More Opportunities (NC-17)

Summary: This short tale (PWP) occurs during Guinevere's AU story
'Dissociation'.   Niomi explored a certain possibility and I thought that I could expand slightly on her expansion.

Disclaimer: Viacom/Paramount owns the ship and all characters, but not their reactions to certain stimuli.

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Warning: Graphic descriptions of consenting adults having SEX (Fh/M/Fk).  If you are under 18 please do not read further, find something else to read.  You have been warned.

More Opportunities (NC-17) by Annie M

As both B'Elanna's started to caress Tom again he thought to himself: 'I am one lucky son-of-a-bitch.'  Human B'Elanna was kissing her way down Tom's body as her Klingon counterpart was indulging in passionate exploration of his mouth.  Their moans and sighs arousing them all to further exploits.

Tom had one hand buried into the soft silken strands of Human B'Elanna's hair as she licked and kissed her way to his growing erection.  Klingon B'Elanna bit and kissed around Tom's jaw and collar bone then sat astride his chest and offered her dark erect nipples to Tom's swollen lips.  He grinned at her momentarily then gasped as Human B'Elanna licked up the length of his swollen cock.  Tom bucked his hips at the sensation and groaned again, Klingon B'Elanna grabbed Tom's head and buried it to her chest, glorying in the feel of her lover's mouth around her aching nipples.  Tom suckled roughly,
sucking the teat into his mouth and pulling at it with his teeth, enjoying the growls of satisfaction that his action elicited.  With one hand around her back Tom used his free hand to taunt and pull at B'Elanna's other nipple.

Human B'Elanna was licking around the tip of Tom's engorged penis, loving the way his pre-cum glistened in the reflected starlight of the cabin.  She sank her lips over him then and let his erection fill her mouth.  His hips rose up to meet her and she could hear his muffled groans, although all she could see from her angle on the bed was Klingon B'Elanna's back arching upwards as Tom continued to feast himself on her bosom.

Right now Tom Paris wished he had two cocks, he wanted nothing more than to penetrate these two glorious women making love to him.  He wanted to fuck them both until he couldn't see straight.  At the same time.

The fingers of Tom's left hand stroked at the wet folds at Klingon B'Elanna's centre, feeling for her enlarged clitoris, he noted it was even more developed than on his B'Elanna's, rubbing at it with his thumb and forefinger.  He bit into her breast and heard her growl in approval.  He could feel her mouth on him sucking and drinking in his length, down below.  He could feel himself begin to pulse as her lips and tongue stimulated him and she sucked even harder.

'B'Elanna!' he screamed as he felt himself climax, but she kept on sucking and licking at him, drinking all of him in. B'Elanna pushed him back roughly onto the pillows and moved herself to sit on his face, she positioned herself so that she could watch her counterpart greedily consume Tom's seed.

Tom lapped at the dripping wet folds, plastered to his mouth.   Pushing, first one finger into her to add to his oral pleasuring then a second and finally a third.  He could feel his erection growing again and he could hear both B'Elanna's practically purring with excitement at the prospect of playing with his member again.

'Their gonna kill me.' he thought briefly, as he felt a change in weight above him and then what felt like two tongues flicking at his balls and shaft......


Klingon B'Elanna rocked back and forth on to his length, euphoric in the feeling of Tom bucking into her again and again. Human B'Elanna was now working on the nipples buried in damp blond curls on a heaving male chest. Tom had lost track of how many times they had taken him to the edge tonight. He really did not think his body could give up any more fluids!

'My turn.' Human B'Elanna stated and the Klingon reluctantly gave up her position as Human B'Elanna settled her self over Tom's overworked, but deliriously happy appendage.

The B'Elanna's had been happily swapping positions with each other for a while now, taking turns at settling themselves onto him, riding for a while and then swapping to kiss and caress another part of Tom's anatomy.  It was gentle and passionate and wild!

If Tom Paris lived to be an old, old man he would never, ever forget this night of lovemaking with the woman he adored.  Sex with B'Elanna, his B'Elanna was already the highlight of his sexual career, but this, Christ, this was off the scale!


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