The Doctor's Intervention (NC-17)

Disclaimer: Viacom/Paramount owns the ship and all characters, but not their reactions to certain stimuli.

Summary: PWP, fluff, P/T, rated NC-17 for sexual situations.
B'Elanna has been taking note of Tom's reactions when his skin is exposed to certain kinds of friction. Takes place sometime after 'Scientific Method'.

The Doctor's Intervention (NC-17) by Annie M

During the course of their more intimate moments B'Elanna had noticed that scratching her beloved's back-side made him lose control.

Tom was fucking B'Elanna. Her nails digging into his butt were sending his hips into a mindless mating frenzy.  Tom surged and bucked into his lover as if his hips were boneless, he started to beg and plead with B'Elanna to stop her assault on his ass, he was terrified he might hurt her with his mindless thrusting. B'Elanna was enjoying every moment of Tom's sweet assault into her pussy. He felt sooo good when he fucked her like this. God, she loved it!

'B'Ella, please.....' Tom begged. 'Ooohhh uhggh....' Tom's strokes slowed and then quickened as he approached climax, B'Elanna right there with him. Tom raised up on to his hands and arched back, driving his hips into B'Elanna's dripping folds as he started to cum. B'Elanna arched up to meet him and cried out his name as her body started to shake with the throws of her own orgasm.  Tom continued to grind himself into B'Elanna, as he felt her body spasm around his shaft, until his own release followed.

They collapsed in a heap onto the bed, both spent, breathing harshly as they struggled to take in air. It was several minutes before either of them could even speak, or move.

'I love it when you fuck me hard, Tom.'  B'Elanna quietly admitted when she could finally speak. 'I love it when you lose control.'
Tom turned to place a tender kiss on B'Elanna's shoulder.

'B'Ella, are you sure? Sometimes I'm terrified I might hurt you.'

'Never, Paris.' She grinned up at him.

Tom gazed back at her with an expression of wonder mixed with a self
satisfaction. Her enthusiastic rating of his lovemaking arousing his body all over again.

'Want me to do it harder next time?'  Tom whispered, as he lightly stroked at B'Elanna's, very warm and very well fucked, pussy. B'Elanna trailed her fingers through the sweat soaked tangle of hairs on his chest.

'Is that a challenge, Tom?'

In response Tom grabbed B'Elanna's right hand and placed it onto his, now, fully erect penis and rubbed it up and down its thick length.

'Think you can handle it, Torres?'

The gauntlet had been thrown down and B'Elanna Torres was determined to meet the challenge.

'What did you have in mind, flyboy?'

Tom decided that he liked the sexy game they seemed to be playing. Would B'Elanna continue to play along or was she just teasing?

'Two words, B'Elanna. Turn over!'

B'Elanna groaned at the husky tone of Tom's command, her nether regions already running slick with fresh arousal. She could already feel the slide of Tom's heavy erection into her and immediately complied. Turning over and resting on her knees, buttocks raised high and legs spread wide in glorious anticipation.

Tom Paris was not about to disappoint the very receptive body, of B'Elanna Torres. He could smell the heat and musk they made in the confines of the room as he moved to join her. Tom started to cover her back in slow sensuous kisses. Trailing his tongue along her raised vertebrae and using his fingers to excite her eager centre. A few minutes later, with no further warning, Tom pushed his straining
erection deeply into the cavernous warmth of B'Elanna's magnificently hot pussy, clamped his hands on her hips and started to fuck her vigorously.

Whap whap whap, were the sounds emanating from their joined bodies as steely shaft met lubricated opening.

'Do it this?' Tom managed to grunt out after a few minutes of constant thrusting.

'Ooohhhhh.' was B'Elanna's only reply.

'Tell me..... it.' He begged.
'Yesss,' B'Elanna hissed. 'more Tom, don't.....ahhh.....stop.'

Tom continued to ram himself into the love of his life. Reaching around with one hand to play with her enlarged clitoris as he drove on.

B'Elanna was shuddering with small climaxes and was starting to see stars before her eyes, her ears were buzzing. Tom had never been this forceful with her before, no man had. She had always loved the feel of Tom Paris as he made love to her, right now he was fucking her senseless, pushing in deep and hard. Sliding in and out of her with a fury and passion making her forget everything she had ever known,
except the feel and smell of him and the passion they ignited in each other. B'Elanna moaned aloud with every thrust he made, pushing back against him for as long as she could. She soon found she couldn't keep up.  B'Elanna was rapidly loosing any control she thought she still had.  Coming violently again and again as Tom continued to pummel at her roughly.  B'Elanna howled out and then started to growl low in her throat as her climax washed over her, only to find it being superseded by another and then another.........

Tom could feel B'Elanna's internal walls milking him as she continued to climax.  The feeling of her around him was indescribable. He felt as if he was inside the centre of joy. In that brief moment of time as their bodies, minds and souls became one, they shared a unique moment of clarity and understanding. Not just with each other but with the universe. They were everywhere at once, touched everything at once. And understood it all.

Finally Tom found his own release with a shattering wail. He came so
powerfully into B'Elanna, that his final thrust nearly sent them both into the wall at the opposite end of his bed.

They lay there, Tom sprawled against B'Elanna's back, panting and barely conscious from their exertions. After several minutes he knew he was getting heavy against B'Elanna's back, but every muscle in his body ached and he couldn't move to save his life. He settled for kissing her exposed shoulder and neck. B'Elanna couldn't respond to Tom's loving touch, she had feinted somewhere near the end of their incredible journey and was already dreaming about the comfortable weight at her back and the way it made her whole being tingle.


The senior staff meeting at 0800 the following morning was without their presence. They failed to respond to the Captain's hails or the Commander's. The Doctor, sensing an opportunity to study mating rituals, beamed himself into the quiet of their quarters.
To his surprise there were no broken bones, or smashed vases or breakables of any kind. Just two exhausted but sated junior lieutenants sleeping together, skin to skin. Tom sprawled half way across B'Elanna's back and snoring lightly against her spine. B'Elanna, a slight smile curling at the corner of her mouth as she dreamed.

The Captain complained, wanting to reprimand them for neglecting their duties.  The Doctor intervened, and presented his analysis of being on board a starship everyday of one's life for the past four years with little time to explore their own personal needs.
The Captain succumbed to the Doctor's theory and endorsed his prescription for the rest of the crew, they were in friendly space; four days relieved of duty. The entire crew welcomed and applauded the Captain's edict.

Our favourite lieutenants, awaking to the news several hours later, never knew who they had to thank for the Captain's orders.


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