Frustrations (NC-17)

Summary: Tom and B’Elanna are ignoring each other after an argument. They want to make up but who’s going to make the first move?

Disclaimer: Viacom/Paramount owns the ship and all characters, but not their reactions to certain stimuli.

Warning: Graphic descriptions of consenting adults having SEX.  If you are under 18 please do not read further, find something else to read.  You have been warned.  I make no apology for the lack of plot.

Frustrations (NC-17) by Annie M

Tom Paris was frustrated.  Sexually frustrated.  He and B’Elanna Torres, his lover, had engaged in another of their now legendary arguments, about what, he could not even remember and now they weren’t speaking.

Six days the cold inhospitable silence between them had lasted.  No sexy looks, no flirtatious repartee, no friendly ribbing, no holodeck adventures, no dinner or breakfast dates, no gossip, no massages, no scrubbing each others back’s in the shower and definitely no sex!

Maybe, Tom thought to himself, I should go and apologise.  For what? his mind berated him.  For whatever! the devoted lover in him shot back.

Tom lay uncomfortably on his bed, twisting and turning in confusion as he let visions of B’Elanna’s heated skin invade his thoughts.  He started playing with his erection, wishing the object of his affections were here to sate his needs as only she could.

Shit! Tom thought, This is not good enough!  He knew no amount of
masturbation could douse the fire of arousal that B’Elanna’s lips, hips and everything in between could do for him.

‘Computer,’ Tom called out into the semi-darkness of his quarters. ‘location of Lt. B’Elanna Torres?’

‘Lt. B’Elanna Torres is in her quarters.’ came the disembodied reply.
Tom swung his legs off the bed and checked his chronometer on the bedside table: 23.47 hours.

Mind made up he increased the illumination of his quarters to fifty percent and slipped into a pair of fresh jogging pants and a tee shirt.  Then headed for the door.


Tom Paris had been activating her entry signal for the last five minutes.  No answer.  Your not getting away that easy, Torres. He thought, as he switched to a mode of behaviour Tuvok, had once described as ‘a malcontent’ and proceeded to override the lock on her door.  Checking the corridors as he worked, Tom finally sighed with relief as the doors slid open.  He slipped into the darkness quickly and reinitialised the lock command with the touch of a button.

Her quarters were dark, but not completely so, there was a dim light on in B’Elanna’s bathroom area.  We usually use that as a night light, Tom thought absently.  Moving forward slowly and carefully, mindful of all the PADDS B’Elanna liked to leave strewn around her living area, Tom headed for her bedroom.  And Stopped.

He could hear breathing and movement coming from inside her sleep area. As he approached he saw her moving on the bed, totally naked and rotating her hips as she played with herself.  Two fingers moving steadily against her sex.

Tom was rooted to the spot enjoying the sight of his lover as she pleased herself.  The sight of her writhing body, her dark brown nipples erect, as her breasts moved in time to her strokes......
Tom suddenly became aware of his growing erection and stroked himself through the cotton fabric of his pants.  After watching B’Elanna, for a few minutes Tom withdrew, unnoticed, into her living area and as quietly as he could removed his clothes.

Tom proceeded to crawl back into B’Elanna’s bedroom, dragging his growing erection across the floor as he moved.  He popped up at the end of her bed wearing only an enormously lusty grin and greeted her.

‘Hi Babe. Miss me?’

B’Elanna nearly fell off the bed, a mixture of shock, surprise, outrage and humiliation at being caught with her fingers up her snatch.  Paris just continued to grin at her.

‘You, fucking PetaQ!’ she screamed, ‘What the hell are you doing here and how did you get in?’

‘I missed you.’ he said simply.

It had never occurred to Tom Paris that B’Elanna Torres, half-Klingon, all fire-ball, might kill him for invading her privacy this way, it still hadn’t.

‘I was lonely and thinking about you.’  Tom continued to speak as he slowly made his way up the bed, trying to placate her with the sound of his voice. ‘I was lying in bed tonight, thinking about our fight.  I can’t remember what it was about, can you?’ he went on.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ B’Elanna growled at him as she pushed herself back into the pillows.  He ignored the question but continued to speak as if this was something they did nightly.

‘We haven’t spoken for days, B’Elanna.  Not a word.  I miss us and I want us back.’ He was kissing her feet now, licking her toes while still speaking.  Every word punctuated with kisses and licks to her beautiful coffee coloured skin.  ‘We shouldn’t be fighting all the time, not when we love each other so much.’

‘You’re a creep, Paris.  What makes you think I love you?’ B’Elanna asked, her voice starting to betray her desire as she reluctantly enjoyed Tom’s ministrations.

‘Are you saying you don’t?  Do you want me to stop?’  He was kissing her knees now and running his hands lightly along her silken thighs, not even looking at her.  ‘Do you want me to go?’ he asked as he continued to torment B’Elanna’s flesh.

‘Tom,’ she responded ‘you talk too damned much.’ B’Elanna lunged at him then and they fell against each other arms wrapped about bodies and faces as they embraced in a bone crunching kiss.  Teeth knocked together and lips were bitten as they struggled to explore the others mouth.  When they finally broke for air, several minutes later, B’Elanna whispered to him.


‘Hummh?’ Tom responded.

‘I did miss you, flyboy.’

‘Yeah,’ Tom’s lascivious grin returned ‘I noticed.’


Tom returned to stroking and kissing B’Elanna’s sensual flesh.  Massaging her arms and rubbing her shoulders, then moving his gentle hands to run along her collar bone, up to her neck and down to dust his fingers lightly over her erect nipples stroking them with the back of his hands.  As he touched her, B’Elanna repeated his actions, pulling and playing with his chest hair as she fondled his nipples.
Tom started to move his hands down her body, taking his time to caress her every curve.  He stopped his stroking as he reached her pubic hair and gazed into B’Elanna’s eyes, which had turned almost black with desire.  He reached up and gently tugged her right hand away from his navel and pulled it gently down to her aroused centre.

‘B’Elanna.....?’ he asked breathlessly, his own desire so evident in his ocean blue eyes and voice. The unspoken question was understood and the answer would be just as wordless.

B’Elanna let Tom guide her hand to her warm opening and she started to pet herself as she had before his surprise visit.  Tom watched her with a mixture of envy and unrestrained lust as his lover moved one then two fingers inside of her.

B’Elanna worked slowly, enjoying Tom’s frank approval of her artistry and wondered at the same time what was giving her the courage to share herself with him like this.

She would never have believed that she could ever do this for an ‘audience’, even if it that viewing public numbered just Tom.  And yet having him here, watching her, seemed so right and natural.  Tom couldn’t tear his eyes away from B’Elanna’s fingers, moving so deftly within herself, and started to pull at his erection in concert to her movements.

They continued this way for several minutes, just watching each other.
B’Elanna stopped suddenly to smear the head of Tom’s erection with a
handful of her flavourful secretions.  The action elicited a deep groan from her lover as she settled back against the pillows and resumed her intimate massage.

B’Elanna’s sudden interaction gave Tom new purpose and he released his heavy appendage and crawled the short distance to her side, his eyes never leaving hers.  Resting on his left elbow and reaching around with his right hand, Tom added his fingers to those that were already working tirelessly on B’Elanna’s private engine.

Tom stroked into B’Elanna a few times with two of his digits, B’Elanna
withdrew her hand and rubbed her dripping fingers around her tight nipples.

Tom groaned then licked his lips as he watched her and immediately brought his head down to suckle roughly and greedily at the closest breast to his mouth.  This is heaven, thought Tom.  This is bliss, thought B’Elanna.  Tom had to withdraw his hand from B’Elanna’s cavernous warmth so that he could work on her breasts properly.

He used his hand to hold a breast of his choice in position then used his tongue to lick around the nipple then took as much of breast as he could into his mouth.

Sucking ravenously, Tom used his tongue and teeth to stimulate the nipple, every few minutes alternating the breast of choice.
B’Elanna’s cries and groans got louder as Tom sucked harder and then
released a breast to flick at the, pebble hard, nipple with his finger.

Occasionally delving his fingers back into her steaming core to milk her juices and rub them into her breasts.  B’Elanna was totally lost in the sensations of Tom’s mouth and hands, arching her back so much she thought she might break in two.  She couldn’t concentrate on touching him anywhere so she settled for burying her hands in his hair, using his head as an anchor.

Tom’s penis was aching for release so he finally shifted his body more snugly over B’Elanna’s and broke off his assault on her delicious bosom. B’Elanna was just as needy.  She grasped the head of his erection pumping it a few times, simply because she hadn’t touched him there at all tonight, and guided him in.

Tom had to use every ounce of self control to ease his throbbing member inside of her.  For both, this stage was an agony and a joy.  They knew that after a few strokes of his manhood that they would both forfeit any control.

They groaned in unison as their bodies joined.  Tom’s penis now buried deeply in B’Elanna’s exquisite centre.
Their rhythm was slow, but practised.  Bites were exchanged and deep soul searching kisses were given as they pushed and pulled against each other. Thrust and counter thrust, quick, slow, deep and then deeper penetrations.

B’Elanna moaned loudly as the friction of Tom’s penis filled her again and again, he felt so good.  She was clutching at his back, raking her nails over his firm buttocks as she thrust her hips up to meet his passionate plunges.  Their breaths now coming in ragged gasps, Tom slowed the pace of his onslaught so that he could grind and tease B’Elanna’s well developed clitoris with his shaft.

B’Elanna’s moans grew in volume at the new sensation and she started to chant Tom’s name over and over again like a mantra.  Loosing her self in the fire that they ignited in each other, she felt her climax approach.  Tom felt it too, the walls of B’Elanna’s vagina began to contract around him and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to take the sensation of her coming without exploding into her.
Two souls caught in a maelstrom of desire, need, love and fulfilment.  Barely holding on as they rode each other hard until they were at the storm’s epicentre.  Finally, gloriously, they broke through the barriers of the tempest and experienced a mutual orgasm of such sweet intensity that their bodies still spasmed with tremors minutes after they had come.

Slick and sweaty with exertion, they collapsed together onto the bed.  Quietly whispering their love as they wrapped their arms and legs about each other.

This was how they spent the remainder of the night, alternating vigorous lovemaking and gentle foreplay.

They had put an end to their frustrations, at least, for a little while.


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