The Box
By: Amy Michelle Bitter (c)1997

Disclaimer: 'Star Trek: Voyager'and all it's characters are owned by the
almighty Paramount, Inc. The story is mine! (Take that almighty Paramount!)

Note: This is a follow up to the episode "Random Thoughts." I went crazy because they never showed what was in the box! (I also drove my friends crazy. Sorry, guys!) So, I wrote what I think *should* be in the box.

Hey TPTB, are you reading this? :o) This story is also written in
B'Elanna's point of view.


It feels great to be back on Voyager! I never thought I could think of
this ship as home, but I do now. I actually consider the crew my friends, too. Some of them have proved they really cared about me, especially in the past few days.

I know that I'm a violent person. That violence is always getting me into trouble. Thankfully, I've learned to stop acting on those violent
tendencies. This time, it was my violent thoughts that got me into
trouble. Damn telepaths! Fortunately, Tuvok and Captain Janeway found a way to get me out of that mess without having to use Tom's escape plan.

"Come in," I called upon hearing the door chime. Tom entered my quarters and I quickly jumped up from the couch to greet him.

"Tom," I smiled as I threw my arms around him, but he didn't hug me back. I quickly saw why.

"What are you hiding behind your back?" I asked him.

"Oh, nothing," Tom replied nonchalantly.

"You have something behind your back," I insisted.

"I can't hide anything from you, can I?" He asked and pulled a wrapped present from behind his back.

"Well, open it," he prompted handing me the box.

"Tom, you didn't have to," I said. Presents and compliments were two
things that I have always had trouble accepting.

"I know I didn't *have* to, B'Elanna," Tom said. "I *wanted* to. Now,
open it."

I sat on the couch with the present on my lap and Tom sat beside me
anxiously waiting for me to open it. I tentatively began to tear away the shiny wrapping paper and opened the box. To my surprise, inside was another box!

"Tom!" I said. This was just like him to pull a prank like this.

"Open it," he insisted.

I tore the wrapping paper off, opened the box, and again found a smaller box wrapped identically as the two before. I rolled my eyes. Tom laughed and leaned back. He was obviously enjoying this.
I repeated this ritual with three more boxes until I had found a small
velvet box.

"This had better be the last one," I teased Tom as I began to open the tiny box. I could barely believe my eyes when I saw what was inside the box. It was a golden ring with a solitaire diamond on it. No, this couldn't be....

"B'Elanna," Tom said and took my hand in his as he dropped to one knee. "I know I don't say it very often, but I love you with all my heart. I was planning on asking you this before the incident with the Mari, but then I almost lost you. That made me realize that I could never live without you. B'Elanna, will you marry me?"

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I was literally speechless. No one had ever loved me as much as Tom, and I had never loved anyone as much as I love him.

"Oh, Tom," I said finally finding my voice. "Of course I'll marry you."
Tom took the ring and slipped it onto my finger and gently kissed my hand. I knew that from this day on, I would never be alone again.
"I love you, Tom," I whispered and leaned forward to kiss him.

The End

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