Title: Words  R
Author: Annie M
Series: Voyager
Rating: R
Code: P, T
Summary: An admission and a rebuttal.

Disclaimer: It's all mine! (except for the Ferengi)

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April 2000

Words by Annie M

When I fuck you, you should know I mean it.  When I grind myself into you, you should know I'm giving you all I can.  When I search your eyes, you should know I'm looking for my salvation.

When you buck at me, bite at me and claw, it only means you're giving me what I want--need.  When you scream, in the heat of your own delight, it means I've touched you; reached you, in a way I can't when we're dressed and acting civilised.

I'm not a civil person.

Neither are you.

I'm not very good with words--not the ones that matter.  You, you're always straight to the point; economical, efficient and hitting dead centre.

I guess I'm lucky that you don't seem to mind--about the words.

I guess we don't really need them.

But you should you know, that when I fuck you, I mean it.


So you think that's all it takes?

You and me, anyplace, screwing our brains out?

What am I, psychic?!

Talk to me, you big lug!

I don't care how bad you think you are with the words--damn, you can talk the ears off a Ferengi without breaking a sweat!

And don't get all defensive.  I'm not asking for those three words now!

Okay, maybe I am.  Stop cringing!  You don't have to say it this second.

I'd just like to hear them sometime, when you're not drunk or having an orgasm.

Don't roll your eyes either.

Come here.

Big baby.  I know you mean it.

I mean it too.

The End

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