Reflections  (NC-17)

Summary:  This is a sequel to my story 'Changes' and is Tom's point of view on impending fatherhood, husbandry and flying in the Delta quadrant.

Disclaimer: Viacom/Paramount owns the ship and all characters, I'm just kidnapping them for a good time.
I always return them.

Warning:  There be consensual sex within.

Dedication:  This is for all of you on the PTF who requested a sequel.  I've never written a sequel before so I hope you enjoy it.

Timeline: This continuation is set approximately 18 months after 'Changes'.

Reflections (NC-17) by Annie M

The port nacelles were sluggish again.  Tom could feel them resisting his commands, ever so slightly.  He compensated for the small power drain by decreasing power to the starboard side. Tom Paris checked his navigational control board then banked Voyager into a
smooth roll.  The inertial dampers were operating just fi e.  Keeping the ship steady at one-half impulse, Tom resumed the ship's original course.

Captain Janeway had ordered a series of battle drills, at commander Tuvok's recommendation.  It wouldn't do to be complacent in the Delta quadrant, just because they were currently flying through empty space. Each shift had been assigned to deal with a different emergency situation. Alpha shift were running the systems on half power and minimal life support to replicate an attack scenario.

Engineering had shut down the warp core and Seven had shut off power to astrometrics, knocking out Voyager's ability to use long range sensors.

The Doctor was supervising some field medics in the art of emergency triage in the mess hall.  Tom Paris was expected to participate as a medic during Beta shift.  By then the medical training would have switched to one of the shuttle bays.

The captain called a halt to the exercises for the current shift, giving her crew an inspirational 'great team work' speech over the Comm and to those on the bridge on of her rare but wonderful smiles.

As full power returned to the ship Tom Paris set to work on a new set of navigational protocols and gravitational trajectories.  The sluggish behaviour of the port nacelles would have to be looked at as well, he mused. He called Joe Carey over the Comm and they arranged to look into the navigational array at the earliest opportunity.


Double shifts were the worst, Tom thought wearily as he made his way to his quarter's 12 hours later.  He was tired and achy from pulling apart consoles and scanning nav relays and backup relays.  Then having to listen to the EMH drone on and on about the correct position he should place a patient in when dealing with punctured lungs, the elevation of certain limbs to relieve pressure, optic laser surgery and emergency child birth techniques.

Ok, he mused that last one was worth listening to.  His wife and mate,
B'Elanna Torres, was almost eight month's pregnant with their first child. The thought of seeing her quickened his steps along the corridor.

The captain, under the Doctor's advice, had relieved her of full duties in just the last week.  Tom knew that if B'Elanna had had her own way she would be working flat out until she went into labour. He smiled to himself as he remembered B'Elanna telling the captain that there was no way she would quit working entirely. The command team had eventually agreed on a compromise; B'Elanna could act as an engineering consultant, working from their cabin.  Allowing her to
interface with ships systems, when required and heading up a project team to investigate alternate propulsion and maintenance systems.

B'Elanna seemed to like the new role and Tom had found her working
furiously at her terminal, most nights, when he finished a shift.

The doors to their quarter's hissed open and he stepped in to find his wife half lying half sitting on their couch.  B'Elanna was laughing softly and talking to her enormous belly.  Her hands resting lightly on her abdomen.

'You just can't wait to get out of there, can you?' she teased.  B'Elanna looked up as she saw Tom enter and grinned at him.

'Tom, come here, quick,' she commanded. 'Feel this,' she continued

Tom eagerly rushed to her side.  A wide grin splitting his own features as he knelt beside his wife.  He never tired of feeling the soft kicks under his hand and threw B'Elanna's skin as their child affirmed its impending arrival again and again.  B'Elanna pulled up the oversize tee-shirt of Tom's she was wearing and brought her husband's outstretched hand to the source of her recent laughter.

'Wow, he's really kicking up a storm tonight.' Tom breathed as he rested his head lightly against her shoulder.  Letting B'Elanna guide his hand to the next impatient movement of their growing child.

'He's being doing that for the last few minutes.' B'Elanna stated, turning her head slightly to give her husband a kiss on his forehead.

Tom just kept grinning.

B'Elanna's mouth quirked as she watched him watching her stomach.

'Tom, go take a shower,'  she commented.  Tom gave his wife an
embarrassed smile and nodded,  kissed her nose as he stood up and headed for the bathroom.

Tom had forgotten how he must smell to B'Elanna's sensitive proboscis, after working a double shift and crawling through the navigational array to make repairs. This was her way of telling him he stunk and he knew it.


Tom whistled as the warm spray of the shower sluiced the sweat and grime from his body.  He let the force of the steaming jets pound his neck and back, relieving some of the aches from his heavy work schedule. Being a married man had quite a few advantages on Voyager, he thought, as he soaped up his skin and scrubbed his arm pits. Their quarter's were larger than anyone else's on board, even the captain's. They had a bath AND a shower unit, two large bedrooms - should they decide to extend their family at a later date - that could be easily converted to smaller rooms.  A study off the main lounge, which B'Elanna had turned into her office, and a dining area could also be accommodated should they wish to entertain guests.
Yes, Tom thought, the captain and commander Chakotay had been most generous when they had assigned them these rooms, after their marriage eighteen months ago.

That small ceremony on the holodeck was a moment in time he would always treasure.  B'Elanna had looked so breathtakingly beautiful he had almost forgotten the words to the oath. He had managed to stammer through them as B'Elanna had pledged her vows with a shyness and sincerity that he had found incredibly erotic.  He was so aroused that he had to stop himself from reaching into her low cut gown and caressing her breasts in front of all the invited guests!

Thinking about that moment was getting him aroused all over again.  Thinking about B'Elanna's pregnancy enlarged breasts was definitely getting his body excited.  Not even pregnancy had curbed B'Elanna's lustful appetite for her husband.
All through her boughts of morning sickness, irrational temper tantrums (nothing new there), even her sudden craving for leola root milkshakes and leola root fudge brownies, B'Elanna's need for Tom's body was unquenchable.

Tom finally emerged from the shower and towelled off.  After some time he was finally able to coax his still exited manhood into a pair of regulation boxer's.  He threw on his blue robe and went in search of his mate.


B'Elanna had managed to waddle from the couch to their bed and was still trying to get comfortable as Tom peeked his head through the door.

'Is our champ still moving around?' Tom asked as he deftly joined B'Elanna on top of the deep burgundy coverlet.

'No. I just can't find a position that doesn't make my back hurt.' B'Elanna groused.

'Sit up, I'll rub your back.' Tom instructed.

'You'll have to help me.' B'Elanna replied impishly.

Tom moved to assist as B'Elanna struggled to raise herself.  Tom pulled her up into a sitting position with her legs crossed loosely in front.

'Better?' he asked.


Tom eased B'Elanna out of his old tee-shirt and started a slow massage of her shoulders and neck keeping up a gentle pressure as his fingers worked against her warm skin.  Tom continued this way for several minutes, his erection had popped up again as B'Elanna
sighed and moaned under his hands.

'Get the cream, Tom.'  B'Elanna instructed throatily. 'The one the Doctor gave us.'

'Okay.'  Tom quickly jumped off the bed and went towards their dresser to find the cream the EMH had recommended to reduce the possibility of stretch marks along B'Elanna's abdomen and breasts.

Tom returned, placed the cream in B'Elanna's hands, then set about
arranging the multitude of pillows on their bed so that he could massage his wife's front with a minimum of discomfort for her.

B'Elanna eased herself back and handed the cream  to Tom.  Tom eased the cap off and sniffed at the contents, it had a rich sweet smell, of chocolate and hazelnuts, he thought.  He dipped his hand in and applied a generous amount to the palm of his left hand.  He put the jar of cream to one side then rubbed his hands together before gently massaging the cream onto B'Elanna's swollen stomach.

'Is this alright?' he asked, his voice husky with desire.  He already knew the answer.  He could see it in the way her eyes closed as she sighed and relaxed against the pillows.

'Umhh,' she responded.

Around and around Tom's hands moved.  Over, up and down.  He would occasionally stop and plant small kisses against her skin, which housed their child, who confirmed their love. Tom reached for more cream and applied them to her breasts.  Taking each one in turn, gently rubbing around the plump mammary.  The thought of their
baby suckling their soon made Tom feel a little jealous.

'Are they still sore?' Tom asked as he lightly stroked her nipple.

'A little.' B'Elanna sighed dreamily.  Floating away under the sensuous
touches of her mate.

Tom couldn't resist and flicked at the erect nipple with his tongue.

'Umhh.' B'Elanna sighed again.

Tom continued to play the nipple with his tongue as he used his hands to stroke around her belly.  Tom was kneeling between B'Elanna's open thighs as she reached in to Tom's robe and stroked her hand against his chest. Sliding her fingers against the resistance of his wonderful chest hairs.

Tom shifted slightly so that he could lap at her other nipple, licking and teasing it with just his tongue.  He moved a hand lower and snaked a finger through the panty B'Elanna was wearing.  She could not pull them all the way up so she was wearing them under the distended swell of her tummy. Tom groaned aloud as he felt her arousal warm his index finger.  B'Elanna's hand left his chest and she moved her hips slightly, allowing Tom to remove her bunched up under wear.

He moved two fingers inside her centre and gently massaged her internal warmth, coaxing more moans and breathy sighs from both of them.

'Lick me.' B'Elanna moaned.

Tom gave the nipple he was still laving a delicate suck then settled himself on his belly and began to lick and caress her inner thighs.  B'Elanna raised a leg and settled it over Tom's shoulder, just to direct his attention.  Tom teased the top of her mount with his tongue, tickling her as it brushed the pubic hairs. He used his fingers to tease the outside of her sex and he let his thumb gently stroke against her clitoris.

'Tom, stop teasing...ohh-.' B'Elanna moaned as she felt his tongue lick her from the bottom of her vagina to the top.  He repeated the process several, torturously, slow times.

B'Elanna was shaking with arousal her hips rotating slowly to the hypnotic effect of Tom's tongue and lips.  Her body, overly receptive to her husband's touch in her pregnancy, was humming as she neared her release. Tom knew B'Elanna was close and stabbed into her with his tongue, flicking it around her insides as her sweet juices poured onto it. Her hips shook and she cried out as her climax gripped her.  Tom continued to lap at her and rubbed his thumb against her clitoris while she climaxed. Not letting go until her breathing returned to normal.

Tom finally raised him self onto his elbows so that he could look at her
flushed face.  He was grinning again, even as he licked at his lips, he was grinning.

'You ok?' Tom managed to ask as he half laughed at the expression on B'Elanna's face.

She was breathing through her open mouth and had a look on her face that said she was just fine, thank you.

'Get up here, Paris.'

Tom crawled up next to his wife and they exchanged a very long very deep kiss.  B'Elanna shifted to her side and Tom spooned his body against her back, his hand resting protectively over their child.  His robe still hanging onto him.

B'Elanna reached behind her and stroked at Tom's firm shaft through the confines of his robe and shorts.

'Your turn next,' she murmured into the pillows.

'I can wait, love,' he whispered against her neck, though his hand covered hers as she continued to stroke him.

Being a husband is fun, he thought as he felt B'Elanna relax into sleep
against him.  He was a little more apprehensive about fatherhood, but he was willing to learn because his wife would no doubt teach him.  Every step of the way.


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