. I love you, B’Elanna,” I said

“I love you, too,” B’Elanna smiled. “But, I have to go.”

She stood and turned to walk towards the door.

“Oh, come on, B’Elanna,” I said pulling her back down to
the couch. She tripped and landed on top of me.

“Tom,” She said sternly. “I’m tired. I need to go get some
sleep.” Her voice conveyed that she wanted to leave,
however, her body didn’t move.

“You can sleep here,” I offered with a smile.

She gave me exasperated look. “We both know you don’t want
to sleep,” She said as if reading my mind.

“Okay, okay, go,” I said pretending to be hurt. B’Elanna
laughed and pushed herself off of me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the staff meeting,” She
said as she headed towards the door.

I must have given her a confused look because she stopped
and said, “Don't tell me you forgot.”

“No, of course not,” I said nonchalantly. “Staff meeting,
tomorrow morning.”

“0700,” She said.

“Right,” I agreed. “0700.”

“Tom, you did forget!” B’Elanna said. “The meeting is at


“I knew that!” I said. “I was just...testing you.”

“Sure,” B’Elanna said. “See you at 0800, helmboy.”
She blew me a kiss and then exited the room.


I arrived at the staff meeting at exactly 0800 the next
morning. I took my usual seat, next to Harry, and across
from B’Elanna. Harry looked as if he hadn’t slept. He
probably stayed up all night studying the wormhole, I

“Harry and Seven have found enough information about this
wormhole that I’m willing to let a shuttle go through,”
Janeway said in her usual manner of getting right down to

“Captain,” Tuvok interrupted. “That would not be
advisable. There is no way of determining where the shuttle
would end up.”

“We would maintain an open comm link the entire time, and
would be able to transport the away team back at the first
sign of trouble,” Janeway said.

“I volunteer to go on the away mission,” Harry spoke up. I
hoped that Captain Janeway would allow me to go along as
well. I feel as thought I’ll go crazy if I don’t get to do
some real piloting soon.

“Request denied, Ensign,” Janeway said.

“But,” Harry began to argue.

“You’ve been up for almost 36 hours. We need someone fully
awake in that shuttle. You need sleep, Harry,” Janeway
said firmly. “And, that’s an order,” She added.

I knew Harry was disappointed, but he didn’t let it show. I
think he was too tired.

“Tom and B’Elanna, you will take the shuttle through the
wormhole,” Captain Janeway told us.

I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t often that B’Elanna
and I were teamed up for away missions. It may have been my
imagination, but I think that captain was a little uneasy
about letting us take a shuttle out all by ourselves -- especially
after what happened the last time.

“You’ll leave as soon as possible,” Janeway said. “Dismissed.”


“I’ve never piloted through a wormhole before,” I admitted
to B’Elanna as we entered the shuttle.

“I’m sure you’ll do fine,” She encouraged me.

“Paris to the bridge,” I said as I tapped my commbadge.
“We’re ready.”

“Understood,” Janeway said. “We’ll maintain an open comm
link the entire time. Good luck.”

The shuttle bay doors opened and soon we were surrounded by
the blackness of space. I laid in a course away from
Voyager towards the coordinates of the wormhole. We reached
the coordinates, an electric blue burst of light splashed
across the blackness. The mouth of the wormhole swirled
open. It was the most breathtaking sight that I had ever

“It’s beautiful,” B’Elanna whispered, more to herself than
to me.

The shuttle entered the wormhole and proceeded on course.
Suddenly, the entire shuttle rocked violently.

“What was that?!” I asked B’Elanna.

“I’m not sure,” She answered as her fingers danced across
the controls on her console. “It looks like some random ion

“Paris to Voyager,” I said. “We’ve run into some random
ion turbulence. It’s making it difficult to pilot.”

The only response was the faint sound of static.

“Paris to Voyager,” I said again. “Voyager, do you read?”

“We’ve lost communications. Ion interference,” She

The small shuttle bucked once more. B’Elanna was thrown
forward, cracking her head against her console, and knocking
herself unconscious.

“B’Elanna!” I shouted. I wanted to see if she was okay,
but I had to get the shuttle under control first. Finally,
the end of the wormhole opened up. I was shocked by the
sight that met my eyes.

Dead ahead of me, orbiting, was Voyager.

“Paris to Voyager,” I tried hailing them, but to no avail.
The shuttle was enclosed by a tractor beam that began
pulling us towards the ship. I found myself engulfed in
tiny blue sparkles; someone was trying to beam me somewhere.
I glance over at B’Elanna, and she, too was surrounded by a
transporter beam. The inside of the shuttle disappeared
from around us, and I found myself in new surroundings.

It looked exactly like a holding cell. I was on Voyager!

But, why was I in the brig? B’Elanna was lying on
the floor of the holding cell. I moved next to her to check
on her. She had a bloody gash on her brow ridges.

“B’Elanna?” I said softly. There was no answer. She was
still unconscious. I wrapped my arms around her and
gathered her close to me.

That’s when I noticed we weren’t alone. There was a woman
standing outside the holding cell, watching my every move,
her hand on her phaser. She looked oddly familiar. Where had I seen
that face before?

It was Seven of Nine, yet she looked so different. Instead
of her metallic gray catsuit, she was wearing loose-fitting
civilian clothes. Her blonde hair was let down and flowed a
little past her shoulders. She didn’t have a Borg implant above
her left eye.

She must have noticed I was starring. “What are you looking
at?!” She demanded. Her voice wasn’t the controlled
monotonous tone that I was used to hearing from Seven.
Instead, it was forceful and filled with emotion.

I shook my head. “Uh...nothing,” I stammered.

“Look, she’s hurt,” I motioned to B’Elanna. “She needs to
see a doctor.”

“I’ll talk to the captain about it,” the woman said.

I heard the doors swoosh open, and looked to see who had
entered. My mouth dropped in amazement. It was me. Or at
least someone who looked exactly like me.

“The captain told me to take over,” my look-alike told the
blonde woman.

“Fine,” the woman answered and handed him her phaser. She
started to walk away, but he grabbed her arm.

“Leaving so soon, Annika?” He asked. “Where are you

“Away from you, Paris,” Annika answered. She jerked her
arm trying to loosen his grip, but he just held tighter and
pulled her closer to him so that they were only inches

“Still playing hard to get, I see,” He said,

“As far as you’re concerned, I’m impossible to get. Now let
me go!” She ordered.

He let go of her arm, and she left the room. He then turned
and looked at me. Neither of us said a word for what seemed
like an eternity, until he spoke.

“So, you’re him...uh, me?” He asked.

I held B’Elanna closer to me as we sat on the floor of the
holding cell. “Yeah, I guess I am,” I answered.

I was worried about B’Elanna. She was bleeding profusely
from the gash on her head and she looked pale.

“She needs to see the doctor,” I said. “Can you ask
Captain Janeway if she’ll allow B’Elanna to see the doctor?”

“Captain Janeway?” The other Tom asked me. He began to
laugh. “I haven’t heard that name in a long time.”

“She’s not captain here?” I asked.

“Are you kidding?” He said. “We’d never make it home if we
had to follow Starfleet regulations. Chakotay’s captain of

“What happened to Captain Janeway?” I inquired.

“She’s dead. Chakotay killed her,” Tom stated matter-of-
factly. “And, as much as I can’t stand that guy, killing
her was the best thing he’s ever done.”

I was shocked. Chakotay was a lot of things, but a murderer
was not of them. This Voyager was very different than the
one I was used to.

“You know, it’s weird,” My look-alike said to me. “Seeing
myself in that uniform. Torres, too.”

So, there is another B’Elanna on the Voyager. I wonder who
else is here -- and who isn’t.

Annika entered the room again. “Back so soon, Annika?” Tom
asked her. “Did you miss me?”

“You wish, Paris,” Annika retorted. “The captain says she
can see the doctor.”

Annika pushed a few buttons on the control panel on the
wall. The forcefeild lowered.

“Wake her,” she ordered me.

“No,” I answered. “Let me take her to sickbay.”

“Chakotay won’t like this,” She warned.

“Then he can take it up with me!” I yelled at her. “But,
I’m not letting B’Elanna out of my sight.”

“Fine,” Annika replied. “But, I’ll not take responsibility
for this. Paris, you can escort them to sickbay.”

“All right,” Tom said. “Let’s go.”

I scooped B’Elanna up in my arms and followed my look-alike
out of the brig down the corridors. I saw several more
crewmembers whom I recognized -- Henley, Nicoletti, Ayala.
They were all wearing civilian clothing. I felt as if
everyone was staring at me the whole way to sickbay.

“What are they all looking at?” I asked the other Tom.

“Let’s see, you look just like me, and you’re wearing a
Starfleet uniform, carrying an unconscious Torres who is
also wearing a Starfleet uniform. I’d stare, too,” He told
me sarcastically.

I really did not like this guy. I suppose that was a bad
thing, considering that he was me. No, he wasn’t me anymore
than I was him.

We entered sickbay and I gently placed B’Elanna on the
nearest biobed. The EMH came wandering out of his office.
I felt relieved to see another Starfleet uniform, even if it
was on a hologram. He looked from me to the other Tom, and
then down at B’Elanna. A question formed on his lips, but
before he could ask, we both said, “It’s a long story.”

“She hit her head on he console,” I explained tot he
Doctor. “She’s been unconscious ever since.”

The doctor scanned B’Elanna with a medical tricorder. “The
wound is mostly superficial, it will be easy to heal,” He
announced, much to my relief. He picked up a dermal
regenerator from a nearby table and began using in on
B’Elanna’s brow. The wound disappeared, leaving her ridges
once again unflawed. He pressed a hypospray to her neck.

Her eyes began to blink open. I rushed to her side and took
her hand in mine.

“Tom,” She said softly. She reached her head to her
forehead to feel for a wound. Then, she tried to sit up.

“Careful,” I warned her as I helped her into a sitting

“What happened?” She asked. “Why are we back on Voyager?
Where did the wormhole lead?” All her questions seemed to
blend together, and she wanted them all answered.

“We’re not exactly on Voyager,” I tried to explain.

She looked at me with a confused expression. I nodded my
head over her shoulder. She turned to see the other Tom
standing there, with a grin on his face.

“Surprise, ‘Lanna!” He smirked.

She turned back to me for an answer.

“I haven’t figured it out yet, either,” The Doctor
interrupted. He was scanning both of us with his tricorder.
“Their genetic make-up is completely identical. And, you’re
genetic make-up is identical to that of Lieutenant Torres.”

“I am Lieutenant Torres,” B’Elanna insisted.

“Not exactly,” He said. “At least here you’re not.”

“Tom,” She said to me on the verge of tears. “What is
going on here?!” Her voice was begging for answers, but I
had none to give her.

“I’m not sure,” I said. “I think the wormhole somehow took
us to an alternate universe.”

“I have to take you back to the brig now,” the other Tom
said before B’Elanna and I could continue our conversation.

I helped B’Elanna ease herself off the biobed. I took her
hand and we walked out of sickbay, my look-alike following
close behind us.

“So, maybe things aren’t as different in your universe as I
thought,” Tom said.

I turned around to ask him what he meant. He merely
motioned to mine and B’Elanna’s hands. B’Elanna gave my
hand a reassuring squeeze. I wondered what my look-alike
meant by his comment, but I didn’t have time to ask.

B’Elanna and I were forced back into a holding cell. I sat
on the floor, my arms wrapped around B’Elanna. She rested
her head against my chest. I knew she was tired. I was,
too. But, I couldn’t sleep even if I tried.

I wanted to tell B’Elanna what I had learned about this
Voyager so far, but I didn’t want my double to hear us.

I heard the familiar sound of the doors opening. We had
another visitor. It was Chakotay.

“Leave,” Chakotay said forcefully to Tom.

Tom looked like he wanted to protest, but before he could
talk, Chakotay added, “Now!”

My look-alike stomped away, like a child being sent to his

Chakotay looked at B’Elanna and me as if scrutinizing us.
B’Elanna shifted uncomfortably under his gaze and sat
herself into an upright position.

“You’re probably hungry,” Chakotay finally spoke. I hadn’t
realized how hungry I actually was until he mentioned it.

“I’ll let you out of the brig,” He continued. “I’ll assign
you some quarters. But, don’t even try anything funny.”

“What are you going to do with us?” I demanded.

“Just what I need!” Chakotay said sarcastically. “Another
loud-mouthed Tom Paris.”

I tried not to let it show, but I was scared. This Chakotay
was a killer. He had killed Captain Janeway, and he could
kill B’Elanna and me.

“I haven’t really thought about it yet,” Chakotay said. He
moved to the wall and lowered the forcefield.

I stood and helped B’Elanna to her feet.

“Just remember what I said,” Chakotay told us and he turned
to leave the room. “Don’t try anything funny. Or I
promise, you’ll never get back to your Voyager.”

The door closed behind Chakotay and B’Elanna turned to me.
“Where’s Captain Janeway?” She asked.

“Dead,” I answered. “The other Tom told me that Chakotay
killed her.”

B’Elanna stared at me blankly. I tried to find some idea
of what she was thinking on her face, but I couldn’t.

“We’ve got to get out of here, Tom,” She said softly.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into an embrace.
“We will,” I promised. “But, we need to eat now, let’s go
to the mess hall.”


B’Elanna and I entered the mess hall. It was crowded, as
our mess hall usually was. I recognized most of the faces,
but the truth was, I didn’t really *know* any of these
people. Everyone was in civilian clothing. I’m not sure if
Voyager was a Mauqis ship, but it wasn’t Starfleet.

I noticed that Neelix wasn’t behind the counter cooking up
some odd concoction. People were instead ordering food from
the replicators. I wonder how that was possible, seeing as
how were had to use rations on our Voyager.

I told B’Elanna to sit at a table and that I would get us
both something to eat. I walked to the replicator and
ordered us both hot, plain, tomato soup.

B’Elanna and I sat in silence for a few moments eating our

“Have you seen her?” B’Elanna asked me.

“Who?” I wondered.

“My double,” She said. “Have you seen her?”

“No, not yet,” I informed her.

“What about Tuvok, or Harry?” She asked. “Or any of the
other senior officers?”

“No,” I answered. “Only my look-alike, Chakotay, and some
woman who looks like Seven.”

At that moment, Harry Kim entered the mess hall. Or at
least someone who looked just like him.

“I’m going to go try and talk to him,” I told B’Elanna.

“Be careful,” She warned.

“Careful?” I shrugged her off. “Come on, it’s Harry!”

I walked over to the table where Harry was sitting all by
himself. He didn’t seem to notice me. Either that, or he
was trying to ignore me. I cleared my throat to get his

“What?” He asked looking up at me.

“Can I join you?” I asked motioning to the empty chair
across from him.

“Yeah, whatever,” Harry responded. He was different than
the Harry I was used to. He seemed angry. I pulled out the
chair and sat down.

“So,” I said trying to start a conversation.

“What do you want from me?” Harry asked bluntly.

“Want from you?” I asked, confusion evident in my tone.
“We’re friends, Harry,” I said. “Or at least where I come
from we are.”

“Friends?” Harry asked. “I have no friends.”

That didn’t seem right. Harry was the nicest person I knew.
It was hard to imagine him without any friends.

“Hi, Harry,” I heard a voice behind me say. I turned to
see the woman they called Annika standing there.

Harry nodded in response, but said nothing.

“What are doing later?” She asked.

Harry rolled his eyes at her.

“Whatever it is, I’ll be alone,” He said coldly. “Now, if
you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”

With that, he stood and brushed past Annika and left the
room. I turned towards the woman.

“Is he always like that?” I asked.

“Most of the time,” She said.

I stood and walked back towards the table where B’Elanna was
sitting, Annika walking next to me.

“About earlier,” Annika said uncomfortably. “I think I
misjudged you. I thought anyone with the name Tom Paris had
to be a jerk.”

“No problem,” I said casually. We continued walking until
we reached the table that B’Elanna was sitting at.

B’Elanna looked up from her soup. “Seven?” She asked.

“Uh, no,” I said. “This is Annika.”

Annika looked at us strangely.

“Would you like to join us?” I asked.

“Sure,” She said. I sat back down in my chair across from
B’Elanna. Annika took the seat next to B’Elanna.

“How did it go?” B’Elanna asked referring to my
conversation with Harry.

“Not to well,” I admitted.

“Good luck trying to get through to him,” Annika said

“Why is he so angry with everyone?” I asked.

“He wasn’t always like that,” She said. “When our two
crews first joined together, he was so nice and outgoing.
He tried hard to make friends with everyone and make
everyone feel welcomed. Then, Chakotay and a few of the
others started talking about a mutiny. They didn’t like the
way that Janeway was handling things.”

“What happened?” B’Elanna urged Annika to continue with her

“Harry was one of the few people who supported Captain
Janeway,” Annika continued. “He got a lot of trouble from
people for that. Especially Tom and Chakotay. After
Janeway was killed, they told Harry, ‘Either our way or
you’ll end up just like your Captain.’”

“That’s horrible,” B’Elanna said.

“Yeah,” Annika agreed. “It is. Harry changed a lot because
of that. He doesn’t trust anyone. He’s always so

The more time I spent on this Voyager, the more I hated it.

“I try to get him to be more social,” Annika said referring
to Harry. “I try to stick up for him when the others give a
hard time. He just tells me he doesn’t need anyone to stick
up for him. Plus, the others usually give me a hard time for
sticking up for him.”

“If everyone is so unhappy,” I said. “Why don’t you form
another mutiny?”

“Because unhappiness is a small price to pay to get home,”
Annika answered.

It didn’t look to me like they were any closer to getting
home than we were. Chakotay must have filled their heads
with false promises and lies of getting home. I didn’t want
to disappoint Annika, so I kept quiet.

“Am I on your Voyager?” Annika asked.

“In a way,” B’Elanna said.

Annika looked at her bewildered. “I don’t understand.”

“You’re a Borg,” I said. “Or at least you were until we
severed you from the collective.”

“A Borg?” Annika asked in a tone of disgust. I don’t think
she liked the idea of being a drone.

“Yes,” I confirmed. “Seven of Nine.”

“You two are so different from the people you are here,”
Annika said. Then, she looked at B’Elanna and I holding
hands across the table.

“OK, maybe you’re not *that* different,” She said
motioning to our hands.

That was the second time that someone had mentioned that.
I was curious.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” B’Elanna asked before I

“Well,” Annika hesitated. “You two are obviously...close.”

Annika really didn’t answer B’Elanna’s question. But,
before we could inquire further of her, she had to leave.

“I’m due in engineering soon,” She said. “But, if you need
anything, ask me.” With that, she left.

“You know,” B’Elanna said. “I like her so much better than

I nodded my agreement. Annika was obviously easier to get
along with then Seven. However, I still think that Seven is
that way because of no fault of her own. She was
assimilated at such a young age that she has to work to
rebuild her social skills.

“She’s so...” B’Elanna searched for the right word. “Not

“B’Elanna,” I said softly and motioned to a woman standing
in the corner. The woman was gazing out the window as if
lost in thought. From the back, she looked exactly like

B’Elanna turned to look at the woman. “Do you think it’s, me...uh, you know what I mean,” She said.

“It could be,” I said. “I can’t see her face.”

I craned my neck in an effort to see the woman’s face.
Finally, she turned around.

“It’s her,” I said. “But...”

“But, what?” B’Elanna asked turning to see her look-alike.

“Oh,” B’Elanna said in surprise.

The woman was identical to B’Elanna. The only difference
was that this B’Elanna was obviously very pregnant. I’d
guess about eight months.

I met eyes with the other B’Elanna, but she turned away.

“Think I should go talk to her?” B’Elanna asked.

“I wouldn’t suggest it,” I warned. “You saw what happened
with Harry.”

“I’m going to anyway,” B’Elanna said. She stood to walk
over to her double, but the other B’Elanna had already left
the mess hall.


B’Elanna and I were lying in bed that night. We had been
assigned separate quarters, but B’Elanna didn’t want to be
alone. I didn’t blame her. I had my arms wrapped around
her waist, holding her close. I had assumed she was asleep
until she spoke.

“I wonder who the father is,” B’Elanna said.

“Huh?” I asked.

“The father of the other B’Elanna’s baby,” She reminded me.
“I wonder who it is.”

“Oh,” I said. “I don’t know.” I had been wondering the
same thing.

B’Elanna sat up and threw back the covers.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“To talk to Annika,” She replied.

“B’Elanna, it’s the middle of the night,” I told her.

“I know,” She said as she began changing back into her

“Can’t this wait?” I asked.

“No,” B’Elanna said. “I’m sick of doing nothing. I want
answers. I want to know how we got here, and how we can get

“And you think Annika will help you?” I asked. I wasn’t so
sure. Annika may not be happy under Chakotay’s command, but
I don’t think she’d be willing to disobey him to help us.

“I don’t know,” B’Elanna answered. “That’s why I’m going
to find out.”

B’Elanna had finished putting her uniform back on and was
just about to walk out the door.

“Wait!” I called after her. She turned to face me. “I’m
coming with you.”


B’Elanna and I were standing outside of Annika’s quarters.
B’Elanna pressed the doorchime, but no one answered. She
tried again.

“Annika?” She asked.

A barely awake Annika finally answered the door. She rubbed
her eyes to adjust to the light.

“B’Elanna, Tom?” She asked as if surprised to see us.

“Sorry we woke you,” B’Elanna apologized.

“We can come back in the morning,” I offered trying to be

“No,” She answered. “Come in.”

We entered Annika’s quarters, which were surprisingly messy.
I guess I was still expecting her to be as meticulous as

“Excuse the mess,” Annika said as she threw some clothes
off the couch to clear a place for us to sit.

“I’m guessing that you saw her,” Annika assumed. “The
other B’Elanna.”

B’Elanna and I nodded.

“Who’s the father of her baby?” B’Elanna asked.

Annika took a deep breath. Then, finally, she said it.

“Tom is.”

B’Elanna and I exchanged glances. So that’s why everyone
commented on how things weren’t so different. I still
didn’t understand. If the Tom here was the father of
B’Elanna’s baby why was he hitting on Annika? That guy
really was a jerk.

“But...” I began.

“It’s a long, complicated story,” Annika interrupted. “I’ve
heard mostly rumors.”

Annika was starting to look a little more awake. She walked
to the replicator and ordered herself a cup of coffee
offering B’Elanna and I one as well. We both declined.

She sat back down in her chair and sipped her coffee before
she continued on with the story.

“I guess I should tell you that I don’t think too highly of
Tom,” Annika said. “That’s why I was so rude to you when I
first saw you,” She said to me. “I thought if you looked
like this Tom, you must act like him, too.”

“Oh, I used to be just like him,” I admitted. “But,
someone changed me,” I said and smiled at B’Elanna. She
smiled back.

“Like I said, I’ve heard mostly rumors,” Annika said.
“But, supposedly, for sometime before the two crews joined
together, B’Elanna and Chakotay were involved. I don’t hold
Chakotay in the highest regard either,” She paused and took
another sip of her coffee before continuing.

“Chakotay treated B’Elanna pretty bad. He was very
controlling, much like he is with the crew. Then, when the
crews joined together, Tom began flirting with B’Elanna. I
think he did it just to make Chakotay mad. They knew each
other from the Maquis and from what I hear, they didn’t get
along too well.”

“That’s an understatement!” I interrupted her. She gave me
a quizzical look. “Nevermind,” I said.

“Anyway,” Annika continued. “One day B’Elanna and Chakotay
got into a fight. I’m not even exactly sure what the fight
was about. I was working in engineering at the time -- with
B’Elanna. Chakotay came in and they started yelling at each
other. Then, he hit her.”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. I never would have
imagined Chakotay to be such a violent man, even in an
alternate universe. And, I never would have expected
B’Elanna to take that kind of treatment from anyone.

“Tom saw this and jumped in,” Annika said. “He stuck up
for B’Elanna. After that, the two of them became pretty
close. Chakotay didn’t like this very much. But, I’m sure
that just pushed them closer together. I actually thought
that Tom had changed for a while. Then, B’Elanna found out
she was pregnant.”

“And?” B’Elanna asked.

“And, Tom called off their relationship,” Annika said.
“That was almost 7 months ago. B’Elanna is due any day

Annika finished her coffee and set the cup down on the
table. She looked over at the two of us. “That’s not the
only reason you came here, is it?” She asked.

“No,” I admitted. “We were wondering, do you know how we
got here and how we can get back?”

“We experienced some random ion turbulence when we first
entered the wormhole,” B’Elanna added.

“That could have forced you into our universe,” Annika
mused. “I won’t know for sure until I go to engineering and
run some scans.”

I was glad that we finally had someone willing to help us.
Most of the people here were so filled with anger for one
another that they didn’t want to have anything to do with

“We could probably go to engineering now,” Annika
suggested. “Joe Carey has this watch, but he usually sneaks
off to see Samantha Wildman and leaves some unsuspecting
crewmember in charge.”

B’Elanna and I once again exchanged surprised looks.

“Let me go change,” Annika said and excused herself.

“How about that,” I said to B’Elanna. “Carey and Wildman.”

“It doesn’t surprise me,” B’Elanna said. “You should hear
the way he talks about her in engineering. Last I heard,
Sue Nicoletti was trying to set them up.”

That would be good for Joe and Sam. Both of them miss their
spouses in the Alpha Quadrant. A little romance could help
them get over it.

Annika emerged from her bedroom a few minutes later, fully


Engineering was quiet, just like Annika said it would be.
There were only two other people there, but they were on the
upper level, and I doubt that they even noticed us.

Annika and B’Elanna walked over to a console and began enter
equations to figure out what had gotten us here.

“It was definitely the ion turbulence,” Annika confirmed.

“Once we went to warp, it must have pushed us to this
universe,” B’Elanna finished for her.

“Exactly,” Annika agreed.

“That’s great,” I said. “But, how do we get back?”

“If we reconfigure the power couplings of the shuttle to
emit random ion burst, that should produce enough turbulence
to get us back,” B’Elanna said.

“We’ll never be able to do that,” Annika said. “Chakotay
has someone guarding your shuttle at all times.”

I pointed at a jefferies tube opening. “We can take this to
the shuttle bay. We’ll have the element of surprise and can
sneak up on the guards.”

“It’s worth a try,” Annika agreed. We walked to the
jefferies tube opening, and I pulled back the hatch.

I gasped when I saw who was there. “B’Elanna?” I asked.
She was sitting in the tube holding her stomach. I could
tell that she had been crying.

“What’s wrong?” Annika asked her.

“We fought again,” B’Elanna sobbed. “Tom hates this baby.”

I was disgusted. I felt contempt for the other Tom. If he
loved this B’Elanna even half as much as I loved the one
from my universe, he wouldn’t have done this.

“Tom’s a jerk,” Annika said as she reached in to help
B’Elanna from the jefferies tube.

“Oh, damn!” The pregnant B’Elanna yelled.

“What?” I asked. “What’s wrong.”

“I think my water just broke,” She replied.

“We’d better get you to sickbay,” I said.

“You two take B’Elanna to sickbay,” Annika said. “I’ll go
to the shuttlebay.”

B’Elanna and I both wrapped one arm around the pregnant
woman to allow her to support her weight on us while we
walked her to sickbay.


“Yes, she’s in labor,” The doctor confirmed after scanning
her with his tricorder.

B’Elanna was holding her look-alike’s hand to help her
through the pain. I stood nearby. From where I was, I
could hear them talking.

“I wish things could have been different,” the woman in
labor said.

“How so?” B’Elanna asked.

“With Tom and I,” She said. “I still love him. I know he
doesn’t want this baby, but for a while, I thought he had
really changed.”

She turned her head to look at me, and then turned back to
my B’Elanna. “He’s not like that, is he?”

“Like your Tom?” She asked. “No. At first, I thought he
was a pig,” B’Elanna said smiling at me. “But, I know he
would never do anything to hurt me. I trust him with my

My B’Elanna looked over and me and I mouthed the words ‘I
love you’ to her. She just smiled.

“Ahhh!” the B’Elanna in labor yelled as she squeezed her
own look-alike’s hand. “I can’t believe Tom won’t even come
she his own son be born!” She yelled through the pain of
the contraction.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Something had to be done.

“I’ll be right back,” I told the two women.

“Where are you going?” B’Elanna asked.

“I need to take care of something,” I said.


I pressed the doorchime and impatiently waited for an
answer. Finally, the door opened and I was greeted by my
look-alike who had obviously been sleeping.

“What do you want?” He asked me.

I pulled back my fist and punched him directly in the mouth.
He fell to the floor rubbing his jaw.

“What the hell was that for?!” He asked staring at me in

“I am ashamed to have the same name as you!” I shouted at
him. “You disgust me. B’Elanna is in sickbay giving birth
to your child and you aren’t there. You don’t even care!”

“I don’t need a lecture from you,” He said pushing himself
up. He wiped the blood away from his now swollen lip.

“I know B’Elanna,” I said. “Or at least I know *my*
B’Elanna. And, if you are anything like me, she is the best
thing that ever happened to you!”

“I guess we’re not very much alike then,” He said. I
reached my fist back once more and he cowered away from me.
Instead, I dropped my hand.

“You’re not worth it,” I spat at him.


When I entered sickbay, I was greeted by the sound of a
baby’s cry. B’Elanna was laying on the biobed, holding her
son. My B’Elanna standing next to her.

“Where’d you go?” B’Elanna asked.

“I had to take of something,” I said. I looked down at the
baby. I couldn’t help but noticed that he had my blue eyes.

“Isn’t he beautiful?” B’Elanna looked over at me.

I nodded my agreement.

“His name is Lorenzo Thomas Paris,” the B’Elanna on the biobed
told me.

“Lorenzo?” I asked.

“My father’s name,” Both woman said in unison.

“I have something to ask you,” She said looking up at the
two of us. “When you go back to your universe, I want you
to take Lorenzo with you.”

“What?!’ I asked, surprised.

“I know this is kind of sudden,” She said. “But, this
Voyager has nothing to offer a baby. His father doesn’t
want him and I don’t want to raise my son on a ship where
the captain is a killer.”

I looked over at my B’Elanna. She said nothing, she didn’t
have to. We both knew what we had to do.

“You two love each other,” B’Elanna continued. “And, even
though, I gave birth to him, he technically is your son.
That is, he has both of your DNA.”

B’Elanna and I looked at each other. She didn’t have to say anything, I
knew what she was thinking.

“We’ll do it,” I agreed.

“Thank you,” B’Elanna said as she handed her look-alike the
baby. “You can’t know how much this means to me.” She gave
Lorenzo a kiss on his faint brow ridges. “Mommy loves you,”
She said as tears welled in her eyes.


B’Elanna and I walked down the corridor towards the shuttle
bay. Hopefully Annika had finished her work on the our
shuttle and we could leave.

“Hey, B’Elanna,” I said as we entered the shuttle bay.
“When I pictured myself asking you this question, it was never
like this. But, seeing as how we’re already parents, would you like to get

“I thought you’d never ask,” She smiled and leaned over to
kiss me.

“Hear that?” She asked the sleeping baby. “You’re dad and
I are getting married.”

Dad? I had never pictured myself as a father. I knew one
thing, I loved this baby. He was part of me and part of

I saw a guard laying face down on the floor of the
shuttlebay. Annika must have knocked him out from behind.
It didn’t look like much of a struggle seeing as how the
guard didn’t even have a phaser.

Annika was just finishing up the modifications to the
shuttle. “You should be able to get home,” She said as she
put a panel back on the shuttle’s wall.

She turned and saw B’Elanna holding the baby. She moved as
if going to ask a question, but didn’t.

“You’d better hurry before someone notices you’re missing,”
Annika said.

“Thank you for you help,” B’Elanna said.

“Won’t you get in trouble for this?” I asked Annika.

“I’ve been in trouble before,” Annika replied. “Now, go.”

B’Elanna and I turned to enter the shuttle.

“Not so fast,” A voice from behind us said. We turned to
see who it was.

“Harry?” I asked.

“Chakotay sent me to see what was going on after the guard
didn’t check in,” Harry explained. “Just where do you
think you’re going?”

“We just want to get home,” I said. “We don’t belong

Harry pointed his phaser at me. I think he almost expected
me to fight him for it.

“Harry,” Annika said placing her hand in his shoulder. “Let
them go.”

Harry’s look softened and he dropped his phaser to the
floor. “Thanks!” I smiled to him. B’Elanna and I turned
once again to enter the shuttle.

“Tom?” Harry called after me. I turned to face him. “Are
we really friends? On your Voyager, I mean.”

“Yeah,” I answered him. “Best friends.”

For the first time since I arrived on this Voyager, Harry
smiled at me. I think that’s all he really needed...a
friend. It’s all anybody really needs, a good friend.

B’Elanna was standing near the shuttle holding Lorenzo.
“Hurry, Tom,” She said to me. I waved once more to Annika
and Harry and turned to go join B’Elanna.

I heard the familiar sound of the shuttle bay doors hiss
open once more. I figured it was just Harry and Annika
leaving, so I didn’t turn around to see.

“No!” I heard Annika yell from behind me. Once again, I
turned to see what was happening.

“Stop right there!” Chakotay shouted to B’Elanna and I as
hepicked up the phaser that Harry had dropped and pointed it
at us.

“I thought you’d try to leave,” Chakotay said. “Especially
after B’Elanna had her baby and you punched out Tom.”

B’Elanna looked at me. I just shrugged. I don’t
think she really blamed me for hitting him. She couldn’t
stand the jerk, either.

“Let them go, Chakotay!” Harry yelled. “They don’t belong

“I had every intention of letting them go,” Chakotay said.
“That is, after I use them as bargaining chips to get
supplies from their Voyager.”

So, that’s why he wanted us. This Voyager was getting no
where fast. They were short on crew, power, and supplies.
They need our ship to get home.

“Now, step away from the shuttle,” Chakotay instructed us.

I walked carefully away from the shuttle, making sure that
B’Elanna and the baby were behind me incase Chakotay decided
to make good on his threats.

Quickly, Harry ran up behind Chakotay and grabbed his arm,
trying to take his phaser. The two fell to the ground,
wrestling for the weapon. Chakotay finally got hold of the weapon and
pointed it at Harry.

“Stop it, Chakotay!” I yelled.

He turned and pointed the phaser at me instead. “I’m sick
of your mouth, Paris!” He said to me.

He aimed the phaser and I flinched at the thought of being
shot. Just then, Harry jumped to his feet, pushing me out
of the way and taking the brunt of the phaser blast.

“No, Harry!” I yelled.

Annika and B’Elanna rushed to his side. The baby was
awaken by the noise and had began to cry. B’Elanna was
holding him close, trying to keep him quiet. I quickly ran
over to where they were and bent down to check on Harry.

"Go home, Tom," Harry whispered.

I shook my head. "Not until we make sure you're all right,”
I answered.

Annika was observing the wound in his chest, not paying any
attention to what we were saying.

"I'm going to die, Tom. This is the best thing that could
happen to me. Go home. You've got a good life there," Harry
said through the pain.

I felt tears start to sting my eyes. “Thank you,” I said.
“For everything.”

"I'm glad to have had a friend like you, Tom. I hope my
double knows that." Harry struggled to say.

I looked over to Annika, she was crying. “Take care of
him,” I said softly before rising to feet. I saw Chakotay
standing there, watching me.

“You bastard!” I shouted as I lunged for him. He was
caught off guard, so he didn’t have time to reach for his
phaser. I tackled him to the ground. His phaser was flung
in the opposite direction. Annika hurried to pick it up.

“How does it feel it be on the receiving end?” I asked him.

“Go ahead,” Chakotay said. “Kill me!”

“No,” I said. “I’m not a murderer like you.” I pushed him
once more and then walked over to check on Harry.

“He’s dead,” Annika said as she looked up at me.

“No!” B’Elanna said and began sobbing along with the baby
and Annika.

“Tom,” Annika said softly. “You maybe not be a murderer,
but something has to be done!” She pushed herself to her
feet and aimed the phaser at Chakotay.

“This is for Harry, Captain Janeway, and everyone else
you’ve killed!” She said bitterly as she fired the phaser.
The blast hit Chakotay directly in the chest, knocking him
to the floor.

“You better hurry before the send someone to check on him,”
Annika warned.

“Thank you, Annika,” I said.

I took the baby from B’Elanna and wrapped an arm around her.
She leaned on me, as we entered the shuttle. We were soon
surrounded by the blackness of space. I laid in a course
for the wormhole.

The mouth swirled open and we entered. “Let’s hope this
works,” I said to B’Elanna.

The shuttle began to rock violently as it had the first
time. Lorenzo began crying once again and B’Elanna held him
tighter. Finally, the end of the wormhole opened. There
was Voyager. But, was it our Voyager?

“Janeway to Paris,” I heard the comm sound. “Tom, can you
hear me?”

I looked over at B’Elanna and smiled.

“Yes, Captain,” I said happily. “I can hear you! It’s
great to hear your voice!”

“The feeling’s mutual,” She said. “Welcome home.”

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