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have written this story without you. You're the best, sis! Also,
thanks to my good friends, Angelica and Jake (who would be the best
couple since P/T if they'd just open their eyes!) for giving me some
ideas for costumes. Also, thanks to Mrs. Dunn for making me read

Cheile's dedication: To Amy, who helped me write this--love you,
sissy!--and for her idea for Joe and Samantha's costumes. And to
Shrinni, whose constant mention of "The Little Mermaid" gave
me--Amy--both of us?--the idea for Kathryn and Chakotay's costumes.
Also, thanks to the Victoria and Albert Museum for their fantastic
"Dress Through the Ages" display, which I got a few ideas from. And
last but very far from least, a big thank you to Russell and Sherry
Parker, my high school choir and drama teachers, who, by having us do
those long reports and be in the dinners for six years, drilled into my
head the dress, ways and manners of people of the Renaissance. Love you
Ma and Pa! :)

by Cheile and Amy Michelle Bitter

Kathryn Janeway strolled along the corridors of Voyager to the mess
hall. She was only really going to see if Chakotay was there and grab a
cup of coffee, then head straight for her ready room.
Neelix looked up from his pots and pans when she entered. "Good
morning, Captain!" he said brightly.
"Morning, Neelix."
The cheerful Talaxian bustled out from behind the counter.
"Captain, may I ask your permission on something?"
"What is it?" she asked as she poured herself a cup of coffee.
"I was studying the Terran culture databanks again and I noticed
that there is a holiday coming up."
"Christmas already?"
"No. I believe it is called Halloween."
"Oh yes. Halloween." A small smile crossed Janeway's face as she
headed for a nearby table.
Neelix followed. "It said that children went from house to house,
gathering sweets. They referred to it as--treat tricks?"
"Trick-or-treating," she corrected with a laugh.
"Trick-or-treating. And everyone--dresses up, it appears.
Sometimes there are parties and people wear--disguises."
"Costumes, you mean. Yes, older children and adults would have
costume parties and dances."
"What I was wondering--was if we could celebrate this Halloween. I
could program the holodeck, everyone could find a disguise that they
like, and we could have a party."
"I don't see why not. It's been a while since we've had a party.
And it would be fun. I haven't celebrated Halloween since the year
before I left for the Academy. All right, Neelix, you have my


“Hey, B’Elanna, wait up!” Tom called as he trailed B’Elanna down
the corridor. She stopped and waited for him to catch up before they
entered the turbolift together.
“So, did you hear?” he asked trying to make small talk.
“About what?”
“About Neelix’s Halloween party tomorrow night?” Tom smiled.
“Oh, yeah,” B’Elanna replied, not seeming the least bit
interested. She’d always hated Halloween, even when she was a child.
The final insult had come during her sophomore year in high school....

*I’m going as Chava from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’," said Kaitlyn
Ross. "What about you, Laur?"
Laurentia Schultz shook her hair over one shoulder. "I’m going
to be Cleopatra."
"Oooh," said several of the girls. With her long black hair and
porcelain skin, Laurentia would make the perfect Cleopatra and everyone
in the room knew it.
"What about everyone else?" Laurentia asked the room in whole.
"Me? Dress up? No way! Dressing up is for you girls," Mark
Baker snorted. "I wouldn’t be caught dead in a costume."
Some of the girls said they weren’t sure, others called out
their ideas. Only B’Elanna remained silent.
Unfortunately, Laurentia noticed. "Hey Torres, what about you?"
"I’m not dressing up."
"Why not?"
"Because my mother thinks it’s ridiculous. She won’t let me."
"Oh, come on. Just bring your costume to school and change
here, then change again before you go home. She’ll never know."
"Even if my mother allowed it, I wouldn’t. Dressing up is for
"I’m going as a historical figure and Kait is going as a
literary character. Those aren’t childish."
"I’m still not dressing up."
"Whatever. Though I had a good idea for you."
"You could go as a human. Though you’d never pass for one,
looking like the freak you are," Laurentia smirked.
The rest of the class began to laugh . B’Elanna glared
furiously at Laurentia, but she wasn’t about to start a fight in science
On the surface, her temper was boiling. But deep within, her
feelings were hurt and she was crying......*

“Well, are you going to go?” he asked as they stepped of the
turbolift and began to walk towards the mess hall.
“No,” she said bluntly.
“Oh, come on, ‘Lanna, it’ll be fun!” Tom said. “You can be my
date.” He flashed her his famous Tom Paris smile. She smiled back.
They entered the mess hall and sat down at their usual table.
“Will you go with me?” he asked again.
“You don’t give up, do you?” she smirked.
“Of course not, that’s why you love me.”
“Okay,” B’Elanna said, leaning back into her chair. “I’ll be
your date, Tom. If you can find me.”
“Find you?” He looked puzzled.
“Yeah,” she said. “It’s a costume part, isn’t it?”
“I’ll find you,” Tom said. “I’d know those beautiful brown eyes
anywhere.” B’Elanna felt herself blush.
“Look who just walked in together,” B’Elanna said, motioning
towards the door.
Tom looked up to see Harry and Seven walk through the doors.
"Why is he hanging around with her?"
"He’s just being friendly."
Seeing them, Harry headed in their direction, Seven trailing
"Hi, Tom. Hey, B’Elanna."
"Hey yourself, Starfleet," B’Elanna retorted.
"I suppose you’ve heard about Neelix’s costume party,’ Tom said
as Harry slipped into a chair.
"I have. He’s pretty excited about it." Harry shook his head
with a laugh. "But that’s Neelix--always enthusiastic."
"Sometimes overenthusiastic," Tom added.
"What is this party of which you speak?" Seven asked.
"Neelix’s costume party, to celebrate Halloween. It’s tomorrow.
You are coming with me--aren’t you?" Harry asked.
"What is this Halloween?"
Harry realized she probably didn’t remember celebrating
Halloween—if she ever had. "Halloween is based on an ancient Terran
pagan celebration--Samhein. It was said to be the time when the barrier
between the real world and the spirit world was the thinnest and the
spirits of the dead could pass through. The English name was ‘All
Hallow’s Eve’, which got shortened to Halloween. In ancient and
medieval times, the day was feared, but in the 20th century, it became a
day of fun. Children dress up in costumes and go door-to-door for
candy. We called it ‘trick-or-treating’. And there are often
parties—like the one Neelix is planning."
Seven was silent for a minute as she turned the facts over in
her mind. "But what is its purpose—this Halloween?"
"It doesn’t really have a purpose," Tom put in.
Seven’s brow furrowed as she tried to comprehend the usefulness
of a party when the holiday itself had no purpose.
"It’s for fun," Harry added. "You don’t have to wear a costume.
Everyone will understand. Will you go with me?"
After a minute, Seven shrugged. "Even if there is no purpose to
this Halloween, I will go."
"Good. We’ll have fun."
"I have to get down to Engineering. I’ll see everyone later."
B’Elanna rose from her chair.
"’Bye, Lanna."
"’Bye, Tom. ‘Bye, Seven. See you, Starfleet."
"’Bye, Maquis."
At the doors, B’Elanna turned to look one last time at the trio.
She could see the light in Harry’s eyes when he looked at Seven. She
still didn’t care for Seven, but was slowly beginning to accept her.
Seven and Harry--that was another story.
*I hope Starfleet knows what the hell he’s getting himself
With a shrug and a sigh, she left the mess hall.


Later that night, Tom and Harry were in Sandrine’s, playing pool
and discussing the party.
"I’ll probably go as a famous composer."
"Aw, come on, Harry, live a little. Composers are boring.
Besides, the clothing was awful." Tom circled the table. "You know we
could go as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. We already have the
Harry wouldn’t have minded that idea, except that he did *not*
want Seven to see him in that ridiculous getup. "No way."
"Harry, Harry, Harry," Tom sighed. "What am I going to do with
"Do with him?" repeated a puzzled voice.
Seven had walked in. She was now assessing her
surroundings--and Sandrine--with an odd look on her face.
"And who might this beautiful young mademoiselle be, Monsieur
Thomas?" Sandrine asked, also assessing Seven.
"This is Seven. Seven, this is Sandrine."
"Hello," Seven said, not moving, merely eyeing Sandrine.
"Bonjour, Mademoiselle Seven."
"Bonjour?" Seven repeated.
"It means hello, in her language, French," Harry explained.
"Oh," Seven answered. Her gaze moved from Harry to Tom, then to
the hand Sandrine had on Tom’s shoulder. "I would not suggest that."
Sandrine blinked, briefly taken aback. "And why is that?"
"Lieutenant Torres can get quite--jealous, I believe the word
is. She would not like you touching his shoulder. She is
very--possessive and she loses her temper quite easily. I am only
letting you know."
Without further comment, Seven moved away, slowly walking the
perimeter of the room, fascinated by the surroundings.
Sandrine let out a low laugh. "Straightforward, is she not?"


“Wonderful!” Neelix exclaimed admiring the job he had done
designing the holodeck program for the Halloween party. He’d been
patting himself on the back all day for it. He wanted to make the room
look spooky yet inviting. There was a dance floor and even a tub of
water in the corner to bob for apples.
“Computer, what time it it?” Neelix asked.
“The time is 1826 hours,” the computer replied.
“What?!” Neelix shouted. The party would start in a little
over a half hour. He scurried out of the holodeck to his quarters to go
get his costume on.


“Christine, honey, your tail fell off your costume again,”
Samantha Wildman said to her daughter.
“Meow!” the two-year-old replied.
“Yes, cats say ‘meow’,” Samantha said. “And, you are a cat
The door chime sounded and Samantha called for the person to
enter. Lieutenant Joe Carey enter fully dressed in his costume.
“Are you ready, Lady MacBeth?” he asked Samantha.
“Yes, MacBeth,” she replied smiling. Joe and Samantha had
found they shared a common interest; Shakespeare. They both loved the
play MacBeth and had decided to go to the party together as MacBeth and
Lady MacBeth.
“Well, don’t you look adorable,” Joe said, bending down to
Christine’s level.
“Meow!” she replied.


“Seven?” Harry called looking around the cargo bay.
“Yes, I am here,” Seven said.
“I thought I’d stop by and see if you were ready to go to the
party yet.”
“I am ready,” Seven said. She stepped closer to Harry and eyed
his costume.
“You have a weapon,” she said.
“Oh, it’s part of my costume,” Harry explained. “It’s called a
sword. I’m one of the three musketeers.”
“Musketeers?” Seven repeated.
“I’ll explain later,” Harry said. “Come on, let’s go.”
“One moment, please. I need to prepare,” Seven said and
slipped on a glittery purple and silver half mask.
“I do not fully understand Halloween, but I am willing to
participate,” she explained. “How does it look?”
“Great,” Harry said. “Let’s go.”


“Come on, Chakotay, let’s go,” Kathryn said.
“Fine, but I don’t know how I let you talk me into this,”
Chakotay said.
“What are you complaining about?” She asked. “I’m the one who
has to wear the fins.”
“It was your idea to dress as Ariel and Eric from 'The Little
Mermaid' not mine, Kathryn,” he reminded her.
“It was my favorite story as a girl,” she said. “Now, let’s go
or we’ll be late.


Tom was one of the first to arrive at the holodeck. The place
looked great. It reminded him of the Halloween parties he used to
attend as a kid.
“Hello, Lieutenant!” he was cheerfully greeted by a figure
wearing a white sheet with two eyeholes cut out of it.
“Neelix?” Tom asked.
“Yes, it’s me!” he replied. “Like my ghost costume?”
“Very original,” Tom commented.
“And, um, what are you?” Neelix asked.
“A nobleman from a period in Earth history known as the
renaissance,” Tom explained.
Just then, Samantha Wildman, her daughter and Joe Carey entered
the holodeck.
“Excuse me, Lieutenant,” Neelix said as he went off to greet
the guest.
“Boo!” Neelix said in his scariest voice to Christine.
“Meow!” was all she said in reply.


It was 1930.
B’Elanna paced the floor of her quarters. "Why did I ever tell
him I’d go to that party?! Now he expects me to show up," she grumbled
under her breath.
A part of her wanted to go—after all, it was the first real
gathering since Neelix’s luau. But in the back of her mind, Laurentia’s
cruel words kept ringing:
"You’d never pass--looking like the freak you are...."
"I won’t go," she whispered. "I won’t be humiliated again."
But as she continued to pace, every time she passed her bed, her
eyes landed on the costume she had chosen.
The only good thing about her Academy days was her European
history class—and her instructor, Tara Parker. Professor Parker hadn’t
been like the other Academy professors—straightlaced, snappish.
Professor Parker had a love for beautiful things, and her favorite
period was the Renaissance, not only for the richness of the arts, but
for the clothing. Their class had gone to London to tour the Victoria
and Albert Museum. Whereas the other cadets had found the "Dress
Through the Ages" tour boring, a fascinated B’Elanna followed Professor
Parker through the whole thing, from beginning to end--and had fallen in
love with the beautiful Renaissance costumes. When they had returned to
the Academy, Professor Parker had planned on hosting a
Renaissance-themed party.
That had been the week before B’Elanna left.
She hadn’t seen Tara Parker since then, and sometimes wondered
if her beloved teacher ever thought of her, because B’Elanna had
certainly had her in mind when she had chosen the costume.
The dress had a long, flowing skirt of lavender and long sleeves
of the same color. A bliaud of darker purple extended from the neckline
to the waist of the dress. A thin line of lace of the same dark shade
ran along the shoulder seams and all around the neckline. In contrary
with real dresses of that period, it had a zipper down the back, to make
it easier to get into.
Rounding off the costume was a pair of lavender slippers and a
wreath of dried flowers of pale pink and many shades of purple, two long
ribbons, one pink, one lavender, tied to the back.
*I can’t wear it. I’ll look ridiculous.*
*But you do want Tom to see it—don’t you?*
Tara Parker again came to mind. The kind teacher had almost
filled in the hole that her mother had left, and if it hadn’t been her
for, B’Elanna would have left the Academy long before her second year.
She decided she would go. For Professor Parker.

Twenty minutes later, B’Elanna checked her reflection
critically. The dress fit perfectly, the lavender a flattering
contrast to her dark features. The wreath rested on her hair, the
ribbons hanging down her back. The skirt swirled around her ankles
every time she moved.
"Well, I guess I might as well go." She left her quarters and
headed for the holodeck.

2020 hours.
Most everyone had shown up and Tom was looking for B’Elanna. He
didn’t see her anywhere.
"Hello, Tom," Janeway said from behind him.
Turning to her, he smiled. "Lady Ariel, ‘tis good to see you."
Bowing low, he took her hand and kissed the back of it. "You are
looking lovely as ever."
"Careful, Tom—she’s mine," Chakotay said.
Tom burst out laughing. "I have no intention of stealing her
away. I’m merely acting out my part."
"Renaissance nobleman, right?" Chakotay asked. "I recognize the
Tom was wearing black breeches and low boots, a silk tunic in a
blue that matched his eyes, and a darker blue vest with black and silver
cording. A small dagger, for show, was belted to his waist.
"Lord Thomas Eugene Paris," Kathryn smiled, shaking her head.
"Lucky for the Renaissance ladies that you were born in this century.
You would have broken too many hearts."
"And stolen more," Chakotay added.
"I’ll be on my way. Farewell, Lady Ariel, Lord Chakotay—or
should I say Eric?" Tom grinned.
As the couple walked away, he heard Chakotay say, "This is the
last time you talk me into playing a fairy tale character."
He shook his head. It was so obvious that the two were in love.
Why they didn’t just get together was beyond him.
When he reached the back of the room, he found Tuvok. Tom
wasn’t surprised to see him still in uniform.
"Hello, Lieutenant."
"Hey, Tuvok. Why aren’t you in a costume?"
"Vulcans do not celebrate Halloween. I saw no reason to dress
Tom sighed as he moved away. He would never understand Tuvok.
Making another round of the room, he ran into Joe Carey and
Samantha Wildman.
"Tom, I like your costume," Samantha said.
"The fair Lady Macbeth! I am honored by your praise!" Like he
had done before with Kathryn, he bowed to kiss her hand. "How are you
this eve?"
Samantha smiled. He had obviously practiced talking in the
Renaissance way, and he did it quite well. "I am fine."
“That’s great to hear,” Tom said.
“Meow!” Christine smiled up at Tom. Tom couldn’t help but
laugh at thechild. She was a cute cat, he had to admit.
“Farewell, MacBeth, Lady MacBeth,” Tom said.
“Look like th' innocent flower, but be the serpent under't,”
Samantha quoted from act five of MacBeth.
“Words to live by,” Tom grinned and turned to walk away.
Continuing on, he encountered Greg Ayala and Sue Nicoletti,
dressed as Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Both were impressed with his
costume, and Sue got into a giggling fit when Tom kissed her hand and
Ayala pretended to be jealous.
As the pair headed on, the lights suddenly dimmed.
"Attention, everyone!" Neelix’s voice rang over the speakers.
"It’s now time for the dancing. Take a minute to find a
partner--because I’m turning the lights all the way out!" Doing a
fairly good imitation of a witch’s cackle, he turned the microphone off.
Precisely a minute later, the room plunged into pitch blackness.
Tom hadn’t found a partner, and as the scary music began, his eyes
adjusted to the darkness. He could see the other couples, so he made
his way to a more open section of the dance floor. He stood there,
watching the shadows change until suddenly he heard footsteps near him.
By their lightness, he knew that it was one of the female crew members.
Turning, he bowed down. "Fair maiden, you grace me with your
presence. Will you dance with me?"
She didn’t say anything, but when Tom took her hand and led her
onto the dance floor, she didn’t resist.
As they danced, he tried to guess who it was. It wasn’t the
captain, Tom had seen her with Chakotay right before the lights went
out. It was too tall for Samantha, too short for Sue. Jenny Delany was
on duty, and Megan always wore her Chantilly perfume, whereas he caught
the faint scent of orchids and something strangely familiar. He
couldn’t place it. He knew what it was—but he couldn’t put the right
term to it.
As the music ended, it suddenly hit him.
The lights came on, momentarily blinding him. He blinked.
*Plasma coolant.*
And found himself looking down at B’Elanna’s shocked face.
"B’Elanna," he said, surprised.
B’Elanna mistook the puzzlement for mocking and she couldn’t
take it any longer. Breaking free of his hold, she fled the holodeck.

Harry and Seven had stepped outside the holodeck, deciding not
to participate in the last dance—and were now slowly walking toward the
"So what did you think?" Harry asked.
Above her mask, Seven’s brow furrowed slightly. "It
was--interesting. I like it. When will it happen again?"
Harry almost laughed at her enthusiasm. "Well, unfortunately,
it only happens once a year. But Christmas is coming up."
Before Harry could explain, someone suddenly crashed into him.
He turned around. "Hey Maquis, you should—what’s wrong?"
"Nothing!" she cried before dashing away, leaving the startled
pair behind.
"What is wrong with Lieutenant Torres?"
"I don’t know, Seven. I’ve never seen her act like that


Once she reached her quarters, B’Elanna immediately locked the
door. She kicked off the slippers. Ripping the wreath off her head,
she flung it onto the couch. Then she slumped to her knees, buried her
face in her hands, and burst into tears.
Unable to hold back the rush of tears, B’Elanna cried. She
cried all the tears she’d been holding back since her father left, all
the tears she’d held back all the times she’d been made fun of, and now
the tears of her broken heart.
She was so deep in her misery that she didn’t hear the door
chime or eventually, her door open. The next sound she was aware of was
a soft thump as something hit the carpet. Then she was wrapped in a
strong pair of arms.
"Shh," a quiet voice whispered. Tom’s voice. "B’Elanna, shh."
He held her tightly, rocking her back and forth, stroking her hair.
"’Lanna, don’t cry. Shh."
B’Elanna’s wrenching sobs broke Tom’s heart. He tightened his
embrace. "Shh, ‘Lanna. Don’t cry." He rubbed her back, allowing her
to bury her face into his chest as she cried still harder. Tears stung
his own eyes. Her anguish was beginning to hurt him as well.
“Why did you leave?” he asked cupping her chin in his hands and
tilting her face towards his.
“I...I don’t know,” B’Elanna said, brushing the tears from her
“Don’t you remember are agreement?” Tom asked. “I found you,
now you have to be my date.”
“You didn’t find me!” she retorted. “You didn’t even know who I
was until the lights turned back on.”
“Of course I know who you are,” Tom said. “You’re B’Elanna
Torres, the woman I love.” He leaned forward and kissed her.
“Do you want to go back to the party now?” He asked and stood
to help her up off the floor. B’Elanna took his hand and pulled herself
up. Tom picked up her wreath and set it carefully on her head.
“Let’s go,” B’Elanna said reluctantly. The two walked down the
corridor towards the holodeck hand in hand.
“By the way, ‘Lanna,” Tom said. “You have excellent taste in
B’Elanna giggled at the irony. They had both picked costumes
from the Renaissance without knowing the other’s costume. “So do you,”
she said.
The two entered the holodeck just in time to hear Neelix
announce the last dance of the night. Bowing low, Tom took B’Elanna’s
hand in his and kissed it. “Fair B'Elanna, may I have the pleasure of
dancing with you?” he asked.
“Of course,” B’Elanna replied, smiling. He led her to the
dance floor. He held her tightly in his arms as they danced and she
rested her head on his shoulder.
“Happy Halloween, B’Elanna,” Tom whispered.
“Happy Halloween,” she replied.

The end :o)

Legal B.S. is above. Copyright October 30, 1997, by Cheile and Amy
Michelle Bitter. The costumes through the ages "tour" is at the
Victoria and Albert Museum in London, but I'm not certain of the actual
name. B'Elanna's costume is quite similar to one of the Renaissance
dresses on display, except the one they showed was pale blue, not
lavender. The wreath is actually the one my (Cheile's) mother bought
for herself at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, held every year in
Devore. Tom's costume is based off the outfit that Mr. Parker wears
every year to the Renaissance Dinner, except that he also wears a hat,
which I didn't think necessary to include, and his costume is green.
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