I didn’t particularly like the ending to “Day of Honor” so, I wrote my own version. Here it is...

Day of Honor: Alternate Ending
By: Amy Michelle Bitter (c)1997 (borgqueena@yahoo.com)

Disclaimer: Star Trek: Voyager and its characters are owned by (all together now) Paramount, Inc. No infringements on any copyrights are intended.

Notes: As you can tell from the title, this story is my alternate ending to “Day of Honor.” Although, my sister (Hi Jill!) said they should have ended it with a turbolift scene like they did with “Blood Fever.” This is what I think should have happened. All comments sent to me at borgqueena@yahoo.com

And now, (drum roll please) my story......

B’Elanna lay in her bed hoping that sleep would come. No such luck. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier. She’d gone over the conversation a million times in her head since then.

“I have to tell you the truth.”
“The truth about what?”
“I love you...”

She’d done it. She’d really done it. She told Tom Paris that she loved him. Now, her head was filled with questions. How long had she been in love with Tom? B’Elanna could remember a time when she didn’t love Tom. Even though he could be a stubborn, arrogant pig. What took her so long to tell him? That’s the way she was: push people away before they get to close. Did Tom love her? That’s one question she couldn’t answer.

B’Elanna sat up in bed and pulled her knees up to her chest. She rested her chin on her knees. *Looks like I’m not going to be getting much sleep tonight.* She thought. B’Elanna got out of bed and changed back into her uniform. She needed to get out of her quarters.

B’Elanna walked through the deserted corridors of Voyager to the turbolift. “Deck two.” She ordered the computer after the lift doors had closed. The doors opened again to reveal deck two.

B’Elanna stood in front of the Mess Hall. She knew for certain it would be almost empty. Everyone else was probably sleeping and a few unlucky people were on duty.

B’Elanna entered the Mess Hall to see one person there: Tom.

She was going to turn and walk away, but it was too late, he had seen her. “You couldn’t sleep either?” He asked.

B’Elanna shook her head. She walked over to the table where he was sitting. “Can we talk?” She asked timidly.

“Sure, sit down,” Tom said motioning to the chair across from him at the table.

“Uh, Tom,” B’Elanna said never taking her eyes off of the table. She couldn’t bring herself to look into those blue eyes. “About what I said earlier, I just want you to know that....”

“I love you, too.” Tom interrupted her before she could finish her sentence.”

“What?” She asked looking up from the table.

“I love you, too, B’Elanna.”

The End

Yes, I know, it’s sappy! Don’t you think “Day of Honor” should have ended that way?

Your Borg Queen, Amy